New Kid on the Block Ch. 01New Kid on the Block Ch. 01


Author’s Note: This story has a slow build up over many chapters.

Jason groaned as he stepped off the bus. He couldn’t believe his parents made him transfer schools in the middle of his senior year. And even then his new school was hundreds of miles away from anyone he ever knew. He thought of the girls he had left behind. Jason always felt that he was just a step behind getting with the perfect girl. Although far from ugly, Jason always had trouble with women. His raging teenage hormones coupled with the fact that he was still a virgin plagued his nightly masturbation sessions. His friends had thrown him a huge going away party. He had even almost hooked up with someone but that didn’t help the dread he felt as he walked across the pavement. Why the hell was the bus stop three blocks from the high school?

His mom had told him he’d get used to his new home. Jason told her as soon as he graduated he was going back to his old home, his only home. This had escalated into an argument. She said he needed to grow up if he was going to be a man. He called her a “heartless bitch”. She took away his car. Jason’s father wasn’t home. He was at his new job. The reason they had moved.

Jason never thought he came from a broken home or even a dysfunctional one. He was just angry that, at 18, still had to follow his parents rule while he was still in high school. He didn’t have a job to support himself.

Two more blocks to go. Jason thought about his mother. He had seen a florist while on the bus. He would drop by after school to buy her something. In a way, she was right, he thought. I need to be a man.

One block. He could see the high school by now. The buildings were all the same ugly tan color with green. Looks like a school for leprechauns. He was seeing the other students now too. There didn’t seem to be anything special in any of them. They were all slowly converging on the school.

Jason was in the parking lot now. He bent down on the sidewalk to tie his shoe. That was when he was tackled sideways by what looked like a stick with blue hair as a cherry red motorcycle tore by.

“ASSHOLE!” he yelled as the biker continued down the sidewalk.

“Hey, man, you alright?” said the stick standing up.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Who the hell was that?” Jason asked from the ground.

“You’re new.” It wasn’t a question. “That was Kyle. Everyone here knows by now. Asphalt is for walking. Sidewalk is for driving. You’ll get used to it. The cars drive slow. Too many people moseying through the parking lots for them to speed. I’m Bryan by the way.” He said as he stuck out his hand.

“Jason”, he said, taking the outstretched hand and pulling himself up.

“Office is that way. Over by the library. If you’re cool with it you can hang with me and my friends at lunch. We’re at the pink one. See you later.” And with that he left.

Jason stood in the middle of the parking lot dumfounded. Anadolu Yakası Escort He had just nearly been hit by a motorcycle, talked to a stick, and been invited to lunch. Pink what exactly? he thought as he walked to the office.

Everything was in order. Jason sat through four periods of teachers asking him to introduce himself and asking if he learned all of the material at his old school. Bryan was in his fourth period class, English. It turned out he was a genius despite his lightning blue hair. He was a bit of a class clown too.

Jason watched the second hand tick until the bell rang. Bryan leapt like a gazelle over a few desks.

“Food time, J-man.”

As they walked through the school, Bryan filled Jason with every little detail he could about the school. Describing places, people, and events. His own personal tour guide. They were headed towards the quad.

Then he saw it. Every table in school was painted the same leprechaun green except one. Someone (probably Bryan, or at least someone like Bryan) had painted one table pink. HOT pink.

“I think my eyes just burned out of their sockets”

“You like? We’re going to try to do the entire school like this. The original school colors were going to be pink and black. But the Admins didn’t want the football team to be pink. I think the mascot was going to be a poodle.”

Bryan introduced him to Danny, Rob, Andre, Kristi, Chris, and Bianca. Danny had long brown hippie-like hair that contrasted his narrow features. He kept sweeping it back out of his eyes. Rob had dark, almost black hair. It was cut short and spiky. Andre’s hair was dirty blond. As was Kristi’s but she had bright purple streaks throughout hers. Bryan told Jason later that they were twins. Chris was easily the smallest of everyone there. He had wispy white-blond hair and large blue eyes. Jason would have mistaken him for a girl had he not had an Adam’s apple. Bianca’s hair was like a rainbow. Each strand of hair seemed to be a different color or the spectrum. Her eyebrows (both of which were pierced) gave away her natural brunette.

“Welcome to the gang,” said Bryan as he settled next to Kristi. “Kyle should be here soon.”

“Wait, you never said Kyle was part of your gang.” Jason said, shocked.

Everyone’s head seemed to snap to attention immediately

“What’s your beef with Kyle?” questioned Rob.

“Yeah, what’s up? Kyle’s cool,” Danny stated, looking angry.

“Kyle decided to welcome Jason with the bike.” Bryan, playing mediator. “Jason, it’s no big deal. Kyle’s an expert driver. Would have missed you easily”

“So why did you tackle me?”

“Might have been a narrow miss.”

Suddenly they heard a cry of unmistaken agony. Jason turned to see a group of letter jackets yelling angrily and surrounding what looked like a fallen companion.

“Kyle’s here,” said Danny. Jason noticed no one else at the table had even bothered to check out the commotion.

“Which one’s Kyle?” Jason asked.

“Don’t worry about it man,” answered Danny. “You’ll know her when you see her.”

Jason turned around so fast he heard his neck crack. “Kyle’s a girl?!”

“Oh shit, I didn’t tell you?” said Bryan, looking mildly amused. “Yea, Kyle’s a girl. Kylie Conners. Keep looking. You’ll see her.”

I was almost run over by a girl. A GIRL! Jason thought, fuming. That bitch is going down. Once I think of something…Absorbed in thought, Jason didn’t notice the gathering begin to disperse.

And then he saw her. Holy fucking shit…

Before him was the most beautiful female he had ever seen in his entire life. Time seemed to slow down. He watched awestruck as she vaulted herself over the railing separating the hallway from the rest of the quad. She appeared to be a few inches shorter than him. She had deep green eyes, like twin emeralds set in a pale face. Her hair was straight and rich ebony color tipped with the same cherry red as her motorcycle. His eyes gaped at her soft lips. She turned slowly to spit on the fallen jock, giving Jason an unobstructed view of her perfectly curved ass. She wore tight black denim jeans that hugged every part of her long legs. As she turned back and jogged towards the group, Jason watched as her firm breasts bounced up and down slightly in her tight black t-shirt. All thoughts of revenge had vanished

“Who’s the new guy?” she had slightly rougher, deeper voice than most girls but to Jason it was alluring.

“Apparently you nearly hit him with the Ducati this morning” said Bianca

“Oh, you’re the speed bump.” She flipped her hair, revealing that she had only one ear pierced, but it had an assortment of piercings on it.

They spent lunch discussing everything from philosophy to Saturday morning cartoons. He noticed that Andre didn’t talk much. He was very stoic and usually gave one word, one syllable responses. Kristi, his twin, and Bryan flirted constantly. Chris agreed with anything and everything that the others said. Danny and Rob seemed to be as entranced with Kylie as Jason was. He watched her eat as she wrapped her lips around her food. He could feel something stirring in his loins. God, what I would do for those lips on me. He didn’t even notice Bianca ask him a question.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You’re just like them, aren’t you? Completely infatuated.”

“I am not,” Jason said quickly.

“Yes you are,” said Kristi pulling away from Bryan momentarily. “Congratulations Kylie, your fan club is growing. It must be your tits. I wish mine were bigger.”

“Your tits are perfect” Bryan whispered in her ear while cupping an apple sized breast.

“AHEM!” The table jumped and looked at Andre who gave no sign of making any noise at all. Although it was apparent that he did not approve of his friend groping his sister.

“Like I was saying,” Kristi continued, “the big boobs get all the attention.”

“No they don’t.” Bianca was now holding her large breasts up. “Kylie gets all the attention even though I have these. Jason what do you think?”

Jason sat wondering how he had gotten himself in such a situation. He was now staring at a pair of enormous breasts that were being held up to his face. He had also not settled the growing problem in his jeans.

“I…uh…well…they’re nice…”

“See! ‘Nice’ he says. Damn it Kylie, what’s your secret”

“It’s really more of a curse. Didn’t you see those guys? Jerry tried to grab my ass on my way out of Psychology and I kneed him in the nuts.”

“Don’t get on her bad side,” Danny muttered. “She fights dirty and hits hard.”

“Saves me from harassment doesn’t it?”

“Can’t you let a man dream at least?”

“Keep dreaming then.” She said as the bell for the end of lunch sounded.

Jason couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day. He could not keep his mind off of Kylie’s breasts and how they would feel pressed up against him. Or the thought of his hands on her gorgeous ass. And those soft lips against his. If only, if only he thought.

As it turned out, Kylie was in his last class of the day. 3D Art. His hard-on from lunch returned immediately as he watched her hands mould the clay. He was barely paying attention as the teacher showed him around the class room. Thoughts of Kylie’s hands groping and stroking his cock the way she worked the clay.

The final bell rang and the students erupted into the hallways. He saw Andre and Chris together as he made his way through the parking lot (in the middle of the road this time).

“Hey do you guys know where that florist is downtown?”

“Yes.” That was Andre.

Chris piped up. “We were actually headed the other direction but Kylie heads downtown every day. Maybe she could give you a ride.”

“Try.” Andre again.

Jason searched the parking lot and couldn’t find her. As a last resort he stood stark still in the middle of the sidewalk. And there she was.

“HEY!” He yelled.

He assumed she gave him a funny look but he couldn’t tell. She looked completely different while wearing her helmet. The subtle curves or her legs up to her ass and the way her leather jacket fitted her gave a way her femininity. How the hell did I miss that?

“You think you could give me a ride to the florist downtown?”

Her helmet matched everything about her. Black. It had a design in red that depicted a snake with wings. She opened it and gazed at him with emerald eyes. “Sure. Hop on” She handed him a spare helmet and balanced the bike as he lifted one leg over the motorcycle.

“I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle before,” he admitted.

“Here.” She told him where to place his hands as they rode. He now had his hands caressing the sides of her perfect body. She took off out of the parking lot and he realized his crotch was pressed right into her ass.

To be continued…

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