Toys For My PetToys For My Pet


I awaken at 2p.m. after working the night shift. You hear the grumpy groggy bear stumble to the shower, mumbling how his morning woody wouldn’t behave and that it was freaking 2 p.m. and what was it doing awake. It was then while I was stepping into the shower that you let me know that the kids were with your mom, that she would be gone until late, and that we could update the web site without any distractions. And to stop being so hard on Willie, he was probably lonely and just wanted to be free.

As I let the steam envelope me in it’s soft warm hands, I begin to think about all the toys on the site and all the work we have to do on the descriptions, then what you said hit me. That the kids weren’t home, and you felt sorry for Willie. That’s when my nasty mind went to work & my brain transferred to its primary residents, my dick! Better known as Willie.

I left the bathroom with my towel draped over my shoulders, and find you in the kitchen doing the dishes. Coming up behind you, I wrap my arms around you and whisper in your ear the million-dollar question. “Should we test some of the new toys before we start working on the site?”

In response you turn to face me, grab my nuts in your hand, lean into me, and whisper: “Only if I can be your naughty slut. But I would first like to finish the dishes & clean up a little.”

“I don’t see a problem, so long as your naked while your cleaning, so I can enjoy your body, and it gives me an idea for the first product test. Get naked, I will be right back.”

“But honey, just wait until I finish the dishes at least?” You plead as I begin leaving.

In response I smile: “I see I will need some sort of gag for that mouth, since it appears you have forgotten that pets only wish to please their men. Now unless you would like some punishments bestowed upon you, I recommend you get naked and stop complaining.”

“Oh is that how we are going to be?” You answer smiling as you begin beşiktaş escort to disrobe. “Good lets play, I’m feeling nasty. If you leave out the gag for now I will do what ever you wish.”

Going to our secret hiding spot for the toys, I pull out the new toys & return to find you finishing up the dishes as I asked, naked. I come up behind you and begin gently kissing your neck and shoulders, which always gets you going. I then tell you to follow me into the dining room and tell you to bend over the chair for your first toy. Of course you look at me with the expression on your face of “what no foreplay?”

I slap your ass, do as you’re told pet and trust me you will like my plan. As you bend over the chair, which causes your ass and pussy to rise in the air, I take the new wireless remote egg, dribble some lube on it and insert it into your still very tight semi moist pussy. I then tell you, “you may get up, but you can finish the house cleaning later.” Of course this brought protest from you, which I was expecting.

I put a finger to your lips and order you to once again bend over the chair. “My pet must learn some more discipline.” I slap your ass again, then again. “Is my pet going to be good?” You nod your consent, and as a reward I begin to massage your pussy with my hand. “Now let me think…. I believe you need more punishment, I think this would be a good time for you to try your first butt plug.” I wasn’t sure how you would react to my idea, until I felt your pussy moisten, and knew you liked the possibility of a plug even though you responded, “Master, please. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I will be a good pet from here out.”

“Well OK. But I’m letting you know now that you will have one in you the next time you are bad.”

“Thank you Master. What shall I do for you right now if I can’t clean the house?”

“First the rules. You may not touch yourself in şişli escort any manner. Any thing I place on you or in you must stay there until I take it out or off you. You must obey without question and to make sure you do this I am keeping this stealth butt plug handy with a sample packet of lube. Dose this sound like fun to you?”

You nod yes with a wicked grin. I can see you are looking at this as a challenge. And if you’re looking for a challenge I have one for you.

I begin by telling you, “Go to the room and put on some socks and shoes, I’m hungry. Don’t worry about clothes I will pick something out for you.”

As you turn to leave I activate the remote egg in your pussy. You stop instantly and look back over your shoulder at me while clenching your legs together.

“Remember do not touch yourself & do not let anything fall out!!!”

You stare, then turn and move on to try and put on some shoes without loosing the egg.

Just as your finishing tying your shoes I enter the room and reach into the closet pulling out a loose fitting sundress for you to put on. I can tell you’re extremely aroused by the way you’re squirming on the mattress. And as you get up to put on the dress I notice the wet spot you left behind.

“Pet you have messed on our blankets. Damn… I was hoping to save this butt plug until later.” I say with a wicked grin, holding the plug in my hand.

You turn and look in disbelief, seeing the wet spot.

“I am sorry master. Please forgive me.”

“It’s to late now I have already warned you. Now turn around and bend over.”

I could tell you were totally excited and a little apprehensive as you bent over and exposed your self to me. Your pussy lips were drenched and as I touched your pussy I could fill the egg doing its work deep inside you. Now holding the plug in one hand and massaging your pussy with my other hand, I say to you, “I bahçeşehir escort bayan don’t think I will need the lube. I will just use your juices.” And thrust the plug deep into your pussy, which in turn moves the egg even deeper. You let out a moan of pleasure, as you press yourself back into the plug. “ohhh yesss, god that feels good.”

Then after fucking you with the plug a few times, coating it liberally with your juices, I take it out of your pussy and slowly press it to your ass. With slow, constant pressure it begins to enter you. At the same time I move my dick to your wanting whole and slowly enter exactly the same amount the plug enters your ass. You begin clenching the bed sheets in your hands as the plug wedges itself into your virgin ass. You can’t decide whether to pull away or plunge yourself onto my dick. You begin moaning in pleasure, “OH GOD…Ohhhh yeess….uhhhh uhhhh yaa ” and just as the plug and my dick enter you completely, your first major orgasm takes over your body and your pussy clinches my dick sucking it even deeper, smashing the head of my dick against the vibrating egg.

“Please master fuck me, I need to be fucked hard and long.”

Knowing that there was no way I was going to last very long with that egg vibrating away. I pull out and using the antenna wire of the egg I remove it from your pussy. Then I re-enter you and begin banging you like there was no tomorrow with long deep strokes. Over and over. My pelvis slamming into your butt, nudging the plug into you with each thrust. And just as another orgasm takes hold of your body I begin my final thrust, grabbing your hips, your pussy tightening around my shaft, your juices leaking from you and onto my shaft and nuts. Then with one final thrust I slam my dick home, releasing my load deep inside you. We then both fall to the bed in a state of ecstasy.

After a few moments you roll to your side, as you start adjusting to the new experience of a plug. You look at me and say: “I love you.”

In response I look deep into your eyes and laughingly whisper, “The day is still young, and we still have a few more toys to test and errands to run. I bet I can change your mind…. PET!” You wink, “I’ll take that bet, Master.” And we kiss deeply.

To Be Continued…

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