Backyard EveningBackyard Evening


Finishing off his rum and Coke, the middle-aged man gathers himself to head inside. He hears the neighbor’s door close and is hopeful that tonight may be one of those nights. He’ll wait a few minutes to see if he hears anything that will compel him to stay out longer. It’s been over a year since he last enjoyed watching her. He stopped predicting when she would be in the mood, but warm evenings seemed to be the common variable on the two other occasions he watched his neighbor enjoy herself in her hammock.She steps outside into the warm air. She’s enjoying a second glass of wine and lights a cigarette, eyeing the full moon as it lights the hillside, trees, and grasses. Her large inhale flows through her body, and the isvecbahis day’s stresses break free. Despite the warm night, the air is refreshing compared to her home’s sweltering interior. The conditions are a trigger and she walks to the back yard, takes a sip from her glass, and sits back on the lounge.He hears her steps into the back yard and his attention runs high. A minute later smelling her cigarette, he relocates to the fence line to catch a view through the slats.The previous two times he watched, she was in her hammock on the upper deck, which was easier to spy. He couldn’t see anything graphic, but her bare thighs and legs draped over the sides of the hammock gave him enough to focus. He lost it both times isveçbahis giriş when he recognized her hips rocking through the hammock cloth as she reached the end.“Oh my!” he breathes to himself. He is able to see her through the slats as she reclines on the lounge. She’s taking a drag with one hand, and her other pinches her nipple through the tank top. He’s quickly getting hard and argues with himself about watching her intimacies versus going inside. Her intimacies win the argument as he is quickly mesmerized by her beauty and sexiness in the moonlight. He sets his glass down on the deck and it clinks loud. He freezes and hopes that he hasn’t ruined the show.The pressure on her nipple pulses through her isveçbahis yeni giriş body, and she feels the heat growing below. She hears the clink of a glass and wonders if the neighbor is outside. Playing outside is liberating, which is why she does it when the mood hits, but being caught is a risk. She doubts she’s been seen, but she can’t help wondering if she’s ever had an admirer. She runs her hand down across her shorts at the idea of being observed thinking, ‘If he is there, I may as well make it worth his while.’ She massages herself a few more times, then hooks her thumbs in the waistband and removes her shorts. The open air feels good against her lips and hair, and she drags her hands along the insides of her thighs, massaging her muscles and stretching her skin. She moves upwards and presses herself between her fingers, releases, and repeats. Her hum is louder than expected and she hopes no one heard but won’t give up either way. 

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