I had a long rough week at work, so Saturday night I knew I was gonna hunt down a good time.  I joined some friends for drinks at a local bar and was disappointed at the lack of eye candy.  After a few rounds of drinks, I went outside for a smoke.  While smoking this fine lady started up a conversation with me.  I was very surprised, most people won’t talk to me in public.  I’m 6’3″ and about 230 with a shaved head and an athletic build.  Most people take me for a skinhead or a biker…I’m an accountant! lol!  Anyway this fine young thing stood about 5’7″, nice wide hips, big tits (my guess was a d cup), and a pretty face with glasses. We spent quite a while talking and had to run in to make last call.  ankara travesti As we finished our drinks Marilyn asked if I care to join her for a walk in the nearby park.  I like where this was going, she seemed to have a kinky edge to her and had groped my ass and crotch a couple of times.  As we wandered the park I helped myself to the occasional squeeze of her ass or an ogle of the deep cleavage her dress was showing. As we neared the boardwalk around the pond, Marilyn asked me if I had ever tried risky sex.  I let her know it was one of my favorite activities.  We leaned against the boardwalk railing and began making out. After what felt like an hour, but was more likely only 10 or 15 minutes ankara travestileri she stopped.  Marilyn stepped back, hiked up her skirt and squatted down and began pissing right in front of me! I joined her, pissing over the railing, which was a little uncomfortable from being half hard. I watched her as she watched me. She adjusted her glasses as she licked her lips.  I figured why not and asked if she liked what she saw.  Yes indeed did. As we finished up, I turned to her and wagged my cock in her face.  She latched on with one hand and began licking around my piss hole as I wrapped my left hand in her long black hair.  I was rock hard in seconds.  Its not everyday I get head in public standing travesti ankara in a pool of piss!  I released her hair and slid both hands down the front of her dress, cupping her boobs.  This went on for only a couple of minutes before see spit my dick out and told me to really squeeze the shit out of her nipples.  I love it when a woman will cut the guess work and say what the want. I worked her nipples over for a few minutes enjoying the vibrations of her moans on my cock before she spit me out again, her head flying back as she let out a wail as she came. I picked her up and leaned her against the railing.  As she caught her breath I slipped my middle and index finger into her wet pussy while slowly nibbling on her breasts and nipples. This brought her around in no time.  She was jerking my cock with one hand while working her clit with the other.  My left had a firm grip on her ass, and I started thinking I’d like to fuck her ass.

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