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Tonya: “Hi gentlemen. This should turn you on. I’m visiting my stepdad, but he went to work for the day, so I’m going to masturbate in his room.”

Giggles as she pulls off her clothes. Tonya begins masturbating, gets really into it and is just about to orgasm when the door opens.

Stepdad Bob: “What the fuck, Tonya!”

Tonya: “Oh shit! Bob!” Tonya covers herself with her hands and freezes. “Get out! I’m naked!”

Stepdad Bob: “Fuck that! This is my bedroom and I’ve been wanting to see you naked for years.” He grabs her clothes off the bed, and says, “Now… show me what you got. Move your hands.”

Tonya: “No! You’re disgusting. Give me my clothes back and get the fuck out.”

Bob: “Tonya, if you don’t show me your naked body I’m going to cut you off financially.”

Tonya: “But… but you can’t do that. That’s my mom’s money, too. I live on that check. I pay everything with it, my car, my apartment. You can’t do that.”

Bob: “Actually, it’s not your mom’s money. It’s all my money, and I can cut you off. You know what? If you don’t do everything I say… I will cut you off. I don’t know why I never did this before. Now make a decision.”

Tonya: “But… but it’s my money. I need that money.”

Bob: Pulling his cock out. “No. It’s my money… unless you earn it. Now get over here, suck this cock and start earning it.”

Tonya: Looking shocked, she stares wide-eyed at Bob’s cock. “No fucking way.”

Bob: Tosses her clothes at her. They hit her in the face and chest. “Then get dressed and get the fuck out. You’re cut off. No more $5000 dollar checks every month. Get a fucking job.”

Bob puts his penis away. Tonya looks stunned.

Tonya: “Wait a minute. Just wait a minute. I need that fucking check, Bob. You can’t do this.”

Bob: “I can and I will. You’re almost 35 now. It’s about time you got a fucking job.”

Tonya: Winces, and looks toward the live stream camera. “Honest, Guys. I’m only 25. He’s lying.”

Bob laughs, shaking his head, and turns to leave.

Tonya: “Wait! I’ll do it!”

Bob: Turns back. Puts hands on his hips. “You’ll do what?”

Tonya: “I’ll show you my naked body.” Tonya drops her hands.

Bob: “That’s not enough. I want you to be my fucking sex slave for an hour every month.”

Tonya: “Your sex… but I’m your stepdaughter… and you’re old. It’s disgusting.”

Bob: “Your mom and I have been divorced since the ’90’s, and I’m only 50, Bitch. We’re less than twenty years apart. Plus, your mom hates both of us, so either you agree to the terms or get dressed and get the fuck out.”

Tonya: “What Sex Hikayeleri do I have to do as your… as your sex slave?”

Bob: “Everything.”

Tonya: “Everything? Everything… like what… exactly?”

Bob: “Mostly… sucking my cock and drinking my cum, but I like to fuck a pussy or an ass once in a while.”

Tonya: “No fucking way.”

Bob: “Then get out.”

Tonya: “I’ll give you head, but only with a condom. I’ll even fuck you with a condom, but no anal and no swallowing cum. I won’t do that stuff.”

Bob: “Actually, I want to fuck you in the ass right now, and I’m going to pull out at the last second so you can drink my cum. It’s called Ass to Mouth, and you have to do it right now, or we’re done. No more negotiations. Either get up on all fours and let me shove my cock in your ass, or get dressed and get out. No more talk. Make your choice.”

Tonya: Looking stunned, she sits there, thinking. Finally, her shoulders sag, her eyes close and she lets out a defeated sigh. “Okay, Bob. I’ll do it, but you have to go gentle in my bum. I never do anal. I fucking hate it. It hurts too much. And we have to shut off my camera. This is live streaming. Hundreds of guys are watching this.”

Bob: “No. I won’t go gentle. I am going to pound my cock in your tight ass, and we keep the live stream going. Let the horny fuckers watch.”

Tonya: “You are such a fucking asshole. I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” Tonya snatches a bottle off the nightstand, looking angry and disgusted. She shows it to Bob. “Will you, at least, use this lube on your cock… please?”

Bob takes the bottle.

Bob: “Sure. I’ll lube up. Now get on all fours.”

Tonya gets into position.

Bob gets undressed, except for his T-shirt. He lubes up, while Tonya looks back at him with hate in her eyes.

Tonya: “I can’t believe you’re really going to do this. I’m your stepdaughter. You practically raised me. You really are a perverted fucking asshole.”

Bob: Laughs. “Well, I’ve been wanting to fuck you in the ass for years. So, the pervert part is true. And now it’s time to make the ‘fucking asshole’ part true, too. Spread those pretty ass cheeks for me, Tonya. Let’s put that tight ass to work.”

Tonya: Dropping her shoulders to the bed, and spreading her cheeks with both hands. “Oh fuck! Go easy, Bob… please!”

Bob: “Fuck no!”

Bob puts his cock in position, grabs both hips, and absolutely rams his cock into Tonya’s ass.

He grunts in effort. His cock gets buried balls deep in her asshole. She shrieks in pain, and immediately tries to jerk away.

Bob: Erotik Hikayeler “Oh, no you don’t!” He holds her tight by her bucking hips as she continues to cry out in loud, incoherent sobs, and claw at the bed with clutching raking hands in a futile effort to escape.

Tonya, sobbing and shrieking, slaps back at Bob’s strong hands, which are gripping her hips. They are what’s keeping her asshole fully pronged on his cock, and she claws and slaps at them in desperation.

Bob with a look of utter bliss on his face, merely snarls in satisfaction.

Tonya: “You filthy fucker! You goddamned… dirty… filthy… mother… fucker! Take it out! Take it out now!”

Bob holds on for dear life as Tonya kicks, bucks, slaps, claws and finally drops down on the bed, gasping for air and crying.

Bob begins pumping his cock in and out, as Tonya grunts between sobs at the beat of every hard pump.

This goes on for several minutes, and Tonya gets more and more quiet, until she is completely silent, taking the ass pounding and just staring into the camera.

She begins to look like she’s enjoying it, letting out little moans of pleasure, even drooping her eyelids and squirming in rapture.

Bob begins to speed up, pumping faster.

Bob: “Your asshole is my fuck hole now, you spoiled little cunt.”

He slaps her ass hard. Tonya lets out a yelp. Bob is fucking her ass very fast.

Bob: “Say, my asshole is your fuckhole!”

Tonya remains quiet, but looks nervously back at Bob as he fucks her.

Bob: “Say it!” He slaps her ass very hard.

Tonya: “Ow! That fucking hurt!”

Bob: “Say, my asshole is your fuckhole!” He raises his hand to slap her again.

Tonya: Eyes wide in fright. “My asshole is your fuckhole!” she screams. “It’s your fuckhole, Bob! Please don’t spank me.”

Bob: “Keep saying it, and get ready to drink my cum!”

Tonya: “My asshole is your fuckhole!”

Bob: “You better not waste a fucking drop of my cum, you spoiled little cunt! Are you going to waste any?”

Tonya: “No! I won’t waste any. I swear!”

Bob: “What’s your asshole?”

Tonya: “It’s… oh my God! It’s your fuckhole!”

Tonya arches her back and begins to push back into Bob’s pumps, a look of shocked delight on her face.

Tonya: “Oh fuck, yeah. My asshole IS your goddamned fuckhole!”

Bob: “Are you going to waste any of my cum?”

Tonya: Her voice drops into a growl. “Not a fucking drop. I’m going to drink it all.”

Tonya grabs Bob by his shirt and begins pushing back hard, meeting every thrust with her ass, Tecavüz Hikayeleri and groaning loudly in pleasure.

Tonya: “Fuck my ass, Bob. Fuck it so good!”

Tonya suddenly cries out in ecstasy, her whole body shaking in the throes of an obvious orgasm as Bob pounds her asshole full of cock.

Finally, she collapses on the bed, gasping for air, and looking completely spent.

Bob rams his cock into her ass several more times, then pulls out, jumps to the side of the bed and inserts the head of his cock into Tonya’s waiting open mouth.

He jerks off as he grunts loudly and ejaculates.

Tonya’s eyes widen. She suckles his cock as it unloads shot after creamy shot into her mouth, filling it up.

She squeezes her eyes shut and begins gulping it all down as he delivers even more.

Bob finishes his orgasm, and staggers backward.

Tonya gulps one last time, only a dribble of thick white cum escaping out the corner of her mouth.

Her tongue darts out and she pulls that dollop of sperm in, as well. Swallowing one last time, Tonya gasps in a breath, and blows it out.

Tonya: “Whew! That was a mouthful.”

Bob: “I thought you hated anal?”

Tonya: Laughs. “I thought I did, too.”

Bob: “Well, I guess that earns you another check from your trust fund.” Bob puts on his pants. “I’ll see you in exactly one month if you want to keep those checks flowing.”

Tonya: “Okay… are we going to do anal again? My ass is going to be sore for a fucking week.”

Bob: “Maybe. Luckily, it’s a month away.”

Tonya: “Are you going to make me swallow cum again?”

Bob: “Do you want me to make you swallow cum again?”

Tonya: “Well, it’s very degrading…” She shrugs.

Bob: “Then, yes, absolutely.”

Tonya: Smiles sheepishly. She sighs. “I guess I’ll just have to do what I have to do, then.”

Tonya spots the computer readout. She jumps forward, her face filling the screen, wearing a look of utter shock.

Tonya: “Oh my God! Is that figure fucking right?” She points at the screen.

Bob’s face fills the screen beside hers. He nods, looking impressed.

Bob: “It looks like you made twelve thousand two hundred and sixty three dollars.”

Tonya jumps up and down, screaming in jubilation. For a few moments her bouncing titties fill the screen.

She hops away. Bob smiles.

Bob: “I guess you’ll want to live stream this again next month?”

Tonya: “Fuck next month! I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Bob: “Won’t your ass be too sore?”

Tonya: “Sore or not it’s getting fucked!”

Bob: “Sounds good to me.”

Tonya wraps her arms around her stepdad and they kiss.

Screen freezes.

I hope you enjoyed this. Maybe one of these cam girls will grab an older guy and act it out if it gets popular enough. I’d watch that. So, please vote if you liked it, and thank you for reading.

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