The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 07: Two for OneThe Taking of Rebecca Ch. 07: Two for One


Rebecca sits at the little table in the coffee shop quietly for a moment, pondering what Deborah said about being a slave to Lilith. She feels compelled to help Deborah, but isn’t sure that Deborah truly understands what being a slave to someone, anyone, means.

Rebecca looks down at the little woman kneeling on the floor at her feet. “You must realize that being turned on by the sex is not enough,” Rebecca states firmly, “There is so much more to it than that. Sex is sex and is not a major part of the Mistress/slave dynamic. Being a slave is servitude. There is no room for jealousy or selfishness when you are part of that dynamic. What she wants, she gets, with some limitations. Those limitations are negotiated. The point I need to make is that you have to want to please Lilith with every action you take. It has to be of the utmost importance to you that she be happy with your behavior, both in and out of the bed. How do you propose to make Lilith happy?”

“I would do anything for Lilith,” Deborah says, still not understanding where all of the submissiveness she is feeling comes from. It is beyond anything she has ever imagined or considered.

“Anything?” Rebecca asks the young intern.

“Yes, anything” Deborah says.

“Alright then,” Rebecca says, “I am Lilith and I tell you to worship my feet, right here, right now. What are you going to do? This is a coffee shop and there are other people here. What do you do?”

Deborah looks around and sees the eyes of some of the other customers gawking at them as she sits on her heels; the same heels Rebecca gave her last night to wear. Her short white dress lays lightly on her thighs. Her panties peeking out from under the back.

“Eyes on me, girl,” Rebecca rebukes her, “What they think or say is not important. Pleasing me is what is important. I would do this for Lilith on the sidewalk in the middle of the Plaza if she told me to. Give up your will and let all thoughts of what others might think pass out of your head. Now, worship my feet! First, kiss the toe of my pump and always leave a lipstick mark. That is what is expected in Lilith’s house.”

Deborah hesitantly bends over on all fours, stretches her neck out and kisses the toe of Rebecca’s left pump. A woman comes over to the table and slings religious slurs at them. Talking about worship being only for God. Rebecca, without breaking the gaze with Deborah, waves off the woman dismissively. The woman mumbles incoherently at Rebecca and leaves the shop.

“Now, lick the sole of my left shoe!” Rebecca commands the young woman. Deborah, without breaking the gaze with Rebecca, places the pump up to her mouth and licks the sole once. Rebecca, frowning, tells Deborah, “Lick it clean! That isn’t clean. That is barely the beginning. Do it!” Deborah, looking a bit sullen, licks the sole of the pump several times until she is sure that it is clean. People in the shop are openly staring, some with their jaws dropped. One man, with his cup up to his mouth, spills his coffee on his lap and quickly tries to wipe it up.

“It is time to suck the heel. Suck it as if it were Lilith’s cock, no lollipop service. Suck it in deep” Rebecca instructs Deborah.

This time Deborah does just as she is told and takes the heel into her mouth and sucks it, “Am I doing it right?” She asks Rebecca.

“Very nice! You did that…” Rebecca is interrupted by a girl who just walked into the shop.

“Deborah! Is that you? What is going on?” The woman asks astonished.

Deborah Betturkey scrambles quickly, letting the heel slip from between her lips and says, “I dropped a contact lens and I am trying to find it. There, I found it!” She exclaims, then jumps up into her seat, face crimson with embarrassment and humiliation. She looks down, attempting to regain her composure, looking just a tad disheveled. The scent of her pussy is discernible to Rebecca. She knows that Deborah is utterly turned on by the act of submission. The woman gets in line to order her coffee.

“You were doing fine, Deborah, but you’re not supposed to stop until you have completed all of the steps. Otherwise, you insult the one you serve,” Rebecca chides. Rebecca reaches over and places her hand over Deborah’s. “You’re going to have to decide, and once you decide, commit to your obedience. This is a lifestyle that is very demanding. You need to come to terms with that or you are wasting my time.”

The woman orders her coffee at the counter and stares over at Rebecca and Deborah. She walks over to the table and begins making small talk, something that Rebecca abhors.

Rebecca looks down at her white pump and sees the lipstick mark on her left shoe. She breaks up the conversation between Deborah and the woman and asks in a demeaning way, “Who are you?”

“I am sorry,” the woman blushes, “I don’t mean to be rude. I am Candace. Do you mind if I join you?” She asks while pulling a chair over to sit.

“In fact, I do mind,” says Rebecca, startling Candace. Rebecca knows how drawn to a powerful woman Deborah is. “We were engaged in…”

Deborah breaks in, “Rebecca, it’s okay. We were talking privately Candace about work. Please sit down. It can wait.”

Rebecca is furious and dismayed at Deborah’s behavior. Candace sits down and beams at the two. Once again, she makes small talk about any of a number of things; shopping, gossip, how her job is going. Rebecca, unable to tolerate the intrusion, uncrosses her legs and extends her foot to Deborah and states casually, “Deborah, you appear to have left some lipstick on my pump. Be a dear and remove it.” Deborah freezes and looks at Rebecca, then Candace, then at Rebecca again. Rebecca sees how perplexed Deborah is and enjoys the moment of hesitation. Rebecca then sternly exclaims, “Is there something about what I said that you don’t understand, dear? Don’t make me repeat it!”

Deborah reaches into her purse and pulls out a tissue and kneels on the coffee shop floor and prepares to wipe off the lipstick. Rebecca maintains her composure, but says commandingly, “That is not what I meant. Use your tongue, girl! Lick it clean!” Deborah, startled by the tone of Rebecca’s voice, immediately bends at the waist and starts licking the lipstick off of Rebecca’s pump. Candace is taken aback and watches in astonishment, both repulsed and paralyzed by the spectacle. Rebecca, pleased and empowered by the moment, looks over at Candace and says half jokingly, “I think you ought to join her. Is that what you want, to help her?” Candace gulps, but says nothing. A table of girls get up and leave, but several people stay, glued to the exhibition.

A well-dressed business woman comes over and lays her card face down on the table and says, “I wish I could stay and watch more. You are amazing!” Rebecca takes the card and puts it in her bra and the woman smiles, then exits the shop.

Deborah is licking deliberately to remove Betturkey Giriş the lipstick. Each time she thinks that she has gotten it all, her lips touch the shoe and leave a little more to lick off. Is Rebecca touching her lips on purpose? Rebecca just sits and smiles at the effort Deborah is putting into cleaning the pump. Candace is actually getting turned on by the show and her panties are getting wet. Deborah’s panties are soaked from the excitement and humility she feels. People around them stare in disbelief. When Deborah finishes cleaning the pump, she looks to Rebecca for approval. Rebecca takes off the shoe and inspects it carefully, then smiles at Deborah, saying, “Good girl!” She puts the shoe back on then stands and offers her hand to Deborah to help her stand. Rebecca then directs both of the ladies, “Let’s take a bathroom break.”

When they get to the bathroom, it is a single toilet room with a sink and a lockable door. Rebecca is pleased by this. She orders, “Take off your panties and hand them to me.” Candace looks perplexed. “Now!” barks Rebecca. They both remove their panties and Rebecca takes them, smells them one at a time and puts them in her purse. Rebecca orders Deborah to stand facing the sink. Rebecca comes up behind her and reaches around with one hand to squeeze her small breast and the other goes between Deborah’s thighs. She is flowing down the length of her thighs without the panties to act as a barrier. Rebecca kisses her neck and nibbles on an earlobe. Candace is watching with great interest. She has always been a closeted lesbian. Candace reaches down between her own long legs and rubs up and down the naturally blonde pubic bone. Then she slips a finger between the folds of her pussy as she leans her 5’7″ frame against the bathroom door. Her ice blue eyes glazed over as she watches the other two women lustily.

Rebecca is hard. It is a rare moment for her to get hard, but she hasn’t forgotten how to fuck pussy. She lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties and parts the little woman’s legs. She has to crouch a little to line up with Deborah’s pussy, then she sinks her cock into the wet folds to Deborah’s pussy hole and she begins to fuck her with wanton abandon.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve fucked a woman,” she whispers in Deborah’s ear. Deborah moans softly and smiles.

Candace can’t see Rebecca’s cock, but knows something is different about this situation. Rebecca has her hands on either hip and she is lunging at Deborah. It is all too exciting for her and she begins to rub her clit furiously and reaches under her blouse and bra to pinch a sensitive nipple. She moans with a need to cum.

Deborah is rubbing her own clit as Rebecca fucks her hard. Rebecca can’t remember a time when she was so hard. She pummels Deborah’s pussy as Deborah moans loudly, her climax building as she fingers her clit. Just as her climax peaks, she bites down on her lip to keep from screaming and gives off a little cry from the pleasure she is receiving. Rebecca keeps fucking her and pinches both of the young woman’s nipples and Deborah keeps rubbing her clit, now with two fingers.

Meanwhile, Candace is nearing her own orgasm. She moans as she continues to play her clit like a violin and her nipples are straining against her fingertips, hard as pencil erasers. Each pinch sends a bolt of electricity straight to her clit. The climax comes and she orgasms very hard, letting out a growl deep in her throat Betturkey Güncel Giriş as she forces air through her teeth. This scene is so hot! She can’t believe that she has masturbated in a bathroom at a coffee shop and really enjoyed it.

Rebecca continues her assault on Deborah, knowing that it takes a long time for her to cum herself. She is quite surprised by how hard she has stayed. Since her orchiectomy she has had little sexual drive with her cock. She still loves sex, but her cock just typically doesn’t want to play. Rebecca leans down and kisses the back of Deborah’s neck as Deborah nears another orgasm. Rebecca, in the meantime, feels an orgasm beginning to build also, but she still has time. Time for what? Time to fuck Candace. Suddenly, Deborah cums again and has to bite her lip to keep from screaming, this time drawing blood. When her orgasm subsides, Rebecca pulls out of her. Deborah sits on the commode, it is the only seat in the room and she is too exhausted from her orgasms to stand. Rebecca motions for Candace to come to her. Candace stands straight and walks quickly over to Rebecca. Whatever Rebecca was doing to Deborah, she wants some of it.

Rebecca has Candace stand with her back against the sink. Rebecca then kneels and spreads Candace’s legs. Rebecca can smell the sweet perfume of her juices. Candace is very wet. Rebecca decides that a good tongue-lashing is in order before she surprises Candace with her cock. Rebecca leans in and begins to work her magic on Candace pussy. She slips her tongue passed the clit and slides it through the folds of Candace’s pussy. Candace moans to the moist softness of Rebecca’s tongue engaging her. It feels so damn good! Rebecca uses her upper lip to rub lightly against the clit while she tongues Candace’s hole. Rebecca takes a finger and lubricates it with pussy juice and slips it in Candace’s asshole. Deborah watches and fingers her own clit as Rebecca treats Candace to what she knows is a marvelous pussy-licking. Candace is moaning more ardently as Rebecca’s tongue makes contact with her clit. Rebecca then zeroes in on that clit, encircles it with her lips and whisks her tongue rapidly across it.

Candace almost jumps from the intensity of the moment of contact. It doesn’t take long for the talented tongue of Rebecca to make Candace orgasm. When she does, she cums so hard that creams Rebecca’s face with juices. Candace lets out another long growling moan. Rebecca turns her around to face the sink, Candace’s legs barely able to hold herself up. Candace leans against the sink and suddenly feels something hard in her pussy. It isn’t unpleasant, so she goes with it. Rebecca begins to fuck her hard. This time Rebecca is almost ready to cum herself after fucking Deborah for so long. Candace reaches down to finger her clit, but finds she doesn’t have the energy to do so. She is spent. Rebecca continues to fuck her. She leans over and kisses the back of Candace’s neck, then nibbles on her shoulder softly. This action is enough for Rebecca to finally cum. She swallows hard as she cums, squirting a little fluid from her cock, not wanting to squeal. It doesn’t work though as she squeals anyway.

Candace turns around when Rebecca pulls out and sees the little cock. She smiles broadly and hugs her. This has been a fantasy of hers for as long as she can remember. She kisses Rebecca hard. The three straighten up, brush out their hair and reapply some makeup. “It ain’t perfect, but it will have to do,” Rebecca laughs. When they come out of the bathroom, the entire coffee shop applauds and all three blush brilliant red. The three exit the shop. Rebecca heads to her car and Deborah follows her like a little puppy.

Candace whispers in Deborah’s ear, “Where are we going?”

“Does it matter?” Deborah replies.

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