Elvira’s Earth AngelsElvira’s Earth Angels


The weather was unusually hot for April and the afternoon sun was sweltering so Joyce decided to call it a day; she delighted in working in her garden but the desert heat had become unbearable. The 38 year old brown-eyed mother grabbed a towel, wiped the sweat from her face, poured herself a glass of iced tea, and sat at the kitchen table. The slender 5’6″ housekeeper luxuriated in the relieving breeze from the air conditioner. As she was enjoying the peace and quiet her mind wandered to last year when her husband left her for some young thing. He owned a thriving business so she was well taken care of financially, he was a selfish man, she did not love him anymore, but she missed the sex. She entertained the notion of dating but was frightened by the prospect of meeting other men. There were so many crazies out there so she kept herself busy with the house, garden, and her 18 year old daughter Tammy. Her fingers and her vibrator were her lovers now.

The peaceful silence was broken by the front door opening and the excited voices of Tammy and a friend. They barged in the kitchen and Tammy exclaimed, “Mom, you should have gone with us to the Earth Day Celebration. It was so cool and we learned so much. Did you know that many species are becoming extinct and our air is toxic? There is so much to do; we can’t just sit back and let our planed perish. We must act now! Oh, this is my new friend Cindy; we met at the earth day fair today.”

As they exchanged pleasantries and the girls eagerly spoke of all that they could do to make the planet a better place for all life to coexist. Joyce could not help but stare at her daughter’s new friend. Cindy stood 5’1″, had long blond hair, big blue eyes, and gigantic breasts. The lonely mother felt confused and ashamed when she felt the moisture form between her legs while gazing at the visible nipples of the young girl. Cindy’s low cut tank-top was soaked with perspiration and the 20 year old sex kitten enjoyed the admiring looks she was getting from both mother and daughter. The young temptress decided to tease the two tiny tit females further.

Cindy got up and went to the refrigerator returning with the pitcher of iced tea. As she bent to pour the tea she made certain that they got a good view of her ample bosom. Joyce choked on her tea when the busty girl took her daughter’s hand and placed it on a big tit and murmured, “Oh god, the air conditioner is so good; feel how wet my top is!” The aroused mother did not know what to do when the sensual blond guided her hand to the other tit. The girl held both of their hands to her heaving breasts and squealed with delight when the hands embraced her ripe melons. Her nipples stiffened and she cooed, “Yes that’s it ladies squeeze my nipples; it feels so fucking good, keep it up, and please don’t stop.”

Joyce could not believe what was happening! It was so bizarre and erotic squeezing on this young woman’s ample breast and watching her daughter do the same. She knew that this was not right and that she should put an end to this lewd display of wanton lust but the soft tit in her hand and moist tingling between her legs blinded her with carnal cravings. Mustering all of her resolve the mother with short brown hair said, not very convincingly, “OK, that is enough madness for one day. Tammy please go get a shower and change for dinner. I will see your friend out and prepare some steaks for us.”

Tammy asked, “Mom can Cindy stay for dinner? I want to learn more about tomorrow’s events at the earth week celebration, Please!”

Joyce reluctantly said, “I suppose it would be alright; now go take your shower.” Tammy ran up the stairs and Joyce was looking in the freezer for the steaks when the bold blond bombshell pressed her hot body against the frustrated mother’s back, closed the freezer door and tweaked her small breasts. Joyce desperately tried to fight her arousal but her own body was betraying her, pussy juices began to flow, her nipples stiffened, and her knees grew weak.

Cindy whispered in the impassioned mother’s ear, “Don’t fight it sweetheart; you want this to happen, you know that you do so just relax and enjoy the delicious feeling of yielding to temptation and give yourself to me in sweet surrender.” Then her tongue went in Joyce’s ear and it licked her neck.

“No please stop. This is not right, please stop now!”

Cindy slipped a hand in the woman’s shorts, pulled the panties aside, slowly brushed the pubic hair and pussy lips, and then thrust a couple of fingers inside the clammy cavern and exclaimed, “You are soaked; don’t try to lie and say that you don’t want it because your horny little cunt is telling me otherwise.” Cindy dropped her own panties and shorts to her ankles, took hold of the frightened mother’s hand, and placed it on her own fuming pussy and commanded, “Finger me just like I am doing to you; that’s it baby, finger fuck my hot box.”

Slowly at first but gradually picking up speed the frightened mecidiyeköy escort but horny woman moved her fingers in and out of the blond sexpot’s steamy slit. Cindy furiously fingered the trembling woman to a quaking orgasm, grabbed a fistful of hair, and pushed Joyce to her knees and demanded, “Not eat my pussy bitch and do it right!”

Trembling with arousal and fear she muttered, “I never did this before; please don’t make me do it. Tammy will be back soon so please stop now and let me prepare dinner.”

Joyce was totally confused as she stared at the inflamed pussy and breathed in the musky aroma of the bald love tunnel just inches from her face. Part of her was disgusted and wanted to run but there was another part of her that wanted to devour the tantalizing treat that was offered to her. Her conflicting emotions were erased when Cindy grabbed the back of her neck, held her face to the moist, warm morsel and ordered, “Do it now and get me off before your daughter gets back. Don’t worry about dinner; we will send out for pizza. Do it now; tongue fuck my savory slit, shit yeah, just like that. Are you sure that you have never done this before? You are a good girl; now make me cum before Tammy sees you gobbling up my scrumptious snatch. Oh, oh, yessss, soooo gooodd, lick it all up Oh god Yesssss…”

Cindy helped the disorientated mother to her feet and told her that although she looked sexy with pussy juice all over her face she should go to the sink and wash it off before her daughter sees it and wants some too. Cindy called for some pizza while the disheveled woman washed the pussy juices off her face and tried to make herself look presentable. Joyce was in a state of disbelief: she wondered how she could have done such a perverted thing and what bothered her most of all was that she loved every minute of it!

Tammy joined them and excitedly told her mom about the earth week events the next day and made Joyce promise to join them at the earth week fair in the park. Cindy left after dinner and Tammy walked the alluring girl to her van. Joyce looked out the window and was shocked to see them embrace and kiss each other full on the lips as they said goodbye. When Tammy returned to the house her mother asked, “How did you meet this girl and what happened to Kathy? I thought she went to the park with you.”

“She did mom; we met Cindy at a lecture and when Kathy had to leave I stayed and Cindy drove me home. Kathy is going with us tomorrow. Isn’t Cindy cool? She knows everything and is so fantastic.”

Joyce was pleased to know that Kathy would be with them and hoped that would help keep Cindy from getting nasty again. That night in bed Tammy thought about Cindy’s big beautiful tits, lowered her hand to her dripping pussy, and masturbated. She wondered if she was becoming a lesbian. Joyce played with herself and cursed her own body for betraying her. Before drifting off to sleep she realized that she could not resist the busty young lady and knew that she would willingly submit to the demanding sex-kitten.

The next day they were off to the park for the week long earth day celebration and they were pleased than it wasn’t as hot. Joyce was surprised when Cindy threw her the keys to the van and told her to drive. Cindy sat next to Joyce and Tammy sat next to the passenger window. When Joyce asked about Kathy she was informed that they would meet her at the park a little bit later. Cindy and the daughter wore mini skirts while mom wore a cute pink and blue sun-dress.

Wanting to see their reactions, Cindy shocked them both when she announced, “Tammy, did you know that your mom is a fantastic cunt lapper? She can make a pussy cum hard and then lick it all up like a pro.” The sensual blond then put a hand on the mother’s thigh and the other on the daughter’s smooth leg. Mom was embarrassed and looked scared to death while the brown-haired, brown-eyed daughter appeared to be fascinated and excited. Cindy momentarily lifted her hand from the girl’s leg and brought Tammy’s trembling hands to her beautiful boobs. The busty seducer then encouraged the girl to fondle and squeeze her big tits.

Cindy pulled her top up to her neck so that Tammy’s little hands could feel her inflamed flesh. Tammy willingly caressed the gigantic globes and lovingly tugged on the stiff nipples. Cindy pulled the girl’s face to her heaving breasts and Tammy eagerly nursed on the rubbery nipples. Joyce was about to protest when Cindy told her, “Keep your eyes on the road and shut the fuck up! Let your daughter have some fun too; you are a greedy little pussy licker aren’t you? There is no need to be jealous mom; there is enough of me to go around so just cool it bitch.” Cindy ran her hand up to Joyce’s pussy and inserted two fingers, declaring, “Just as I thought, watching your sweet little girl suckle on my big tits is turning you on. Your pussy is drenched but you can’t join in the fun just yet; keep your eyes aksaray escort on the road and later on you can feast on my goodies.”

As the van traveled down the street Tammy nursed on the huge melons and sucked with fervor. Cindy exclaimed, “Oh baby you make my tits feel so good; keep it up sweetheart. Too bad that I don’t have any milk in there for you to drink; you deserve a reward for all of that hard sucking. Hold on, I just got an idea. Joyce, take the next left and stop at 2453 Willow Way; it’s the house that is painted blue and white. There it is, pull in the driveway.”

They were greeted at the door by a buxom 25 year old black woman that ushered them into the house. She introduced herself as Naomi and asked Cindy to fetch them all a beer. They all sat on a large sofa and stared when the black woman opened her robe and nursed her baby. When the baby was full she took the contented infant to another room and placed him in his crib and returned to the sofa. Tammy’s face turned crimson when Cindy revealed, “Baby girl here was feasting on my tits when I thought of you and what you told me about how your tits were always so full of milk and that you needed some relief; let her drink from your fountains of creamy nectar.”

A wicked grin crossed the heavyset woman’s face as she opened her robe and invitingly offered, “Hell yeah! Get over here little girl and sit on momma’s lap. I have milk to spare and you can suck and drink to your heart’s content.” Tammy froze in place, she couldn’t move. She wanted to sample the huge ebony breasts but was too shy and embarrassed. Cindy took her by the hand and placed her on Naomi’s large lap. Tentatively Tammy lifted the black breasts in her hands and marveled at their weight. The white girl felt her own pussy tingle and moisten as she played with the marvelous melons.

She moved her mouth to a stiff nipple and suckled the oozing gland. The divine tasting warm milk flowed into her hungry little mouth and it tasted so good. All worry and thoughts of the others in the room were gone; all that mattered was the succulent black tits that were feeding her the luscious liquid that she adored. Naomi moaned in a low, lusty voice, “You go little girl, drain me dry, drink it all up baby, and don’t you dare stop until your tummy is full of your big black momma’s milk!” Tammy came up for air and drops of mother’s mild leaked out of her mouth and down her chin.

Naomi looked over and noticed that her friend and Tammy’s mom were both naked and Joyce was burrowing her face between Cindy’s wide spread legs. The demanding black woman ordered Tammy to get naked and crawl between her chubby legs. The white girl stared at the black pussy as if in a trance. The lush curly, black pubic hair, the puffy cunt lips covered with moist dew drops, and the inner pink of the black pussy were driving the girl crazy with carnal lust and deviant desire. Tammy licked her lips, stuck out her little pink tongue, and tasted pussy for the first time in her young life.

Naomi urged, “Baby girl, eat that hair-pie, it’s all for you, gobble it all up and don’t dare stop until you have drained my hot black cunt dry! Look up at me when you eat my cunt; let me see your eyes when I fill your mouth with my cum. Oh girl, you have a natural talent for eating black pussy, so very good, suck, suck, oh, oh, oh, yessss…” Tammy could feel her own juices flowing as she reached orgasm with her black lover. She didn’t want to stop eating the delicious black pussy and she yearned for a tongue up her own horny hole.

Her wishes all came true when her black lover sat on her face and bent over to eat her white pussy. She slurped on the sloppy cunt while the black woman’s tongue probed her smoldering love cavern. Joyce and Cindy were also engaged in a wild sixty-nine and the scent of fuming pussy filled the air as all four women reached rousing orgasms. The fulfilled females tried to regain their composure. The three women cleaned up and dressed to go to the park for the earth day events. Naomi kissed them all goodbye and told Tammy that she could come back any time she felt like it. She sexily told the white girl, “My buffet is always open for you little girl. The mother’s milk is good for you and I know how much you love my blackberry pie! Tammy blushed but promised to visit again.

The park grounds were packed when they finally got there. They managed to find Kathy and went to a large tent; the women entered and there was a large banner that declared to all “Elvira’s Earth Angels.” After finding four seats together on a bench, Cindy asked them to save her seat as she would be right back. Cindy disappeared behind the banners and curtains and was greeted by a stunning 6′ beauty with long flowing black hair, haunting dark eyes, an ample bust, and long shapely legs. Elvira wore a long black dress with a slit up to her creamy thigh, a plunging neckline that revealed her impressive chest, and calf high black leather nişantaşı escort boots.

They hugged and Elvira asked, “Do you have new recruits for me? Have you been tempting them and getting the girls primed for my seduction? Tell me what progress you have made.”

Cindy smiled and answered, “Two of them have already been seduced and have had their first taste of another woman. The other one is a sweet redhead with big green eyes, unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to seduce her yet but I think that she will be well worth the wait.”

“My, my, two out of three is excellent darling. Actually you have done far better than I had expected; I am impressed with your ability to get the job done. The future looks bright for you and I am sure that it won’t be long before you become one of my elite angels; you are living proof that good things do indeed come in small packages. Tomorrow we will take it to the next level but now I must do some motivating and recruiting myself, enjoy the show,”

Music was playing, six young girls were dancing and singing, the lights dimmed except for a spotlight that followed Elvira on stage. The voluptuous woman possessed a majestic stage present but she also exuded sex appeal. The combination of her animal magnetism and queenly persona caused the audience to gasp and cheer. Elvira held the crowd spellbound as she spoke of her organization and all that Elvira’s Earth Angels do to make the world a better place for all to live in. Many females in the audience were baffled when they found themselves aroused as they gazed transfixed at the luscious beauty on stage. Elvira’s creamy, pale white, skin contrasted with her black hair, red lipstick, and dark eyes, her sensuous body was alluring and arousing.

Elvira finished by telling the beguiled listeners, “We need more volunteers to help restore our beautiful planet to its natural state. Here in the park we have earth day and even earth week but every day is earth day for Elvira and her earth angels. I implore you to sign up with us and do your part. My angels are standing by to assist you in finding out how you can serve. We all have gifts to share no matter how large or small they may be so please come forward and do your part and become an angel in training. It is my desire and pleasure to personally meet all new sign-ups.”

A curtain opened up behind the stage revealing a dozen desks with Elvira’s angels standing by to sign up new recruits; they all wore (Elvira’s Earth Angel’s) tee shirts. Elvira greeted each initiate as they went back for their interview while other angels sold tee-shirts. Joyce, Tammy, Kathy, and Cindy joined the throng to meet Elvira and to sign up as angels. Cindy smiled knowingly as each person that met Elvira became enchanted and enticed by the alluring sex goddess. Elvira informed Cindy that she could take her friends home and do the paper work there and that she could give them tomorrow’s assignments.

During the ride home they all expressed their awe of Elvira and how they were eager to contribute their part to make the earth a better place to live. The paper work was filled out and Cindy told them to get to bed early and that she would pick them up at 5 AM to help clean up the park area.

The next morning Cindy picked them up in her van and drove them to the park. They all wore shorts and Elvira tee-shirts. They were assigned an area of the park to pick up all the trash and make it look natural and pristine. As they combed their assigned area they observed other teams swarming the park. Early in the afternoon Cindy told them that they did a fine job and that the day’s work was finished. The group was tired and perspiring but was proud of the way the park looked and felt a sense of contribution and accomplishment. They were invigorated when Cindy announced, “I have a special bonus for you; tonight you will have the honor of dining with Mistress Elvira at her mansion. Dress casual, no need to dress-up she will provide your attire. Be ready at 8PM sharp, I will pick you up then.”

Joyce and the girls relaxed and looked forward to seeing Elvira that night. Kathy went home to bathe and change, the 19 yr. old girl returned at 7:30PM. Mother and daughter were ready and they waited for Cindy together. Cindy was prompt and when they reached the mansion they were impressed with the sprawling estate. The girls marveled at the lion statues and huge stone pillars. The van was parked on the side of the circular driveway; they climbed the steps, stood on the vast entranceway, and rang the chimed doorbell.

They were greeted and ushered inside by a stunning Latin woman wearing a silk purple robe. There were several other women all wearing the same purple robes. Elvira entered the room wearing a black robe and she was adorned in jewelry, she wore a diamond necklace, a crest of rubies on her head, and assorted rings and bracelets. The enchanting mistress was a vision of loveliness and the sight of Elvira took their breath away. Elvira instructed her angels to take her guests to separate rooms and fit them with satin robes. Joyce, Tammy, and Kathy emerged from their rooms wearing white robes while Cindy had her purple robe on. No garments were permitted under the robes.

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