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Subject: Exploring with Dad at the Camping Trip Pt. 3 Finale Hello my horny readers! I am here to write stuff you’ll most likely skip. Happy new year to everyone, I have had a few fantasies and I think I’ll be bringing them to life with this new year, 2019. Don’t forget to donate to Nifty to keep the site running! I wanted to thank you all for the emails and everything, It’s been a blast answering questions or just receiving compliments. I’m grateful for all of your input. I had to try a bit hard to grab a few new kinks, I don’t even think some of these are in here. Without further ado! The following is fictional. Do not read if underage. The following contains incest, slight degrading, temperature play (Iceplay), orgasm denial, electric shocks (electrostimulation), scat (poop play), and knifeplay (with blood). There will be a list of the kinks involved in every chapter. If you want to tell me what you thought about the story or have some ideas, email me! ail Exploring with Dad at the camping trip pt. 3. The finale. I heard a car pull up close to the tent. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes, Dad is still asleep. I got out of the tent and yawned. I walked up to the car before I saw the most beautiful sight. “Hey grandson! How are you doing kiddo?” I ran up and hugged my grandpa. He chuckled and I smiled warmly. “Grandpa! What’re you doing here?” “Your old man told me you two were having your special trip and I figured you’d like to do some more stuff. There’s a bit that your old man doesn’t like, but I love. Maybe you will too. Where is he anyway?” I ran over to the tent and yanked it open. I pointed inside and smiled. “There he is.” My grandpa walked over to him and smirked. He pulled his thick uncut cock out of the zipper of his jeans and rubbed it on my dad’s face. He started licking and sucking, his tongue traveling inside the foreskin, licking away at the hiding head. It was erotic to say the least. My dad’s cock started growing in his sleeping bag. My grandpa got on top of him and put a hand to my dad’s throat. He choked him, squeezing the sides of his throat and moaned. “Yes, take my cock son. I love your tongue inside my prick. You want my dick don’t you? I bet you missed it. Beg for it. Show your son how much of a slut you are for me.” My cock was throbbing so hard, I had to pull it out and pump my penis as I watched. “Oh Dad.. I love your cock. I miss it, and dream about it. I had a wet dream, just thinking of your cock deep inside me. I want my son to watch you breed my boypussy and show him what a real man you are. You can last for hours and you’re bigger than me. I want your cock more than I want my son’s.” My dad reached up, rubbing my grandpa’s chest and stomach, looking escort izmit into his eyes. I’ve never seen dad do that to mom. He seems much happier playing with his dad than if he was with mom. Maybe all guys just fake being straight so they have a son of their own to teach and play with. Grandpa pulled his cock out of my Dad’s mouth and walked out of the tent. “Come out here, I brought some toys for us to use.” Dad walked out with a hard on tenting his shorts. “First, we all have to get naked.” I don’t even remember putting clothes on last night, but we all shed our clothes. Grandpa went to his car and pulled out a cooler. Inside was drinks and meats and ice to keep it all cool. He grabbed an ice cube and pressed it right above my left nipple. He slowly curved down, around my breast and made a big circle around my belly button. He then circled back up to my right nipple. He pressed the ice cube into my nipple and I couldn’t help but shiver. I wanted to shiver a bit ago, but having it right against me was taking me to a new level of cold. He looked into my eyes and smiled. “There’s more.” He used the same ice cube and started stroking my cock with it. I gasped and thrusted my hips, just to cave them in. It was so cold, like a meat locker couldn’t imagine how cold I felt. This was my dick! It’s sensitive! I wanted to cum, but the ice was making me go soft. I love being soft as much as I love being hard. Grandpa rubbed my balls with the ice and then slide it inside my asshole. Oh, if I haven’t felt cold before. I wanted to push it out, but he held it there, and I started to like it after a bit. Grandpa chuckled as he started stroking my cock. My dad licked my tip, he started swirling his tongue around my cut tip, licking the brim of my mushroom head. He licked up and down, following Grandpa’s hand. It was too much for me, I couldn’t hold it. “I..I gotta.” “No!” Grandpa yelled. I blushed a dark red. “You cum when I tell you to. Hold it. We gotta build up your stamina.” I was in ecstasy while also being in pain. How could I hold it? I clenched my eyes and gave it my all to not give in. I heard something buzzing and opened my eyes. Grandpa had placed some vibrating electric pulse bullets on my nipples and taped them to me. He turned them on and started shooting me with volts of electricity. I was drooling from the pain that felt like pricks on my skin, stings from insects, but I just wanted to cum. My cock was hurting. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I let out a loud moan as I shot more than I ever had in my entire life. I looked up and saw Grandpa glaring at me. I gulped and looked into his eyes. “Y..Yes?” He smiled and rubbed my back. “I’m glad you enjoyed it so much kiddo. That’s what this izmit escort is all for. Now, I know it may be weird for you to see your dad and I playing with each other, but we always did this on our camping trip. We tried anything and everything, old and new, and it was always fun just doing what we could. To be honest, I think the ladies try stuff while we’re gone too. My wife gets so excited whenever I’m gone for camping.” I smiled. “No, it’s nice knowing you two are so close. It kinda makes me happy I could go camping with my dad, so we can get as close as you two are. So, what’s next on the list of stuff to experiment with?” Grandpa smiled and looked at my dad. “Well.. there is one that very few people like…” My dad nodded. “Oh yes, I think I know where this is going. You see son, some people like pain. So much so, that they like being threatened or cut with a knife. It is called knife play. It can be very painful.” “What?” Grandpa looked at my dad. “No, you imbecile. I was talking about scat.” “Oh yeah, I forgot you liked that.” I tilted my head. “Scat? Like in old music where people adlib?” “No, poop.” I stuck my tongue out and scrunched up my face. “But it smells bad. How can people like that?” “Have you tried it?” “Well…. No.. I guess not.” “Then don’t be so quick to judge. Everything is worth trying once. In small steps by yourself or just going into the deep end. It’s up to the person how they want to approach a new kink.” I turn my head away. “Um… I’m not sure if I want to try either.” “That’s okay son.” My dad puts his hand on my shoulder. “Some people just don’t want to try stuff. You don’t have to either. But you can watch grandpa and I do them to see if you like it.” I nod and smile. “That sounds better.” Grandpa pushes my dad down onto his back and squats over his mouth. Grandpa starts grunting a bit. “Don’t just sit there, start licking!” Dad started swirling his tongue around grandpa’s asshole. He eventually started sucking his asshole instead. He soon pulled away and I could see a small, hard, brown turn coming right from his anus. The poop was very thick. I may not like scat, but watching it stretch my grandpa’s asshole was definitely amazing. The shit started slowly pushing more and more out of his butthole, until it landed on my dad’s face. He grabbed the turd and started jacking my dad off with the shit. My dad was moaning like it was his first blowjob. I kept watching, seeing his cock grow with the shit, almost ready to shoot. Grandpa shoved my dad’s face into his asshole. He was still taking a dump, and wouldn’t let him up for air. My dad finally came through the shit and grandpa got off him. My dad was gasping for air and smiled. izmit kendi evi olan escort “Ya still got it old man.” He sat up and pushed my grandpa down on the ground. He went to the truck and grabbed a pocket knife. He held it to my grandpa’s throat. “Listen here old man. I’ve had enough of you. It’s time you learn your lesson.” My dad slowly slid the smooth sharp blade down my grandpa’s torso, covered in thick gray hair. He reached my grandpa’s cock and kept going down. He slid it under his balls and started rubbing my grandpa’s asshole with the knife. “Dad, isn’t that dangerous?” “Oh very! Do not attempt this if you aren’t comfortable with your partner. And you can do the same with a gun. But I would suggest using a nerf gun, video game gun, or a water gun. Nothing to actually harm someone. If you’re crazy enough, try it with a very very very dull blade. But this is fiction. Anything goes. So.” He slid the sharp blade inside his asshole. My grandpa moaned out as his cock shot upright. I giggled a bit as he thrusted his hips, causing the knife to dig deeper. My dad started thrusting it in and out of his asshole, and very quickly, he came. My dad pulled the knife out and blood poured out on the dirt. My dad started tending his wounds quickly. We all got up and checked the time. My dad and grandpa ran over to the ocean with some soap to clean off. They later threw me in as well, just because they figured I needed it too. Once we were all dried off, we knew what was next. It was time to go and get ready to leave. We took down the tent, got out clothes on, and started driving home. It was sad to leave, but it was nice to be able to try all these new things. I hope that one day, everyone can have an adventure with someone they love and trust, where they can do all these kinks and anything else that they are crazy enough, curious enough, or horny enough to try. It’s fun to try new things. But it’s more fun to be safe. The end. Contact me! ail or furryfoxboy27 on twitter. Thank you all for viewing this and thank you for all the emails. I’m sorry it took a long time to get this out, I dunno what took so long honestly. I want to say that I made this, to not only introduce a bunch of kinks that I rarely see, but also to add a happy ending. Many, many SPH stories have bad endings and I’m very sensitive so once I cum and keep reading, I feel awful for the main character. It’s kinda the main reason I wanted to make this. To teach a bit of everything to everyone and to give some basics and guidelines. I hope you can kinda feel how much they love each other. I apologize if this is a shorter chapter as well. I am going to try to think of some new ideas and write someone off stories so I can get more people to cum. Once again, thank you, and thank Nifty for letting us make these graphic stories. Please please donate to keep the site alive. Thank you again, one last time for reading the whole thing and I hope you all have a wonderful day and night.

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