Exploring My Bi SideExploring My Bi Side

Big Tits

What you are about to read is true. This story is more about how things started for me so may think it is boring. But I wanted to set you up for my later adventures which get hotter. Please let me know what you think.

My first exposure to the naked body was not looking in the mirror and exploring my body but porn magazines. The very first time I looked at one I was mesmerized by what I saw. I had never seen a nude woman before and I examined every picture, not because the girls were naked but different from me. When I found magazines with couples having sex that captivated me even more. From an early age up to the beginning of Junior high school I had never hear of gays or lesbians. I had seen pictures of girl/girl sex but never men, which was fine with me because it was the female body that interested me.

It’s 1994, where my sexual revolution started. I am 25 and all I think about is girls and sex. I am addicted Casibom to sex like it was heroin and I try to find any kind of action to settle me until my next fix. The computer age is upon me and the Internet fed my addiction. Porn pics for free! Now my appetite for sex became very strong because the Internet showed me stuff I could never imagine. Bondage, golden showers, bestiality, transvestites and gay sex. When I started to look at pictures of men and gay sexual activities I remembered my first experience. The more I thought of my experience the more I wanted to try it.

I never acted on my desire until one night, being horny; I went into an adult video bookstore. Paying the clerk the entrance fee I went to the back and waited for him to buzz me in. The bookstore was a regular spot for me and I usually went very late at night and stay in my regular booth for about 30 minutes then head home. That night Casibom Giriş my booth was taken and the place was unusually full. I found another booth found and girl/girl movie sat down and started watching the movie. About 5 minutes had gone by and being aroused I pulled off my pants and started playing with myself slowly.

I was really into the movie when out of the corner of my eye I saw something. When I looked I was shocked to see a dick sticking out of the wall. I did not know how long it was there and I could not believe that it was there! Getting up to take a closer look I finally noticed the hole in the wall. I was so nervous and I could feel my heart pounding. I began to touch it and feel a dick in my hand was so nice. I decided to go for it and fulfill one of my fantasy’s, after all this time wanting to try it again I could not pass up on this opportunity.

Getting on my knees I began Casibom Yeni Giriş to lick the shaft and not put the head in my mouth yet. The dick was about 6.5″ to 7″ long and very hard. The hole was big enough so his balls were through the hole. I started to suck on his sack getting everything in my mouth. My tongue slowly caressed his sack as I kept sucking. I could tell he was enjoying it by the way he kept pushing closer through the hole. Finally deciding it was time I put his dick in my mouth and tried to go as deep as possible without gagging. I suck on him for about 3-4 minutes before he came. When I felt he was about to cum I stopped sucking and masturbated him. The feel of his cum all over my hand made me very horny. When he was done I could see him pull his pants up and leave.

I got as much cum off my hand before I pulled my pants up got out of the booth and went straight to the bathroom to wash them off. Looking in the mirror I could not believe what just happened. I really enjoyed what I did but what did that mean? Did it mean I was gay? I went home that night and ran the whole event through my head until I fell asleep.

More to cum.


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