Dinner Party Group-OrgasmDinner Party Group-Orgasm


Most of the tears had dried from Courtney’s eyes when she got back to her dorm room at the California State University. She had just left the campus medical center where she had been informed that the minor hamstring injury she sustained while sprinting during practice would likely take her out of the upcoming track competition.

While still dressed in her running apparel, she explained everything to her dear roommate Maritza, who consoled her while they both sat on the floor together with their backs against the couch.

“It’s not fair,” Courtney moaned. “It’s just not fair. I trained my ass off for this competition.”

And she was right, too. Courtney was widely regarded as the favorite for winning the track meet.

Maritza ran her fingers through Courtney’s blonde hair. “It sucks. Who knows, with enough ice and the right kind of stretching, you still might be able to compete.”

“The people in the clinic have tons of experience and they don’t seem to think so. My leg is killing me.”

Courtney dug her fingers in the flesh of her tanned left thigh and tried to make the injury feel better. It was a losing battle. The injury hurt like hell.

“What if there was a way to heal it?” Maritza asked suggestively.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you open minded?”

“I am,” Courtney replied. “Why?”

“I might know something. It’s a longshot, but it could work.”

“What is it? Tell me.”

“First of all,” Maritza said with the utmost of nerves, “I want to make sure you can keep this a secret.”

Courtney was mildly offended. “How can you even ask me that? We’ve shared like, how many secrets over the years? Of course I can keep a secret.”

“I know, I know. But this is something else. This is… I don’t know… weird.”

“Weirder than those noises I hear from your bedroom sometimes at night?” Courtney asked with a playful eyebrow raised. “Or the noises I hear when you bring a date over?”

Maritza blushed. “This is different.”


“I mean, you’re not going to tell anyone, right? Ever?”

“You’re driving me crazy, Mari.”

Maritza took a small breath of air. “How do you feel about supernatural things?”

“Well, I was raised in a religious household,” Courtney answered, pausing to digest the question. “Is that what you meant? Or are you talking about ghosts and spirits?”

“It’s tough to explain. I mean, like, psychic healings. Energy flows. Things like that.”

Courtney squinted. “Are you talking about acupuncture and suction cup therapy? I hear they’re great. Why? Do you know someone who can help?”

“I might know someone who can help. But it’s none of those things.”

“Okay, Mari, what on earth are you talking about?”

“I’ll be right back,” Maritza said with slight frustration. “Let me get my phone and try to confirm things. Then I’ll explain. You’re open to holistic forms of healing, right?”

“Yeah, sure. I don’t have a problem with that, unless it gets super creepy.”

Maritza tensed for a moment. “I’m only doing this because you’re like the sister I never had. Plus you’re the best runner on this campus. It would be a travesty if you couldn’t compete this weekend. I know how hard you’ve worked for it.”

“Hmm… thanks. I love you too.”

“Hang on.”

Maritza got up and went to her room, then she came back with her phone. She made the phone call. After several rings, Maritza had a conversation in Spanish. It seemed friendly at first, then the voice rose on the other end of the line. It must have been a moody person.

After several minutes of back and forth talking in Spanish, the call ended.

“What was that all about?” Courtney asked, slightly bewildered.

“It’s been confirmed. I made an appointment with Dolores.”

“And who exactly is this Dolores?”

Maritza sat next to her roommate. “Dolores is a longtime friend of my mother. She lives in Daly City and works a simple job at a restaurant. But she also has other skills. Skills which she keeps secret, except for a group of people that she really trusts.”

“Oh god, she’s a drug dealer, isn’t she? Honestly, I’m okay with some pot to ease the pain, but no cocaine or anything.”

“Was that a joke?”

For the first time, Courtney managed a small smile. “It was a half-joke. Come on, you’re being so vague that I can’t possibly form an opinion.”

“Sadly, it’ll have to stay that way for now. At least until you meet her.”

“When will that be? As soon as possible?”

“This evening for dinner,” Maritza replied.

“Dinner? The issue is with my leg. My leg, Mari.”

“I know. I get it. But she works all day, everyday. And she always serves meals to her guests. That’s part of her cultural background. She loves cooking for others.”

Courtney sighed, “Sorry if I’m sounding bitchy, and I appreciate everything you’re doing, but driving 40 minutes to Daly City, then 40 minutes back, for dinner? The long car ride could make my hamstring hurt even worse.”

“This evening is the soonest Dolores can squeeze you in,” Maritza replied. “Food is also part bursa yabancı escort of what she does. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s part of her tools.”


“Do you trust me, Courtney?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then keep an open mind and I’ll drive you there,” Maritza said as earnestly as she possibly could. “I’m already doing you a huge favor by taking you there. Dolores is also doing you a huge favor as well, since she never agrees to do this for people she’s never met before.”


Evening rush hour was a pain in the ass, like they had expected, but they had arrived in Daly City on time. The small house was near the Westlake shopping center and they found parking just down the street.

“I haven’t thanked you yet,” Courtney said once Maritza turned the engine off.

“No, you don’t need to.”

Courtney nodded. “Thanks anyway. You’re the best.”

“We’re even now. Last year someone stole my laptop and you let me use yours. You typed your essays extra fast and extra early, so I could use your laptop afterwards.”

“I guess you’re right,” Courtney smiled. “Whether this works or not, we’re about even.”

“Fair warning; Dolores is blunt — some would say a bit rude — and her methods are unorthodox by western standards. She doesn’t speak a word of English either. She only speaks Spanish.”

“Was she a doctor in her home country?”

“She’s a street doctor,” Maritza replied cheekily. “She has a PhD in holistic medicine from parts unknown.”

“I’ll pretend that’s a good thing.”

“You’ll be as good as new.”

“You’re really hyping up this person,” Courtney said. “I’m dying to meet her already. Come on, let’s go.”

Maritza put her hands on her roommate’s leg. “One more thing. The treatments vary. Sometimes it’s herbal medicines. Sometimes it’s touching, like a massage. Sometimes it gets… weird.”

“After the 40 minute car ride in traffic, I’d love a massage.”

“True, but please, whatever Dolores says, don’t make a bitch-face. Just nod your head in agreement. If the treatment is something wacky, we can discuss is calmly in private.”

“Now you’re starting to freak me out,” Courtney said in a more measured tone. “Are you sure someone like this is reputable?”

“You’re about to find out.”

The roommates were both casually dressed in their University tshirts. They walked down the residential neighborhood and Courtney was headed straight into the unknown.


After a few knocks, a young woman named Cecilia opened the door. As had been explained during the car ride, Cecilia spoke limited English and was caretaker at a nearby facility during the day. This young woman was also the primary assistant to whatever healing powers were happening in this household.

They all greeted each other with hugs and friendly greetings.

The house looked like a normal home in Daly City. The curtains were partially closed so it was kind of dim, except for some sunlight peeking through. The living area was average sized, cluttered with furniture and random things laying around.

Sounds of pots and pans being stirred came from the kitchen. There were the most amazing aromas coming out of there and it almost made Courtney’s mouth water.

Dolores came from the kitchen and greeted them wearing an apron over her clothes. From the looks of things, she was a woman in her late 40’s, or early 50’s. She was much prettier than Courtney had expected, although her face had a slight scowl. Her hair was luscious and a rich shade of black, with a few white streaks through it, and was tied back in a ponytail. There were agelines on her face and her arms and body looked strong from hours of daily labor.

Simply put, Dolores was a fierce woman.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Courtney said, extending a hand.

They shook hands and Courtney immediately felt the grip strength of this older woman. Dolores spoke in Spanish.

“She welcomes you to this home,” Maritza happily translated. “You’re the first American girl she’s ever seen in this capacity.”

Courtney smiled, “It’s a pleasure being here and you have a lovely home.”

At first, Dolores gave a quick visual inspection, eyeing Courtney up and down.

Then Dolores bent over and rubbed Courtney’s thighs, softly at first, then giving them hard squeezes. She squeezed each thigh with the firm grip of her strong hands. Then she slapped the back of each leg, right on Courtney’s hamstrings.

The hands traveled upwards and Dolores touched Courtney’s lower back and gave it a rub. The hands moved down and squeezed Courtney’s ass, making her flinch a bit. Then Dolores spanked the ass a few times.

Through it all, Courtney stood there like a piece of meat.

Dolores and Maritza spoke in Spanish.

Then came the translation.

“Dolores thinks that you have a lower back issue,” Martiza said.

Courtney looked a bit spooked for a moment. “I pinched a nerve in my lower back in high school. I used to be obsessed with trying to lift heavy weights, which was kind of stupid. bursa sınırsız escort It still bothers me a little.”

“She also says that all your stress from academics and sports has created energy blockages. She’s also sensed your pulled hamstring. She wants to know if you want to proceed with a treatment. It should take less than half an hour.”

Courtney nodded. “Sure, I’d love to give it a try.”

The Spanish speaking women shared a private conversation. Dolores spoke at length, with a certainty and firmness to her voice. Martiza spoke back in Spanish and the two women almost had a shouting match, with Dolores being the woman with a clear dominant position.

The back-and-forth ended and Dolores stood there with fire in her eyes.

“What did she say?” Courtney asked hesitantly, and with a small voice.

Maritza gulped. “The good news is that she is certain she can fix your pulled hamstring, your lower back issue, and she can also enhance your energy flow to make you faster. She believes you have so much potential.”

“Damn, that’s great,” Courtney replied, hiding her smile. “What was all the fuss about?”

Maritza gulped. “I think we should let Dolores finish cooking. We can talk in private.”

“That sounds good.”

Courtney watched as the women spoke Spanish and Dolores marched back into the kitchen.

“Come with me,” Maritza said, seemingly embarrassed over the conversation she’d need to have with her roommate.


In the guestroom with the door closed, Maritza dropped the bombshell and Courtney acted the way anyone would in that situation.

“Naked?” Courtney questioned. “She wants me naked?”

“Is that really a big deal? You’re naked in the locker room all the time. Heck, you’re half-naked in our dorm room all the time, too.”

“That’s different.”

“How?” Maritza asked.

“We’re part of a sisterhood. You know, women. It’s normal.”

“Dolores is a woman, too. So is Cecelia.”

“First of all,” Courtney said, “this is my first time meeting Dolores. Secondly, are you suggesting that Cecelia will be seeing me naked too?”

“I’ve already explained that Cecelia is a helper. She’s just like a nurse. Would you kick out a nurse if you were being medically examined?”

“Maybe if that nurse got her certificate on the streets, then I think I would.”

“You’ve already made this leap,” Maritza said. “We’ve already driven this far. So we can either stay, do the treatment, and then have some delicious home cooking; or we can leave now and have Burger King a few blocks away. I have the coupons in my car.”

“We had Burger King the other day.”

“Then I guess we’re staying for dinner.”

Courtney shrugged at the futile battle. “I guess so.”

“I’ll get you a large tshirt to cover yourself with. Do you want me to wait outside?”

“I’d rather you stay with me so we can talk.”

“Got it.”

Maritza went to the closet and grabbed a long white tshirt and handed it to her friend. Courtney put it down on the bed and started the undressing process.

“This better work,” Courtney said, pulling her pants down to reveal her perfect calves and thighs. “I mean, at this point, I honestly doubt that this woman could fix a pulled hamstring. But if it kind of works, I’ll be happy.”

“You have no idea.”

“Seriously though,” Courtney said, pulling off her tshirt to expose her white bra. “I never thought you were the type to visit places like this. You always seemed like a no-bullshit type of girl.”

“You’re right, I never fall for bullshit. But you’re about to see something new.”

“That would be interesting.”

Courtney reached back to unclasp her bra, showing off her borderline flat chest and pink nipples. She went after her panties next, showing off her dark blonde pubes which needed to be shaved soon.

She stood naked and unafraid in front of her roommate.

“By the way,” Maritza said. “You have the cutest pink nipples, ever. In the history of nipples, I think.”

Courtney gave a mock ‘ha ha’ and said, “Very funny. I do like them, though. Sometimes I wonder what I’d look like with dark nipples like yours. Oh well. Maybe in another life.”

She slipped on the white tshirt which was able to cover her crotch and allowed her nipples to poke through.

“A few notes on the gameplan,” Maritza said in a more serious tone. “I’ve actually done this treatment before.”

“Really? What did you need it for?”

“I had that horrible flu last year, remember? It was close to final exams and I thought I was going to fail all my classes.”

Courtney nodded. “Yeah, you were a real mess. I was afraid I was going to get it from you, too.”

“Well, remember when I didn’t want to get you sick, so I spent the weekend someplace else.”

“I’m assuming you came here.”

“Yep,” Maritza replied. “The flu was gone in a matter of hours.”

“If Dolores is that good, why doesn’t she have a line of people going down the block? I mean, she’d be incredibly rich.”

“Some things are better left as görükle escort secrets. There would be far too much notoriety, and she prefers a quiet life.”

Courtney thought for a moment. “Damn it. I should have brought a gift or something. How rude of me. Do you think she’ll accept $20 bucks?”

“She does it all for free. She does get something out of it, but she refuses to take money.”

“What does she get for these services?”

“Guess how old she is,” Maritza said.

“Late 40’s. Maybe early 50’s.”


“Mid 50’s?” Courtney guessed again.

“Let’s just say that she’s a lot older than she looks. But she has the strength and stamina of an athlete. She can outlast us in any type of manual labor, any day of the week.”

“I believe that. Her upper body looks strong and she has the handshake of a football player.”

Maritza took a deep breath. “As I was saying; Dolores does get something out of this. That’s why it’s free. Remember when I came here for my severe flu? Dolores got some of my energy flow. That’s how she stays so youthful and strong for her age.”

“Ohhhkay,” Courtney replied, exaggerating each syllable, as if her friend was starting to sound crazy.

“This is where it gets… weird. And I’m telling you this as a heads up, so you won’t be shocked later. Dolores practices an ancient form of healing. It goes back hundreds of thousands of years, only of a few people can actually do it. People who are gifted. Some say she has spirits around her.”

Courtney looked flabbergasted. “Now you’re creeping me out.”

“It creeped me out, too. Then I got over it.”

“How did she treat your flu? I remember how horrible you looked. Your nose was red and you were coughing all night.”

Maritza gulped. “Well, there was an infection in my lungs. So I was asked to be topless. Cecilia was there to help. Dolores said a chant. It was a language I had never heard before. They rubbed crushed herbs and plants on my chest. And I mean, all over my chest. Their hands were all over my breasts. Then they sucked on my nipples to release the bad energy. It was like this spiritual, energy exchange.”

“Mari, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

“It’s legal if you fully consent to it. A miracle was performed. You have to try it.”

“What, getting my nipples sucked?” Courtney said flippantly. “I’ve had that done to me before, plenty of times.”

Maritza rolled her eyes. “I’m doing this for you. You’re such a talented runner. If you can’t compete this weekend, then you’d really be fucked.”

Just then, a voice called out in Spanish from the other side of the door. It was Cecelia, followed by a light knock.

“What did she say?” Courtney asked.

“It’s time. You’re lucky enough that Dolores has agreed to meet with you, let alone devising a plan to cure your ailments. I suggest you suck it up, be a big girl, and prepare to have the lower half of your body realigned. All of it.”

Courtney felt her pussy twitch.


When they exited the room, the house was filled with all sorts of different aromas. This time, not all of them were food. Courtney smelled a variety of different herbs which had been boiled or charred with flames. It reminded her of going to a herbal market in Chinatown.

Cecelia guided them — with a friendly smile on her face — to the dining room where the aromas only grew stronger. There was a standard dining table with a long tablecloth laid across it.

Everything pointed to it being a normal home in the area, but as Courtney’s eyes wandered around, she began to notice things. On different shelves and tables, there were stick figures made out of twigs. There were tablets made from clay. On the wall, there was a painting of an old man with a grizzled beard. Below that was a painting of three elderly hispanic women wearing rags. There were previously used candles placed to the side.

Suddenly, Courtney had an eerie feeling about this, though she could tell that these were good-hearted people.

Dolores returned to the dining room, this time without the apron, and she was holding a small bowl. Inside the bowl was a green mixture which looked like pesto, except it smelled pungent.

The women spoke in Spanish for a brief exchange, then the bowl was placed on the table.

“Dolores says to take off the tshirt,” Maritza said. “Then lay naked on the dining table, front down, ass up.”

Courtney’s eyes surveyed the room again. The three other women were staring at her. This was serious business.

“Well,” Courtney sighed, “our little secret. It’s not like anyone is ever going to know about this.”

She pulled the tshirt away and stood butt naked in the dining room. She desperately wanted to use her hands to cover her tits and pussy, which was a natural reaction being naked in front of strangers, but she fought those urges. She had to be strong. She had to be bold in the presence of a powerful woman like Dolores.

Cecelia took the tshirt, folded it neatly, and placed it on a chair.

The women remained stoic, like they had seen this all before. Dolores was stone faced and looked like she was ready to work.

It was awkward for Courtney to climb on the table to lay on. It was her first time ever doing that and she was mindful not to expose any of her holes by accident. The table was strong and thankfully the cloth was comfortable to lay on.

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