Subject: Barber Shop Teddy, Part 3 (gay/incest) This is adult FICTION. It is not intended to encourage or condone any similar activities in the real world. It is merely ENTERTAINMENT, for which Nifty could use your donations! http://donate./donate.html Don’t read this story if you’re not old enough for this stuff, if m/m stories offend you, or if “family fun” isn’t your kind of fantasy. On the other hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, then unzip and get busy! BARBER SHOP TEDDY PART 3 When Larry, Dad, and I all managed to get dressed and make it downstairs, we found Mom unpacking groceries in the kitchen. I knew she was going to be surprised to discover that Dad, her ex-husband, in the house, but not as surprised as she would have been if she’d caught him fucking Larry’s ass. “Need some help?” I asked casually as I entered with Dad and Larry right behind me. “No, I’ve got it,” she replied. “I thought we’d have…” Her voice trailed when she looked up and saw the three of us standing just inside the doorway. “What the hell have you done?” she finally asked angrily. My heart skipped a beat, and I quickly glanced around at Dad and Larry to see if we’d missed any tell-tale evidence of our little fuck session. Dad gave me a “You know your mother” look and Larry just shrugged. I looked back at Mom and said, “Nothing.” “Nothing?” she nearly shrieked. “Nothing?! I told you to get a haircut, not to come home looking like a skin-head freak.” “Oh, this,” I laughed with relief as I ran my hand over my shaved head. “It feels good.” “Sure does,” Dad laughed, rubbing his hand on my head as if he were ruffling the non-existent hair. “I suppose you put him up to this,” Mom spat out, looking at Dad. Before he could reply, she continued her attack, “What are you doing here anyway, Theo?” “You said on the phone that you’d be out, and I just wanted to spend some time with Teddy while he’s home,” Dad said. “I’m not keeping him tied up,” Mom replied. “There’s an idea,” Larry whispered to me. “I didn’t say you did,” Dad objected as the conversation headed down the same road as all of their discussions back before they got divorced. “I should be going,” Larry said. “Mary will be wondering where I am.” “And what you’re doing,” I added with a smile. “Larry!” Mom said as if she was seeing him for the first time. She quickly slipped into her public persona and asked, “Can’t stay for dinner, like the old days?” It was amazing how quickly she lightened up when she realized there was company in the house. I doubt that she would have been as light if she’d known her ex-husband’s dick had just been inside that company’s ass. “He’s married,” Dad said. “He has to get home to the ball and chain.” “And they wonder why we’re not still married,” Mom said sarcastically, trying to balance her anger at Dad and me with her fake face for Larry. “Everyone knows why we’re not married,” Dad observed. “The question is why we ever got married in the first place.” “Get out of here!” Mom yelled. “Now!” “Mom, don’t be like that,” I said, trying as usual to pour oil on the troubled waters. “I suppose he put you up to that ridiculous haircut.” “He didn’t have anything to do with it,” I objected. “He’s just–” “Oh, so now you’re taking his side, are you?” “I’m not taking anyone’s side,” I said helplessly. “Why don’t you go stay at his place, then, for the rest of your break?” she asked, moving back into full-blown anger mode in spite of Larry’s presence. From the sound of her voice, it wasn’t a question, it was an order. “Fine, if that’s what you want,” I replied. “That work for you, Dad?” “Works for me, Son.” “I’ll go get my bag. Come on, Larry,” I said, dragging him out of the kitchen as Mom and Dad really laid into each other. When we got to my room and I started shoving clothes in my bag, Larry flopped down on the bed and laughed. “It’s a good thing your mom didn’t just barge into your bedroom like your dad did. This fight would be nothing to the fit she’d be pitching about that.” “Yeah,” I replied, “she probably would have dropped dead, thinking it was Dad’s cum all over my face.” I laughed as I began to calm down. I never had learned how to stay out of the middle of their fights. I’d forgotten how miserable it was toward the end of their marriage. “She sure wouldn’t have thought his cum was up my ass,” Larry said. “Damn, dude, I didn’t know your dad was bi.” “Neither did I,” I confirmed. “Leave it to you to find your own kind.” “Fuck you,” Larry replied, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at me. “If I’m lucky,” I muttered as I zipped my bag shut. “What did you say?” Larry asked, sitting up with a surprised look on his face. “What, you don’t plan on stopping by for the rest of my visit?” I asked quickly. “Damn, dude, I thought you were talking about getting fucked by your own dad.” “What if I was? You’re not the only one who can wonder what it’s like to get fucked by your own dad. Or did you forget that already?” I laughed. “Actually, I did,” Larry laughed. “Your dad’s dick distracted me.” “Come on, I’ll get Dad to drop you off on our way to his place.” ***** “I really am sorry about earlier with your mom,” Dad said as he unlocked the door to his apartment. “I’m used to it by now,” I confirmed. “Well, home sweet home,” he said as he pushed the door open and stepped aside. “After you. Put your bag in the bedroom.” “Okay,” I said, entering the apartment. I had forgotten how small it was. The single bedroom was on the left, just inside the door. The bathroom was across from it. And the short hallway led on to the kitchen, small dining area, and living room. “Make yourself at home,” Dad called as I ducked into the bedroom and he headed on down the hall. “Will do,” I called back, setting my bag down on his double bed and then taking off my shoes and socks. “Want a beer?” Dad asked when I finally joined him in the kitchen. “Sure,” I replied, taking the cold bottle from his hands and swallowing a huge gulp. “Easy, tiger,” Dad laughed. “It’s not a chugging contest. “Sorry,” I said, wiping my lips on the back of my hand. Mom would have been appalled, but Dad just smiled and opened a beer for himself. “So, about earlier,” he said after his first drink. “Yeah, that was crazy,” I replied, casually turning and heading to the living room, where I flopped down on the sofa. “I was so distracted by Larry’s ass that I didn’t even compliment you on your shaved head,” he said as he sat down in the chair opposite me. “Or my shaved balls,” I laughed. “Looks good,” he said, taking a drink of his izmit rus escort beer before realizing that his comment sounded like he was admiring my balls. “Your head!” he sputtered after gulping the beer so he could talk. “I meant you head.” “Which one?” I couldn’t help teasing him as I turned on the television and started flipping through channels. “Damn, Teddy, you wouldn’t have talked like that before you went away to college.” I couldn’t tell whether he was impressed or giving me a parental reprimand, so I went with the former. “And you wouldn’t have fucked my best friend with me under him,” I laughed. “That’s what you think,” Dad replied with a wink. I desperately wanted to pursue that comment, but I didn’t want to push Dad too far with my joking, at least I thought we were joking. For a few moments, we silently watched the channels flip by on the television. Then Dad asked casually, “So, how long have you and Larry…?” He just let the question hang in the air. “A few years,” I admitted without looking at him. “I didn’t know,” Dad said. “Let’s watch that.” I stopped flipping channels on some cop show. After a few minutes and the rest of my beer, I finally said, “Sorry about grabbing your balls. It was just the heat of the moment.” “I understand,” Dad laughed. “Don’t worry about it.” He didn’t take his eyes off the television, but after a long pause, he finally added, “It felt good.” I didn’t reply. I was too shocked. Finally, I asked, “Want another beer?” “Sure,” Dad replied. When I returned with the beers, I was surprised to see Dad sitting on the sofa, kind of turned in the corner with one arm on the back and one on the rest. He had one knee cocked to the side on the center cushion and his other foot was on the floor. “Here you go,” I said, handing him his beer and turning toward the chair. “Where are you going?” he asked, still looking at the television. “Stretch out over here like you were. There’s room for us both.” I did as instructed and sat down in my own corner of the sofa. I imitated Dad’s position, except I pulled both feet up and planted them on the center cushion. I wasn’t stretched out, but I was comfortable…until Dad casually rested his hand on my right foot. I tensed up and boned up again, but Dad just kept watching the cop show. We stayed in that position until it was time for another round of beers. I fetched the last two beers of the six pack, and when I returned, I discovered that Dad had shifted position so both of his feet were on the center cushion now. I hesitated a moment but then handed him his beer and sat down again on the sofa. “Plenty of room,” Dad assured me as he moved his feet and flipped the television channel to yet another cop show. “If you say so,” I laughed as I positioned my left foot between his feet and my right foot between him and the back of the sofa. “Stretch out,” Dad ordered, grabbing my ankle from between his feet and pulling it toward him with one hand as he drank the beer with his other. I tried not to tense up as he stretched his own legs out. We were about the same height, so at the end of this quick maneuver, our straight legs alternated across the cushions and we each had a foot almost in the other guy’s crotch. “Comfortable?” Dad asked, gently still holding my foot and looking at me. “If you are,” I laughed. “Good,” he replied, returning his gaze to the new cop show. A few minutes later, though, Dad wedged his beer bottle between his hip and the back of the sofa before casually picking up my foot with both hands and pulling it toward him, resting the heel on his firm belly. I slipped down a bit on the sofa as a result of Dad’s pull and suddenly discovered that my hard cock was pressed firmly against the foot between my thighs. Dad didn’t react at all; he just began massaging my foot as he watched the television. “You really don’t have to,” I objected as I tried to will my cock to deflate. “It doesn’t feel good?” Dad asked, looking at me. I didn’t know whether he was talking about my foot or my cock, but it didn’t matter, because both felt fucking amazing. “No, no, it feels great,” I assured him. “Good,” he replied, glancing back at the television as he firmly massaged my foot. I swear I could feel Dad’s foot gently massaging my hard cock as he worked my foot. The harder his thumbs pressed the bottom of my foot, the harder his foot pressed my cock, and the harder my cock got. I finally let out a low, involuntary moan. “Sorry, too hard?” Dad asked, relaxing his hold on my foot and looking at me again. “Uh, no, it feels really good,” I replied. “Good,” Dad said, tightening his grip on my foot again. Instead of looking at the cop show, though, he continued to stare at me as he worked my foot. After a short while, I could feel the pressure of his foot against my cock again. “Yeah, that’s it,” I moaned as the pressure on the sole of my foot made my whole body relax. Well, except for my cock, which was hard and throbbing and getting desperate for release. If Dad didn’t know what his foot was playing with, it had to be dead numb. “Just relax,” Dad whispered, and I did. I slumped down even farther on the sofa, pressing Dad’s foot more firmly against my pulsing cock. I laid my head back on the arm of the sofa and closed my eyes. “That feels good, Dad.” “I don’t get to do this very often.” “You can do it any time you want,” I assured him. “And this?” Dad asked. My eyes flew open and I lifted my head to confirm that the wetness I felt really was my own dad sucking on my big toe. “What the fuck, Dad?!” “Sorry, you don’t like that?” he asked innocently after releasing my toe. “Yeah, but… Oh fuck,” I moaned when Dad started sucking my toe again while maintaining eye contact. My mouth dropped open and I licked my lips as Dad continued to suck seductively on my toe. He also began rubbing his foot up and down the length of my hard cock. There was no mistake about it. “What are you doing?” I moaned. “Making my boy feel at home,” Dad replied. “Do you want me to stop?” “It’s too late!” I moaned, grabbing Dad’s foot and pressing it against my cock as I began flexing my hips. Fucking Dad’s foot through my jeans. “Oh fuck,” I grunted, grinding my cock harder and faster. “Let it go, Teddy,” Dad said softly. I froze and instantly released Dad’s foot. He laughed and said, “That’s not what I meant. I can feel how bad you need to unload.” To make his point, he rubbed his foot against my crotch. “Let it go,” he repeated. My beer buzz was too strong for me to resist. “Fuck it,” I grunted. Urgently izmit escort fumbling to undo my jeans and release my throbbing cock. I could feel the precum that had been filling my underwear and coating my cock. I looked down at the glistening cock head as I held the shaft firmly in my hand. “Are you sure about this?” I asked, looking at Dad nervously. “Have fun, Son,” he replied, moving his foot to tease my shaved balls with his toes. “So smooth,” he whispered. “Oh fuck,” I grunted looking at Dad and starting to pump my cock. “That’s a sight I never thought I’d see,” Dad chuckled. He resumed massaging the bottom of my foot. Firmly drilling his thumbs into my sole. Lightly playing with my balls with his toes. “And I never thought I’d ever be jerking off in front of my own dad,” I grunted as my fist flew up and down my slick shaft and more precum oozed out of my slit. “Maybe we shouldn’t have had those beers,” Dad grinned. “Or fucked with Larry together,” I laughed. “Oh shit, Dad,” I grunted. “I’m gonna cum.” “Let it fly, Teddy.” “Fuck, Dad!” I grunted as I pulled my shirt up with one hand and kept stroking my cock with the other. Faster and faster. Hotter. Throbbing. Flexing. Oozing. Dad pressed his toes firmly against my balls. “FUCK!” I roared, thrusting my cock up to meet my pumping fist. “Shoot that load!” Dad growled. “OH, OH, OH, DADDY!” I yelled as my cock erupted and started spewing jizz all over my belly. “FUCK! SHIT! SHIT! FUCK!” I bellowed with every wad of cum that blasted out of my cock and left a glistening streak across my flesh. Coating my belly and my heaving, panting chest. Desperate for air. Desperate for satisfaction. Desperate for my dad. “Damn, that’s impressive, Son,” Dad muttered. “Thanks,” I laughed as my body finally began to relax. I released my cock, and it flopped down on my belly. More cum oozed out and formed a pool with all of the other cum. “I never knew my foot rubs felt so good,” Dad said innocently, releasing my foot with one hand to retrieve his beer and take another gulp. “What the fuck was sucking my toe all about?” I laughed. “Watch your language,” Dad laughed. “I heard some of you guys like that sort of thing. Thought I’d try it out.” “Us sort of guys?” I asked with a smile. “Gay boys,” Dad confirmed before taking another drink of his beer. “You’re too much,” I laughed. A serious, nervous look suddenly spread across Dad’s face. “Should I not have…?” “Relax. It’s all good,” I assured him. “Damn good,” I laughed, grabbing my spent cock and waving it at him before stroking another large bead of cum out of it. “Well, if you can play with my balls while I fuck Larry,” Dad laughed, “I guess I can suck your toe while you jack off.” “Seems reasonable,” I replied. “Now, I gotta clean this up, though,” I said, indicating the cum that was cooling on my belly and chest. “What about your other foot?” Dad asked innocently. “Maybe tomorrow night,” I laughed, lifting my legs and swinging around to stand up from the sofa. “Whatever you say,” Dad replied. He lifted his beer to me in a mock salute and then guzzled what remained of it. I walked quickly to the bathroom, with my jeans still undone and my shirt pulled up. I cupped my hand under my belly to avoid dripping and leaving a cum trail on the floor. I closed the bathroom door with my free hand and looked down to see all the cum that had collected in my other hand. I lifted my cum-filled hand and looked at myself in the mirror as more cum rolled down from my belly and into my pubes. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked myself in the mirror. “I don’t know, but I think you enjoyed it,” my reflection laughed back. “Ya think?” I grinned, lifting my cum-filled palm to my lips and tipping that hot, salty, tart, pungent load into my mouth. I savored the flavor and then swallowed before licking my palm clean. I gathered up more cum and devoured it as well. By the time I was finished, the only cum left was matting my pubes to my flesh. I ran a washcloth under some warm water and then gave my body and pubes a quick wash. I would normally have taken a shower after making such a mess, but I was too tired. I did up my jeans and let my shirt fall back into place. ***** The cop show was just finishing up when I returned to the living room. “So, who did it?” “If I recall correctly, you did,” Dad chuckled. “Got that right,” I replied, trying to match his casual tone about the whole strange incident. “Do you have some sheets for this sofa?” “What? Why?” Dad asked, standing up. “I guess I don’t need them,” I replied. “‘Cause you’ll be in the bed,” Dad laughed. “I gotta piss.” As Dad disappeared down the hallway, my cock boned up again. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep in the same bed with Dad after what had just happened. “Better hurry up if you care what side you sleep on,” Dad called. I turned unsteadily and headed down the hallway. I glanced into the bathroom and saw Dad pissing into the toilet. I couldn’t help staring. I wanted it so much. “I’m almost finished,” Dad said without looking at me. “No problem,” I replied, turning toward the bedroom before Dad could see the new hardon in my jeans. I dashed into the room, stripped down to my underwear, and hopped into bed. ***** When Dad entered the bedroom a few minutes later, I tried not to look at him. I didn’t have much success. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Dad pulled a pair of heavy plaid pajamas from a drawer and put them on top of the dresser. He removed his shirt, and I watched the muscles in his back ripple as he tossed the shirt toward the closet. He then leaned over a bit and shoved his jeans and underwear down to his ankles. My eyes bulged open and my cock throbbed at the sight of Dad’s bright white ass. He had a summer tan, though, with his legs and torso being bronzed. I only got a brief glimpse into his crack when he bent over to pick up the jeans and underwear and toss them over on top of his shirt. Without thinking, I grabbed my cock when he bent over again to step into the pajama bottoms and pull them up. When Dad picked up the pajama top from the dresser and turned to face me, I quickly let go of my yearning cock, which desperately wanted to explore his crack. “You got anything on under there?” he asked, since my upper body was on view and bare. “Just my underwear,” I replied, staring at his muscular, hairy chest for a brief moment before he slipped on the pajama top and started buttoning it up. “Why did we waste all those years teaching you to wear pajamas?” he chuckled. Dad turned to kocaeli escort the dresser and pulled out a pair of pajamas that were identical to the ones he had on, except that the ones he was wearing were red plaid and the ones he tossed on the bed were blue plaid. “Put those on,” he ordered. “I’m good,” I replied. “It gets cold here at night. Put them on,” he repeated as he climbed into bed. “Whatever you say,” I replied, pulling on the top first. It were really warm, and the fabric did feel good on my skin. The top was a little big, but not too big. Figuring that Dad had seen enough of my boner for one day, I just reached under the blankets to strip off my underwear and then slip on the pajama bottoms. “Oh, NOW you have an attack of the modesties?” Dad laughed. “Good night, Son,” he added before reaching out to turn off the light on his side of the bed. “Night, Dad,” I said, reaching out to turn off my light. I’m pretty sure that Dad was zonked out before I’d even settled back into the bed. As I anticipated, though, it took me forever to fall asleep next to my dad after everything that had happened that day. Instead, I just laid there with the moonlight streaming through the window and thought and thought and thought. I hadn’t slept with Dad since I was in my early teens and we’d gone on a camping trip together. Just the two of us. That memory didn’t help things, since it was the first time I’d ever seen Dad’s dick. Actually, it was the first time I’d ever seen ANY grown man’s dick. I was pumping out loads in the bathroom on a regular basis at that point and already playing with Larry, but seeing a real live grown man’s hard dick was something else. I woke up in the middle of the night, and there it was, poking through the front of Dad’s pajamas. I’d just laid there and stared at it until he rolled over and buried it beneath him. I never saw it again until he was getting ready to use it on Larry! With that memory dominating my thoughts, I don’t know how I ever fell asleep, but I finally did. And it was a deep sleep, for as long as it lasted. But nothing lasts forever. When I next opened my eyes, I could see that the room was still lit by moonlight. Dad was on his back and I was snuggled up against his left side. He had his left arm wrapped around me with that hand on my shoulder. I had my right arm somehow twisted up under his left shoulder with my hand in his hair. My left arm was draped across his body, and I was shocked to discover that that hand was worked up under his pajama top and rested on his fuzzy chest. My natural inclination was to pull away, but before that impulse could kick in, I was stunned by the sight of Dad’s right hand slowly stroking his rigid cock. His pajama bottoms were tucked under his balls. I tried to control my excitement and my breathing, but my cock was beyond control. It went from flaccid to fucking hard in a heartbeat. I watched as Dad gradually increased his stroking speed. With my ear on his chest, I could hear his heart rate increasing. His breathing becoming shallower and quicker. Faster. Faster. Pumping. Balls slapping thighs. Fist smacking crotch. I wanted to reach out and stroke that pole myself. I wanted to wrap my lips around the head and suck it into my throat. But I didn’t. I remained as motionless as I could. Fascinated. “Oh, Teddy,” Dad finally moaned, almost inaudibly. “Teddy,” he repeated as his breaths turned to gasps. Quick. Uncontrolled. Shallow. Pants. “Oh, oh, Teddy,” he hissed. “Take it. Take it, Son,” he hissed as his grip on my shoulder tightened. I wanted to do just that. I wanted that cock in my mouth. I wanted my mouth to be flooded with the load that I knew was now inevitable. But I didn’t move. I remained motionless and watched. I watched Dad’s fist pumping faster and faster. I watched his cock get harder and thicker. I watched his belly quickly rising and falling. I watched him thrusting his cock up through his fist. I watched. I admired. I desired. “Oh fuck, Teddy,” Dad hissed an instant before the cum rocketed out of his cock. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he grunted as silently as his body would allow. More loads. More glistening streaks in the moonlight. Then he inhaled deeply and froze. We both froze. And then Dad released his breath in a slow shuddering exhale that took all of his remaining tension with it. I could feel the grip on my shoulder relaxing. I could hear his heart rate and breathing slowing down again. I could feel his body relaxing under mine. Releasing the grip on his spent cock. Relaxing. Relaxing. Relaxing. And just like that, Dad was asleep again. I remained motionless. Just enjoying the warmth of my dad’s body. The feel of his hairy chest under my hand. The sight of his cum sprayed all over his belly. His cum. Dad’s cum. My own dad’s cum. Taunting. Teasing. Begging to be devoured. I finally gave in to my base, twisted desire. As gently as I could, I tried to slide lower in the bed. Dad grunted, but didn’t move. I could smell his body. I could smell his cum. Closer and closer. When I was finally within licking distance, I lifted my head and looked at the feast of cum before me. Some thick, creamy white pools. Some clear streaks. All of it calling to me. To lick, to slurp, to suck, to swallow. My own dad’s cum! I held my breath and lowered my head. The tip of my tongue found the pool of cum that had filled Dad’s bellybutton. I pushed my tongue in and then slurped up as much cum as I could. Dad grunted again and I froze briefly. Then I licked along a sweet clear streak to another tangy pool. Eating it all. Savoring it all. The smells. The textures. More and more and more. Dad grunted again, but I was too far gone to care anymore. I kept licking Dad’s belly. Searching for more and more and more cum. The cum that made me. I wanted more! My eyes finally fell on the ultimate moonlit source of daddy cum. A large bead of jizz glistened on the tip of my dad’s spent cock. I wanted to suck the cum from the source. I wanted to swallow dad’s dick. I wanted it to grow in my warm mouth. I wanted it to shoot another load of cum into me. Into his son. I couldn’t stop myself. I opened my mouth and began to move my head toward Dad’s dick. Unfortunately, at that moment, Dad let out a sudden final grunt and rolled over on his side with his back to me. I hesitated briefly and then I spooned up behind him, with only our pajamas separating us. I didn’t care if he could feel my hard cock pressing against his ass or not. I just wanted to hold my dad in my arms as his cum slid down into my satisfied belly. ——————- I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. I always enjoy hearing from satisfied readers: hoo Remember, always play SAFE in the real world; you never know where that thing has been! You can check out my other stories fty//authors.htmlhotfordads

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