Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 18Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 18


Darlene had asked me to return a package to the Adult Shop. I was keen to go, as I hadn’t been back since my night with Melissa.

Remembering that I had promised to call and help Harriet in her darkroom, I left it until the afternoon, just after lunch.

At the adult shop, the elderly woman behind the desk was a picture of mature womanhood. My eyes were drawn to her immaculate business suit and of course what was in it, as she stepped out from behind the desk to greet me.

She took Darlene’s package, opened it and read the note, then looked up at me, as I asked.

“Where’s the blonde lady I think her name was Dorothy who looked after me before?”

“Oh now I know who you are” she exclaimed, Dorothy told me about you and your lady friend, she smiled as she added “she gave you a great wrap.”

“I remember her telling us at lunch the other day, that after a night upstairs in a private room, she spied you and your lady friend at it again in the car park, ten minutes later.” If I remember correctly, “she described you as a young gentleman” adding with a laugh “a man of stamina.”

I’m sorry, Dorothy’s off work now, will I do, she said as she appeared to pose provocatively. She had no need to pose to tease me; I had been quietly studying her whilst waiting.

I liked long hair. She had long jet black hair that shone as it hung loose down her back, nearly reaching her waist.

She appeared to be of mixed parentage, probably an Asian African mix or may be from somewhere in South America. Her skin was the dark gold of treacle, her body had seen many years but it had been well preserved, it lost nothing through the way she dressed. Her clothes highlighted her best bits including a pair of old legs to die for.

The phone on the desk rang, she turned away to answer giving me another view, this time of her back and well rounded arse.

She spoke quietly, her voice rising as she talked of the need to have something delivered today, then hung up abruptly. Coming back to me she was mumbling about deliveries. “Can I help?” I asked.

She looked hard at me, asking “what do you mean help?” “Well I could drop something off for you if it will help.”

“Thanks” she replied shaking her head, “It’s not deliveries from here; it’s having promotional material delivered here.”

Noting my interest she went on to explain. “The woman who does our photographic work is pregnant; she has stopped work but has a few pieces we need.

Pregnant photographers wouldn’t be plentiful in our city, so I asked the obvious question “Harriett Moore?”

“Do you know Harriet?” she asked in surprise.

I nodded my head “yes,” Oh yes I knew Harriet alright I thought to myself.

I’m sure I was blushing slightly, “As a matter of fact I was planning to help her in her darkroom this afternoon. Maybe I could drop your material back after I finish.”

“That would be great, especially if you could do it today, we need them tomorrow morning early.” Are you sure it won’t be too much trouble?” she asked

“Not at all, if you want it quicker, I can give you a lift over to get it, and you can get a taxi back, or I’ll do it, what ever you like.”

We agreed to leave it to me. She rang Harriet to make the arrangements.

“When you come back, ask for Tammi, I’m the owner,” she said with a warmth, that indicated I was no longer going to be treated as just another customer.

Alerted by the phone call Harriet was waiting, ushering me up stairs to her bedroom, not the dark room.

“At eight months, my body needs comfort,” she explained, one hand holding her extended stomach.

She kissed me and started to remove my clothes. I tried to slow her down, but quickly understood her sense of urgency when she explained “My husband will be home early today. He goes to lodge tonight:”

The scent and taste of an aroused pregnant woman is to my mind the greatest turn on of all. Her body extended with motherhood drew me like a magnet. I opened button after button of her dress until with a shake of her shoulders the dress fell down around her lovely legs.

My mouth couldn’t wait to kiss those milky breasts. She talked quietly, holding my head back to keep my mouth away.” Go steady; my nipples have become sensitive during my pregnancy. They were sore when I got home last night.” She sat back against the pillows “Let’s get comfortable, I can’t stand for long without getting tired.”

I hesitated not wanting to hurt her magnificent breasts; Harriet didn’t hesitate, pulling me down, to kneel where my mouth could reach their goal. My tongue shot out, as a little milk dribbled and ran down her large white breast.

“That’s it, be my baby, drink my milk, love me gently,” she crooned, her hands around my back and head.

As I sucked and nipped each nipple in turn, her body started to move ever so slightly in a fucking motion. Her bodies’ movements acted as a spur to nişantaşı escort my already inflated prick. It too started to leak.

After a while she pushed my head away, “that’s lovely, but they are so sensitive you’re starting to hurt.” “Leave them for a little while.”

She was moving my head down, clearly wanting me to Lick between her legs. I moved my mouth from her leaking tits. Easing her legs open wider and wider allowing my head and mouth to follow my fingers.

Those lucky fingers had entered her sopping wet cunt and were pinching and flicking her bud.

She lifted her legs, laying them on my arms, and then my shoulders, tightening them on my ears and cheeks. This position made her cunt more accessible.

I worked my tongue in and out like it was my prick, and I was fucking her. Her body responded moving in and out with my tongue. I licked her cunt from top to bottom, my hands played around her arse. My finger just probing not really entering.

Harriet was making little groaning noises. “Oh yes, yes, that’s wonderful, your so gentle, so loving, you’re making me cum and cum,” she moaned, as she ran her fingers through my hair, pulling me gently closer and closer to her highly aroused cunt.

“I haven’t stopped Cumming, since you first touched me,” she whispered, as she struggled to lie back. I loved the taste and smell of her cum and her cunt, it overpowered all other senses.

She rolled on her side with her back facing me, pulling her legs up towards her tits, her cunt fully exposed. “I want you to fuck me now, I can’t wait any longer.” Let’s do it. Come on lets do it.”

I lay behind her holding my prick, wiping it up and down from her arsehole to her cunt, pushing and working until it was all in.

I had never fucked in this position before; the new experience adding to my excitement, as we fucked slowly and fully for what seemed like hours.

I lay stroking Harriet’s hard full belly, cradling it in my hands. In this position I could feel her cumming and then cumming again and again. We cuddled together whispering and laughing, as I tried to describe to her how I felt about her pregnancy, her scents, her taste, and her swampy cunt.

Harriet was a proud mum; she held my head and moved it around urging me to listen for her baby. When I said I couldn’t hear it; she made me lay still waiting for the babies’ movement.

I was awe struck as I stroked and kissed this extended belly. Within days the baby I could feel would be born. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to lay here and feel life in a mother’s warm hard belly.

Later as I drove back to the adult shop to deliver her photographs, I couldn’t help rubbing my prick, as I relived those moments, with Harriet folded in my arms as we fucked. Just thinking of her hard smooth belly and the time I spent massaging creams and oils all over her wonderful body, made my prick buck and leak.

Back at the shop, Dorothy greeted me like a long lost friend, squiring me upstairs to one of the private rooms, where Tammi was waiting, bourbon in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

She stood and walked over to me, “I want to thank you for doing that little favour for me. Dorothy was right you are a young gentleman.”

“I will have to see if the rest of her references are spot on.” “But we will get to that later.”

“Have a drink, see he gets what he wants,” she told Dorothy who had moved to the bar. Dorothy poured me a heavy scotch, “shit,” I exclaimed, “watch it, I have to drive home.” “Don’t worry, we’ll get you home, but I can’t promise when.” Tammi said with a grin.

Tammi had obviously been drinking since I left; she was in a happy frame of mind. When she went to the rest room Dorothy whispered to me “she really likes you.”

She’s rapt that you offered to do something for her and never asked to be paid.” “What are friends for, I like her too,” I volunteered.

Tammi had returned and overheard our conversation

She was wound up,” People who run adult shops are not high on society’s ladder. We don’t get much free help or support.” “If we want any help we have to pay for it.” Standing at the bar pouring more drinks she went on “Most people, who use our products, don’t want to have anything to do with us.”

She turned and smiled warmly, “I was down in the dumps today, but you gave me a lift.” “To have a clean cut young lad like you prepared to help me, and be friends, was marvellous.”

She put down her drink and very deliberately walked over, took my head in her hands and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and led my tongue a merry dance.

As we kissed my hands automatically move around her body, one hand rubbing her beautiful hard backside, the other coming up to cup a tit and try to pinch a nipple through her blouse.

She did nothing to stop my wandering hands. In fact her kissing intensified. I was immediately lost under the seductive şişli escort influences of her molten mouth.

Tammi’s kisses could set an iceberg on fire. Her body moulded mine, raising my blood pressure substantially, especially between my legs.

I eased her blouse out from her skirt and ran my hands up her firm body to her tits. She moaned as I pushed a tit up out of its bra and rolled the nipple between my fingers.

Dorothy was leaning with her elbows on the bar, watching as we struggled to remove each others clothes.

Tammi stripped, was every young mans desire. A mature woman with a young hard body.

Her tits were perfect, the fact that did not sag and in fact were perky, made me realise that some work had been done to this hard bodied dame to produce such a perfect result.

Her backside was a sculptors dream. I was to learn as we talked later that Tammi ran, swam, and worked out for hours every day to keep her self in trim. Her efforts were worth while. She was not carrying an ounce of excess weight; her legs were a lightly muscled delight.

Money and time had been invested wisely, maintaining a body that had my quick fire prick leaking in anticipation.

Tammi took control, she didn’t want foreplay, she wanted to fuck. She pushed me down on the sofa, stood up over me and lowered her cunt to swallow my prick.

She’s done that before, I marvelled as she leant her body back so her nub rubbed hard against my prick. When she found a position that excited her, her cunt walls closed and held me, wrapping me in her warm tight box.

Her cunt started to stroke my prick, slowly at first, gradually building up until I grunted, “fucking hell careful or I’ll cum.”

“Don’t worry” she whispered “we’ve got all night”

She laid further back, her hand came round to squeeze my balls in such a way, that I could immediately feel my prick’s tension subside.

Leaning forward her hand left my balls and joined her other hand both pinching and playing with my nipples.

“At last,” I growled as her changed position let my hands cup those perfect pair of tits. Her nipples were black stiff and hard, I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them. Grabbing her by the arms, and then the shoulders, I pulled her forward so my mouth could lick her breasts and suck those fantastic nipples.

“Bite them. Go on bite them” she urged, “bite them hard,” as her pace quickened and her cunt muscles again brought me to a climax.

This time she ignored my warning. Grunting as my spasms hit her. Seizing the opportunity, I took her whole tit in my mouth, and ran my teeth roughly over it, biting hard on her thick hard nipple.

She kept moaning quietly, her head jerking as I discharged my load with a jolt into her bucking cunt.

I tried to relax but Tammi had other ideas, before my prick could subside, she lay her body down on top of mine, her head ending in a position where her mouth could nibble my nipples.

This change of bodily position was achieved while her cunt muscles keeping me tucked inside. Her mouth and tongue on my nipples ensured that my prick lost none of its interest.

Tammi welded her body to mine, just bumping her cunt up down and around, like a hoochie coochie dancer, moving against me lightly, until a second orgasm wracked my body.

Even in my more sane moments, when I think back to the nights proceedings, I can not work out how many times we fucked. I do know that there is not a single position that we did not try, most of them more than once. Tammi never let me rest, leading me and encouraging me to greater efforts, time after time.

“What a lover, you are fucking fantastic,” I told her, over and over, as the night flew by.

Tammi loved to be on top, in control, her favourite was to place her feet firmly either side of my thighs, squat down and ride me.

“Sex between excited partners is great.” “Its rat shit if you find it a chore, you both have to be excited and full of anticipation,” she told me as she got up and poured another stiff drink.

Returning with her drink, she kissed me running a little alcohol over my lips and into my mouth

Richard, what would you like me to do to make you happy, just ask, I’ll do anything” Leaning over she kissed me again this time on the forehead, “I love to fuck with a good partner. You’re good; I want you to remember me and this night forever.”

Come on tell me how, on your back? Side ways? Standing up? Bent over a chair? Sitting on you lap? I’m happy with any position, although I find it best on top.” She giggled in my ear like a school girl, as she climbed back on top of me.

She worked hard at making me happy, again and again inviting me to choose. “What do you like best,” she asked, as she finished deep throating my prick.

When I said “dog fashion” she went down on her elbows and knees, so I could lie over her back, with my prick buried in her cunt. She mecidiyeköy escort wriggled finding me a good position, groaning as I banged into her. “Put your arms around me.” “Rub your fingers around my clit.” “Keep rubbing “she yelled as she rammed her arse back into my body.

Suffice to say, that finally no matter what she did to revive me, my prick decided it had had enough.

During the long night Dorothy had closed the premises. Before she went she returned standing by my side, leaning over to kiss me on the butt, telling Tammi “I told you he was a man of stamina.”

Tammi lay in my arms as I poured oil on her tits, and started to again massage every inch of her body. “Tell me about you,” I asked her as she lit a cigarette.

“You wouldn’t want to know.”

I kept asking because I wanted her to talk, and give my prick, balls and body, time to recover.

“I want to know everything about you where you’re from, how you got into this business, are you married. You’re a very interesting woman.”

While I was talking, my hands and lips had travelled all over her body, from the tip of her toes to her head, my fingers now resting on her butt.

I pushed her on her side placing her in a similar position to Harriet earlier today, I them proceeded to ream her arse one finger, two fingers, listening to her little grunts, as I pushed in and out hard. With my mouth nibbling at her shoulders, I asked again, “come on tell me about yourself?”

“You have lovely dark brown skin; let’s start with where you come from?” “I’m from South America,” she moaned in what can only be described as a shuddering whisper, pushing her arse back on my fingers.

All of a sudden she sat up, “your not going to give up are you?” She leant over picking up one of the packages Dorothy had left.

“Here use that while we’re talking.” That was a vibrator in the shape of a bear sitting on a log. It was fitted with batteries, its controls on a long lead. She rubbed some oil on the log, before sliding it into her already wet cunt.

“Sit up here beside me,” “If you place your head on my tits you can watch as you manipulate the golden bear in my box.”

Taking my hand she instructed “Move him so his head vibrates on my clit, and the log moves in and out.” She laid back, her legs splayed; knees bent, and proceeded to tell me about her life.

“You won’t want to know me, after I finish telling you,” she said. “I’ve been a prostitute, and made a lot of money… I didn’t just do it for money I love sex

She started to buck and groan as I pushed the nose of the vibrating bear hard against her nub, increasing its speed.

“Oh shit that’s lovely.” Her voice drifted away in to a series of little moans and grunts, as her back arched and her hips bucked.

I slowed the speed using the log as a prick allowing her to continue. “I became a high priced callgirl. I was exclusive, I was known as the best. You would be surprised if I told you the names of some of my customers.”

“Push it hard again,” she whispered kissing both my eyes. “I love sex, I can’t get enough, I’m not a nympho.” “I can give it up for months.” “When I start I don’t want to stop.” You’ve opened the floodgates tonight, she added, as she crushed me in a hug, rubbing her perfect tits in my face.

I sped up the bear’s vibrations, my hand moving it in and out quickly, using it like a prick. Operating the controls I increased the vibrations to high speed. It was now throbbing, as well as moving backwards and forwards, getting larger and smaller to a regular beat.

Her body shuddered and kept shuddering. I’m sure she was coming, as her cunt was dripping wet.

“My god that’s wonderful, you are a naughty boy,” she whispered pulling my head up to kiss me. ”I can’t get enough of you.”

From time to time, my prick recovered, and I rode her again from behind whilst her cunt walls milked me quickly. When I was spent we returned to the bear.

Every time my prick raised its head, the bear was discarded. Gradually I was spending more time working the golden bear and his log.

She was fantastic; she never complained or asked me to stop. Her body was in a constant state of excitement. Her mouth and hands worked my body so that I was always being stroked kissed or fingered.

I punished her cunt with a series of high speed vibrating assaults until finally as day broke she was using her mouth to lick me clean, when I spied the time.

“I’ve got to get home” I explained as I tried to push her away. “Don’t go, stay, we can have breakfast, and then go up to my room, let’s spend the day together.” she pleaded

My prick and balls were sore, my mouth tender, I was tired, and I was fucked. She had been marvellous. My will power was wilting as I kissed her perfect nude body all over, nibbling her nipples, and patting her arse before I escaped out the door.

At home mum was waiting. She was angry. “Where have you been? What kept you out all night? I was tired. I was in no mood to be diplomatic.

“I’ve been with a woman, a prostitute, she’s older than you, and she’s fucking fantastic,” I replied, as I stormed off to bed.

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