Lesbian Vampire Whores Ch. 06Lesbian Vampire Whores Ch. 06


Master was not happy with David. All fresh pussy and ass were by right Master’s and David had greedily sampled Millicent’s tasty pussies without his permission. This was unforgivable, and David had to be punished. But of course Master did not mean to damage David or his greedy sister too much. Why they might even enjoy it. Instead he had his lovely male pet bent and tied over a wooden horse with his delectable ass open for all to enjoy, except orders were, no one was to touch David. Sex was all around him, he was ready to be enjoyed, but there was no joy for David. His fully erect cock was begging to touched, but no one touched it.

When Millicent arrived at the great ball room with her girls, festivities were already happening. Cynthia had never seen the like before, the chandeliers, the classical music, even a long table of food for those who required a more solid form. Naked, her body tingled with desire. There were other naked people there with leather collars around their necks or seductive leather corsets that thrust their breasts higher without hiding their more intimate parts. And seeing David bound over the wooden horse fascinated her. Where was his sister?

She was about to step away from Mistress Millicent when an unfamiliar voice hailed them. “My, my, now I see why David misbehaved.”

Cynthia looked around as a very young man of great beauty approached them. He was also nude, but it was obvious to her that he was someone important. Ignoring Millicent, he fixed azure eyes on her and smiled. He was a vampire!

“Master Michael,” Millicent greeted and inclined her head.

“Millicent,” he replied and let his gaze travel over Cynthia’s body. “She looks and smells delicious.” Without so much as a ‘may I’, he reached out and pinched Cynthia’s right nipple. Her body trembled at his touch kocaeli escort bayan while both of her nipples became hard and sensitive. “Oh very nice,” he continued. “Freshly turned food just radiates energy. Come.” He led her away by the nipple.

Cynthia followed Master Michael to a large chair that looked like a throne. Sitting in the chair, he took Cynthia by the left arm and guided her forwards. She looked down at this long thick cock and knew he meant to impale her on it. Whimpering with fear and desire, she almost swooned when the head of it brushed her pussy limps. Lightning bolts of desire ran from her pussy to her belly. Another inch down on the swollen shaft and she was in the throes of an incredibly powerful orgasm. Without fanfare, he impaled her on his engorged cock, and Cynthia’s body shook from one powerful orgasm to another as he fed on her energy.

Millicent feared that Master Michael would kill the girl if he wasn’t careful. Stepping forward, also enjoying the energy radiating from Cynthia trembling sweating body, cleared her throat and said, “Master, I’m pleased you enjoy my girl, but she’s not strong enough.”

Master Michael looked at Millicent and cocked his head. “You think I’m killing her?”

“She is so fresh.”

“Yes, she is,” he agreed and looked at the young woman shaking uncontrollably on his cock her full breasts swaying with each tremor. He didn’t need an orgasm personally to feed on its energy, and being able to control his erection was something that came naturally with his powers. “Still I find her very tasty.” He took her right breast in hand and hefted it in his palm. “I can not wait to sample them.”

“I am pleased,” Millicent answered with a touch of confusion in her voice. “Sample them?”

“I think I’ll borrow her for awhile.”

Millicent kocaeli sınırsız escort looked surprised. “Borrow her?”

“Yes,” he said and motioned for two of his servants to get the girl off his cock. Cynthia fainted the moment they removed her. “Go put her in Danny’s bed.” The two mortal servants lifted Cynthia off his cock and held her limp body between them. One of them took her in his arms and walked away with her. “I look forward to tasting her more fully,” the beautiful golden haired vampire confessed and stood up. Letting his gaze fall on Davids’ waiting ass, he smiled and said, “Come with me.”

Millicent and her remaining girls followed the Master Vampire to the wooden horse where his male servant waited. Master Michael circled the restrained man once without touching him. Stopping at his golden brown backside, Master Michael ran his hand over the hard buttocks. “I want one of your girls to lie down in front of him with her knees raised. I want him to be able to smell her pussy.” Millicent nodded at Candy who positioned herself on the floor in front of David.

Candy couldn’t help herself; she became aroused. Master Michael looked at her a moment and then smiled. “Feel free to masturbate,” he told her. “Start with you nipples and work your way down. Give us a show. In fact, why don’t both of you girls give us a show?” Monica gave Millicent a hesitant glance and then got down on the floor with Candy. It was hard and cold, but within seconds they were no longer aware of it.

Monica leaned over Candy and kissed her deeply, her tongue sparring with Candy’s and drawing a deep moan out of her throat. Candy, on the bottom, automatically grabbed Monica’s breasts with her hands and broke free of the kiss to claim one tender nipple in her mouth. Holding herself izmit anal yapan escort high Monica closed her eyes and groaned wantonly as Candy went from one nipple to the other. A crowd gathered around them as Candy tortured Monica’s breasts with her mouth and teeth.

Candy moved suddenly and flipped Monica over on her back. Now on top, Candy kissed Monica’s throat and then collar bone. Using her teeth, she nipped her way down Monica’s chest to her left breast. Taking the already tortured nipple in her mouth, she sucked and chewed on it until Monica whimpered with need. Moving to the other breast, Candy repeated the punishment on that nipple.

After several minutes of this, she kissed, nipped and licked her way down Monica’s softly curving belly to her pussy. Turning so she faced Monica’s naked pussy, Candy positioned herself for the final assault. And with Candy’s pussy in front of her, Monica reached between their bodies and grabbed Candy’s heavy breasts in her hands. Pinching Candy’s swollen nipples, Monica greedily attacked Candy’s pussy with her tongue and mouth.

Candy closed her eyes and melted on Monica’s tongue for a moment, but she would not climax first. Dropping her head she propped herself on her elbows and used her hands to open Monica’s pussy lips. She fingered Monica’s slip and licked her clit over and over. Finger fucking her, Candy felt the change begin in Monica’s body and readied herself for the orgasm. Monica came with shaking and moans, her arms encircling Candy’s body with her arms as she fought to stay at her sweet feast.

When Monica’s orgasm had run itself out, Candy sat up and turned around. Positioning herself on Monica’s face, she cupped her own breasts and started pulling and pinching on the nipples while Candy lapped at her pussy with renewed vigor. Now everyone was watching her with hot horny eyes. Feeling the pressure build in her pussy, she dropped to all four and started sliding her slit against Monica’s mouth. Oh yes! She climaxed with a loud moan that came from her belly. Oh yes! But for the audience, she and Monica could have done this all night.

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