Wifes 1st BBCWifes 1st BBC


Since her 1st night with Mark, her black lover, my wife has had 3 more encounters with him. He has become a part of “Our” sex life even when he is not present.

Mark is 6’3” and 200 pounds of muscle. He is an ex college athlete that keeps himself in great shape. He works in finance and is very intelligent which makes him even more attractive to both of us.

After their first night together it didn’t take long to set the next date. Anne wanted me to be a part of the evening but I was a little unsure. I asked Mark how he felt about it and he said he was fine as long as I didn’t get jealous seeing the two of them enjoying each other.

When the day came we all had an early meal around 4:00 in the afternoon. They planned on going to the same hotel where they got together the first time. After the meal I told them that I would not be joining them for a while. I wanted them to get into the room and get started without me. They both acted disappointed (I knew they were not) but I left them anyway.

I gave Anne a room key to the hotel which I paid for earlier in the day and she kissed me good bye.

We left the restaurant and I dropped them off at the hotel. I went to a local mall to waste some time and try to get up the courage to join them. While I was at the mall I noticed all the interracial couples walking around and finally understood why they seemed so happy. I got such a hard-on watching one couple holding hands and kissing while going up the escalator. She was so into kissing him that she was on her tip-toes trying to get more of her tongue in his mouth.

This was exactly what I needed to see. I called Anne on her cell phone and asked how things were going and she said thing were heating up but she really wanted me in the bed with them. I told her I would be there in 20 minutes. She said “I know you have the extra room key so just come in when you get here”.

I got to the hotel in record time and went straight into the room without knocking. I will never forget what I saw in the first few seconds as I walked into the room. My wife was sitting on Marks dick “Reverse cowgirl” looking at me as I rounded the corner. The look on her face was pure lust. She was sliding up and down very slowly enjoying every inch of his dick. She loves this position because she can grind her clit just the way she likes it.

She looked at me and whispered “Please kiss me, I need you to kiss me while he is inside me”, I went to the side of the bed she leaned toward me and grabbed the back of my head to bring us closer. She shoved her tongue inside my mouth and told me how much she loves me for letting her have so much pleasure from two men at once.

While we were kissing she loosened my belt and pulled my pants down to my knees. I took the hint and stepped back and took off the rest of my clothes. I did this slowly just so I could watch her fucking his dick. She was so sexy sliding up and down on Marks black dick. I moved back and began kissing her again. She grabbed my dick and started rubbing the precum all over the head in the same rhythm as his dick sliding in and out of her. I knew I could not last long so I moved away and watched them slowly put on a show for me.

Mark reached around Anne and took her nipples between his fingers. She was moaning with approval and put her hands on his to help him find just the right spot. The combination of his black hands on her white tits was amazing. Her eyes were going from half open to closed but never fully open.

Anne then spun around on his lap to face him and his dick never came out of her. She sat up in a squatting position and ran his dick in and out of her at a much faster pace. She looked back over her shoulder at me and asked me to lie on the bed beside Mark. I moved into the bed and she almost jumped on me. She grabbed my dick and slid it inside her. kocaeli escort She was somewhat loose from Marks dick which is bigger than mine. Anne was almost out of control which was exactly what I wanted for her. We fucked without saying a word for about 5 minutes. Mark got up and got himself a beer and left us alone.

Anne slid off my dick and pointed her ass toward Mark who was standing at the side of the bed. He took the hint and moved in behind her. His dick was not fully hard so she reached between her legs and pressed it against her slit while he pumped back and forth. She smiled at me and started kissing my left nipple while he was getting warmed up. I knew when he slid into her because she bit my nipple and moaned loudly. I moved in under her tits so I could chew on them while she was being fucked from behind. I could see Marks balls swaying forward every time he pushed his black dick into my white wife.

Anne was letting Mark do all the work at this point. She looked down at me and told me she was going to cum. I reached for her clit without thinking and felt Marks dick sliding into her. This made me jump at first and they both laughed. The feel of his dick was amazing with her juices all over it. I started rotating her clit round and round and feeling Marks dick at the same time. He slowed his pace so she would not cum yet.

I took my attention off Anne’s clit and put it on Marks dick. She looked down at me and then at my hand where I was stroking his dick. She told me I was the most wonderful husband in the world and that she would do anything that I ever asked her to do.

His dick was completely out of Anne and pointing straight down with me stroking it like a real pro. Mark was moaning and talking to Anne like I was not there. He told her what a good job her husband was doing on his dick.

She then spun around on top of me into a 69. My legs were off the bottom of the bed. Mark moved to the bottom of the bed between my legs where Anne could blow us both at the same time. She was in a perfect position with both dicks right in her face. I started going at her clit with everything I had. She was moving her hips and pushing her pussy down on my mouth with such force I could hardly breathe.

Anne started cumming and her juices really soaked my face. She does not squirt but lets out a lot of juice. She was squeezing my face between her legs for about a minute and then just sort of fell flat on my body in exhaustion. Her pussy was completely open to me so I pushed her legs apart and kept kissing and tonguing it slowly. She usually does not like to be touched right after she cums but I guess all that has changed as well.

Mark raised Anne up and kissed her and then laid her on the bed beside me. I reached over and pulled her legs apart and climbed on top of her. She pulled her knees up to give me a good view of how wet she was. The entire inside of her legs were soaked almost to her knees. She took my dick and guided it to her pussy and started rubbing her clit with the head.

Mark moved around and put his dick across my wife’s lips. She took her tongue and started licking the bottom side of it while I began fucking her. She turned her head to the left where she could take more of his dick into her mouth. Mark raised her head and put a pillow under it so her position would allow her to give better head.

I was really pumping into her and knew I would cum soon at this pace. I needed to slow down so I leaned forward and started to kiss her neck and tell her I was going to cum. Right when I got to her face she turned her head to me and pushed Marks dick directly at my mouth with her lips. This was not what I expected. She was looking straight into my eyes with one side of his dick in her mouth and the other side touching my lips. His dick was completely wet with her spit. She began pushing her head darıca escort forward and forcing his dick to push my lips open. I agreed by opening my mouth enough to take the width of his dick inside. She started moving her head from side to side up and down the length. After watching her a few times I did the same. This was way more than I thought I was getting into.

This went on until she took the head in her mouth and started trying to deep throat him. My dick was still inside her but I could not concentrate on fucking. She then asked Mark to lie down between us. He got on his back with Anne on his right and me on his left and we were both kissing his dick. She took the lead as if she were the teacher. She took his dick in her left hand and kissed the shaft then guided it to my mouth to kiss. Then she took the head in her mouth and I tongued his shaft. I worked my way down to his balls which was even newer ground for me but I knew I wanted to do it.

Anne was really working on the head of his dick and getting his whole dick good and wet. I later found out that you have to get it good and wet to be able to deep throat. After getting it just right she began to take more and more in her mouth. Mark spread his legs and I moved between his legs and worked on his balls while my wife took his dick further down her throat.

I took one of his big balls into my mouth and then went to the other and tried to make him moan every time I switched. I notice Anne had tears coming down both her cheeks from trying to take all that meat at one time. She finally got to a point where she was taking the whole thing all the way to his balls. She looked so sexy with that entire black dick in her mouth. As an added bonus, some of his pubic hairs stuck on her face where her tears and spit were mixing and becoming sticky.

Mark told Anne he was about to cum and she grabbed the bottom of his dick below his balls and started pumping while she still had half his dick in her mouth. He started bucking his hips and groaning so loud I know anyone in the hall or next room could hear him. Anne gagged a little so I knew he had shot some in her mouth. She then pulled his dick out and pumped it and he shot a stream up to his chest before she could get it back in her mouth. She was moaning as loud as Mark at this point which was amazing.

I was a spectator while this was going on but did not mind at all. After Mark settled down Anne still had his dick in her mouth. He was about half hard and she was easily taking his entire dick into her throat. I started kissing and licking his balls again and he spread his legs a little wider to give me better access.

Anne looked down at me and smiled. Her face was a mess! She then reached down and pulled me up to her and started kissing me. I could taste Marks fresh cum in my wife’s mouth. I reached up and scooped the cum off his chest and stomach and put that in her mouth as well. She turned to me and pushed it into my mouth with her tongue. We kissed for a few minutes until all his cum had been swallowed by one of us.

We all just laid there without saying a word for about 5 minutes. I was now stroking Marks dick and spreading the left over cum all over my wife’s face and her nipples. I was the only one that had not cum at this point but I didn’t care.

A million things were running through my mind. Does my wife think I’m gay or bisexual? Have I lost her to Mark? Will she ever want to fuck me again? Will we have a normal sex life again? Ect, ect.

I decided that I would get myself a nut then leave them alone for the night. So, after about 5 minutes of this thinking and stroking Marks dick for my wife, I got up and moved behind her. I pulled back so her feet were on the floor and her body was on the bed facing Mark. She was able to play with his soft dick but not able to put it in her gölcük escort mouth.

I pumped her slowly and she put one knee up on the bed and kept the other on the floor. This is a great position because she was so wide open. I took my dick out every few strokes and rub it up the crease of her ass. She has never been a fan of anal sex so I didn’t push it at this point. She told me Mark had asked her about anal but she told him no way. With this being said, she was pushing back every time I slid my dick over her anal button. She will let me finger her there when she is extremely horny but nothing else. Since I planned on leaving them alone for the rest of the night I didn’t push it any more (maybe next time).

I picked up my pace but she asked me to stop and let her move into a better position. She got on her back and put her ass right on the edge of the bed. I was still standing on the floor with her pussy right in front of my dick. Mark moved over on his knees right at her face and pulled her legs back to her tits so I could fuck her. I moved right in and went to work. This was and incredible site. Marks black hands holding Anne by the ankles with me fucking her. He would slowly spread her legs apart as wide as he could then push them completely together. I took my dick out from time to time and spanked her clit with it. She would almost come off the bed every time I did this. Her juices were running down over her ass hole and onto her lower back. It was all I could do not to stick my dick in her slick little ass.

I had to cum so I told Anne I wanted to shoot onto her face. Mark released her legs and she spun around still on her back with her head hanging off the edge. She took my dick into her mouth and went to work on it. Mark took advantage of this and put his head between her legs. He pushed her legs up and I took her ankles just as he did and held her legs up for him. I spread them fully apart so I could watch him eat out my wife.

Anne had her hands around my body pulling my ass toward so she could take my dick fully down her throat. This seemed like her new passion and I’m not complaining. She would also take time to take my balls in her mouth which in this position was pure ecstasy.

I had to cum so I pulled my dick away from her and pumped my dick straight down between her tits. The first shot hit Mark right on his nose which was still between my wife’s legs. The second landed a little short but still was on Anne’s pubic hair. I don’t think I have ever cum this much at one time. I just kept shooting stream after stream onto her tits. Anne was sucking on my balls the whole time which were starting to retract into my body from being so empty.

To my surprise, Mark did not stop eating Anne’s pussy the whole time. My cum was still right on his nose where it had landed. I was ready to fall over and had to move beside Anne on the bed. Mark pulled her up onto the bed and put his dick in her again. This is when Anne noticed my cum hanging on his nose. She quickly pulled him forward and sucked it off and made him kiss her with my cum in her mouth. My cum was still warm on her body and she took a finger to scoop some up. I thought she was going to take it into her mouth or maybe give it to me. Instead she offered it to Mark. He looked at her and said “Damn, you are one daring bitch.” He then took her offering of my cum from her finger into his mouth. She gave him another scoop and then he stopped fucking her and started licking my cum off her tits. He ate all the cum off her body and then fucked her like he was possessed. He came inside her this time and it was my turn to “Clean up his mess”.

My wife had given both of us something we had not expected that night, the taste of another man. I know this was not planned by anyone but Anne’s boldness lead to a new life of possibilities for us.

I ended up staying the entire night with them and exploring more and more the pleasures of bisexuality with Anne and Mark. I will get the next few meetings written and post them soon. Later

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