A Whole New Life Ch. 03A Whole New Life Ch. 03


Friday morning broke with a rumble as thunderstorms rolled through the area. Karen rolled over and looked at her alarm clock and after a moment of typical morning confusion she realized it was about twenty minutes before her alarm was going to wake her. Falling back asleep would just make it that much harder to wake up so she rolled over and turned her alarm off. She propped herself up on a pillow and picked her tablet up off the nightstand to check her email.

She laughed, noticing another email from her, now, ex-boyfriend. Surely another apology, figuring a couple new trinkets would soothe her hurt feelings as they usually did. The first apology was a delivery from a local jewelry store that arrived at ten the previous morning. She had refused the delivery and he had called her soon after. She told him they were done and even told him that she had met someone else and slept with him. His response that he understood and forgave her had sent her into orbit. So condescending, like it was all about him. What he didn’t understand was that she now understood that she deserved better than a pudgy, bald, married man who placed her at best third behind his job and his wife. Since then he had sent about ten emails, all of which she had deleted without reading. She wasn’t sure what would happen with Dave, but she was sure that she was done with that clown.

She turned off the tablet and sat for a moment listening to the thunder rumble outside. The normal morning sunlight through her bedroom curtains was reduced by the overcast skies outside and the occasional flash of lightning made it very relaxing. She reached over and checked her phone, still no call or texts from Dave. She hadn’t expected one this soon, she was the one who had said a couple days, but she still hoped. As a matter of fact, she had checked her phone almost constantly the day before, hoping.

She began to think about Dave, about their evening together and about the things she was hoping to do with him in the future. Her hand slid down between her legs and she began to slowly play with her clit as she imagined Dave’s tongue circling it. Wearing just a t-shirt to bed every night made her occasional morning sessions easier, no panties to deal with. Her clit swelled as her mind and finger combined to increase her arousal. Her other hand pushed her t-shirt up above her breasts as she closed her eyes and imagined Dave’s dick, it looked so perfect as he had stepped into the tub with her, an image she could not get out of her mind. Her nipple responded as she teased it and her other hand began to rub her clit in circles.

As much as she loved being with a man, there were some parts of masturbation that Karen loved even more. The silkiness of her pussy lips as they began to get damp and that first touch as her fingers slid between her lips. No man could seem to master that touch and she relished it. Her finger slid between her wet lips and eased inside her. Thunder rumbled louder outside as she moaned softly, the storm getting closer and closer. With a finger still inside her, she rolled over and pulled open the top drawer of her nightstand and grabbed her vibrator. It was light blue plastic, about four inches long and had been getting quite a workout lately.

She pressed the little rubber button on the end twice and felt it come to life as she moved it down and pressed it against her clit. Gasping as the hard plastic hit her swollen clit, then pressing her head back into her pillow and pushing the vibrator harder against her swollen nub. A second finger slid inside her pussy and she began sliding her fingers in and out while the vibrator pressed against her clit. ‘Heaven’, she thought as she felt herself building toward a quick orgasm. She hit the button the vibrator a couple more times, making it vibrate more intensely and driving her faster toward her goal. Fingers drove deep inside and she could feel the juices begin to flow, soaking her hand.

Driving her hips up and moaning loudly her orgasm began. Lightening flashed and thunder roared as she thrashed on her bed, kicking the sheets and blanket off the end of the bed. She let the pressure slightly off the vibrator but left it on her clit as her orgasm began to subside. Legs squeezing together, body on pins and needles, her clit so sensitive but she wanted more. WIthout taking the vibrator off her clit she rolled over and pulled her legs up underneath her. Her empty hand went to her clit and began rubbing while the vibrtator moved to her ass. It was warm and slick from her pussy and she wiggled the tip around the rim of her asshole, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Easing the little vibrator into her ass, muffling a squeal in her pillow, her fingers urgently rubbing her clit.

She loved anal play, it was what set good sex apart from amazing sex for her. She plunged the vibrator into her ass, feeling it rumbling inside as the thunder rumbled and cracked outside and rain pelted her bedroom window. Harder and faster she fucked her ass with the vibrator while her fingers madly rubbed her clit. She was panting now, her body on fire, waves of pleasure shooting through her body. She let out a loud squeal kuşadası escort as she reached another orgasm, letting go of the vibrator and clamping down on it with her ass while her fingers worked her clit to extend the pleasure as long as she could. Finally, as a wave of pleasure washed over her, she slid her legs back and dropped onto her stomach, the vibrator still going in her ass. Reaching up she turned it off, breathing hard, her heart racing and slowly sliding it out of her ass.

Rolling onto her back, she tossed the vibrator onto the nightstand and lay there catching her breath. God how she loved to cum like that first thing in the morning. She lay there for a few more minutes before sliding out of bed and heading for the shower.

On the other side of town at that same time, Dave woke to the sound of thunder and rain from outside his hotel room. He rolled quickly out of bed and threw on his workout clothes. His workout had the same renewed energy as yesterday and once again returned to his room bathed in sweat and breathing hard. As he walked into the room he noticed the indicator on his phone flashing so he picked it up and looked, Joan had called while he was working out. She hadn’t left a message.

“Fuck.” he said under his breath. He really didn’t want to talk to her, not this morning. He was in too good a mood to deal with her. But, on the other hand, it was probably better to deal with her now than put it off, so he touched the missed call icon on the screen and lifted the phone to his ear.

The phone rang twice and Joan answered. “Hi.”

“You need something?” he asked. He didn’t feel like chatting, figured he’d get right to the point.

“You never responded to my texts.” she said.

“Actually, I didn’t read them.” he answered.

“Dave, that was low. Karen is my friend. That was hurtful.”

Dave laughed. “Rather judgmental for someone who was sucking off the neighbor aren’t you.”

Joan fumed on the other end of the phone. “You asshole. I told you I was sorry about that. Why can’t you forgive me?”

Dave was quiet for a second. He was remembering what his lawyer had told him about not getting into it with her. “Did you need anything else or did you just call to tell me what an asshole I am?”

The fact that he was being so calm just pissed her off more. “You bastard. I hope you fuckin die. You have no right to…”

Dave clicked end and set the phone down. So much for dealing with her. This wasn’t over, but if he knew her, the next barrage would be a bunch of texts. Seemed better to have it in writing. She was trying to get alimony, for what he had no idea, and maybe some examples of her patented rage would help if they ever ended up in court. Anyway, nothing was going to ruin his day so he picked the phone up, pulled up her contact and set a custom ringtone and text alert to silent. Off to the bathroom where he shaved, showered and dressed then headed down to his car.

Breakfast this morning was was a plate of corned beef hash and eggs at another local diner before heading into the office. He walked by Brad’s office and saw the light on but Brad wasn’t there. Setting his briefcase down in his office, he grabbed his coffee cup and went to the kitchen. Brad was standing next to the coffee machine talking to one of the junior managers. They were smiling and laughing and Brad turned as smiled as Dave walked in. “Morning Dave.”

Dave smiled and poured a cup of coffee. “How are you Brad? John?”

John nodded. “Good thank you sir.”

Dave laughed and rolled his eyes. “John, please, I hate being called sir. I’m Dave, remember.”

John nodded. “Sorry Dave, old Marine habits are hard to break.”

Dave laughed and nearly spit coffee, “Yeah, I’m starting to notice that.” and headed back to his office.

He had just sat down when Brad strolled in and plopped down in one of the guest chairs in front of his desk. “So, have fun last night?”

Dave looked up and smiled. “We had a nice evening. Oh, and Becky says ‘Hi’.”

Brad laughed. “Cool, she owes me dinner.”

Dave looked at him. “Why?”

“We had a bet on whether you’d be there when she got home.” Brad answered. “She said you wouldn’t be, wasn’t Tania’s style.”

“Seems you and Becky had fun.” Dave said. He didn’t want to get into details, especially not in the office, but he also wanted change the perception of him in the office as just a guy from corporate. He thought it would be good to build some personal relationships.

“We did.” Brad replied. “She is quite serious about her sex. Straight to it, no time for any of that talking or getting to know each other.” Brad grinned. “I kinda feel used.”

Dave smiled and laughed. “Awww, I think you’ll survive.” It was time to get to work so he pulled out a file and asked Brad a few questions. For the most part it was a typical day until just after lunch when his phone chimed with a text from a number he hadn’t seen before. He opened it and read ‘Hi…Tania…where are we going tonight? Need to know what to wear’.

Interesting; part of him had expected her to cancel on him, so it was something he hadn’t given much thought. He typed back, ‘Your choice, this is your town’.

A few seconds later Tania responded, ‘I know a great club if you like dancing’.

‘I bet I’ll like dancing with you’, Dave sent back.

‘:) see you at 7’, came back seconds later.

Dave responded ‘K’ and added Tania’s number as a contact on his phone. He went back to work and was deep in a budget analysis when his phone chimed again. It was another text from Tania, ‘BTW won’t be wearing panties’.

Thoughts of Tania without panties kept flashing through his mind the rest of the afternoon and it was tough to to concentrate on work. The day dragged at a snail’s pace until three when he gave up and packed his briefcase and went down to Brad’s office. “Great week Brad. I think it’s time to start the weekend.”

Brad looked up from his desk and smiled. “Thanks, it has been. Have a good weekend. You heading home or staying here?”

“Staying.” Dave said. “I have a date tonight.”

“Tania?” Brad asked.

Dave smiled and turned to leave. “Send everyone home and thank them for a great week.” He grabbed his briefcase and walked out, headed to his car and drove back to his hotel.

As he drove he thought that the walk of shame from his hotel room didn’t seem like something Tania would be terribly excited about. Having a few things around for breakfast could make that a little easier on her if she decided to stay the night as he hoped she would. He grabbed a couple boxes of cereal, some milk, muffins and some crackers and cheese at a grocery store on the way to the hotel, then he headed over to the beer and wine section and grabbed a couple bottles of red and white wine and a six pack of beer.

Back at the hotel, he put the groceries away, checked to make sure the wine glasses in the cupboard were clean and sat down on the couch to relax for a few minutes. He flipped on the TV and turned on the early afternoon local news. A couple stories about minor flooding around the river from the storms that rolled through this morning, a human interest story about a grandmother making blankets for the local VA hospital and a piece on a vandalism spree from the night before. All rather normal stuff, but he did start to think how much he was beginning to like this town. With his job, he could live pretty much anywhere they had a branch office and since Brad’s branch would be part of his organization, no reason he couldn’t home base out of here. Realizing he was doing it again he chuckled. Two nights of great sex and he was buying a house in his mind already.

Five-thirty, so he checked email on his phone. A couple items needed quick attention and he noticed the expected barrage of texts from Joan. She was an awful person, and always had been, but for some reason he never thought about it until he caught her cheating on him. He read the texts, decided to screen capture them for posterity, including the texts he and Karen had sent so that if there was a legal battle his lawyer would have the whole picture. He knew the ambulance chasing bastard she had hired had seen them already, so it just made sense. Surprises for your lawyer were bad in legal situations. Besides, he hadn’t done anything wrong, they were legally separated and he and Karen were consenting adults. The texts were a bit childish, but whatever.

He straightened a couple things up around the suite and went into the bathroom. A shave, a habit he developed years ago to compensate for his thick 5 o’clock shadow, a quick shower and he got dressed. What do thirty-something men wear to clubs these days. Actually, they don’t go to clubs at his age, so it really didn’t matter and he doubted he owned whatever it would be anyway, so he put on a pair of khakis and a polo shirt with loafers. If he left now he’d be a couple minute early, so he headed out the door, figuring Tania would be ready early, it was in her nature based on what he had seen last night.

Arriving quicker than he expected, he walked up to her apartment door realizing he was 10 minutes early. He knocked and a couple seconds later Becky opened the door. “Hey. Come on in.” Pointing to a chair in the main room, Becky smiled. “Take a load off, she’ll be a minute, we got home from work a little late.”

Dave sat and Becky sat down on the couch across from him. After an uncomfortable second she looked to see if Tania was coming and said quietly, “Look, she is my best friend and I love her to death. She’s also a little naïve.”

“OK”, Dave said.

“If you’re married, get out now.” Becky stated. “You hurt her, so help me, I’ll cut your balls off and feed them to you.”

After a long pause, he smiled and leaned forward. “Becky, she is lucky to have a friend like you. I swear I am legally separated from my wife. Divorce papers have been filed.” He sat back a little and looked around to make sure Tania wasn’t in ear shot. “I can’t promise she won’t get hurt, because I have no idea how she feels or what’s going to happen between us. But if she does, it won’t be because I lied to her about being married.”

“Damn”, she said smiling. “She said you always had the right answer.” Her tone changed. “I just worry about her. Her Dad always took such good care of her and I wonder sometimes if she wasn’t a little sheltered.”

Dave couldn’t help but laugh at that one. “I wouldn’t worry about her. I think she can take care of herself.”

They both stopped talking as they heard a door open down the hall. Tania walked into the room and Dave was stunned. She was wearing a black, high waist, pleated miniskirt that swayed as she walked. On top she had on a low cut white blouse with short sleeves that was tied at the bottom, showing off her tight tummy. The outfit was finished off with a pair of black, spiked heel boots that laced up the back and came up to just below her knees. Dave flashed back to the text she had sent this afternoon and he began to feel his dick growing in his pants.

He stood and walked over to her. “You look amazing.”

Tania blushed a little. “Thanks, you’re sweet.”

“Ready?” he asked and she nodded in response.

They held hands and started out the door, Tania looked over at Becky. “See ya.”

“Have fun.” Becky said as they slipped out the door. Once they were gone, Becky grabbed her phone off the coffee table and called a friend. She sure as shit wasn’t going to spend the evening sitting here alone and she knew just the person to keep her company. Maybe her boyfriend would be there too, the three of them hadn’t hooked up in a while, that could be fun.

As they walked out to the car, Tania squeezed his hand and leaned close against him as they walked. “You’re right. I can take care of myself.”

“You heard that?” he said.

“I heard it all.” she answered. “I love that girl to death, but she is convinced I’m some child that needs protecting since I broke off my engagement.”

“Do you believe me when I tell you I’m really separated?” he asked.

She nodded and squeezed his hand. “Yes, but I don’t really care.”

He stopped and looked at her. “You care, because that’s who you are.”

“We’re good baby.” she said and kissed him. She changed the subject because she did care. She did believe him or at least wanted to, but she couldn’t help a shadow of doubt in the back of her mind. “Can we grab something to eat before we go to the club, I’m kinda hungry.”

“Sure”, he said, “I know a great steak place over on 3rd.” He started walking to the car again.

She punched his arm playfully. “Try again.”

They had reached the car and he opened the door for her and watched as she slid in the passenger seat. He closed the door and went around and got it, pushing the button to start the car. “You pick. I’m up for anything.”

“There’s a nice café down the street, let’s try that.” she said.

He put the car in gear and backed out. “Sounds good.”

She directed him to the café and they sat at a table outside. The night was warm and there was a light breeze. They ate a light dinner and talked about their lives and their jobs. He couldn’t help but keep thinking about the earlier text and the thought kept him half erect through most of the meal. As they were finishing up, they ordered some wine. It was still a little early to go to a club. They finished their wine and he paid the check. She leaned over and placed her hand on his lap and felt the bulge.

“What ya thinking about?” she said and giggled.

“What might or might not be under that skirt.” he answered.

She smiled and softly ran her hand up and down the bulge in his lap. “I told you earlier.” She pulled her hand back and sat back in her chair, crossing her legs as she looked at him. “Ready to go?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Nope, gonna need a minute.”

Grinning wide she tried her best to look innocent. “Why?”

He just smiled and sat for a moment, trying to think of other things until eventually he felt he could stand up without too much discomfort or embarrassment. “OK, let’s go.”

They walked out arm and arm. Dave saw several people in the café watching Tania as they walked out, he even made eye contact with one guy who was staring and winked, causing the guy to turn his head quickly in embarrassment. The drive to the club was fairly short and they parked on the street about a block away. Walking down a fairly busy street, with lots of bars and clubs and lots of twenty-something people milling about, he felt somewhat over-dressed, but Tania’s outfit seemed right at home, though he did think that she wore it better than anyone else he saw.

They got in a short line to get into the club as the bouncers were checking ID’s and collecting a cover charge. The bouncer asked Tania for her ID, which she pulled from a small buttoned pocket in the waist of her skirt and collected the cover from Dave as he waved them in. Dave felt a little annoyed at not being carded, but had begun accepting it as his new reality of life. The place was still relatively empty, less than half the tables were taken and they found a table along a short wall that had booth seating against the wall. The view of the club and dance floor from there was great and the table provided them a bit of privacy. As they slid next to each other on the vinyl bench seat, a waitress wearing a tiny white leather miniskirt and a top that looked like a bedazzled bra swung by and they ordered drinks.

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