Captain Cook’s Cruises Ch. 07Captain Cook’s Cruises Ch. 07


Author’s Note: This is a multi-part story and, although each part might be read without reading the others, reading all parts gives a little better understanding of the whole story. I wish to express my profound thanks to Literotica’s most gracious and lovely Copperbutterfly for her time and effort in editing these stories to make them more enjoyable reading.

The morning following my cruise with Sammie Van Roth and her mother, Ellie DuPont, I was sleeping in when the ringing of my phone woke me.

“Hello?” I answered sleepily.

“Good morning. Captain Cook?” asked a distinctively feminine voice.

“Yes, it is.”

“Uh, this is Amelia St. Clair. I was wondering if I could hire your boat for a cruise this afternoon.”

“Yes, Ms. St. Clair. We are available today. When would you like to leave?”

“I have an appointment at ten this morning but should be free by eleven and I could be at the marina just a few minutes later, if that would be all right.”

“That would be fine. Where would you like to go?”

“I’m not particular, Captain. I’m interested in a restful sail and seeing the sunset late in the day. Other than that, I don’t care.”

“Okay. I’ll be ready for you. Will your family be with you?”

“No, just me, Captain. My husband can’t stand the water and he’ll be buried in his work until late tonight anyway and there are no other family members.”

“Okay. I will look for you shortly after eleven this morning.”

I climbed out of bed, grabbed a cinnamon bun and cup of strong coffee for breakfast, and then showered. Dressing in my usual shorts, T-shirt, and deck shoes, I headed to the marina, stopping at the market to replenish my food and drink supplies.

Having cleaned the boat after tying up last night, there was little to do this morning except polish the night’s dew from the brass. I made sure the wastewater tanks were empty and then added fresh water for drinking at the marina office while I topped off the diesel tanks.

A few minutes after eleven, I watched a beautiful young woman exit a Mercedes in the parking lot and head to the dock. Sure enough she walked right up to my slip and stopped.

“Are you Captain Cook?”

“Yes, ma’am. You must be Ms. St. Clair.”

“No, I’m Amelia St. Clair. If you call me Ms. or Mrs., I’m going to be very unhappy. You can call me Amelia or Amy.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, holding her hand as she came aboard. “I’ll try to be more circumspect. I wasn’t sure if you were married or not.”

“Yes, I’m married. Does that matter?”

“Not really.”

“My mom told me about your services and I was intrigued.”

“Oh? Who is your mom?”

“Trudi Rockefeller.”

“Oh, yes. A very delightful lady. I have enjoyed having her as a passenger.”

Amy laughed. “I guess you did. Mom told me what the two of you did. She loved it. I suspect you did to.”

“Oh, yes, I certainly did.”

I showed her where she could stow the big handbag she had brought on board and then cast off, backing the big cat out of the slip and motoring out to the mouth of the harbor. As I was setting the course in the computer, Amelia joined me on the pilot deck and watched as the computer set the sails for our first leg.

Once the sails filled, we sat back on the bench to watch the small waves pass under the twin hulls of the catamaran. The boat seemed to scoot over the water, actually traveling faster than the wind itself. It was a great sensation to watch the boat cut through the relatively calm water.

“So, Captain, my mother tells me that she had quite a time on her cruises with you.”

“Really? She liked them?”

“Oh, there was no doubt she liked them. Anybody who’s around her very much could tell the difference in her attitude after she first met you. No doubt at all, Captain.”

“Well … I’m glad I could help. I have to say that she is a very … pleasant woman to be around.”

“To be in, you mean?”

I looked at Amy, to see a big smile on her face.

“Okay. She is a great lady to be in, if you want to put it that way.”

“Oh, don’t let me put words in your mouth. Say it whichever way you want to.”

“I mean it. She is a delightful woman. I love being with her.”

“Based on the way she gushes about you, Captain, she loves being with you too. And that is really why I’m here.”

“Oh? How is that?”

“Simple, Captain. I want to get laid.”

I smiled at her. “Surely that’s not a problem for a beautiful woman like you.”

“Oh, almanbahis you’d be surprised. At least I don’t get what I want. Not as often as I want.”

“And what is that?”

“Promise you won’t laugh.”

“I promise.”

“I like … uh, I like it in the back.”

“You mean anal?”

“Yes, I like to get fucked in … my butt.”

“So … what’s wrong with that?”

“You mean you don’t mind?”

“No, ma’am. I like doing it that way too.”

“Really? So … will you do me that way?”

“Absolutely. Let’s go up on the cabin deck. Or we can use the state room bed.”

“I like doing it outside. Let’s use the deck.”

I followed her up the three steps to the cabin deck, watching her as she kicked off her shoes and began unbuttoning her clothes. When she dropped her bra, I was pleased to see that her breasts were larger than I had thought, not as big as her mom’s but definitely a handful each. By the time she had shed her shorts and panties, I had a true appreciation for her magnificent figure. My cock had begun to grow hard at the first sight of her bare breasts.

As Amelia sat down on the deck mat, she pulled a tube of lubricant from her shorts and beckoned me toward her. I stepped over and then nearly lost it when she dribbled the cool gel on my cock and used her hand to smear it all around. I barely managed to suppress a climax and was fully erect when she finished. Then she spread her legs and smeared a generous amount in her anal valley and used two fingers to work it into herself.

As she was laying back, she said, “I’ve got this … hang-up, I guess you’d call it.”

I had already knelt between her legs. “Oh? What is that?”

“I told you I’m married. My husband will not fuck me in the ass. So … I save my pussy for him. But you can have as much of my ass as you can handle. Just don’t put it in my pussy, okay?”

I thought that sounded a little strange but if that’s the way she wanted it, I could live with that.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Amelia grabbed her ankles and pulled them back beside her head, lifting her pretty round bottom off the mat. Her puckered opening seemed to sparkle, just below the opening to her vagina. My heart rate had already started to accelerate as I looked at my target.

Slowly I moved forward, pointing my probe down until it was aimed at her anus. When I made contact with her, I glanced up at Amelia’s face. She smiled and nodded slightly so I applied a little pressure. Even though that is one of the strongest muscles of the human body, Amy seemed to be prepared; the little ring of muscle began to expand as I eased forward, and without an undue amount of effort, my mushroom head popped inside of her.

For an instant, there was a look of pain across her face but it didn’t last but a split second. Then she nodded again for me to continue. I began working into her bowels, little by little. After several minutes, it was gratifying when my balls slapped against her cheeks as her anus grasped my root.

Bending forward over her, I asked, “Are there any other restrictions?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is there anything else you don’t want me to do?”

“No, I can’t think of anything.”


I lowered myself until I plastered my lips on her dark red lips. Amy’s tongue met mine halfway and they charged back and forth from her mouth to mine and back. Her sweet perfume, although rather faint in the sea breeze, still added to my desire to fuck her.

When we broke the kiss to gulp in air, I twisted enough to kiss and suck her big breasts and Amelia seemed to like that. Since I have always been unusually attracted to breasts, so did I. As I extracted all of my cock except for the head from her ass, I sucked her tits like a baby nursing at its mother’s breast. Before long, she was breathing hard and muttering about cumming. Then she was quaking under me and I felt good just watching her cum.

I resumed stroking my cock into her anus. After her orgasm, her tight sphincter was not quite as tight anymore but it felt magnificent to keep banging into her precious ass. She pulled me down for a series of kisses that seemed to last forever as she swabbed my tonsils and I tried to do the same for her. She had been forced to let go of her ankles but I had captured them within the confines of my arms so she was still bent nearly doubled as I methodically drove my cock as deep as it would go into her bowels.

Several minutes later, having begun to almanbahis yeni giriş rub my pubes against her clit to help get her back up the mountaintop, she began talking.

“Oh, yes, honey, that feels so good, keep it up, honey, I love it, don’t stop, please, don’t stop, I’m going to … I’m cummmmmmiiiinnnnggg!”

As her ring of muscle tightened around the base of my probe, I felt my balls contract and begin spitting my load of cum into her rectum. Her explosion seemed to be much stronger than the first one and my climax seemed to match hers, as jet after jet of sticky white sperm shot into her intestines. When the last drops had trickled out, I eased her legs out of my confining grasp and let them down on the mat, then lowered myself over her beautiful face, kissing her sweet lips until I could no longer support myself. Then, rolling to one side to lay beside her, she turned into my arms and we hugged each other for several minutes, basking in the afterglow of our joining.

I heard her stomach gurgle and she laughed.

“Come on,” she said, getting up and tugging at my hand. “Let’s go clean up and get something to eat. I want you to be strong enough to do it again later.”

I chased her down the stairs, playfully smacking her rolling buttocks with every step, loving the laughter she left in her wake.

I was surprised that, after our quick shower, she chose cold sandwiches for lunch but, since I’ve always liked sandwiches, that certainly met with my approval. We sat at the galley table and talked while we ate, one of her feet playfully maneuvering my flaccid cock while we talked.

After we had put away the few dishes we used, we went back on deck. I sat in the pilot’s seat to check the computer, which had us right on the money. Looking up at the filled canvas was hypnotizing for me, a sight that I never tire of. When Amelia squeezed in between my legs and sat back in my lap, I knew that was a feeling I would never tire of either. I held her big hooters for a long while as we watched the ocean floating by so calmly, the boat rocking gently on the low swells, the sails occasionally popping in pockets of light breeze.

Amy’s long reddish-brown hair was blowing in the wind and I sometimes got a few strands in my mouth as I kept my head next to hers. She’d reach up and pulled it to one side occasionally but I loved being that close to her. I could smell whatever shampoo or conditioner she used and it just added to the overall effect of being intimate with a soft cuddly woman. Of course I had a constant hard-on. I slid one hand down slowly between her legs and gently caressed her mound as we sat. Every few minutes she shivered as if she was having a mini-orgasm.

It seemed like we had been snuggled together for a half hour or more when she reached between her legs and pulled my probing cock down between her legs. Then she pushed it back upward and I felt it become engulfed in her warmth and wetness.

“Uh … honey, isn’t that …?”

“Yes, it’s in my pussy.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking.”

“Thinking what?”

“Thinking how … you’ve given me more … attention … already than my … husband has in the last year.”

“Oh? Maybe I shouldn’t be touching you.” I started to pull away my hand but she grabbed it and held it in place.

“No! I want it. I like it. I need it.”

“But you don’t have to give me your treasure.”

“See! That is why I want to.”


“Because you think of my pussy as a treasure. My husband just thinks of it was a place to get off.”

“But are you really sure?”

“Yes. I have been so silly. Now I want you to fuck me.”

Actually it was more like her fucking me. She pulled herself forward and then plopped back down my shaft, using the spoked wheel to pull herself up and then let gravity handle the next part. I kept my fingers where they were, sliding around her mound, slipping into the top of her crease, lightly teasing her protruding little bud. Her big breasts bobbed wildly as she “jogged” on my post. Twice she climaxed, her inner muscles grasping my cock in a vise-like grip.

When she could no longer pull herself up, she looked over her shoulder and asked, “Would you mind putting it back in my ass, honey? I liked that but I like getting it in the back better.”

I grinned devilishly. With my penchant for anal, no way would I mind such a request. I had never yet found a woman’s ass I didn’t want to fuck. We almanbahis giriş moved around to where Amelia could kneel on the steps up to the cabin deck. I soaked my cock in her cunt juices again and then eased into her anus, which was very relaxed and welcoming.

To the sounds of the waves gently breaking and the sails flapping in the breeze, I massaged her big tits and teased her clitoris while stroking my cock in and out of her hot ass hole. Her fingers sometimes reached back to touch my balls, all of which added up to a mind-blowing fuck. Twice more Amy climaxed before my balls spent their load of cum into her bowels.

After Amy brought a warm washcloth up and cleaned my cock off, she sat in my lap as I held her and we watched the calming water as the boat skimmed over the surface.

We had watched as the computer changed the sails and turned us onto the short second leg, then turned us once more for the long run home. Then Amy dropped beside me in the deck chair and began to run her fingers all over my naked body. If her purpose was to make me hard again, it worked. Again she magically produced the lubricant and slathered it on my erect penis before she straddled me cowgirl style and lowered herself around me, engulfing my cock back into her rectum.

Stroking my face tenderly, she said, “You probably think I’m some sort of anal freak, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t. I think you know what you like.”

“Oh, I do, baby. And I know I like the feeling of your cock in my ass.”

“Really? I never would have guessed,” I teased.

She giggled. “Yes, I do. I had completely forgotten how much I liked doing it this way. It makes me feel so … full. I really love it.”

“Honey, I never would have guessed.”

She playfully slapped me on the shoulder and began slowly jogging her ass up and down my shaft, her face registering her distinct pleasure as wave after wave of sensation coursed through her body. On every up-stroke, I could feel her muscle hold my shaft and lovingly caress every contour of my cock. Then turning back just before pulling off of me, she plunged down to start the process all over again. She had been at it just a few minutes when she started to have what turned out to be a series of mini-orgasms that just kept rolling through her being. Then when I finally shot my load into her, she screamed out my name and came again.

Because the wind had not been as strong on the first leg as I had thought, we approached the marina a little early so I lowered most of our sail to slow our pace and we lay side by side on the deck mats as the sun gradually went down on the horizon. With just a few clouds in the sky scudding along gently, the sunset was spectacular. Amelia reveled in the oranges and yellows and red fading into the deep blue of the night. It was almost sexual the way she relished the changing colors. It was sexual the way her fingertips kept crawling over my skin.

As darkness enveloped us, with only the soft glow of the running lights and a few stars overhead, I told her that I’d better get us back to the mooring. However she turned to me and put her arms around me.

“Please … do me one more time before we go in. Please.”

How could any red-blooded male deny such a plaintive request? I couldn’t.

With her magical tube of lubricant, she prepared us both, then turned on the deck mat facing the front of the boat and hoisted her ass on her knees, presenting the most delicious sight in silhouette in front of me. Rising to my knees behind her, I carefully located her anal opening and again slid inside her. For most of the next hour, we watched the stars slowly change positions in the night sky as my cock plied her channel and we both suffered the delicious pangs of magnificent sex, right through our ultimate climaxes.

I quickly cleaned up and dressed, stowed the last of the canvas and fired up the big diesel motor to take us into the harbor. After I had tied the boat off both fore and aft to the dock cleats, Amelia met me as I was putting up the gangplank.

Taking my face in both hands, she kissed me deeply. “Here’s payment for the cruise, darlin’, and here’s” – she kissed me again, her tongue lashing my own – “payment for the fun I’d had with you today. Can you book me for the same time next week?”

“Of course,” I responded eagerly.

“And don’t be surprised at which holes I want your big pole in, darlin’. Just remember I like it in the ass best, huh?”

As she jumped on the gangplank, I grabbed a handful of her luscious ass. I heard her giggling loudly all the way to her car. When she passed under each of the mercury vapor lights, I could have sworn she had little animals moving in the back of her shorts. Mm, mm, mmmm!

End of Ch 07

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