My Lockdown Neighbour Ch. 01My Lockdown Neighbour Ch. 01


Since the lockdown was announced Simon had moved back into his parent’s house, with University shut and his bar job finished his days had become long days of relaxed idleness. The occasional trip out to do the weekly shop and some chores around the house his only exceptions.

His mum checked in on their elderly neighbor Mr. Briggs and would add his food needs onto Simon’s weekly shopping list. Simon laughed at their description of their poor helpless elderly neighbor, he was easily taller, broader, and in better shape than his dad despite his age.

Simon lay on his bed listening to music, the sun streaming in through the window. His Idyl was broken by the bellowing of his father, shouting his name up the stairs. “What!”

“Get down here, I’ve got a job for you.” Simon’s father was already being driven mad with his son’s laziness. “I’ve asked Mr. Briggs if it’s ok for you to mow his lawn and he was overjoyed at the idea, so get your lazy arse over there, one o’clock pronto.”

“Dad we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Were not supposed to mix with anyone.” Simon desperately reached for an escape route.

His father growled, “You’ll be idling in the garden anyway and he’s in the house so get over there today.”

His son stomped upstairs and pulled on an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Slipping out the kitchen he clambered over the back yard fence into Mr. Brigg’s garden.

Mr. Briggs stood by his patio window admiring his garden and watched the neighbor’s lad enter. He had watched him grow from a skinny boy to the lithe slim handsome lad who now smiled and waved towards him. Sliding the door open he shouted, “do you want a beer before you start.” Waving a bottle and placing it at the edge of the door.

Picking up the bottle of lager Simon took a swig. “Thank you, Mr. Briggs,” and nodded to his neighbor who had stepped back into the room. He felt a slight unease at the way Mr. Briggs stared at him.

“Call me Mick, lad.” As the boy came nearer he could fully appreciate how damn cute he had grown to be. Mick winked at the boy, “How come a good looking lad like you ain’t fighting off the girls?” Mick let his eyes roam over the boy’s body, “or maybe that’s not the direction you’re looking for?”

The question made Simon flush bright red and he shifted his feet uncomfortably, those feelings had often run through his mind. How had his neighbor guess his secret desires or was he really just joking with him?

At the noticeable embarrassment in his demeanor, Mick’s experience read the telltale signs of a possible closet boy. A wide grin emerged on his face at the luck of this boy dropping in his lap.

Simon was sure he knew, he was reading him like a book. What signs was he showing, was he being effeminate in Göktürk Escort any way? His brain swirled as his tall masculine older neighbor grinned broadly at him.

“You’ll find the lawnmower in there,” Mick pointed to the garden shed. He knew the boy was ripe for the picking but why hurry, let the lad work up a nice sweat and stew a bit in his juices.

“Oh yes, I’ll get right on it,” Simon breathed a huge sigh of relief. Thanking the gods for his escape from the tension.

“I’ll have a beer ready for you at the end,” and playfully patted the boy’s firm behind as he showed him back into the garden. Mick felt the lad’s body jump as he slapped it and returned to his chair laughing at his lack of social distancing.

Any pretense of his straight sexuality was blown from the second his neighbor’s large hand slapped his ass, he had jumped like a little girl from it and wasn’t even sure if he hadn’t made a yelp. Simon walked across the lawn to the shed knowing his neighbor was watching and too embarrassed to look back.

Mick watched lasciviously as Simon worked up a sweat and noted that not once would the boy look over. He laughed to himself, happy in the knowledge he was in his head.

When Simon finished he emptied the lawnmower and locked it back in the shed, he then contemplated whether to climb straight back over the fence or say goodbye first. Good manners made him return to Mr. Briggs and say his goodbye and he was happy to find another bottle of lager had been placed out for him again. Downing all the contents thirstily he poked his head into the room.

Mr. Briggs sat on his chair smiling towards the lad, “ah so you found the lager, good lad. Really impressed with your work.” All the while he stroked his thick large cock.

Simon nearly dropped the bottle as he stared at the impressive sight, he had never seen such a large cock before. His eyes never left it for a second, the thick bulging shaft in his hand.

“Why don’t you come and take a closer look? You know you want to.” Mick revelled in the lad’s confusion, he could see the desire fighting inside him. “Come and stroke a real man’s cock.”

The panic was etched all across his face, the voice in his head shouting no but deep inside he wanted to touch it. As he questioned his next move he heard his father next door and reality awoke him. “Sorry I have to go,” he stuttered out and backed away.

Mick stood, still stroking that rock hard cock. “The offer is on the table lad, same time tomorrow. just hop on over.”

Flushed and trembling Simon fled, his heart thumping in his chest. Clambered over the fence and rushed into the shower to cool himself down.


Simon lay awake all night, that Göktürk Escort Bayan fat cock etched in his mind. Cursing himself for running away then acknowledging the correct decision. His mind hopped from one outcome to the other, deficiently not gay to wondering what it would be like.

From breakfast his eyes were never off the clock, would he really expect him to just show up again. He snorted in derision at the idea, well he’ll be waiting in vain. But as it got closer to one his nervousness started to kick in and so did his arousal.

Hiding in his bedroom, he futilely tried to take his mind off the situation but it always flashed in his mind. The thick throbbing cock of his neighbor, a real man’s cock he had called it and compared to his own it most certainly was. Stroking his own hard cock he checked the time, five minutes to one.


Mick sat in his usual chair, admiring his garden, A bottle of cold Guinness in his left hand, and stroking his hard cock in his right. He glanced at the clock on the mantlepiece and smirked to himself, he should be here soon. It wasn’t arrogance to assume the boy would arrive it was learned experience. When he looked back to the patio door the nervous figure in front of him delighted him.

Simon had slipped out of the house silently, out of sight of his parents, and made his way almost on autopilot. His libido had taken control of his body and desire had shut down any arguments.

The old man stood, his 6 foot plus frame dwarfing over Simon. “I knew you’d be back lad, didn’t think you’d sprint here though.”

The boy blushed at his laughter, the sweat dripping off his brow giving away his haste. Once again Simon’s eyes locked on that thick hard cock.

“Come here and give it a stroke,” he beckoned Simon forward. Mick slipped off his gown to expose his naked physique.

Staring at his tall taunt masculine body thickly covered with white hair, compared to his own smooth pale body Simon felt almost feminine. Nervously he encroached until he faced this alpha male.

Looking down into the lad’s face, Mick couldn’t hold back a leering smirk, This beautiful straight boy was ripe for the picking and had been delivered by his father, “Stroke it”, for the first time his voice had become dominant.

Tentatively Simon ran his fingers down the hard shaft, feeling the throbbing veins down to the hairy balls. Softly caressing them, then wrapping his hand around the thick cock and delicately wanking him.

“You like feeling a real man’s cock don’t you boy? Its what you’ve dreamed of isn’t it?” Mick ran his large finger over the lads soft lips, “maybe you should finally taste a real man.”

Simon trembled from his touch and his Escort Göktürk innate submissiveness grew within him. Without hesitation, he dropped to his knees, the old man’s thick cock inches from his face.

“Lick it like a lollypop boy, start from my balls up.” Mick stroked the lads’ lockdown shaved head, “That’s a good little slut.”

As he leaned towards the cock Simon gently lapped up the rock hard shaft, running his tongue over the cock slit and getting his first taste of pre-cum.

“Why don’t you wrap those lips around my cock, I’m sure you’ve had a girl suck you off before.” Mick growled down at the boy, stroking his eager face. “I’ll bet your better than any girl or you soon will be.”

Wrapping his mouth around the thick head Simon instinctively took it deeper. He Sucked it deep into his mouth until he felt a gag and then back again as his previous girlfriend had done. He copied the way she had ran her tongue along the shaft as she sucked as he knew he had enjoyed that.

It had been a long time since Mick had anyone suck his cock and certainly not such a cute young lad. He’d watched the lad play football in the street and now that face was looking up at him hungrily devouring his fat cock. That handsome face was going to make him shoot very soon.

The old man’s loud groans were making Simon want to suck deeper and faster, his hands gripped the old man’s still firm arse. His own drool dripped from his chin but he never deviated from his mission to suck that cock.

“Oh your a born cocksucker lad,” Mick gripped the lads head roughly. “Fuck I’m going to cum,” he’d tried to give the lad a warning he was near but he shot hard and plentiful.

What to do flashed through his mind, his girlfriend had been a spitter or sometimes pulled away when he came but when Mick came Simon had no choice. It filled his throat and he swallowed automatically to save from choking. The warm thick cum stuck to his teeth as he sucked the last remnants off Mick’s glistening wet cock.

Looking down Mick beamed proudly at the apprentice cocksucker between his legs, first time and swallowed the load without question or apprehension. “Damn lad, you really are a born faggot. Now lick that cock clean.”

Eagerly he teased his tongue all over Mick’s dripping wet cock, for the first time in his life he felt sexually complete. Being called a cocksucker and faggot aroused him greatly, he had worried that if he went through with this he would be disgusted and ashamed afterward, instead, he felt all his questions had been answered.

Pulling the lad to his feet, Mick gave him a kiss. “You’re the only home help I need lad.”

A spark of electricity ran through Simon from his first kiss from a man, blowing all the girls away.

“You’d better run home, don’t want your parents wondering where you are.” Giving the lad a hard spank on the arse, “but you better be back here tomorrow boy, I need regular visits from my little faggot boy.” He returned to his favorite chair and admired the hot horny neighbor boy disappearing over his fence.

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