Fouling the refFouling the ref

Black Hair

I was excited that we were flying to Orlando over Christmas break to play in a national holiday tournament. Our high school basketball team was ranked second in the state of California and eighth in the country. With twin six foot girls already committed to UCLA, I was the five-foot-six, point guard ready to take my services to USC if I played well. As the plane landed, we unpacked in our hotel rooms before eating dinner as a team in the huge conference room downstairs. All the teams, coaches, and officials were present. As I ate, I looked over at the referee table and saw a cute guy who looked to be about forty years old but in very good shape. I gave him a little smile and he nodded his head in return. I tapped my teammate as well as my roommate Alicia to comment on his cuteness. We may have only been eighteen but we still thought some of the older guys were hot. She looked over and we snickered while he flashed that sexy smile. We even talked a little about him that evening in the hallway. The next day we were to play at the ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex on court two at 3:00 pm. We were playing North Carolina’s number one team and it was sure to be a battle with many college coaches in attendance trying to finalize their recruiting class. As we warmed up, I couldn’t believe we had that same cute referee who had made eye contact with us during the dinner. He was just a little taller than me and had such a cute butt, showcased in those tight black slacks. He stood at the center court line while his two partners stood further away from him. As we played in the intense game, when the opportunity presented itself, the ref would grin or speak to me. Late in the third quarter, I did something that was out of my character. When the ball got knocked out of bounds, I almanbahis şikayet jogged over, picked it up and when I gave it to him, I patted his ass. If you go back and look at the video, it’s plain as day. Finally, the game had ended and we had won by two points. As we shook hands with the opponents, the ref was signing the scorebook. I went up behind him and snatched the pencil from his hand and wrote my phone number under his name. Later that evening, we were all hanging out in the lobby of the hotel when I received a text from the ref, “Hey, this is Chris, the referee and I think you play really well. U R pretty cute 2.” I responded to him and as we texted our flirts back and forth, I eventually invited him to the hotel. At first, I wasn’t sure why, but I think since he was older than me yet attractive and it would be such a high-risk adventure, I was curious. I told him that it would have to be late at night because we had such a strict curfew and I couldn’t get caught and risk not playing. So, after talking for a while, my roommate Alicia had finally fallen asleep, I texted Chris, “Coast is clear. Text me when u get 2 room 356.” Around, 12:30 am, my phone vibrated and Chris was outside the door. I was dressed in my shorts and t-shirt when I tiptoed to the door and slowly opened it. Before Chris could say a word, I held my finger to my lips, giving him the shush sign when I whispered, “Hi, be very quiet. My roommate is asleep. I have to be in this room just in case of a room check by our coach.” He nodded in agreement. Chris was nicely dressed in khaki shorts, a golfing shirt, and loafers. I slowly led him in the room with my body filled with excitement and electricity. I had just come off an affair with my teacher a few months before that time and combined almanbahis canlı casino with the sneaking him in, that same erotic feeling was overwhelming me once again. As I closed the door, we embraced and began to kiss in the darkness. Our tongues probed each other’s mouth with just a dim light shining in on Alicia from the window. Chris and I never spoke. We had said it all in our texts. Chris rubbed my boobs through my shirt. I had removed my bra before he had arrived. Eventually, he put his hand inside and softly pinched my hard nipples before squatting to suck them. I was afraid his sucking would wake Alicia, but as my pussy self-lubricated, I was willing to enhance the risk. I needed his cock inside me. I squatted down and unbuckled his belt, careful not to allow it to jingle. I shimmied his pants and cotton boxers down to his ankles. I felt his cock and it was sticking straight in the air. After stroking his fat seven inches a few times, I led him by his hands while he shuffled his feet over to the edge of my bed. I helped him sit down. While facing away, I pulled my wide legged Soffe shorts to the side and sank myself on Chris’s hard-on, before he mumbled, “I don’t have a condom.” Even though it was too late, I whispered back, “We don’t need one. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.” Because of my wetness, it slipped in between my smooth lips somewhat easily. Once I was situated, I began to lift up and sit down. It felt great but the bed started squeaking the faster I bounced. Alicia rolled over and with terror in my eyes, I stopped and sat on his lap, impaled on his meat. After pausing for a few minutes, I felt like she wasn’t very sound asleep, so I got off Chris’s cock. I led him over to the corner so we were away from Alicia’s bed. He began almanbahis casino to pull up his underwear, then his shorts, disappointed we had to abort our plan. With his boxers already up, I intercepted his shorts following suit. I yanked them back down and started rubbing his now leaking dick through his undies. He groaned so I stood up and put one hand over his mouth while I used two fingers to rub the outline of his cock. With me kissing on his neck, hand over his mouth, and my fingers rubbing his dick, he was squirming in place. You could the swishing sound of my fingers on the cloth as my movements increased. He was getting closer and closer to erupting. I didn’t want him to splooge in his pants so I tugged them down just a little, allowing his head to peek out over the top of the elastic. I know the feel of that soft cotton rubbing his shaft was all he could take. Within minutes, he tried to moan louder so I pressed even tighter over his mouth to stifle the sound. He leaned forward and the first shot flew from his cock and landed on the tile. That was followed by shots of cum plopping on the cold floor below. Just to feel his vein, through the material, pulsate with each spurt, really turned me on. When Chris finished cumming, some of it was on the back of my hand. It was so warm and thick, I had to slurp it off while he just stood there shivering his post orgasm recovery. When my hand was clean, I pulled up his boxers, then his shorts, and patted his crotch, to nonverbally say, “There you go.” I signaled he needed to leave but I would text him. As the door closed, I dampened a towel from the bathroom so I could wipe up all the spunk off the floor. I then lay in my bed, rubbing and fingering myself to three orgasms! After licking my fingers clean, I drifted off to sleep. The next morning, the team was eating breakfast when I received Chris’s text that he really enjoyed last night. I agreed but we had unfinished business. We were scheduled to play at 2:00 pm and I had about an hour window around 10:00 am to just relax.

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