The Retirement PartyThe Retirement Party


April 3

Jo had been singing it for days and it was driving me mad! “It’s all about the bass, about the bass…” On and on she went until finally I screamed:

“Enough already!”

“Oh hubby. Do you not like my song?”

“Well, I like the way you move to the song.” Jo looked hot swinging her big sexy curvaceous ass in a short micro skirt and flicking it up occasionally so I could get a glimpse of her black silky panties.


“But couldn’t you sing something else or at least change the words?”

“Fair enough. Well today hubby two gorgeous, hot, sexy, young drug reps came to see me.”

Jo works as a doctor at the local hospital and recently she’d started teasing me about all the new drug reps and junior doctors she was “mentoring”. One had even taken her out for lunch. She was quite brazen about the fact he was, and I quote, “a gorgeous, sexy stud.” So something had changed recently.

She’s always been gregarious, but conservative. But the last few weeks she’s been talking an awful lot about these new colleagues and how much she liked them. Part of me was very hurt, upset and jealous. And when she started talking about how sexy they were when we were in bed together I got really angry with her, but I also started to get a tiny bit turned on when she said how she was only playing and if she could snog a few of them at the upcoming retirement party for Donald, her gay line manager, she’d give me oral. This she’d never, ever done before. And every time she talked about it we’d end up having mind-blowing sex.

“Not the drug reps thing again Jo.”

“Just hear me out.”

“Okay. I’m listening.”

“Well how about if I change the song to…It’s all about the reps, about the reps, about the reps, it’s all about the sex – with the reps.”

I laughed in spite of myself. Turned on by my wife’s naughtiness and the striptease she started doing in the living room.

We rushed upstairs and once more had a mega session.

“So, do you want to come to the party with me then?”

“Well, I can hardly let you go alone can I. You might come back pregnant given the current mood you’re in.”

“Oh that would be amazing.”


“Just saying. Getting pregnant by some 30 year old stud, wow!”


“Lighten up hubby. If I get pregnant I’ll be horny as hell.”


“We’d be having orgies every night!”

April 4

I got home tonight to a note and an empty house. Jo is in London at a medical conference for a few days. And I’m really worried she’s going to act out these fantasies of hers. Especially after reading her note:

Dear hubby, I know you think I’ve gone insane. But I’ve become very horny these past few months. It started when I accidentally clicked on a pornographic website. I typed into Google “How to be a hot wife.” I so badly wanted to stop being routine in the bedroom, I just wanted, I guess, to spice up our love life a bit. But I definitely got more than I bargained for. I read story after story of women who radically transformed themselves into sexy wives and started cuckolding their husbands, fucking other men and turning their husbands into cross dressers and cock suckers. At first I was shocked, dumbfounded. But the more I read, the more hypnotised I became and the more my desire grew to turn fantasy into reality. I know you will find this hard to accept, but on your laptop I’ve bookmarked some of these stories and their accompanying hot, sexy, fucking amazing pictures. So before you really lose it with me, please just check out the websites. I’ll ring after dinner and we can talk then. Please be assured that I love and adore you. I just want to be a hot sexy wife for you.

Jo xxx

I ran upstairs, opened my laptop and with heart banging in my chest opened the first of the websites. It told a story of a woman who brought a young stud home one night after work and with her husband sat on the settee started making out with this young guy. At first the husband was in a jealous rage, but as the young guy undressed his wife, slid his tongue into her mouth and grabbed her ass, an unusual change came over her husband. He dropped his trousers, pulled his cock from his boxer shorts and, as his wife bent over their settee and the young hunk buried his own cock into her gaping pussy, the husband started masturbating. This really got his wife excited and as the young guy took her from behind, she started deep throating her husband. All three of them enjoying a fantastic orgasm.

I raced through a dozen or so of these stories, gently rubbing my own cock getting more and more excited. I clicked on one final tab that said, ‘Dr Hottie’, and nearly shot my load into the air. There was my sexy wife, bent over her office desk, a fucking gorgeous hunk of a guy wearing a mini skirt, stockings, suspenders and a bra kissing her tits while another stud – wearing male attire – banged her from behind – his huge cock glistening with my wife’s juices as he slid in and out of her. My wife smiling and winking directly into the camera.

There xslot were several things that troubled me about the picture before me: Clearly it wasn’t photo-shopped, this was real. Secondly the guy fucking Jo was far more attractive than me and had a much bigger cock AND Jo was clearly loving every minute of it. Finally, despite my seething anger and sense of betrayal my own cock was still rigid and I felt turned on by the whole thing and very turned on by the cross dresser who also had an enormous cock.

It was then that the phone rang.

“Hello hubby, like the picture?”

“Might do.”


“Jo, I should be really, really angry with you…”


“But – oh I feel ashamed admitting this…”

“Go on sweetie, it’s okay. Honestly.”

“But…but…I’m really turned on. You look so hot.”

“You think so hey.”

“It’s an empirical fact.”

“And the guys?”

“Yes, they look hot as well. It makes me want to…”

“Yes,” Jo was breathlessly excited now.

“Oh I want to join in.”

“Well that can be arranged.” Jo said excitedly.

“When will you be home?”

“i’m on the train now…rubbing my pussy.”

“Watch you don’t get caught!”

“I rather hope I will!”

“I hope you do too.”

“But if I do, the conductor may make me pay a fine.”

“Give him your pussy.” As soon as I said it I realised Jo had won – or was well on the way to winning. Delirium had set in. My new hot wife had cast a spell on me. Now I would do whatever she asked me to do.

April 9

The night of the retirement party for Jo’s colleague had arrived. Jo and I were sat on our bed naked. Jo opened her laptop and showed me pictures of very hot sexy women in stockings, panties and their bras.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, puzzled, but enjoying the slide show.

“I want to see how you react hubby…I want to see what turns you on the most.”

My cock grew harder and harder as picture after picture showed sexy women in very hot lingerie.

“You clearly seem to be enjoying this hubby.” Jo said pointing at my swollen cock.

“Sorry, I can’t control myself.”

“Neither can I.” Jo laughed as she said this and brought up the next picture.

What I saw made my mouth gape open. Jo was in her office at work with four of her colleagues. She was clad in gorgeous spiked black high heels, silky black stockings and red satin vintage crotchless panties. Her black bra was resting on the telephone. Her full red lips were sucking on an enormous black cock as she bent over her desk. Two of her colleagues were in front of the desk fondling her tits, whilst a third a much younger guy, perhaps in his mid to late twenties – and dressed in a pair of black panties and stockings was taking her from behind. Her face was turned to the camera and you could tell she was loving every second of the orgy that I was now staring at.

Having gotten over the initial shock – I again felt really angry, but my cock grew harder still and Jo sensing my mixed emotions, immediately started giving me oral. The combination of my wife giving me fellatio while I stared at the incredibly disturbing, but arousing and deliciously naughty photographs sent my balls into overdrive. I was going to explode any second. But Jo feeling the pulsing of my cock withdrew from her exertions.

“Not yet hubby. I’ve got big plans for you tonight…Here put these on.”

Jo tossed me a pair of black silky vintage panties. I held them in my hand staring at her in disbelief.

“You’ve got to be joking?’

“You know you want to,” Jo simply replied as she slipped into a matching red pair. Then she bent over our bed, before adding:

“If you put them on I’ll let you fuck me from behind later.”

Hearing Jo, my usually very conservative wife, use such an expletive shocked and turned me even more. I duly slid the panties on…they felt amazing. I felt my balls go hard and my cock throb with an excitement I’d never experienced before. Jo came over and kissed me passionately.

“Wow, you look hot hubby…now let’s add some stockings…”

Stupefied, trance-like, I sat on the bed as Jo slid one and then the other sheer black stocking up my leg. She then wrapped a suspender belt around my waist and attached the clips to the stockings. The effect was startling, I felt a jolt of electricity race through my body – I felt the urge to masturbate, but somehow resisted. My face was flushed with excitement. In fact I felt a little faint. Jo kissed me more tenderly this time.

“What’s next?” I asked, starting now to enjoy the kinkiness of it all.

Jo rummaged in a bag and brought out a gel bra. When she fastened it around me I felt my stomach somersault. The breast forms made me feel like a woman. By the time Jo had dressed me in a black cocktail dress, black high heels, a brunette wig and scarlet lip gloss, black mascara and a hint of female perfume I was gagging for it.

Jo looked equally seductive in a pink dress that hugged xslot Giriş her ample 34DD tits, When the taxi arrived I felt my heartbeat increase rapidly but Jo calmed my fears.

“You don’t look like a drag queen, you look like a sexy woman on a night out with a friend.”

“A hot sexy friend,” I managed, my voice quivering with trepidation.

The short journey to Donald’s house was eventful. Jo kept stroking the inside of my thigh, at one point giving our perry driver a glimpse of both my stocking tops and my black silky panties. If he noticed the bugle in the delicate, gorgeous, material he was polite enough to say nothing until we arrived at our destination.

“How much?” Jo asked.

“Ladies I’m prepared to waive the cost of the fair if I can see her,” he pointed at me, “stocking tops again.

“Sounds like a good deal,” Jo replied. And without waiting a response from me lifted the hem of my dress. The taxi driver licked his lips and started drooling.

“Pick us up later,” Jo continued, “and we’ll both show a little bit more. If you can handle it, that is.” Jo winked at the driver and he rubbed his hands together delighted, no doubt, that his evening had got off to such an unexpected, but delicious start.

We exited the cab and strode up to Donald’s front door. We could hear the sound of music and laughing coming from inside.

“Now you’re sure Jo, all the guys will be dressed as tarts tonight?” I asked, feeling a huge wave of apprehension hit me.

“Yes, darling, all the gay ones anyway.” And with that bombshell, and without waiting for my response she rang the doorbell.

“Jo, David – or Davina I presume?! Welcome, come on in and join the fun.”

Donald kissed us both…on the lips…as we entered. He was dressed as a French maid and although the kiss was feather light it felt good. Jo spotted my reaction.

“Oh my sissy hubby, if you enjoyed that, we are both going to have a fabulous night.”

“What do you mean Jo.”

“Dr Hottie from now on please…and you’ll see shortly.”

Once properly inside Donald handed us both a glass of wine. I downed mine greedily trying to calm my frayed nerves. Everywhere I looked there were hunky guys, many of them 15-20 years my junior. They seemed delighted to see Jo and greeted her warmly, hugging and kissing her on the lips. I felt the first stirrings of jealousy, but as Jo introduced me to them all and they greeted me in the same way the jealousy turned to strange desire.

Something very weird was happening to me. I started to feel lust for some of these guys; especially the crossdressers – policewomen, nurses, a couple more maids, a few looking really hot and desirable in burlesque type outfits.

Jo introduced me to four stunningly handsome studs.

“Darling, this is Luke one of our junior doctors and Jonathan my favourite drug rep, Andrew another consultant and Scott another newbie. Is it ok if I dance with them sweetheart?”

Each of the guys would have melted the heart of any woman – and any gay guy for that matter, but Scott with his tight ass and Andrew, a big black doctor, were drop dead gorgeous. Then it occurred to me these were some of the guys that had fucked Jo in those pictures she’d showed me. My heart skipped a beat. But instead of wanting to kill these colleagues of Jo’s I understood why she let them seduce her. Now I knew I was going to get the live show…jealousy stirred again, but it was tinged with insatiable lust – Jo had cast a spell on me with her outrageous behaviour and I couldn’t snap out of it.

So I watched as my hot sexy wife gyrated her body surrounded by these hot blooded hunky guys and as much as I felt deep pangs of jealousy, I also envied her all the attention she was getting.

Maybe I would have reacted violently, especially when Jo rubbed her sexy ass into Scott’s crotch and when Luke kissed her mouth and started rubbing her tits, but I was literally in an hypnotic state watching these colleagues of my wife begin to kiss and touch her all over.

Jo kept looking in my direction – no doubt trying to gauge my response, she kept winking and smiling at me and I found myself smiling back enjoying the spectacle of my wife as the touching and the kissing got more and more intimate.

Then I felt hands on my body as first Donald – looking sexy as hell in his French maid’s outfit and someone I discovered was called James, started to caress my legs and kiss my neck. Jo watched avidly – despite beginning to breathe more heavily in response to her dress being removed.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” she said, “And Donald kindly bring my sissy husband.”

Donald’s bedroom was huge incorporating a massive king size bed. I watched as Jo, just in her underwear now, was placed on the bed. Scott invited me over.

“Remove your wife’s panties please.” He said simply. It wasn’t said as a demand, more like a request, the way you would ask for someone to pass your plate over after dinner. So I obeyed – still lost in a trance.

“Now sniff them.” It xslot Güncel Giriş was Luke’s voice this time. Again I obeyed. Jo’s red silk panties were soaked – she was unbearably excited. It was a heady mix of her delectable pussy juices.

“Now, darling remove all their clothes and help Scott slide into me.” Again, now feeling incredibly submissive, but also very, very aroused, I obeyed. When the four guys were all naked I hesitated…

“Come on sissy hubby, take Scott’s big cock and put it in my pussy.” It was big, maybe 7-8 inches. I looked at Scott who simply nodded his assent. His cock felt warm and…oh my…so good to touch. I was tempted to kiss it. But feared he’d hit me, so I guided him in to Jo’s gaping hole and watched with goggle-eyed wonder as he started to fuck my wife in front of me. The other guys – awaiting their turn – started kissing her nipples, massaging her tits and the they took Luke and Andrew put their cocks in my wife’s mouth as Jonathan continued to tease her tits and Scott continued to bang her, his sexy ass driving him deeper and deeper into my hot naughty wife.

As Jo started to scream with pleasure – occasionally still looking at me for approval – my cock reached over the top of my vintage panties straining to be set free. Donald noticed the huge bulge in my trousers and unzipped my dress. Once it was on the floor James – in his sexy nurse’s uniform, fishnet stockings, high heels and deep red lipstick, pressed himself up against me and started to gently rub my cock. Then Donald, 60 year old Donald, James was half his age, started kissing me – gently at first, but then with more vigour darting his tongue in and my mouth.

Overcome with desire I responded. Kissing Donald passionately, grabbing his ass through his maid’s uniform and lifting James’s uniform so I could touch his cock. This had a sensational effect on Scott and my hot naughty wife: they both started bucking to and fro.

“Oh fuck my wife Scott,” I screamed, “Fuck her hot, damp naughty pussy with your big fat cock. Jo, almost deranged now sucked Luke’s and Andrew’s cocks greedily. All at once Scott ejaculated into my wife’s pussy quickly followed by Luke and Andrew who filled her mouth full of sperm.

Breathing rapidly Jo beckoned me to come over. At first I didn’t know what she wanted, but then she grabbed me and forced me to kiss her and as I did she passed much of Luke’s and Andrew’s sperm into my mouth. Insanity had set in, now having tasted and swallowed the salty liquid I wanted more and dove her into Jo’s pussy. As I began to lap up my first creampie Jo started bucking like a wild donkey, swearing expletives, calling me her gay fucking crossdressing sissy hubby. That just made me even wilder than she was behaving. I lapped up every drop and then started on her clitoris.

Suddenly my own panties were pulled down and, as I continued to give Jo cunnilingus, and as Jonathan snogged my wife, I felt Donald grab my ass, rub some lube in my hole and start to enter me from behind. Feeling a cock slide inside my virgin asshole was painful at first, then manageable, then fucking sensational. This was too much for Jo and she screamed like a siren as her climax hit.

I lifted my head slightly and watched as James slid onto the bed and offered his cock to my mouth. Immediately I started devouring it. Now Jonathan – with his monster of a black cock – moved beside me and as Jo opened her legs to receive him – I felt Donald twitch once, twice, three times.

“Oh Donald,” screamed Jo, “You just fucked my sissy hubby and he loved it. Didn’t you darling?”

I nodded, unable to speak, as James started to twitch as well. Jo kissed him on the lips and this proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Fuck I’m coming, I’m coming Jo. Your sissy hubby is going to make me fucking come in his mouth!!!!!”

Jets of warm cum filled my mouth. Immediately I returned Jo’s favour from earlier and shared a cum kiss with her. Then, unable to resist I kissed Jonathan.

“Fuck my wife, Jonathan. You big black hunky stud. Fuck her with your big meaty cock.”

“Yes, Jonathan, fuck me in front of my sissy gay hubby. He wasn’t gay but..”

“Oh I think I am now Dr Hottie. I love cocks in my mouth and my man pussy as much as you do.”

“Oh darling we can have cock parties and dress up as tarts every weekend and get our pussies fucked and filled with lots and lots of manly sperm juice. Would you like that sissy hubby?”

“Yes Jo. I mean Dr Hottie. I want to watch lots of guys fuck you and I want to lick cream pies from your sexy pussy.”

“And I want to watch you dress in my lingerie and get fucked by lots of gay guys, tranny’s and even some she males.”

When Jo said that it nearly finished me off. The thought of a she male with tits and a cock fucking my ass was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait any longer. Right there, in front of my naughty, pervy wife, I lifted Donald’d little black French maid’s skirt. Bent him over the bed and with Jonathan and my wife on the brink of oblivion, plunged my cock into another man for the first time in my life.

Scott and the other guys were now kissing Jo again and licking her tits. It was such a huge turn on. Hearing my gorgeous sexy wife roar with pleasure. We kept smiling at each other as I felt my orgasm nearing.

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