Accidental Nudity

Subject: The Most Beautiful Pair Prologue (incest) This story is a work of fiction. It contains explicit themes such as incestuous and cross-generational intimacies, which are classified as taboos by existing societies. Read at your own risk. The author is Johnny Rice, barely legal at 18. I am Asian, jus sanguinis and jus soli, so my usage of English language is not refined. Help me grow as a writer by sending me feedbacks, tips, criticisms — or more ;). Contact me at ail. If you have the means for donating to Nifty, why don’t you consider doing so? The Most Beautiful Pair – Prologue By Johnny Rice Twelve-year-old Johnny has been waiting for his dad wearily. He frowns disagreeably, still clothed with his middle school uniform and jersey, because the last time he saw from his dad was when he picked him up from school before the latter went to his meeting, which is now being held for two hours straight. Two and a half hours. Johnny corrected himself looking at the clock that hangs on the dark wood-paneled wall of his dad’s office. Johnny sat on the leather couch, staring at the glass door adjoined to a thick glass wall. He had gotten tired of making funny faces to the staffs passing by on the opposite side of the wall, knowing well that they couldn’t see him. The boy longed for the days when he was little and his dad would bring him anywhere he goes — even in his meetings. Johnny dreaded the thought that his dad might have loved more the younger him and that maybe the more he grows up, the lesser the affection his beloved father would show him. To shake the terrible thoughts away, Johnny stood up, leaving a well-warmed area on the lounge, and went to the opposite wall, showing him the familiar 60th floor view of Singapore in a busy afternoon. Johnny had always been in Singapore since his earliest memories even though he is more Australian in sanguinity. His dad, Colin – who has a striking boyish face that he never seems to grow old of – has a drop of Asian blood from his distant ancestors, although he looked not a bit like Asian. That’s the reason why their family izmit escort business is rooted in Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Their ancestors had well-played businesses across Asia. On what Johnny heard from his father, his mom was the one who chose to live in Singapore because it is one of the most clean-aired countries in Asia. But his mom passed away as soon as Johnny was born, so his dad raised him alone. Now, you might think that because our little Johnny is raised by a single father, he grew up tough and lacks affection. But Johnny is not tough nor lacking affection. Colin raised him with the utmost care and affection. That’s why Johnny grew up inseparable from him. He has always been his daddy’s boy. They are the closest father and son you could imagine. So close that they do things your typical father and son would never do. Johnny was so mesmerized by the setting sun that he didn’t hear the glass door slid open and close. But he did hear his dad’s footsteps against the oak flooring. Johnny smiled knowingly but he pretended not to hear anything and continue gazing at the fortuitous twilight. Colin lifted his son bridal style. “Sorry to keep you waiting for almost three hours.” “Yeah. Those are awfully long hours,” Johnny said, looking at his father’s handsome features while his strong arms hold him. “Poor boy. I want to bring you to every meeting I go, but I know you’ll only get bored.” “I won’t get bored. I can instead sit with you in the meeting room all day than stay alone here,” Johnny stated, relieved that his dreadful assumptions were false. His dad only doesn’t want him to get bored, that’s why he wouldn’t bring him to his meetings. “Alright then. No need to wait here alone next time.” Johnny shifted his position, with Colin’s arms holding him soundly. Johnny is now being carried by his dad like a baby with his arms wrapped around his dad’s neck and legs around his waist. Colin inhaled the skin on the boy’s neck then nuzzled his dark brown hair. “Hmm. You always smell so good.” Colin loved sniffing his son from head to toe, especially izmit otele gelen escort during the latter’s sweaty days. “Dad, do you think I need to put on deodorant? I think all of my classmates use it.” “Deodorant, huh? Let me smell-check your armpits to know how badly you need a deodorant.” Johnny grinned and removed his jersey and shirt in an instant while Colin held his buttocks firmly so he wouldn’t slide down. Colin walked to the couch and settled down with the shirtless Johnny now seated on his lap. Colin raised Johnny’s left arm and sniff the smooth armpit with a little mole on it then he switched to the right one. Johnny’s dad shook his head laterally. “No. You don’t need a deodorant and would never need it.” Johnny laughed and then embraced his daddy. He buried his face to Colin’s clothed shoulder and the intoxicating scent went directly to his boy prick. Colin felt it twitched between them. He rubbed the skin on Johnny’s back and pushed the boy’s head further into the crook of his neck. Johnny moaned. He started moving his hips in an instinct. The young boy has been driven by lust and humped the hard dick inside his pants against his father. Colin continued rubbing the boy’s back encouragingly. “Remember the first time you cum?” Colin talked to the lusty boy. “It was a cold night and I woke up feeling a dampness on one of my thighs, which has your leg over it. I looked where it came from and saw a wet spot on your pajamas.” Johnny continued his dry humping in a quickerr pace. He gripped the back of the sofa and crashed himself constantly to his dad’s body. Colin stroked the boy’s hair lovingly. He loves turning the boy into a horny dog. “You woke up too, feeling the wetness. When you saw the damp spot on both of our clothes, you were embarrassed. I congratulated you for your first release. When I asked what was it that you were dreaming, you turned into a deep shade of red,” Colin continued the reminiscence. “At last, that same night, you admitted that it was the two of us you were dreaming, with me kissing every gölcük escort part of your body. Your lips, neck, jaws, shoulder, chest, armpits, stomach and then your little willy, which is not so little. I didn’t know that time that you were fantasizing about me doing things like that to you. When I told you to change your underwear, I noticed how hard you were. I realized you were really turned on by that dream. And you know how I always spoil my only boy by giving him everything he wants. So that night, I made your dream come true. And you came for the second time of your life, hands-free.” At that time, Johnny began to pant and the pores on his skin began excreting pearly sweat. Colin knows the boy won’t last long, so he leveled up his caresses. He stroked the boy’s sides, thighs and waist, helping him hump faster. Johnny’s grip to the cushion tightened as his boyish and milky cum burst from his penis to the fabric of his brief and soon the wetness has travelled through his pants to Colin’s. He sat on Colin’s lap sweaty, sticky and exhausted. His heart drummed against his chest, reverberating across Colin’s. Colin embraces the boy affectionately. “That story turns you on so much,” Colin said. “Oh yeah,” Johnny giggled. “Can we have a reenactment tonight?” “Of course. Anything for my spoiled brat.” Johnny looked at his dad. “Can you kiss me?” Colin pecked his lips. “No. Not like that,” Johnny said. “How do you want it then?” Colin asked him, grinning. “Like the lovers in TV. French kiss, you know.” Colin laughed at his son’s audacity. But he can never say no to him. Johnny was startled when his dad laid him with his naked back on the sofa. His thighs are over his dad’s lap. Johnny felt his soft cock sliding at any direction because of the slippery cum on his underwear. Colin leaned closer and finger-combed the boy’s sweaty hair before bringing their lips together. Without so much force, Johnny opened his lips, waiting for his dad’s tongue to enter his mouth. He didn’t have to wait long. Colin licked both of the boy’s lips and then probed his tongue directly into Johnny’s mouth. At first, it was messy because Johnny still does not know how to kiss so some of his spit dribbled around his mouth, cheeks and chin. But he learned quickly and mimicked his dad. Soon, the father and son are kissing passionately on the couch.

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