Fit to Be TiedFit to Be Tied


The parking lot is empty, apart from a few scattered vehicles, and you sit there, quietly and patiently, turning so many possibilities over in your head. Curiosity and desire blend in your mind as you allow your fingers to wander down in between your thighs, grazing lightly over the soft skin, from the insides of your knees upward under your skirt, and your heart begins to drum heavier as you reach closer and closer to your daringly naked folds.

Another glance reassures you that this quiet occasion is unobserved, and you part your thighs further and draw your fingertips into your glowing pool, slipping just a little inside and upward to slick your little pink and swelling nub.

You watch as his car appears and moves closer, and you brazenly persist in your preliminary teasing as he pulls it up next to yours, knowing that the sight will stir him and make him all the more desirous of your pleasure as well as his own.

As he stands out and approaches your passenger door, you bring your right thigh outward to open your little panorama for him, and he leans in the open window to fully appreciate your lustful exhibition as you slip your middle and ring fingers all the way up inside your cunt, fingering hard and deep as your mouth drops open and your eyes burn into his. Then he draws his hand between his face and yours palm upward with the fingers curled, and then strokes the air with his index fingertip in a wordless command to follow him, before leaning back out and entering his car again.

You close your windows and grab your bag and your keys and lock your car up before walking around to his, where you find a thick black towel has been laid for you to sit on. In a low voice, he instructs you to hike your skirt up and sit with your bare ass on the towel. “You’ve been such a very good girl so far; I think you’re going to like what’s about to happen, and what we have planned for you later.” His voice changes again to a slightly more authoritative tone, “Put your seatbelt on, and then hold your hands back behind your seat.”

He leans his seat back and reaches behind you as you comply, and you feel a pair of loops of thick soft rope tightening snugly around each of your wrists. Then he leans forward and draws the same black ropes up from under the seat and secures each one with the same double-wrapped loops and quick-release half-bow knots just below each of your knees. The ropes are arranged so that they hold your thighs spread wide against the door and the center console and transfer the tension against your wrists.

A sharp burst of helpless lust floods through you as he pulls a third line that draws your bonds firmly taut, and the ropes now hold you securely and vulnerably opened to his desires. He draws out a small hard plastic vibrator knotted in the center of a long fourth length, and he slips it carefully up between your legs and beneath and against your increasingly swollen and slick little clit and between your slippery inner folds.

Your mouth drops open as it touches you, and the smooth surface is cool against your heat as he draws the rope into loops all the way around your thighs and then behind your arched back and around your waist to meet in a half-bow at your belly and secure the toy tightly in place at your opening.

He turns the knob to the very lowest setting and you tense against the slight stimulation, breathlessly and profanely voicing your taunted pleasure, and he looks discreetly around again before hauling up your top and feeling your tits up roughly and leaning in to bite your ear for a moment. Then he pulls your top down over your tingling tits and your belly knot, and he smoothes your skirt over your continually teased sex and your thigh loops, and then he hangs a coat over the back of your seat, so that now nothing he has done is visible to any overlooking driver that might pass by you on the road.

As he drives up onto the freeway, he casually reaches over between your legs and turns the vibe up, banishing any coherent thoughts from your head, and he fondles your tits gruffly through your top, then hikes your skirt up all the way and sharply spanks your inner thighs, “Sweet luscious naughty little girl, all tied up and fucking teased so deliciously… you wanna cum, huh? Do you wanna fucking cum?”

With a profane affirmation, you madly breathe out your eagerness to feel your tense body reaching that hot release.

He flashes a mischievous grin at you, and then turns back to the road, “That’s just one of life’s little tragedies, isn’t it – you don’t get to cum yet… not until I say you can cum! I want you to feel that hot hunger in your cunt. I want that little slit quivering and twitching in raging desperation to get sweetly off against my prick as you lick her. Do you understand, my wanton little strumpet? Do you?”

“Yes, sir,” you respond – and he reaches over and jiggles the vibe fiercely up and down along your slit for a moment, making you even hotter. Then he draws the little toy back and slips it into your aching opening and up inside your soaking depth and rubs his middle finger very soft and fast from side to side on your glistening clit, and a shudder of sexual tension races up your spine and it sparks a deepening hunger to feel him slipping and sliding up in you.

“Mmmm, such an impetuous little trollop you are, trying so hard to fuck that little toy. I’m gonna make you fucking cum so sweet and hot – but you have some very specific tasks that you need to complete before you get that pleasure. Do you understand, my luscious little slattern? You’re gonna fucking make her cum first.”

He pauses to rake his fingers into your hair and pull your head back and turn your face toward him as he buries his wet tongue against yours, and you drink his kiss in greedily. “I’m gonna untie you when we get there, and I’m gonna strip you fucking naked right there in the backyard, and then I’ll take you into the house, and I’m gonna release you just before we walk into the bedroom.

Then without so much as a single word, you’re gonna run your hand over her cheek and kiss her mouth and then her neck, and feel up and suckle her tits, and then stroke her pussy nice and gentle, and then you’re gonna spread her legs nice and easy, and kiss up and down the insides of her thighs, and then you’re gonna lick that little slit of hers so soft and fine,” You feel his hot tongue just barely touching the outer curve of your ear again as he licks it ever so lightly, and your mouth drops open with the delicious feeling, “just like that, until her breath gets heavy – understand? …and I’ll be tonguing your fucking cunt and keeping it nice and fucking slippery and ready for my cock to fuck, and your gonna wet your first two fingers with your tongue, and then tell her how sweet her pussy is as you slide them up into her… and right exactly then is when I’m gonna drive my hard prick up into your slippery little cunt, and while I’m fucking your wet little pussy of yours slow and steady, your gonna curl the tips of your fingers gently up,” he holds up his index and middle fingers to demonstrate, “and rub the flats of your fingers against that little bundle on the inside top as you lick her with quick little flicks of the tip of your tongue, until she starts to moan and get all tensed up, and then your gonna slip your fingers out and turn them over and slide ’em back in again, and rub deep against the bottom of her tunnel and lick and suck heavier and then lighter and then quicker and then slower exactly with my pace thrusting in and out of your little cunt.”

He reaches between your legs and turns the vibe up a bit and slips it out of you and then works the tip in and out of your entrance and over your clit, “and when she groans with pleasure and squirts over your fingers, that’s when – and not a moment before – that’s when you’re allowed to cum on my cock… is that clear?” He turns up the strength of the buzz a little further and rapidly jiggles it inside your frothy opening.

A white-hot longing burns at your core as you pant out the words, “Yes! …Yes! …Oh fuck! …Yes! I need to cum …so bad! …Fuck …I want your cock in me …fucking me so good …and I want her pussy …cumming on my mouth! …Oh fuck yes!!”

He withdraws the vibrator and holds it back from your pussy, “Good girl – such a good girl you are, wanting so fucking desperately to fuck and lick and cum over and over… Does it feel nice to be so hungry to cum, huh? Do you like being totally filled with that sweet fucking hunger?”

“Yes, please – please, sir! I wanna be your good girl! I wanna fuck your cock! I wanna lick her! I wanna cummmmm!! Fuck, I wanna cum!” You As he moves from the stop sign and pulls back on the freeway, you wriggle even more hungrily on that little shaft as it holds you ever so close to the edge of that sweet release. “Fuck, you’re so right – it feels so fucking good to be so fucking horny! Oh, I wanna cum so bad, but I love the way you’ve got me feeling so fucking hot! I’ll do anything, anything you say – just tell me – just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Mmmm – that’s it, luscious girl – she’ll like that naughty tongue of yours between her thighs… and after you get her off, and after you cum lusciously on my cock, you can watch me slip it up into her, and then you can lay back and spread for her mouth so she can lick you off while I make her cum again.”

The garage door hums and squeaks as it drops closed behind his car, and he leans over you and releases your legs, and he unties and pulls the toy out and tucks it in the layers of the towel, and then he allows you to bring your arms forward, and takes the ropes from under the seat and pulls you to crawl slowly over the driver’s seat and out next to him, leaving your bag on the floor of the car. He turns you around and strips off your top, pulling it down and off of the ropes before folding your forearms together behind your back and tying them snugly together with several loops.

He leads you to walk backwards and guides you up a short step and through one door and then another, into the backyard and the slight chill of the evening air, and then he strips off your skirt and your shoes, and he bends to lick and suck your nipples as he slips his hand between your legs and deftly and deeply fingers your oozing and fragrant little slit quickly right back up into a frenzied heat. “Do you remember everything I told you?”

“Yes, sir!” your obedient preparedness drives a hushed exclamation as he turns you around and looses your arms and wrists from their bindings.

The slight warmth of the house is comforting as you feel the firm grasp of his fingers in your hair controlling your speed and direction. You enter the bedroom and he releases you into the glow of the lamp on the side-table, and she’s there, standing by the edge of the bed wearing only a coral macramé wrap that slightly obscures her generous and well-proportioned curves. Her dark braid rests on her shoulder and trails down over her breast and her belly. A fresh swell of delight passes into you as you approach her, and you caress her cheek, and you kiss her gently and passionately as he locks the bedroom door and begins to get undressed.

Her tongue plays against yours and you linger at her lips for a few long moments before moving to her neck and shoulders as you brush aside the pink mesh and cup her breasts, and he moves behind you and presses his fresh nakedness against you from behind. Her hands are warm and soft on your tits, and his are cool as they caress your sides and slip down to your waist to guide you to bend slightly to lick and suck each of her nipples, and you arch your back and rise up on the balls of your feet to present your puffy and glistening pussy to him and you reach down and fondle her pussy tenderly as he presses the top of his newly hardening length against your slick outer folds.

You move over her as she lays back on the bed, and you gently shoulder her legs apart as you move to feel up her breasts again and then drop your head back between her thighs and kiss and nibble slowly up and down from the insides of her knees to her freshly trimmed triangle, then you unfold her further, licking so very lightly over her outer contours as you climb up to kneel on the edge of the bed and arch your throbbing cunt out for him.

As your tongue parts her petals – and you taste her sweet spice and lap your tongue over her cleft slowly and softly from bottom to top, loitering for a few quicker licks over her swelling clit – her breath deepens, and you feel the cool of his breath, and his tongue slips up and down over your sex, teasing your slick heat up again.

You slip your first two fingers into your mouth and wet them, and then whisper between her thighs, “Your sexy little pussy is so sweet and tasty…” and she fairly purrs in response and she trails her fingers into your hair as his mouth leaves your cock-hungry slit and you slip your fingers very slowly up into her. You feel the engorged head of his rigid prick against your folds and then sliding into your opening and slowly and – oh so very deliciously – up into your slippery deep, and you wordlessly intone your intense relief at finally getting that hot tunnel filled up with hard cock, and he establishes a measured and stable rhythm as you press your fingers up against her sweetspot and flick of the tip of your tongue lightly over her little button.

You hear him moan in response as your slick warmth snugly envelops his steadily thrusting length, and her body arches and stiffens as her tension builds.

You draw your fingers very gradually out and move to bury your tongue deep inside her, and then you reach back to offer her musk to his open mouth and you watch him over your shoulder as he hungrily licks your fingers and presses his cock all the way into you, grinding his hilt against your entrance.

You can feel your excitement building and you dutifully slip your fingers back into her, palm down, rubbing deep against the bottom of her passage as you feverishly lick and suck to match his pace. He draws back a little and rubs your clit side to side before plunging deep up in you again and you work her depths, as her moans grow louder and deeper she utters confirmation of your impending success, “Yes Just like that! Just like that! Oh fuck, don’t stop!”

Her body grows rigid and then she shakes and heaves beneath you as her pleasure floods her, and her hot and tangy fluid pours in little squirts out underneath your tongue and over your fingers as you work her, and he spanks your ass hard and thrusts fast and fiercely into you, and you hear his hoarsely panted words, “Good girl, good girl,” as you realize that you now have fully satisfied his requests and have his complete consent to surrender to your pleasure.

Her shaking eases back as your body seizes up in full acceptance of his pounding prick, and she slowly opens up again under you as you brace yourself with your palms against the mattress, and as the ecstasy begins and you buck and shudder against his thrusts, you bury your tongue in her dripping depths and send her over the edge once more as all your pent up tension passes through you in an electric torrent of primal bliss and, for a few precious moments, your entire world becomes an unconscious melding of his cock and your cunt and her pussy and your tongue and his hot and heavy breath and her cries of wild abandon and the deep vibration of your groans of pleasure against her slick and pulsating flower.

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