Max’s Freudian Slip – Chapter 10

by ail


Author’s notes:

This is the fictional account of a relationship that develops between a man and a teenage boy.  It might involve some sex at some point, so if that sort of thing offends you, move along.

This is the first time I’ve written the same events from both Max and Craig’s POV in such detail.   If you’ve already ready Max’s Awakening 3&4 you’ll be familiar with what goes on here.  Hope there is enough new info from Craig”s side to keep your interest.


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Chapter 10  – Max’s Sleepover

A week had passed since my dinner out with Max and Cam at the Thai place.   Last night after practice Max and I just grabbed a quick bite at Chipotle because he needed to stop and buy the ingredients to make guacamole to take to the sleepover at Cam’s.   I couldn’t believe all the stuff on his list.   I thought guacamole was just mashed avocados with some onion in it.   His list contained that but also tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, and hot peppers.   “No wonder my guacamole sucks when I try to make it,” I told him.  The bill came to $28 and some change, which I picked up.   “This better be a huge fucking hit with Cam’s folks,” I told him.

Since Cam had added me on Snapchat, I’d gotten to see his few stories over the past several days.  Most were just him doing amazing things at gymnastics, or being goofy at school with his friends.  But one picture was of Cam and his dad chilling in a hot tub.  I’d not met Cam’s dad.  He travelled a lot for work and had never been at the gym when I was there.   He looked a lot like Cam.  Meaning – he was pretty attractive.   He looked slender, athletic, had short light brown hair and was clean shaven and his chest looked smooth as well.   Let’s just say that if I had seen a picture of him on the hook-up site I use when I’m looking for some cock play, I would definitely be interested.

Wait, I don’t think I’ve every explained that I occasionally have hook ups to satisfy my desires for cock.   Or maybe I mentioned it.  But yeah, every once in a while I can’t resist the urge to play with another man’s cock.  Usually it’s another married guy at a hotel nearby that has the same desires.  I don’t do it much – just a few times a year.   I guess I probably just blew whatever was left of the wholesome image you might have had.

Anyway, back to Cam.  In addition to watching his Snapchat stories, we also had a few random little conversations after I commented on some of his clips.    It was nothing deep, but it was really cool that he was interested in talking with me.   Of course as a boy lover, I ate up this kind of attention.


It was the day of the slumber party and it was a slow day at work.  It was Good Friday, so a lot of people had taken a day of vacation.   I had finished up all the important work I needed to do and was piddling around.  My mind had wandered back to Max’s big night.  I couldn’t help but to imagine the two of them rolling around under the covers in Cam’s bed.   I wondered how far they might try to take it and of course I was still slightly worried about them getting caught doing stuff.   But I would worry later.  Right then I was staring off in the distance, imagining the two of them in a 69 position sucking each other’s cock.   I couldn’t help but to envision Ian walking in on them and forcing himself into the action – with his perfect uncut dick leading the way.  (I really don’t have a clue what Ian’s dick might look like, sadly, but hey it’s my fantasy so…).

After 5 minutes of dreaming about that hot scene I couldn’t resist locking myself in the back stall of the bathroom and quietly rubbing one out.

When I came back to my desk, I picked up my phone and noticed I had just received a Snapchat from Max.   When I opened it, it was a picture of an algebra problem that Max was struggling with.  I took a minute to make sure I knew how to do it – I didn’t want to look lost when I called him back.

I took a pad of paper and found an empty conference room, which was easy to do with the office deserted.    I called my young friend on face time so I could show him how he could solve the problem.   When he answered the call, I could see he was sitting at his kitchen table, shirtless.  It was a beautiful site.   His hair still looked slept on, going in every direction.  It provided a nice contrast to his perfectly smooth and symmetrical upper chest.   “How’s Max today?  Enjoying your day at home?” I asked.

“Good Craig.  Just trying to get my homework done so I don’t have to think about it the next three days.”  That was one of the things I appreciated about Max – he always got his work done as soon as possible.  He wasn’t a procrastinator.   I am the same way and I like that we had that in common.

“Pretty excited about tonight?”

“Heck yeah!  I still have to make the guacamole though.  I’m going to do that once I get my math done.  Can you help?”

“Sure thing!”  I switched my camera around to my note pad and walked Max through the problem.  It was really simple once you did one small trick to rearrange things.   He understood it right away once I showed him.    He showed me another problem that he was stuck on and I got him through that one too.   “Is that all bud?” 

“Yep, I got the rest,” he said.   He moved his camera down the page to show me the rest of the completed worksheet.   It was all filled in, but my attention was very quickly drawn to something else.  His camera view had gone past the edge of the table, and there in all its glory was Max’s perfect cock.  The little bugger was doing his homework in the buff!    I couldn’t help but to just start laughing.  I knew he had a nudist streak in him, but I never expected him to be sitting at home doing algebra in the nude.   My phone fell out of my hand and bounced on the table.   When I finally grabbed it back, I switch the cam back around to me and said “Oooooh Max!”

“What’s so funny?” he asked.  Clearly he wasn’t aware he had exposed himself.

 “I just think it’s hilarious you are sitting at your kitchen table doing homework with nothing on,”   I told him, still trying to stifle my laughter. 

“Oops!” he said, chuckling.   “I just haven’t gotten dressed yet.  I’m washing all my underwear.”  

 “Relax,” I said.  “Compared to last week’s Snapchat that was pretty tame.  That barely burned my eyes at all.”   It was true.  Compared to last week’s close-up picture of his throbbing teen cock, a split second view of his soft dick was nothing.

What he did next was comically brilliant.   He moved the camera down so his dick was visible on the cam again and then Max took up the British accent we had laughed so hard over last week in the car with Cam.   “Nope.  It is just me and me willy hanging out doing some homework.”   He must have thought I would be angry with his antics because he almost immediately began to apologize.  “Shit!  Sorry Craig.”

I was laughing pretty hard before at the idea of Max doing nude homework, but the whole accent and him calling it a ‘willy’ sent me into a legitimate fit of laughter.  It took me several seconds before I could stop laughing enough to speak.  “I probably shouldn’t be laughing at that Max, but oh my god that was hilarious,” ankara escort I told him.  I could tell Max was relieved that I wasn’t mad again.  

Seeing him naked again reminded me of the advice I had given him (and Cam) about maybe having a wank before the party to keep their hormones in check.   “Did you remember my advice Max?  About giving your willy a workout before you head over to Cam’s?”   I couldn’t help calling it a willy too.

“Yes.  I already did that once this morning.  And so did Cam.   But maybe I’ll do it again when I take a shower.”

“Great idea.  Hey I gotta get back to work buddy. Have fun tonight.   You ok if I check in with you to see how it’s going later?”

“Sure.  Thanks Craig.  Later.”  

After I hung up I couldn’t help but to smile.   My relationship with Max just kept getting more and more trusting.   Last week’s incident with the Snapchat and the subsequent blowup had really increased the trust level between us.    Max had just trusted me enough to make a joke that included putting his penis on display!  Awesome!


I managed to get engrossed enough in some vacation research that I ended staying at the office until almost 5:00.   I was about halfway home when a call came over the Bluetooth in the car.   I could see on the display that it was Max calling me.   “Hey Max!?”

I barely said hello before he blurted out “Can you do me a favor?”

I could tell by his voice he was anxious.   “Sure buddy what’s up?”

“My mom went to a stupid happy hour with some friends and I think she might be a while. Would you maybe be able to take me over to Cam’s?” he asked.   No wonder he was panicked.  This was a big night and his mom was throwing a wrench into his plans.  You could hear the angst in his voice.

“Of course Max.  What are friends for?  I can be there in about 10 minutes!”


I had barely pulled into the driveway before Max was out the door and down the stairs to my car.  He clearly had been at the door waiting for me to pull up.  “Hey thanks,” he said as he climbed into the passenger seat, “you’re a life saver!”

“Little frustrated with the mom unit, huh?” I asked. 

“Oh man.  YES!  It’s like she doesn’t even care about me being late!”  The disdain in his voice was obvious.   But I recognized he was maybe being a little harsh – as his mom didn’t really understand the importance of this night to Max.  To her it was just another sleepover.

“Well, she doesn’t really understand why it is so important you know.  But still I get it.  Does she know I am taking you?”

“Oh crap,” he answered.  He got out his phone and started to call her.

 “Why don’t you let me call her,” I suggested.  If she had left the happy hour before she wanted and now found out she could have stayed, I knew she would be pissed.   It would sound a lot better coming from me than from Max.   I dialed her and it started ringing over his the car speaker.   It rang four times and went to voice mail.    I left her a message.   “Hey Stacy, it’s Craig here.   Max left his hat in my car last night so I was stopping by to give it to him and he asked me to run him over to Cam’s real quick, so…just letting you know I’m running him over there.   Maybe you haven’t left the cantina yet and can sneak in another drink before happy hour ends.  I’ll tell Max to text you later, ok?  See ya.”

Max looked over and gave me a huge grin and a thumbs up.   He knew I had taken the pressure off of him.  “That was awesome,” he said.  “Thanks for taking me over.” 

“No sweat,” I answered, “I gotta be honest, I am actually kind of curious what the inside of Cameron’s house might look like.”


As we pulled up to curb at Cam’s house, I noticed that Max’s legs were bouncing up and down.  I had seen little kids do that when they couldn’t contain their nervous excitement, but never by anyone as old as Max.   “Well, either you got to piss really bad or you’re about to go out of your mind with excitement,” I told him.

 “The second one,” he answered, as if I didn’t know that.  I couldn’t help but to keep grinning at him.  It was adorable how excited he was. 

 “What?” he asked.

I shook my head at him.  “Young love,” I mumbled.    “Remember to be polite,” I reminded him.  “And chill out man.  You don’t want to give too much away, right?”


I let Max lead the way up the driveway to the door, where Cam was standing and waiting.   Cam opened the storm door and the two blond teens stood face to face, smiling at each other.   Neither of them moved for several seconds.  I think they were just looking into each other’s eyes.  

“Ahem,” I said quietly and nudged Max forward.  The way these two were acting someone was going to pick up on their relationship.   “You might want to lose those grins too,” I whispered as I followed them inside.

Jeanine was just coming to the door and must have heard what I said.   “What did you lose?” she started to ask before catching sight of me.   Her eyes popped when she saw me.   “Oh Craig!  What a nice surprise! I wasn’t expecting you,” she continued, making a fuss over me.   Her excitement over my presence gave Cam and Max cover to move on past her and into the kitchen.   I let her fawn over me for a bit and explained my reason for bring Max at the last minute.  I left out the part about Max’s mom being at happy hour.  I didn’t want Jeanine adding another reason to look down on Max’s mom.

She finally led me out of the foyer and into the kitchen so I could meet Bob, her husband.   I wasn’t sure he was even home.   I of course didn’t tell her I had already seen him on Cam’s Snapchat story and knew what he looked like.   When we came into the kitchen, Cam was devouring chips and guacamole.   His mom told him to cut it out and save some for when the rest of the boys arrived.   She quickly dispatched the boys to take Max’s bag up to Cam’s room.  I don’t think either boy saw it, but I gave them a wink as they took off.   Judging by how fast they scrambled up the stairs, I think they were *slightly* excited to be upstairs alone.

Jeanine introduced me to her husband Bob who was cooking some chopped up steak to use as taco meat.   The vibe between them was quite odd.  Jeanine almost seemed reluctant to introduce me and Bob, while polite, appeared to quickly be sizing me up.  It was almost as if he knew she had been subtly hitting on me and was trying to see what about me she was so into.   He shook my hand, looked me up and down and exchanged a few pleasantries and then turned his attention back to the stove.

Jeanine dipped a chip into the guacamole.   “Oh wow, that’s good.  Try some Craig,” she said.   I was just pushing the chip into my mouth when the doorbell rang.   “Caaaaaaaaaaaaam,” she yelled.

Cam and Max came down and answered the door.  It was Ian and Spencer with Spencer’s mom.   They all came into the kitchen and Max split off and took the younger boy’s bags upstairs.  Jake and Ryan were just behind them so the kitchen was quickly full.   Everyone was gathered around the island, sampling Max’s guacamole.   By the time he came back down it was half gone!  Jeanine told Max to be sure to thank his mom and that it was fantastic.

I looked at him.  This was his chance to impress her by telling her that he had made escort ankara it.   It looked like he was about to speak and then he just mumbled something and looked down.   Well, I wasn’t about to let Max miss out on this opportunity.  “Oh Jeanine, I’m pretty sure this here is all Max’s work.  Isn’t that right buddy?  We stopped last night after practice to get all the ingredients.”

“Is that so?” she asked with a bit of surprise and looked at Max, along with most everyone else in the room.

“Yeah,” Max mumbled.  He was blushing a bit as well, clearly embarrassed by the attention.  I looked at him and tried to mouth “ma’am” to him.  “Um…Yes, ma’am, I …uh… put it together just before Craig came and picked me up.  That’s why it’…so fresh and stuff.”   Then after an awkward pause.  “I kinda like to cook,” I added.

“Well Cam, you could certainly learn a thing or two from your friend here,” she said as she shot Cam a sideways glance.   Cam took another chip and dipped it into the bowl and popped it into his mouth.  I saw him shoot Max a smile and a wink.


The gymnasts had all fixed plates of steak tacos and sat down when Jeanine told them she had to go out for the evening to some sort of meeting.   I wasn’t expecting that, though it now made sense why she was so well dressed.  I figured she’d helicopter mom the boys all night!   I knew it wasn’t going to bother Max and Cam any if she was out of their hair.  

I had eaten one steak taco and just dropped my paper plate in the trash.  I thanked Bob for the taco and once again told Max his guacamole was great and excused myself.

“You sure you wouldn’t want to hang out for a bit and help me corral this motley crew?” Bob asked.  “I’ve got cold beer on tap,” he added as extra enticement.   With Jeanine out the door, he somehow seemed much more relaxed.   The change was noticeable and his sudden chumminess caught me off gourad.   I wasn’t sure if he just wanted some adult company or what but I did like the idea of a cold beer.

“I guess I could stay and have one drink,” I replied.   He nodded towards the stairs heading down to the basement and I followed him down into the most amazing basement I’ve ever seen.   “Wow!” I exclaimed when I saw the amazing home theater setup on one side.  The TV must have been 100” and there were two rows of custom leather recliners.  On the other side was a very nice bar – about 12’ long and a very nice pool table.   The bar was adorned with all of Cam’s gymnastic awards.

“Pretty nice huh?” he asked.  “Ready for that beer?  I got summit pilsner on tap or a few various bottles in the fridge.”

“Summit pilsner?  Hey that’s one of my favorites,” I answered.  I was liking Bob more already.  He at least had good taste in beer.

“Mine too.  I knew you had good taste,” he joked.   He pulled two large chilled mugs from the small fridge under the bar and drew us each a beer.   “Finding this local beer has been one of the good things about this move from Texas.”

“Well, this basement is pretty sweet too.   Did you have a setup like this in Texas?”

“Nah.  We didn’t even have a basement in Texas.   But hey you haven’t even seen the best part yet.  Check this out.  Bob led me past the pool table and opened an extra wide door.  “Most of the rest of the basement is just storage, but this is the thing that actually got me through our first Minnesota winter.”  The room he led me into was a large tiled bathroom.   It was very posh and reminded me of an expensive spa.  A massage table was setup in the middle of the room and in one corner were a pair of shower heads.    I hadn’t even noticed the small glass door to the right when Bob opened it to show me their very own Sauna.  Wow!

“My mom’s side of the family is from Sweden,” he explained.  “We’ve travelled back to visit relatives and a lot of them have saunas in their house and I took a liking to having a sauna.   Once I got used to everyone using them naked anyway.    When we were looking for houses and I saw this setup, I knew this was the place.”

“What’s with the massage table?” I asked.

“The wife has a private masseuse come every few weeks.   I bought the table so I could loosen Cam up prior to competitions.  I used to give Jeanine massages too, but, well, it’s been a while for that,” he answered.   “Look out here, here’s the other great thing this house came with.”  There was a glass door heading outside, underneath their large deck.   “Hot tub.  Room enough for eight.” 

I peered out the window at the large hot tub with a nice decking surrounding it.   “Wow, nice!” I told him.   Bob quickly folded the massage table up and slid it into a closet and lead us back out to the bar.   He racked the pool balls as I sipped my beer.  

As we took turns shooting, neither of us were great, he continued the conversation.   “Well Craig, I must say I am glad to have finally met you.   You’ve been mentioned around here a lot.  My wife and Cam both seem to think you’re a hell of a guy.”

“Well, I like to think I’m a decent guy.  But I really haven’t done anything amazing.   I’ve enjoyed taking Cam a couple places.   That’s a pretty cool kid you have Bob.  He’s pretty clever.”

“Yes, and he can be a headstrong little shit too.   Last year when we moved he was a nightmare.   He wasn’t happy about being uprooted and was determined to make everyone else miserable too.   I’m glad to see him and Max getting along finally.   They both have incredible potential.  You realize that right?  I mean Olympics level potential, Craig.  But all last year they wasted energy being jealous of each other’s strengths and being pissed about having competition within the gym.   They had both always been the stud and didn’t know how to deal with someone pushing them.”

“Yeah, I kind of heard a bit about that,” I answered, not wanting to give away how much I knew about the whole situation.

He continued on.  He really had sized up the whole things quite accurately.  “Well my wife didn’t help things.  She was just as jealous of Max’s abilities as Cam was.  Maybe more so.  She egged a lot of it on unfortunately.  And then, well, when the stuff with Max’s dad came to light, Je anine just had a field day.”   The more he talked the more I picked up a certain disdain that Bob had for his own spouse.  

“Well it seems to have blown over, thankfully.”

“Yes.  I’d never been glad to be travelling so much as I was last year just to avoid it.   But on the other hand, I think I could have helped steer things on the right path if I had been around more.  I finally talked to Cam last summer about starting anew and I think he took it to heart.   He’s finally settled in here I think.”   I wondered if he had any clue just how settled Cam had become, with a boyfriend in Max.

Bob finally turned the conversation to me, asking me about my family and kids etc.   I told him about all of them and eventually ended up explaining my connection to Max through our neighbors.    The more we talked, the more I felt like we had a lot in common. And I mean a LOT!  We were hitting it off really well.  You know how you meet someone and in a matter of 15 minutes you know that you just ‘get each other’?  Well I was definitely having that feeling.    He even seemed to have some of the same issues with his own wife that I had with ankara escort bayan mine.

What he said next as he re-racked the pool balls surprised me though.   “Well I do hope my wife hasn’t caused you too much grief.   I’m pretty sure she has a thing for you.”  Wow, even he had picked up on that?   “Can’t say as I blame her.  You are a pretty decent looking guy.”  Wait, what?????

I blushed.   “I wouldn’t go that far Bob… I mean… she uh…I just ….thinks she appreciates the time I spend with Max….and Cam.   I wouldn’t do something like that.”  I meant I wouldn’t sleep with someone’s wife.   (Now someone’s husband might be a different story.)

“Relax Craig.   I really don’t care.   Better you than me.”  I looked at him, somewhat perplexed.   He explained further.  “Don’t know how things are with you and yours, but we’ve reached the living together amicably but without sex stage of marriage.”    I was surprised he was sharing such intimate secrets with me so quickly.  It was kind of awkward, but then again maybe he feeling the same connection that I was?  But this was just one more thing we had in common.  We were both in sexless marriages.

“Well Bob, that sounds pretty familiar to be honest,” I said with a chuckle.  Before either of us could expand further, we heard the thumping of feet coming down the stairs.  I sipped my beer and enjoyed watching the reaction of the boys as they took in the amazing basement.    They were blown away by the theater setup.  Their jaws dropped.  Cam took them and showed them the spa setup too.  

As they headed back past the pool table towards the stairs, Bob asked them if we were going to hit up the hot tub.  “It’s the perfect temp outside for it.  Cold enough for it to really feel nice,” he said.

Ian answered him.  “Well if SOMEONE had told us to bring our swimsuits,” he said and turned and gave Cam a mad face, “we would have.”   Ian was hilarious!  What a real spunky kid.

“Sorry guys, I didn’t think of it,” Cam said shrugging his shoulders.

Bob offered up a solution.  “You know Cam, if you and your friends wanted to do the hot tub Swedish style you could.  Just do it before your mother gets back.  I don’t need her on my ass about it.  And make sure your friends know about showering.”

“Yeah, I don’t know.  Maybe,” Cam told his dad.  It seemed like he wasn’t too keen on that idea, whatever Swedish style meant, though I had a guess.  “We’re going to go upstairs to play games for a while.  C’mon guys,” Cam said and waved his friends up the stairs behind him. 

They thundered up both flights of stairs.  “Swedish style?” I asked Bob.

“Au natural,” Bob answered.   “When it’s just Cam and I we don’t bother with swimsuits.  It’s an unnecessary hassle.  Nobody can see into our back yard with the woods back there.  I got used to it visiting relatives in Sweden when I was in college.  Scandinavians have a whole different attitude on nudity that’s really quite healthy I think.”

I had to laugh to myself thinking about Max’s nudist display earlier that day.   He and Bob should definitely get along!  “You’re not too worried about the other parents having a cow, or um….”

“Boys being boys?”

“Well, yeah.”  I assumed we were both talking about boys maybe fooling around or jerking off together.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are boys-being-boys type of things,” Bob said with a smirk.   “Parents these days are too protective of letting their kids experience life.    Besides, what could be better for team bonding than sitting naked in a hot tub with your teammates?   Kind of tears down all barriers doesn’t it?”

“Wow!  Exactly!  We raised our girls pretty free range.  But there doesn’t seem to be many of us left amongst the sea of helicopter parents.” I told him.  But I was also perplexed.   His attitude on this didn’t mesh with what Cam had told Max about his parents being homophobic and up tight in general.  Based on my conversations with Bob so far, I’d have expected him to be pretty open minded.   I mean I THINK he just admitted to a bit of fooling around with his friends when he was boy and didn’t seem to care what might happen with Cam and his friends in their own hot tub, under HIS supervision.

“Oh I know.  I’m married to one of those helicopter parents.  She doesn’t even like when Cam and I use the hot tub in the buff.   She’d totally freak if she knew I even suggested it tonight.”  The picture was becoming clearer:  two parents with completely different ideologies, but the one who is around more (mom) has the influence.

Bob and I played another couple games of pool while I finished my beer.   Then I figured I better be getting home to see what my spouse was up to.   We went upstairs and I quickly said goodbye to the boys.   I told them to have fun, with a subtle glance and wink to Max and Cam, who did manage to look up from their game to notice.

As Bob showed me to the door, he asked me for my cell number and gave me an invite to come back sometime soon and hang out, drink beer and hit up the sauna and hot tub.  “Swim suit completely optional of course.”  

Was that a bit of flirting on his part?  I am almost certain it was.  Bob and I clearly hit it off and connected.   He clearly felt it too.  It took me a while to catch on that Jeanine was into me, but my gaydar with Bob was a lot more in tune.   This whole situation was getting a little strange!  To have a husband and wife both hitting on you, completely unbeknownst to each other, is quite bizarre!  Of course one of them I was interested in.  The other one, not so much.


Before I went to sleep I sent Max a Snapchat note and asked him how this night was going.   I didn’t see the response until I woke up.  He told me it was going well, but didn’t give any specifics.  I’d have to catch up with him later when he was up and about. 

After breakfast I was piddling around outside when Lisa came down the street and pulled into her garage.   She waved at me as she came by and as soon as she was home started walking across the street.   “Well thank you very much mister chauffeur,” she said to me extremely sarcastically.

I was confused.  “What?”

“I just had to get up and get dressed to take Stacy back down town to get her car.  Apparently YOU saved her having to come home by running Max over to his friends.  She ended up staying at the bar and getting smashed and had to uber back home.”

“Yikes.  Sorry,” I said.  “I had no idea.”

“I’m just giving you shit.   But I wasn’t real happy to hear she was out getting sloshed again.  I hope this isn’t a case of old habits coming back.”   We talked for a while.  Lisa had told me back when I first started spending time with Max that his mom had a history of overdoing the drink.   Lisa tends to retell the same stories, so she retold some stories of Stacy from college that I’d heard before.   But reminded me she had issues even after Max was born with getting drunk.    Ugh.   We both were worried about Max most of all.  Stacy was his only parent for a while.

Well, except he did have me too.


Author’s Notes:

Kind of a slow chapter I know… but I needed it to setup some things I have planned.  Hope you guys are still interested in this story.

Max’s account of the sleepover is naturally more interesting… it can be found in the 4th installment of Max’s Awakening if you haven’t already read it: 



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