True Love AffairTrue Love Affair


Chris got off the phone and was filled with conflicted thoughts. Sandra wanted him to come over for dinner. She was lonely.

Sandra was a gorgeous woman, about 5’3 and 145 pounds. He often thought of her smooth, dark skin, her deep brown eyes, and her perfect smile. She had beautiful, shoulder length, wavy brown hair. She had an amazing body, perfect by his standards. He didn’t like his women to be too thin, but he did want them to wear their weight well, and Sandra definitely did. Long, sexy legs, huge wonderful breasts – likely a double D. She had just moved to a new house less then an hour away from him, which was actually closer than where she was before.

He hadn’t seen Sandra in over two years, but her beautiful image was burned in his mind. He had moved away, but she had never strayed from his thoughts, his desires. They kept in touch occasionally through email mostly, but with the odd phone call. He thought that he may be in love with her. How could he not be? His masturbating fantasies featured her almost exclusively, his conversations with her were always pleasant and filled him with happiness.

Therein lies the conflict. He and his wife were separated for two months. A trial separation. Teresa had moved in with her mother a couple of hours away, and they were attempting to start fresh. Things had improved between them, the magic had begun to creep back. The time that they spent together was no longer filled with arguments, but filled with romance. Things were definitely better with her, and if they were to stay this good for another few months they would most assuredly reconcile their marriage.

So why were his thoughts on Sandra?

After 24 hours of being a nervous wreck, Chris arrived at Sandra’s door, as per her instructions, and knocked. He was still in his work clothes; a blue button up shirt, dark dress pants. Sandra answered the door, beautiful as ever.

“Hi!” she said with a big smile. His heart skipped a beat. She was beautiful as ever. She was dressed casually; a white T-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Her makeup and hair were done wonderfully, clearly she wanted to look good without looking like she was trying to look good!

“Hi!” he replied, and they embraced. He could tell that she had put on a few more pounds, but she still wore them well, and he had to control himself from getting hard as she pressed her body against his. He walked in and got a tour of her house and met her four very young children.

Sandra was young herself, only 22, and she was going through a difficult time. Her relationship with the father of the last two children didn’t work out, and there weren’t a lot of men interested in starting a relationship with a mother of four. She was sad, she was lonely, and she was in love with Chris. She was able to deny it until then, but seeing him now removed all doubt. She loved him.

She was nervous about this meeting, wanting everything to be perfect, wanting the kids to like him, and vice versa.

The meal was excellent, he got along well with the kids, and the conversation flowed non-stop. After dinner, when the kids were put to bed, Chris and Sandra sat side-by-side on the couch, his arm around her shoulders. He listened to her, comforted her. He was aware of what had been going on in her life and he wanted to be there for her, as a friend. It was all he could do to stop himself from putting a move on her, even though he was sure that she wanted him to do just that. He kissed the top of her head when she cried softly, his hands caressing her shoulders.

When he left that night, Sandra thanked him, heart pounding, tears in her eyes. They hugged for a long time until, finally, he left.
He was in turmoil. He wanted this woman more than he wanted anyone. Ever. But what about his wife? What does he owe to her? Things were better, he couldn’t jeopardize that now! Sandra was his friend, no matter how hot, and she would remain that way.

Sandra felt less turmoil. She loved this man, she couldn’t deny that now. He was so good to her, and he turned her on like she hadn’t been turned on before. She desperately needed him.
Chris got another phone call at work the next day. Sandra told him how sweet he was to her the night before, and she wanted to thank him with another dinner.

“This time I won’t drag the evening down with my life story…I promise!” she added, jokingly. He agreed, cock hardening in his pants. He fought unsuccessfully to keep it down when he got off the phone with her. Finally, he had to ‘relieve’ himself in the washroom.

Yes, this woman really sent him for a loop.
Chris arrived at her house that night, this time Sandra went all out. She answered the door wearing a short white skirt that showed off her long, smooth, tanned legs. Her shirt was black, skin tight, and showed off her wonderful cleavage. His heart jumped in his throat and his cock jumped in his pants. He stood mamak escort at the door silently, too caught up in her beauty to say anything.

“Hi!” she said, breaking the silence. She embraced him at the doorway, inwardly ecstatic over the impression that she clearly made on him. She could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against her a little when they hugged. Tingles of arousal flowed through her.

Chris had a lot of willpower. But all the willpower in the world could not keep the image of Teresa in his head. He was in love with Sandra, and there was no fight left in him.
He walked into her apartment, eyes going up and down her sexy legs as she led the way before him.

Her kids were at the sitter for the night, she wanted to be alone with him. As soon as he found that out, his heart, already pounding nervously, grew almost painful with desire.

Again they ate dinner, and again their conversation was fun, interesting, and non-stop. It was like they were the happiest couple in the world, yet they were not a couple. Chris couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sandra. Her eyes were beautiful, sparkling. Her dazzling smile was made even more so by her dimples. Her tanned skin looked so soft, he ached with desire to touch her.

His gaze kept shifting down to her breasts. They were straining against her black shirt. Whenever she got up from the table, he was checking out those beautiful legs and nice ass. Even her feet were perfect, naked as they walked on the floor.
After dinner, Sandra cleared the table, heart pounding in anticipation of what was to come. She was so wet, it was all she could do to keep her hands from touching herself. She wanted this man, like no man before. The time was at hand to win his heart. She had no idea that she already had…

“Thank you,” Chris said, “that was great!” he added, politely. He didn’t know if it was good, his every thought was of Sandra. Everything else didn’t matter.

“Thanks!” she replied happily. She was nervous, and had to fight to get up the nerve to continue as she set the dishes in the sink.

“I have something else for you.” She said.

“What is it?” he wondered.

“You’ll see…” she said with a nervous laugh, her pretty face was flushed. “Wait here a minute.” With that she left the room and went into her bedroom. Five minutes later, he heard her door open.

“Chris,” she called, “come here for a minute.” She heard him get up from the table and walk down the hall, her heart was in her throat, her crotch was buzzing uncontrollably.

Chris approached her door which was half shut. He pushed it open and stepped inside. His heart nearly exploded with love and lust, his cock grew instantly hard in his pants. Sandra stood before him, smiling erotically, wearing nothing but a white lace bra and skimpy white lace panties. Time lost all meaning, he stared at her beauty for two seconds or for two years. Before him was the object of his greatest desire the past few years. Her tanned skin a sharp contrast to the white lingerie.

She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck, closing her eyes as she stood on her toes and kissed him. The touch of her lips on his snapped him out of his daze. He opened his mouth and her tongue darted inside. He sent his own tongue into her mouth as his hands slipped around her warm body and grabbed her ass over her panties. They kissed passionately at her bedroom door, lips smacking, tongues exploring. He slipped his hands into her panties, grabbing her naked ass as he backed her towards the bed. Chris couldn’t believe it. He was touching Sandra’s ass! Every kiss, every touch, every feeling about this experience he was filing away in his mind. He did not want to forget a single detail of what was becoming the greatest night of his life.

Sandra was breathing laboriously into his mouth, her hands caressing his hair, shoulders, chest, and back. She felt herself get gently pushed back onto the bed, and she pulled him down on top of her between her legs. They continued making out as he writhed against her.

Her thinly covered pussy could clearly feel the bulge in his pants press against her, grinding into her. Tingles of pleasure surged up and down her body, centring on her crotch. She had no doubt that her panties were quite soaked. She loved Chris. She wanted Chris. Her need to have him inside her made everything else obsolete.

She pushed him off of her, still kissing him as she rolled him onto his back and straddled him. Now she was in control.

She broke the kiss. Her breath was heavy and shaking as she looked into his eyes. Her hands began to undo the buttons of his dress shirt as she maintained eye contact. Her massive breasts were heaving, straining against the bra. Sandra kissed him again, softly. Her tongue sneaked into his mouth briefly before she began to kiss down his neck. His shirt separated ofise gelen escort as she continued to undo his buttons.

Her lips brushed against his skin as it became exposed. Her tongue snaked out and lightly licked his nipple. The last button on his shirt was undone, and he lifted his body up a little and allowed her to slide his shirt right off.

He watched Sandra kiss down his belly, tongue teasing his belly button on the way by. Still kissing his stomach, her hands undid his button and began to pull down his fly. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she was about to see the cock that she had been dying to see for so long.

She opened up Chris’s pants. His cock was straining in his underwear, and she kissed the shaft over the material. He caught his breath, watching her as she began to tug on his jeans and underwear. She began to slide them down, freeing 6 inches of rock hard cock. Her heart soared at her first sight of it. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to ease the feeling of longing in her pussy but only making things worse. He pulled his feet out of his pants, socks, and underwear, becoming naked for the woman of his dreams.

Sandra knelt between his legs, looking into his eyes as she slid her hands up the outside of his thighs. She bent down, her hair falling on his manhood as she kissed him right beside it, teasing him. Her well manicured hand cupped his balls as her lips brushed up against his naked shaft. He gasped at her touch.

Her tongue snaked out and licked at his bag softly. Her hand grabbed Chris’s penis for the first time as she sucked his testicle into her mouth. She began to stroke him slowly, expertly as her lips released his testicle.

She slowly licked up his long, thick shaft, leaving a trail of saliva. Her dark eyes were on his as her pink tongue made its way to his crown. Her hand held him straight in the air as she began to lick a circle around his mushroom head. Her tongue teased over the tiny hole at the top of his penis as her hand squeezed him lovingly. Still looking at him, she opened her mouth and slid the top of him inside.

“Ohhhh…” he sighed as warmth engulfed his helmet.

Sandra placed her hands on his thighs, only using her mouth on him. Her lips slowly glided down his shaft, taking his entire organ. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his cock, her mouth was so warm around him. He sighed again, watching her pretty face as it made his member disappear. Her long fingernails tickled up and down his thighs as her lips slid back up his dick.

She began to bob her head up and down on his lap, sucking eagerly on Chris’s rod. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’ loud sucking noises began to emerge as her lips expertly glided up and down, up and down. After a minute or two (remember – time had lost all meaning!), she pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud ‘slurp’.

She looked up at him, smiling, her hand had grabbed his penis again and was stroking it lovingly. She again straddled him, making her way up the bed to him. He was breathing heavily, watching her approach. Her lips quickly found his and they kissed.

Words cannot describe the love, the urgency that was in that kiss. Both were in tune with every inch of their body. She was conscious of his naked penis rubbing against her thinly covered crotch. He was aware of the heat that was emanating from her cunt. He rubbed his tongue along hers as his hands slid into the sides of her panties and grabbed her bare ass.

As they kissed, her bra straps slid down her shoulders and arms, inch by inch. He ran his fingers along the crack of her ass, reaching down underneath her until they found the moist heat of her treasure. He dipped the top of his finger into her warmth. “Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth. He was teasing her, his finger barely entered her to the first knuckle! She kissed him harder, grinding her crotch against him.

Chris broke the kiss, his lips trailing across her soft cheek to her ear. He gently sucked Sandra’s ear into his mouth as he slid the tip of his finger in and out of her pussy.

“You’re amazing.” He breathed into her ear. Tingles went up and down her spine at his words. Her hands were holding the back of his head, running through his hair as he kissed down her neck. He kissed down her shoulder to her chest, kissing down her ample cleavage. He pulled his one hand out of her panties and pushed the one side of her bra down a little lower.

Sandra’s breast appeared, her dark areola surrounding her sensitive, erect nipple. A moan of lust escaped from his lips. His tongue snaked out, gently licking around her areola, teasing her nipple. He gently sucked it into his mouth and Sandra sighed. Her nipple slipped out of his mouth, sending another pleasure sensation through her. She reached behind her and undid her bra. It fell forward, sliding down otele gelen escort her arms. Smiling her beautiful smile, she threw it onto the floor, freeing the two most gorgeous breasts he had ever laid eyes on.

Reaching forward, he grabbed a soft globe of flesh in each hand, bringing his lips to one and sucking her nipple into his mouth. His hand’s squeezed and caressed her tits as his tongue trailed around her areola. He kissed from one breast over to the other as Sandra continued to grind herself against him. The heat from her pussy rubbing against his cock was too much for him to bear. He looked up at her and her lips were on his in an instant. She sighed into his mouth as she kissed him tenderly.

Chris rolled Sandra off of him and onto her back without breaking the kiss. His hand slid down her beautiful, warm body, over her breast and down her belly. He slid it into her panties and he could feel a tuft of pubic hair, a thin trail of it, as he searched for her treasure. His fingers felt a hot, moist sensation, and when Sandra moaned into his mouth he knew that he had found it.

He ran a finger down her sensitive slit and she squirmed beneath him. Her tongue darted far into his mouth as he ran his finger up and down the entrance to her vagina. He dipped his finger into her, and her cunt gripped it snugly.

“Mmmm…” she moaned into his mouth. He felt so good when he touched her like that. He ran his finger back up the lips of her pussy until he reached the nub of her clit. He tickled, and she gasped, bolts of pleasure firing up her body. He teased her clit a little more, and she sucked his tongue hard as she tried to control herself.

To her disappointment, Chris slid his hand out of her panties. He squeezed a leg in between hers, and Sandra opened wide to let him on top of her. Their lips were smacking loudly as they kissed, he was grinding his naked, hard cock against her thinly covered mound. She desperately needed him to slide that member into her.

He broke the kiss, beginning to kiss down her neck and chest. He kissed over her breasts and down her stomach until he reached the top of her white lace panties. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and he was drunk from it. His love was beyond compare, and his lust was beyond measure.

He kissed Sandra’s pussy over her panties, tasting her in the wet material. She gasped, tingles running up her body at the touch of his lips. He kissed the soft inside of her thigh, then he kissed the other one. She ran her feet up his back, opening herself up wider for him, needing him to touch her naked pussy with his mouth. He kissed her over her panties again, this time sucking her lips outward through the lace.

“Ohhhhhh…” she sighed softly. It felt so good yet it could feel so much better if he would just take her panties off!

His hands slid under her ass and into her panties, holding her pussy up in his face as he ate her out through her panties. His mouth released her, and with his thumb he slowly pulled her panties to the side, exposing her swollen pussy lips to him for the first time in his life.

He was in heaven. Here, before him, was a fantasy realized. He gently kissed the wet, pink skin and Sandra gasped. She reached down between her legs and ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue darted out and lapped at her slit. He slid his tongue into the folds of her pussy, tasting her wonderful juices. He twirled his tongue all around the inside of her snug tunnel, sliding it slowly out of her. He sucked the lips of her cunt into his mouth and began to run his tongue over it.

Her toes slowly ran up and down his sides as went down on her. Chris was purposely ignoring her clit, teasing her. He suddenly stopped, lifted up, and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling downward.

Sandra eagerly raised her ass, allowing the man she was in love with to pull her panties down her smooth, sexy legs. She pulled her feet out of them, one by one, becoming naked for him. She set her feet down on the bed, wide apart. Her quivering pussy was almost beckoning him.

Chris raised her foot in the air and began kissing over the top of it, his tongue licking it as well. He kissed her big toe, sucking it into his mouth as he stared at her beautiful body. He kissed down the side of her foot and down her leg, inch by inch. Her breathing grew heavier as she watched his lips brush over her knee and on down the soft inside of her thigh.

He was cherishing this, living his dream, he wanted to enjoy every inch of her body. His lips kissed and licked closer and closer to her treasure, and Sandra seemed to grow wetter as he approached. He kissed the very top of her leg, just beside her pussy.

“Ohhh God, Chris, don’t tease.” She sighed. He was so hard, he wanted nothing more than to just jump on her and slide his thick cock into her, but he held off, kissing her swollen lips softly. He watched them shake at his touch. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, nudging her sensitive clitoris.

“Oh!” she cried, a bolt of excitement shooting from her crotch. He slowly teased his tongue around the tiny button, lightly touching it in places, but for the most part avoiding it.

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