Looks Like You’re BisexualLooks Like You’re Bisexual


Lights low, music soft, aromatic essential oils in the air. A single candle lit.

I could hear the coconut oil sliding between her hands. Her palms started at the base of my spine, pushing upward, over my shoulder blades and back down. After a few strokes like this, she leant down and said gently into my ear,

“How’s that feeling?”

“Great”, I responded. “I’ve been waiting for this all week.”

“Excellent”, she said.

Her hands continued to do what they do, then stopped for a couple of breaths. I assumed she was getting more oil. Just as I felt her touch again, I quickly realized those were not hands on my back, but two very symmetrical, supple, erect-nippled breasts. I gasped. Froze… And continued breathing, albeit shakily. I didn’t know what to do! In the 8 months I’d been seeing her, this had never happened. I was surprised, shocked, confused, and extremely turned on.

“What the sweet fuck?”, I thought to myself. “What is she doing? I’m straight, why am I so excited?… Is this for real? Did I fall asleep? Maybe I’m dreaming.”

Then her voice interrupted my internal monologue.

“How about this? How does this feel?”

Again, I froze. What was I supposed to say? I choked out a, “Good.” then stammered, “Uh great. Feels great.”

My heart was pounding, mind still going a mile a minute, bursa escort pussy; dripping with excitement. Then she asked,

“Do you want me to stop?”


That answer came so quickly, I realized this is exactly what I need. I’ve been a timid soul my whole life. Toying with the idea of being with a lady since I lost my virginity to a long-term boyfriend at 17. I never thought it would happen though. It was just a silly fantasy. I liked men. End of story… Or so I thought…

I let out a sigh and relaxed my tense body.

“That’s better”, she grinned, in a satisfying tone.

As her nipples lightly danced across my shoulder blades, she pulled away for a moment, returning rather quickly with a different body part.

This time, she climbed up onto the table, straddling me. I could feel her hot pussy lips teasing the small of my back. I instantly felt a spasm down below.

“Oh my God,” I gasped.

As she slid her pleasure centre up and down my back, I felt my skin being covered with a glaze of her sweet juices.

Again, checking in, she whispered, “You like this? You like feeling my juicy pussy?”

“Yes.”, I gasped. “Oh yes.”

Hinting, “The view from this angle could be a bit better, though…”

Taking my loose direction, she got down from the table and walked up to my head, facing bursa escort bayan me with her beautiful, naked body.

“You want a taste?”

I desperately did, but I was so nervous. I was completely new to this, and still slightly in shock. She took a step toward the face cradle, and I slowly looked up at her. My God, she was incredibly sexy. I wanted to bury my face between those legs until she begged me to stop… But I just didn’t know how to take that first step. Before I knew it, she had moved over to my side, smacked my ass as hard as she could, and said, “Tongue fuck me, bitch!”

Wow! Today is full of surprises.

“Flip over!” she demanded. So I did.

She climbed onto the table once more. Only this time, straddling my face.

Back to her gentle demeanour, “All you have to do is lay there, my sweet. Lick gently. Just do what you know would feel good. Don’t over think, just enjoy.”

I released my little pink tongue from my mouth and onto her throbbing clit. She moaned and gasped as she rode my face like a naughty little cowgirl. I quickly got the hang of things as I kissed, sucked and maneuvered my tongue around in all the right directions.

As we both got more and more excited, I decided to get my hands involved. I used my fingers to spread her lips to fully expose her erect little button. escort bursa I lightly flicked my tongue up and down, side to side, and circled all the way around. I could tell she was about to cum, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I was enjoying this too much. “Let’s get onto the floor,” I said.

We quickly moved down to the soft, furry mat. Her on her back, me between her thighs with my arms wrapped under her legs, grasping her hips. I knew I was doing well because I recognized her breathing patterns were not unlike my own when I’m in her position. She squirmed and moaned, pressing herself into me.

I wanted to feel her from the inside, so I slid two of my fingers into her dripping wet hole, as I continued to eat her engorged sugar plum.

“Oh FUCK!”, she screeched. In a good way. A very good way.

My fingers moved in and out, wiggling around deep inside her, just like I do to myself when I masturbate. Slowly at first, then faster and more aggressively.

In and out, in and out, lick, suck, indulge, quickly flicking my tongue…


Then silence… and heavy breathing. Her legs collapse from the knees up position, as she rolls over in a deep, satisfied, giddy state.


“Yeah… wow…”

She sat up and kissed my mouth with her hand in my hair. “You, my girl, have skill. You’re gonna be a damn good lesbian.”

“Whoa, I’m no lesbian,” I laughed.

“Well… looks like you’re bisexual at least.”, as she winked, “You’re turn, babe.”

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