Subject: The Premontion Part 16 Gay adult youth (Revised) Use some of those gift cards to help out Nifty Peace Love and Good Happiness Eric The Premonition Part 16 Written By Eric Murphey Edited By Zero Moss I wake up feeling a little tired this morning; it’s probably a turkey hangover. I take care of my morning routine, then go out and get some eggs. I think I’ll make French toast for the boys this morning. It sounds good, so why not? Just as I get breakfast started, Jack appears, wiping sleep from his eyes with the back of his arm. “Morning, sunshine.” “Morning, daddy,” he answers with a sleepy voice. “Still sleepy?” “Kinda.” “Turkey hangover.” He just smiles at me and sits his naked little body at the table. I grab him some Tang and he smiles and drinks about half of it. I make some coffee because I need a caffeine kick start this morning. I just finish making the eggs and milk dip for the bread when Eddie appears, also looking a bit drained. Jack gets up and the two of them get the table set. I remind them that we are heading over to Earl and Tina’s house today to help build a chicken coop and goat pen. “Cool, we get to see Joseph again,” Jim says, walking in full of energy. We all look at him like he has two heads. “How are you so full of energy?” I ask him. “Got me, but I am.” I finish cooking the French toast, put it on the table, and we all have a nice breakfast. The boys get it all cleaned up. I hear Mike pulling up in his truck, hear it shut off, and then hear a knock on the door a moment later. I think how glad I am that I put something on his morning; yesterday’s little embarrassment is still fresh in my mind. The boys race to get dressed because they want to see their friend. I rather wish it were because they are excited to help their neighbors. In a way, though, I’m sure they are. “I got coffee on.” “Good.” I step aside so Mike can come in. He sits at the table and I make him a coffee. “Meant to tell you last time I was here that you did a real nice job on this place. Doesn’t even look like a trailer on the inside.” “Thanks. So I was thinking that this project is going to take a good while, seeing as how we have to create the lumber. I mean cut the trees, clean them off, and then cut the wood. I have never done that before. Have you?” “No, but I don’t think it will take more than a couple days. Besides, it’s not like we tons of shit going on.” I sigh. “Well, there is that. Shit, I may want to build a house next.” Mike smiles at me. “Well, it would give us something to do.” “Sounds like you are as bored as I am,” I offer to my friend. “Bored doesn’t even begin to describe it. I don’t think there is a word to describe how I feel.” “I got the boys to keep me busy, so that’s good.” “That’s true. I usually go putter in the barn from breakfast until supper. Sarah and I enjoy our evenings together. A bit more now with your magic weed.” “Magic weed?” “Yeah, seems like every time I smoke some and Sarah does too, well…” He looks over his shoulder to make sure no little ears are listening. “We fuck like rabbits every time we get high. My god man, I take a hit and my cock is solid. It ain’t been that solid in years. It used to just get hard but now it’s like I’m twelve or something.” I get a smile on my face. Now Mike thinks it’s because of what he said. But I am thinking about last night when I got high, Jack accidentally got high, and Jack developed an overwhelming need for us all to be in him. “The wife calls it V-weed.” “V-weed?” “Viagra, you goof ball,” he chortles at me. I chuckle and roll my eyes at him. The boys all come out at the same time. It always makes me think they are up to something when they do that. I have nothing to base this on and it’s completely unfounded because they have never been up to anything bad. But when I was a boy, well, that is completely another story of its own. “Hey Gramps,” Jim says with a snigger. “Hey, snapper,” Mike responds without missing a beat and tickles his belly. “Jim, that’s not nice,” I lightly scold him. “Why not? I like your boys. If they call me Gramps or something like that it would tickle me. Sarah and I already think of them as grand kids. It would tickle the shit out of her if you boys called her grandma.” The boys smile and know they will do exactly that from now on. “You lazy snappers ready to work for your keep?” “Sure thing, Gramps,” they all chime. We all head out and the boys talk us into letting them ride in the back of the ardahan escort truck. Now I am not going to lie, I did it all the time as a boy. But my god, it’s so dangerous, not that anyone is around these days to run into us or anything. I think Mike senses my fear as he limits the truck’s top speed to around 25 mph. Or maybe it is his fear? When we stop at Earl’s house, the boys all pile over the side of the truck bed and race to the door. As Earl opens the door, the boys duck under his arm and race in, giggling. “They are getting to be heathens.” “Nah, they are just boys, Rick. They are having fun and they sure deserve it.” I smile and nod my agreement. “Good morning, gentlemen. Welcome to our home, Mike. Rick, you’ve been here before and are always welcome. The wife made some muffins for you guys.” “Muffins?” I say raising my eyebrows. “Blueberry,” he says smiling. “How the hell?” “We got a few bushes down over that way. We managed to freeze some this year, so with your gifts, we can make muffins.” “I fucking love blueberry muffins,” I exclaim as my mouth waters at the thought. “I could stand one myself,” Mike says, smiling. “She made a couple dozen knowing everyone was coming. She is going to be upset that Sarah didn’t come.” “Well shit, she can take the truck and go see her if she wants to. Sarah would love it.” “They did seem to hit it off pretty well yesterday,” I observe. “Who’re you telling?” Earl laughs. Earl turns and we walk into the house where the smell is remarkable. I see four urchins at the table with muffin crumbs on their mouths and no sign of a muffin. “Your house smells amazing,” I tell Tina. “Thanks,” she says, then puts a muffin in my hand and one in Mike’s. I take a bite and my taste buds explode with excitement. “Oh my god, this is the best muffin I have ever eaten! If you tell Sarah I said that, I will tell her you’re a liar,” Mike exclaims as he quickly takes another bite. “I would never,” Tina assures him as she walks away. “Hey hun, Mike said if you wanted, you could take his truck and go see your buddy. Bet she would like to try a muffin or two.” “Oh, I wouldn’t want to waste your gas.” “Tina sweetie, I got a thousand gallons of gas at the farm. I think you running up the road a piece wont hurt too much. Go on, I left the keys in her.” “Earl, you think it would be alright?” “Honey I know how well you two ladies hit it off yesterday. Go on and have some fun. You ain’t had none in forever.” “You sure? I can take the boys if you guys want.” “Hell no, them snappers are helping us. You go have you some fun, little lady,” Mike says and swats at her butt. She dodges it and laughs. “If you’re sure it’s okay?” “Go and have fun please for me,” Earl almost pleads with her. She grins at him. “Alright, but I won’t be gone for too long.” “I don’t see why. We will be working all day up until sunset. You may as well have a good time with Sarah instead of sitting in your house all alone,” Mike points out. “Well, I won’t stay that long, but I will stay for a good while.” “Good. That will make my wife happy.” Tina puts a few muffins into a Tupperware-type container, and it’s as if she were floating. I can see even in my stupid man’s eyes that she is pretty happy. She heads out the door and we hear the truck start and slowly take off. “You guys want another muffin?” Earl asks everyone present. Not surprisingly, no one said no. “Coffee?” Earl asks. We both nod. He pours two cups and hands one to each of us. Did I say the boys are heathens? We didn’t even sit down to eat. “You guys ready to get started?” I ask. “Real work, hell yes!” Mike exclaims as he pulls some leather gloves from his back pocket and slaps them in the open palm of his other hand. “That’s just how I feel,” Earl grins back. “I can’t believe we are so damned excited to work,” I laugh. “Shoot, I’m so excited I cut two trees down earlier,” Earl adds. “You didn’t.” “If I’m lying I’m dying.” “Boys, come on, you can help with this part,” I tell them. “What part can’t we help with, daddy?”Jim asks. “When we cut down the trees, I don’t want you anywhere near us. I couldn’t stand it if one of you boys got hurt.” “We ain’t gonna get hurt,” Eddie pipes up. “I know, because you AIN’T gonna be nowhere near us,” I retort. He rolls his eyes at me, and Mike catches it. “Your dad’s just being careful. Trees most of the time go where you want them to if you cut `em right. But every now and then a tree gets a mind of its artvin escort own and does what it wants to do. I damn near got crushed by a big old oak tree a few years back, and I’ve been cutting trees down my whole life. But we will teach you boys about cutting trees come Christmas. I got some nice trees in back I think would look mighty fine in our living rooms. If one of them falls on you, it won’t hurt too awful bad.” All four boys’ eyes lit up at the thought of Christmas. I just wish I could give them a really good store-bought Christmas with all the toys and games they desire. But at this point, I have no idea what to do. We head out with two hatchets and show the boys how to clean the branches off the tree. We get the little sawmill set up and ready. By then the boys have one tree cleaned which we cut to size. We start up the sawmill and my god it’s loud! Not just loud but really fucking loud. I wish I had some ear plugs loud. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been around much equipment the last two years; it’s hard to say, really, so maybe it’s just that damn loud. We get the first tree cut into lumber. I tell you it’s pretty neat to see that sawmill work. We get the second tree set up and then cut. We send the boys inside while we cut down four more trees. Now these are pretty good sized trees and we are fairly certain they will supply all the lumber we need for the project. We even made some 4x4s for posts. We allow the boys to pop back out and they trim the branches while we get a drink of water. We each grab another muffin too, and we can see from the crumbs that the boys had the same idea. “You know Rick, I am sure glad that you came up that day. I knew you were down there for a good while, actually since you bought the place. But with everything going on, I was too afraid I guess to come and meet you. Since you came up here things have been a lot different. Joey has some friends now. You know, before we all met he would just sit in his room and play on that computer of his. He wouldn’t have thought of coming out to help. But your boys, well they inspire him to be more helpful. He even wanted to do the dishes last night for his mom. We think he is too little yet for that, so I washed and he rinsed. “It was really nice just spending time with my son. I never really knew how to do stuff like that. My dad was always really cold to us, like we were a burden. I know he loved us, but he never really showed it to us. He never hugged us or anything like that. I saw you being so close with your boys and I have to admit, I was jealous of it, especially when Joey hopped up on your lap. Now isn’t that stupid? I’m sure it will take me some time, but I am really trying hard to be closer to him. When we got home last night, I offered to read him a story. I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy. He picked out a book and climbed up on my lap. I don’t remember the last time he did that. I tell you it was a real nice feeling. Then when he went to bed the wife and I smoked a little of your gift. I tell you what, I’ve never been so horned up in all my life. The wife she couldn’t get enough; she damn near raped me.” At that Mike starts laughing. “My wife and I have the same response. I call it magic weed.” “Shoot, she liked to wear me out last night,” Earl says. “I sure ain’t complaining though.” I just roll my eyes at them and smile. If they only knew. Well, Mike wouldn’t mind obviously, but Earl might not take too kindly to it. “We best get back to work,” I add. “Yep, got tons to do yet,” Mike adds in. We head back out and the boys got two trees cleaned. They are getting better and faster, while still staying safe. We have to be safe always since there are no operating hospitals that we know of. We older fellas get the first tree cut and made into boards. We too are getting better and faster and before we know it, we see Tina pulling up with Sarah riding shotgun. We are almost done with the last log by this time. It is getting to be near four o’clock, but we said we’d work until sundown and that’s when we will quit. Mike walks over, opens the door for his wife, and gives her a kiss. Earl does the same for Tina. I walk over and kiss the hood of the truck, and they start laughing at me. “What, I don’t have anyone to kiss,” I say, making them laugh more. With that both women walk to me and each plants a kiss on my cheeks. “Ha, you guys just got one kiss,” I tease, otherwise I was surely going to die of embarrassment. I still ataköy escort turn red though, making the ladies laugh and do it again. They head into the house and we get back to work. We start digging the holes to bury the 4×4’s. We get them set and Mike ties strings to them while explaining to the boys why he did it. As we start building the decking, the sun is nearly gone. We want to get the floor done today, but it just isn’t going to happen. We head in to wash up. I walk in and the room smells amazing again. “We figured we would have supper together again tonight,” Tina announces. “I don’t have to cook, so it seems good to me,” I reply with a big smile, happy that someone else is cooking. Now I don’t mind cooking at all, in fact I mostly really enjoy it. But I’m tired. I haven’t worked like this in a month of Sundays, shoot, maybe two of them. Once I get cleaned up, I go check on my boys as I know they are in Joseph’s room playing. I stand in the doorway and see that all four of them are as naked as they day they were born. I just smile and they don’t even notice me, they are playing so hard. I walk back and sit at the table. “They are all naked,” I say, chuckling. “Doesn’t surprise me about Joseph. Can’t keep clothes on him. I tell him to put some on, and he says why, nobody’s coming. I can’t argue that logic,” Tina says. “You can’t argue logic when it’s good,” I agree. The guys and I sit at the table while the ladies finish the supper for us. It’s hamburgers with onions mixed in. Onion burgers are one of my favorites, and I know the boys love them too. The ladies had fries going and everything. When it’s done, we sit down and start eating. The boys were polite enough at least to put on some shorts. Now I never mind them being naked, but with the ladies present it’s just being polite. As we are eating the topic of marriage comes up. “Rick, why didn’t you ever get married?” Sarah asks. “Just never saw the point to it. My parents were married fifty years until my dad passed away. They were miserable with each other. Maybe if I had folks like you guys to base my thoughts about marriage on, I would have a different attitude towards it.” “Shit son, we haven’t always been happy. We damn near divorced once when we were married about five years,” Mike recalls. “No kidding?” “Yep, sure enough. I went and told my dad I wanted to get a divorce. He looked at me through his old wise eyes and said son, if a horse has a broken leg you can shoot it, but it don’t fix the leg. Well, I thought he was just plum nuts, but then as I thought about it, it started making sense. It’s better to have a live horse with a mended leg than no horse at all.” “So I’m a horse now?” Sarah asks with a wry smile. “I heard you were bunnies, both of you,” I say and point at the ladies, moving my finger back and forth. Now the guys know what I am talking about and try to hide their laughter. The ladies look clueless for a minute until what I mean hits them. I could surely tell because the crimson shot into their faces quicker then Speedy Gonzales leaves a room. “It’s that weed you gave us,” Sarah declares. “Yeah, it’s your fault,” Tina amplifies. “And we thank you,” the guys say, making the ladies laugh. “We do too, honey,” Sarah says, smiling and blushing again. “He does have a magic touch with it, doesn’t he,” Tina adds. Earl and Mike just nod. Not one for praise because it embarrasses me, I change the subject. “Boys, why don’t you clean up for Tina and Sarah.” “Sure, dad,” Eddie replies for all of them. The boys all get up and clean the table and everything else. “You’ve got them trained well,” Sarah compliments me. “No, they do it on their own. They are just good boys is all.” I see four smiles on the boys as they work away. Eddie is gathering the dishes and cleaning off anything on the plates. Jack is washing, and Jim rinsing. Joseph is helping rinse and is putting the dishes away or showing Eddie when he can’t reach the shelf. It makes sense because Joseph knows where they go. My boys are so smart. When the boys get done, we part ways and walk back through the woods to the trailer house. Mike offered a ride to me and the boys but they wanted to stay and visit longer. We have four showers to get done and want some family time, too. When we get back that’s just what we do, take showers. We play with some Legos for a while and create a new town. Then the boys head off to bed, tired from a very busy day. After they are in their room, I smoke a bowl of weed to ease my sore ass muscles, then head to bed myself. Funny thing, though: as soon as I get done smoking, my cock is rock hard. I am too tired to mess with it, but my final thought before I go to sleep is that maybe the weed is magic after all.

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