Subject: Learning a trade part 3 Learning a trade part 3 The following is a true account of being gang banged by two builders from my Dad’s company and four of their mates. Read Learning a trade for read about how it started. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. Jay sat there savouring his orgasmic high, his dark brown face flushed red and his deep brown eyes glazed. His 9 inch dark brown cock twitched as if trying to squirt out cum his balls no longer had. It glistened with the sex slime of a schoolboy’s arse juice and the cum of six men. There was no way I was going to let a delicious treat go to waste. After get onto my hands and knees I began greedily lick and sucking Jay’s cock clean of the tasty salty earthy mix. The reason I had got on my hands and knees was purely to suck Jay’s cock but Scott took it to mean next customer please. Although I didn’t know it was him at first, as my face was buried in Jay’s lap, I guessed it was him when he stuck his cock up my arse. My plan, once I’d finished sucking Jay’s cock clean, had been to walk about a bit to get the circulation going and pop to the toilet as my back passage was starting to cramp up there was so much cum in it. However Scott was such a hot stud I decided to let him fuck me first. Scott grabbed my hips and started jack hammering my arse with his 7.5 inch cock causing me to muffle moans of hard fucked pleasure around Jay’s big black cock. Jay soon needed to go to the loo to flush out his tubes. Now that my mouth was free of Jay’s cock I was able to look at Scott over my left shoulder and admire him. Scott was a dam sexy 22 year old cocky East London chav. He was the perfect piece of council estate Alpha male rough to pander to my leafy suburb posh pussy boy nature. He had black hair that was a number 1 cut around the back and sides but a little longer on top, with the fringe spiked up. He had a pale oval, perfectly proportioned face. It was so stereotypical chav looking which I found so hot; you know that kind of a rough diamond look. He had a light smattering of black facial stubble that added to his rough rugged sexy look. He had tortoise shell eyes that were burning with lust and sexual hunger. His chav sexy face had an eager leer to it which turned me on still further. He had a cute short pointy nose and lush pink lips. He was 6 feet tall with a swimmer’s body, being gym sculpted in a lean and toned, rather than muscular way. His subtly sculpted chest had a nice mat of short black chest hairs that was the perfect amount. It was a nice light smattering rather than the dense mat of a bear. There was a subtle washboard to his abs which had a broad black treasure trail leading from his navel into his pubes. His pubic bush was small but dense with naturally short hairs. Scott fucked me for a couple of minutes before we had to stop as Samuel was calling me over in two irresistible ways. “Come to Daddy.” He said as he waved his an eye wateringly thick 6.5 inch by 10 inch cock at me. Samuel was one hot hunky and well hung guy of Italian descent. He had short black hair with a fairly high hairline with the fringe spiked up. He had an oval, perfectly proportioned face with a natural Mediterranean tan. It was ruggedly handsome made more so due to his black facial stubble. It was a pure Alpha male face and had the hunky body to match. The hard manual labour of being a builder coupled with hours down the gym meant he had a well buff body with bulges in all the right places. Broad shoulders led to defined deltoids, big bulging biceps and forearms as big as the biceps of most men. He had a muscular sculpted chest that was smooth except for a small smattering of black hairs in the cleft of his pecs and around his brown pointy nipples. His stomach was a subtle six pack with a deep central cleft with a broad but sparse treasure trail of black hairs leading to a small but dense bush of short black pubes. To finish off he had muscular tree trunk legs dusted with black hairs. When Scott released my hips I walked over to Samuel on my hands and knees with Scott shuffling after me on his knees realising this was only a temporary halt to the proceedings. Although my favourite sexual position is face to face I do like a doggy style spit roast especially when I’m the filling. With my face in Samuel’s lap I drank in its sweaty, musky manly aroused aroma which I was starting to get to very familiar with. My parents made me help out at the building firm, owned by them, throughout that summer to instil a work ethic in me and teach me building skills. They knew I didn’t intend to follow them on in the business, but they thought helping out on jobs meant that should anything go wrong with my future house I could fix it myself. Sure I picked up some useful DIY skills that has probably saved me a small fortune over the years, but I wonder if they noticed Samuel’s and Jack’s work rate drop as they spent practically as much time fucking me, their boss’ Son, as they did on the job in hand. As my nose drank in the erotic stink of a hunky man’s sweaty groin I admired his arse busting cock. It was a fat 6.5 inches around and 10 inches long. The thick shaft was pretty veiny and it was circumcised, with a large but neat scar. The bulbous knob glistened with clear pre-cum. Samuel was holding his cock up with his right hand and put his left hand on the back of my head and forced it onto his cock. Or maybe over time I have forgotten if that was what happened or whether his hand tried to catch up with my head that was so eager to impale itself on his monster cock. Either way I was soon blissfully noshing his knob. To start with it was just working his big bulbous knob. My lush red lips would repeatedly slip over the prominent ridge of his bulbous knob, which I strongly sucked and swiped with my tongue. Samuel began purring with pleasure and his knob started leaking strong tasting pre-cum. Gradually with each bob of my mouth I took a bit more of Samuel’s big thick cock into my mouth. However due to its meaty girth and even at my mouth’s full tilt I could still only work the top few inches. “For a young’un he can sure suck cock.” Scott said in his East London barrow boy accent that made my posh cock throb. He was knelt by my arse but slightly to the left of me. His chav sexy face had a sly grin on it as he watched the sweet innocent looking face of a blond haired, 16 year old schoolboy being repeatedly impaled on the fat cock of a man twice his age. However an erotic a show it must have been for Scott why settle for watching porn when you can engage in it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Scott shuffle behind me. Then hands grabbed my hips before my arse felt the rush of air like you get at tube stations as a train approaches. A muffled moan of pleasure escaped my cock filled mouth as Scott’s swollen knob briefly kissed and then brutally punched open my sex swollen sphincter making it tingle in a blissfully toe curling way. It then punched open the throbbing, slightly aching walls of my cum filled arse as his cock shaft sawed against my arsehole. Scott might have had the smallest dick in the group but it was no minnow and had my arse burning with pleasure. He launched into a brutally hard, full dick fuck that would have had me screaming with hard fucked pleasure if Samuel wasn’t gagging my mouth with his big fat cock. Taking seven rough hard relentless fucks in a row you’d think my arse would have had enough but it hadn’t. Sure it ached, was sore and could do with a rest but that was nothing compared to the intense hard fucked pleasure. In fact the ache was like a badge of honour like a rugby player getting a black eye on the pitch. It let you know just how good a fucking you were getting and Scott was one skilful fucker. Be it pussy or be it arse he always had the recipient screaming with pleasure. His 7.5 inch cock wasn’t the biggest or thickest but it was the way he moved it. His thrusts seemed to gyrate, tickling a different part of you on each thrust in and out. There was also the rapid and relentless pace, plus he had great staying power so you got a blissfully long, rough hard fuck. For over half an hour I underwent the dual pleasures of being spit roasted by two dam sexy men as another four watched. My top end savoured the pungent erotic stink of Samuel’s sweaty, manly aroused groin and the delicious salty taste of his free flowing pre-cum. My lush red lips savoured sliding up and down his thick throbbing cock, feeling the bump of every vein. My tongue was snaking around his big fat cock like an electric eel, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside where his foreskin would have been if he wasn’t cut. Samuel’s and Scott’s moans of pleasure and derogatory dirty talk were music to my ears. At the other end Scott had a vice like grip on my hips to make sure his 7.5 inch cock got maximum penetration in my pussy boy arse. Occasionally he would let one hand go to give one of my buttocks a harsh, pleasurably stinging slap. His groin rapidly hitting the seat of my arse give it its own spanking but in a milder way. My sex swollen sphincter was sore but burned with pleasurable friction as Scott’s 7.5 inch, slightly thicker than average cock shaft sawed against it. He had stopped full dick fucking me but had increased the brutally hard, fast pace. His swollen knob would punch open the walls of my cum filled arse with the ridge of his knob scraping down them on the outward thrust. Every time his knob bumped my prostate my cock would twitch and dribble pre-cum, adding to a pool on the carpet. It was a three way race to see who could cum first as being spit roasted with an audience certainly had me as horny as fuck and on-line for my seventh orgasm of the day. It was Scott who let go first. The kinky thrill of fucking a slutty 16 year old schoolboy coupled with the physical pleasure proved too much, but not until after a long hard fuck. There was the wank job my tightly clenched sphincter was giving his cock as he rapidly and relentlessly thrust it in and out of my pussy boy arse. There was the steamy hot, wet tight confines of my cum laden arse clamped around his pounding cock and the velvety caress of my arse walls on his swollen sphincter that also endured the pleasure of his foreskin frop-fropping over it. My arse was flexing and squeezing his cock to intensify his pleasure and coax out his cum. He slipped into the vinegar strokes, fucking me even faster and harder as his orgasm approached. Sensing Scott was about to cum Samuel started furiously wanking the base of his big fat cock to catch up. “Going to cum.” Scott moaned in a pinched voice as he tried to hold it back a bit longer. “Fuck yeah!” Scott then loudly cried out in intense sexual ecstasy and release after a couple more thrusts. An intense and copious orgasm hit Scott. He fucked me with short deep hard thrust as he powerfully squirted eight large jets of cum into my arse, crying out in ecstasy with each one. As he orgasmed I flexed and squeezed my arse on his cock to prolong it and milk him dry. Just as Scott’s orgasm ended Samuel’s hit. He was wanking the base of his big fat cock as I greedily gobbled the top couple of inches. The familiar pleasure of wanking himself coupled with the sight and pleasure of a sweet innocent 16 year old boy doing something so erotic as sucking his man cock got to Samuel. “Drink my man spunk boy, you jizz junkie whore.” Samuel growled as I felt his fat cock swell even more a nanosecond before the first bolt of cum powerfully exploded out. Samuel continued wanking the base of his cock but I had stopped bouncing my mouth and instead concentrated on sucking and licking his big bulbous knob. His bell ended pulsed in my mouth like a strobe light as it powerfully blasted ten long thick ropes of creamy, strong tasting salty man cum into my mouth. The delicious taste of Samuel’s cum squirting in my arse as Scott’s fuck slowed down in my arse had me muffling moans of pleasure. When Samuel’s orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked into his dam sexy, ruggedly handsome face as I made a show of swilling and savouring his man spunk before swallowing it. At the other end Scott had his throbbing 7.5 inch cock buried ball deep in my overflowing arse which I continued to flex and squeeze to prolong his orgasmic high. I felt so proud and lucky to have sexually served and satisfied two such sexy men, or should it be me thanking them as I had the lingering taste of Samuel’s cum in my mouth and my arse was still buzzing from the fuck Scott had given it When Scott recovered his pulled his cock from my sore battered boy cunt that was full to the brim with seven loads of cum. Scott’s pale, dam sexy chav face was now flushed red for the vigour of the fuck he had given me and his orgasm. Being spit roasted by two dam sexy men had me close to my seventh orgasm and as Scott was so sexy and paying to fuck me I thought it only fair he should get to taste it again. After turning around I sat on Samuel’s 6.5 inch by 10 inch cock that was so fat it forced some of the cum from my arse onto his big balls. With my elbows on the back of the sofa I supported myself so that my arse was only half way down Samuel’s bit fat cock. “Fuck me.” I said to Samuel lustfully looking at him over my left shoulder. Samuel cradled my pert young arse in his big strong calloused hands and started fucking me. “Suck me I’m going to cum.” I said to Scott after turning to face him. An eager grin spread across his sexy chav face at the prospect of getting a second helping of schoolboy spunk. Scott got on his knees between my deeply tanned sports toned legs, his milky white hands contrasting with my thighs as he rested them there. “Oh yeah.” I moaned when the hot wetness of Scott’s mouth soaked into my swollen sensitive cock head. Scott might have been a bi-sexual more into women but he sure knew how to suck cock. Straight away his hot wet mouth started sucking my bulbous bell end like mad as his tongue escort kocaeli swirled around it. His lush pink lips, stretched to the max around my tanned fat cock gave it a great wank job as he bobbed hit hot wet strongly sucking mouth on the top couple of inches of my 9 inch teen boy cock. There was no way I was going to last long as Scott and Samuel had already spit roasted me to the brink of my seventh orgasm. There was the intense, if overstuffed, pleasure of feeling Samuel’s fat 10 inch cock fucking my cum laden boy cunt. The sore yet alive walls of my arse tingled from feeling his big bulbous knob punch them open and then feeling its prominent ridge scrape down them when he pulled back. The entrance to my colon ached from the battering it was taking but it was a pleasurable ache. My prostate pulsed as his knob rubbed over it as he vigorously fucked my arse. There was the sight of Scott’s pale dam sexy chav face slurping on the end of my tanned big fat cock. He dreamy brown eyes burned with lust and begged me to cum in his mouth. Feeling his hot wet mouth strongly sucking my sensitive knob as his tongue swiped it had waves of pleasure coursing down my cock straight to my cum laden balls. It was no wonder I lasted barely three minutes. “I’m going to cum.” I squealed as I felt the pressure in my productive teenage balls reach boiling point. Scott muffled “cum” around my cock, the reverberations of which proved to be the final straw. The first bolt of cum blasted out of my cock into Scott’s strongly sucking mouth. He muffled an appreciative murmur as he got to taste my schoolboy spunk a second time. Scott continued sucking and licking my knob as I powerfully squirted seven big ropes of cum into his mouth. My orgasm made my arms collapse impaling my arse on Samuel’s 10 inch fat cock. When my orgasm ended Scott passionately kissed me, sharing my own spunk with me as I savoured my orgasmic high. A couple of minutes later I had to break it off as I desperately needed the toilet. There was the post-orgasm wee busting my balder and my arse was cramping up and about to blast out the seven loads of cum as if it were creamy diarrhoea. As I left I saw Jack kneel between Samuel’s muscular legs and lick up the cum that had escaped my arse from off his balls. Jack then began to suck and lick the sex slime of schoolboy arse juice and the spunk of six men off Samuel’s big thick cock. In the toilet I had a massive fart which expelled most, but not all of the seven loads of cum up my sore but still hungry arse. As I emptied my bladder I stuck the middle finger of my right hand up my arse to the base knuckle before extracting it and sucking it clean. It wasn’t gross tasting but a slightly earthy salty taste like licking your cum off an arsehole you have just squirted over. Once my abolitions were over I head back to the group who were all taking a breather and having a drink. However the break in proceedings didn’t last long as four of the guys there had paid �100 each to fuck me so they were determined to get their monies worth. “Go and suck off Kayden and I’ll fuck you.” Jack said in his Southern USA drawl that really turned me on. It wasn’t just his drawl that turned me on but all of him did. Jack would definitely have been an in demand twink porn star if the internet wasn’t in its infancy back then. He had short, slightly wavy hair that was in between really dark blond and light brown. He had a long thin, but cute sexy flawless face that often had a cheeky grin. His skin was pale with a hint of tan. He had dreamy sapphire blue eyes, lush pinkish red lips and an angular but attractive nose. His arms were slender but in a lean toned way with a hint of definition to his biceps. He had pencil line definition to his naturally hairless chest and flat firm stomach with a thin treasure trailing running down from his navel. He had a broad but sparse patch of mousy brown pubes he kept trimmed really short. His cock was 9.5 inches long and very thick. The shaft was pale and heavily veined. He was circumcised with a clean scar below a thick ridged bulbous knob. Below were big very productive balls in a tight sack dusted with pubes. To finish off the sexy package he nicely haired, sexily shaped legs. He could also fuck like a jack rabbit and had the stamina of a long distance runner. Kayden had overheard Jack’s suggestion and a sly, eager grin spread across his face as he waved his hard, pale 9 inch cock at me. His face barely met my standards but his pale body was pretty decent in a lean swimmer’s way and he did have a big thick cock. Besides he was paying �100 so even if he was a fat hairy old queen I wouldn’t have been able to refuse. Anyway my face was going to be buried in his groin so I wouldn’t be getting much of a view anyway. After kneeling between Kayden’s legs I supported my upper body by placing my right hand on the edge of the sofa. With my left had I gripped Kayden’s cock and lifted it to the vertical, peeling back his pale foreskin as I did so. His swollen pinkish knob shone with clear pre-cum which I lapped up as I swirled my tongue around it. Then I kissed the tip of his knob before forcing my young but experienced mouth down onto Kayden’s cock, swallowing all but the last couple of inches of his 9 inch shaft. “Mmm fuck yeah.” Kayden moaned as he felt the hot wetness of my mouth soak into the vast majority of his throbbing manhood. Then I began to give Kayden a steady deep throat blow job. My lush red lips, tightly clamped around his long thick and throbbing cock gave it a great wank job. My tongue swirled around his hot hard cock as my hot wet, strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up and down it. When just his swollen knob was in my mouth I strongly sucked it and swiped it with my tongue and when it was plugging my throat I’d squeeze the muscles back there on it. Kayden’s moans of pleasure, complementary utterances, the way his big cock was wildly throbbing in my mouth and leaking pre-cum let me know just how much he was enjoying the blow job I was giving him. On top of the physical pleasure of sucking his cock there was the delicious taste of his pre-cum and the manly, sweaty horny stink of his groin. Barely had I begun sucking Kayden then I muffled a moan of brutally breach pleasure as Jack rammed his thick 9.5 inch cock up my arse. There was the pleasurable sting as Jack’s prominent ridged circumcised knob popped past my sex swollen sphincter, which then began to burn with pleasurable friction as his really thick, vieny 9.5 inch cock thrust deeper into my boy cunt. Despite the sore throbbing ache in the walls of my arse they relished being battered open by Jack’s big thick cock. His swollen knob then slammed into the entrance to my colon where it remained for the briefest of moments before Jack broke into his trademark fast furious fuck. He might have been tall and slim, with a skinny arse but he could fuck as hard as a body builder on steroids. The blissfully brutal fuck Jack was giving me had me muffling screams of hard fucked pleasure around Kayden’s cock. The sensations in my arse were out of this world. My arse is sensitive and receptive at the best of times but taking my eightieth hard fuck in a row it was practically sensory overload. My arsehole loved being stretched wide around Jack’s thick cock and felt the bump of every vein in it. His long thick cock rapidly sawing against my sphincter made it burn with intense sensations. The walls of my arse ached but at the same time needed to take the brutal battering they were getting. The entrance to my colon felt like Mike Tyson’s punch bag. My pert buttocks tingled from the spanking Jack’s groin was giving them. For a blissful age I was spit roasted as if I were nought but a sex doll. Although I had been giving Kayden a good deep throat blow job a domineering streak appeared in him and he was roughly bouncing my head on his cock as if he was dribbling a basket ball. Lots of times I had to cough and splutter as I fought back gag reflexes when he pushed my mouth too far down. But on the whole he was skilful enough to know just how far to push my mouth down and I was experienced enough to take a rough face fuck. My lush red lips felt as swollen as Mick Jagger’s from sucking two big cocks in a row. My taste buds were buzzing from being liberally coated by Kayden’s salty pre-cum. The musky, manly stink of his sweaty aroused groin filled my nostrils. At the other end my pussy boy arse was being expertly raped by Jack’s big thick twink cock. It was an animalistic fuck like a dominant dog breeding his submissive bitch. I might have been the submissive bitch but I wasn’t being a passive one. My arse was flexing and squeezing Jack’s big pounding cock like mad. In return Jack rewarded me with a good hard fucking that had my arse burning with intense pleasure. Although Jack was giving me a dam good fuck and I was enjoying the dual pleasures of being spit roasted it was a bit of a shame I couldn’t see Jack’s dam sexy face. Even after all these years the twink cute, dam right sexiness of Jack’s stunning face burns bright in my memory. After a good long spit roast it was Kayden who let go first. He forced my mouth down onto his cock with his swollen knob plugging my throat. “Fuck yeah!” Kayden cried out as his orgasm hit. Unfortunately he held my head fully impaled on his cock so his cum squirted straight down my gullet rather than into my mouth where I could taste and savour it. The back of my throat felt Kayden’s cock head swell and twitch eight times as it blasted his cum straight down to my stomach. When Kayden’s orgasm ended he released his grip on my head as his body went post orgasm rag doll limp. Now free I lifted my head up but not off Kayden’s cock as I took in a lungful of air. Even though Kayden had cum I still continued to suck his cock but just not as deep as he’d forced my head. To be honest I was a bit miffed and it was only for Jack’s enjoyment that I carried on. Kayden’s face barely met my standards and for me the face is the main pulling point. Sure Kayden had a lean fit body and big cock but he’d wasted his cum by blasting it straight down my throat. If it hadn’t been for dam sexy Jack hammering away at my arse with his thick 9.5 inch cock I would have left Kayden and moved onto my next punter. Instead I carried on sucking Kayden’s cock which remained hard despite his orgasm. Jack managed to hold out for a few minutes more. For Kayden there was a novelty to having sex with a 16 almost 17 year old lad but for Jack over that summer it was now a frequent occurrence. Every single day of that summer job Jack, Samuel and I would have sex either on the job or in the back of the van. So sticking his cock in and out of my arse was a familiar sensation thus, although just as enjoyable as the first time, it meant with each subsequent fuck it took Jack longer and longer to cum. However the velvety soft caress of the steamy hot, wet walls of my tight young arse on his bulbous circumcised knob as my tight sphincter wanked his thick thrusting cock eventually got to him. Jack didn’t warn me he was about to cum but he’d fucked me enough times for me to know he was about too. The thrusts of his big thick cock remained fast, deep and hard but became juddery. His breathing became more laboured and his grip on my hips tighter. Then he began to groan as his orgasm hit. He continued to fuck me as he powerfully blasted ten loads of cum into my arse to add to Scott’s and the remainder of the six prior loads I hadn’t farted out. As Jack pumped my arse full of cum I muffled purrs of well bred pleasure around Kayden’s cock. When Jack’s orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off Kayden’s cock in order to spin around and suck sexy Jack’s cock clean of the sex slime of my arse juice and his and Scott’s cum. However Jay was sat next to Kayden and his big black cock was in need of some oral attention. Just as Jack was pulling his big thick cock from my arse Jay was impaling my mouth on his bib black mamba. For a 34 year old, which seems old to a teenager, Jay was pretty sexy. He had a big, buff gym bunny body that was muscular but not that overly so way with unsightly bulging veins of pro-body builders. In my eyes he got fifth billing looks wise out of the group of six but there was enough to his round dark brown face to attract me. He had short tightly curled jet black hair with matching goatee beard and moustache. He had a muscular well defined body and he was currently bouncing my mouth on the top half of his 9 inch dark brown cock. He was purring with pleasure as he felt my hot wet mouth strongly suck his cock as I swiped it with my tongue and my lips wanked the shaft. His salty spicy pre-cum was firing off my taste buds and his groin ponged of musky manly aroused sweat that turned me on. When Jack pulled his big thick cock from my arse it felt so empty and alone but not for long. Somebody knelt behind me and I guessed it to be Foster as he was the only one left not to have had a second go on me. Foster got fourth billing out of the group of six but only because the first three were so sexy. He was definitely good looking enough for me to add him to my fuck buddy list, whereas with Kayden and Jay that day was a one off. He had a big beefy body that was bulky rather than defined. Despite the lack of muscle tone he was strong and powerful, with a body perfect for a player in a rugby scrum. His round sexy face was topped with short dark brown hair with thick eyebrows. He had lush red lips, dark brown eyes and a short broad nose. All this come from memory as my face was currently buried in Jay’s groin as he bounced my hot wet, sucking mouth on his big black cock. Foster tightly gripped my hips and started doing something that drives me wild; knob fucking and he had the perfect one for it. For those who don’t know knob fucking is where you repeatedly stick just your knob in and out of an arse or even pussy. If you have never tried it before, be you top or be you bottom give it a go as the feelings are intense for both parties. For me there was the pleasurable stinging tingle of Foster’s prominent ridged bulbous knob izmit yabancı escort pop- popping past my tight little sphincter causing me to muffle moans of intense sexual pleasure around Jay’s big black cock. Likewise my tight sphincter repeated rubbing over the sensitive crown of Foster’s knob was giving him toe curling pleasure. This went on for a few minutes but just when the pleasure was becoming too much to bear, like too long under a metal head masseur, Foster brutally slammed his eye wateringly thick 8.5 inch cock ball deep in my arse. His prominent ridged, bulbous knob punched open the throbbing walls of my arse as his fat veiny cock shaft stretched and sawed against my sex swollen sphincter. Foster then launched into a brutally hard full dick fuck that would have had me screaming with hard fucked pleasure if Jay’s cock wasn’t gagging my mouth. Foster’s harsh hard fuck gave my arse some discomfort but that was outweighed by the unbelievable pleasure. There was the pleasurable sting in my arsehole as Foster’s bulbous knob repeatedly popped past it coupled with the wonderful friction of his fat, rapidly thrusting, veiny cock shaft sawing against it. The cum splattered walls of my arse throbbed with pleasure from the brutal battering they were taking. The dual pleasure of sucking cock whilst being fucked had an eighth load brewing in my overly productive teenage balls. Jay and Foster spit roasted me for about 30 minutes. For the first half Jay controlled the face fuck by bouncing my head on his big, juicy dark brown cock. But he then relinquished control to me where I sucked his cock as vigorously as he had controlled it. There is no doubt I was born to suck cock as it feels just so right. Sure having my arse fucked gets number one billing but sucking cock comes a very close second. Even though I have a big thick cock if I had to chose between being a top or a bottom it would be the latter than wins hands down. Therefore it was no surprise I was so hyper-horny from being spit roasted by two hot hunky men. My sports toned, lithe teenage body was on fire with intense stimuli. There were Foster’s and Jay’s moans of pleasure as they had one of my orifices work their hot hard, throbbing cocks. There was the highly erotic stink of Jay’s spicy, sweaty horny aroused groin mingling with that of man on teen boy gay sex. My lush red cock’s sucker’s lips felt swollen from sucking my third large cock in a row yet were still sensitive enough to feel the bumps of every vein in Jay’s big black cock. They tingled with pleasure as they rapidly rubbed up and down Jay’s throbbing 9 inch cock. My tongue tingled like licking a Scalextric track from the spicy taste of Jay’s salty pre- cum. At the other end my arse throbbed with brutally hard fucked pleasure. Foster had the perfect battering ram cock that was pleasurably pulverising my boy cunt. Having his fat veiny 8.5 inch cock rapidly sawing against my sex swollen sphincter was so intense it was a fire risk. He had stopped full dick fucking me but was pounding my pussy boy arse even faster and harder. The battered walls of my boy cunt ached but in a good hard fucked way. As Foster hammered my arse with his big thick cock I felt the cum up there bubble up in a froth. The seat of my arse tingled from the rapid and repeated spanking Foster’s groin was giving it. It was Foster who let go first. He was pile driving my arse yet he found reserves from somewhere to fuck me even faster and harder. Sensing he was close I upped the tempo of flexing and squeezing my arse on Foster’s fat, brutally pounding cock which had the desired effect. “Going to breed your cunt bitch!” Foster hollered as his orgasm hit. He started fucking me with short, deep hard thrusts as he powerfully blasted another load of cum into my sloppy, slutty schoolboy arse. Out of instinct the vigour of sucking Jay’s big, juicy dark brown cock matched the vigour of the harsh fuck Foster was giving me. As Foster pumped my arse full of cum I muffled purrs of well bred pleasure down Jay’s cock, with coupled with the increased vigour of the blow job I was giving him set his orgasm off. Just as Foster weakly shot the eighth and last jet of cum into my throbbing arse Jay began firing the first of ten into my mouth. Jay didn’t warn me he was going to cum but I knew the signs. Instead he just started grunting as he powerfully unloaded his balls into my eager young mouth. His hot thick, salty spicy spunk washed over my tongue and fired off my taste buds. To me spunk is the tastiest thing in the world and I would drink it all day long if I could. It is not only the taste but feeling a man’s hot hard cock throbbing in your mouth as it unloads is like a reward for a job well done. When Jay’s orgasm ended I pulled my cum filled mouth off his cock, looked into his face and made a show of swilling and savouring his man cum before swallowing it. They say there’s no rest for the wicked but I’m not wicked but they gave me no rest. Without actually discussing it they had decided to spit roast me in order but at different ends. It might have been Scott who set the precedent as he sat next to Jay and waved his hard 7.5 inch cock at me. When I suck cock I always give it 100% but Scott was so fucking sexy in a cheeky chav way that I intended to go that extra mile. Just remembering what he looked like has given me a rock hard stiffy. His pale face was sexy in a stereotypical chav way with a bit of black facial stubble, smouldering dark brown eyes and lush pink lips. He had a swimmer’s build and light mat of black chest and stomach hairs. His pale cock was slightly thicker than average and 7.5 inches long. His dreamy brown eyes said “get to work bitch” and I did. After shuffling over I took Scott’s hot hard cock in my left hand and aimed it at my mouth. Scott moaned with pleasure as he felt my lush red lips slide down his swollen knob pushing back his foreskin. Once his knob was in my mouth I started strongly sucking it and swiping it with my tongue. As I did so I looked into his dam sexy face and gave him my best slutty sultry look that I know was at polar opposites to my sweet innocent boy next door appearance. Scott rewarded my sucking of his swollen knob by feeding me lots of tasty pre-cum and moaning with pleasure. Scott had a girlfriend who was as much of a nymphomaniac as he was but although she was a very skilled cock sucker she couldn’t beat a gay guy. As I sucked the end of Scott’s cock my hands caressed his furry fit thighs, stomach and chest. My eyes drank in the sight of Scott’s sexy face and lean fit body. They let him know just how fucking hot I thought he was and despite the fact he was the straight side of bi-sexual his dreamy brown eyes burned with lust for the 16 year old boy before him. As I was greedily slurping on the end of Scott’s cock Samuel knelt behind me. The reason I knew it was Samuel was because my arse was getting very used to his big fat cock being stuffed up it. The three of us worked six days a week and on every single one of them Samuel and Jack fucked me at least once. First my sex swollen arsehole recognised the heavy spongy head of his bulbous prominent ridged knob pressing against it. Then it was brutally battered open as he used his muscled might to impale my pussy boy arse on his big fat manhood. Having my tight arsehole that was already sore and swollen from all the sex breached so harshly made it burn with a pleasurable sting. Yes it was slightly uncomfortable but fuck did it feel good. It was intensified as his long, fat veiny cock shaft sawed against it. When he bottomed out his bulbous knob slammed into the entrance to my colon. Briefly Samuel held his 6.5 inch by 10 inch cock in my arse to savour the pleasure of it. My arse was so stuffed full of his cock it felt like I needed to take a huge dump. Samuel then began to fuck me with his trademark rough relentless vigour. The manual labour of being a builder coupled with hours down the gym meant Samuel had great strength and staying power, all of which he used when fucking. It was a good job Samuel was gay as he fucked so hard he’d break a woman’s pussy. We slutty gay boys know how to take a hammering and Samuel was sure giving me one. His cock was pounding my arse as fast as the Mallard’s pistons when it set the steam speed world record. My widely stretched arsehole burned with the most intense pleasurable friction. It felt the bump of every vein and each and every throb of his big hard cock. The slight discomfort of being fucked by such a big fat cock was far outweighed by the unbelievable hard fucked pleasure. The walls of my arse and entrance to my colon throbbed in a good way from the battering they were taking. As he pounded my arse he harshly spanked my buttocks making them sting and burn in a pleasurable way. He also talked dirty and derogatory that further fuelled my slutty submissive horniness. As Scott and Samuel had already cum twice they lasted even longer. However I didn’t as half way through the forty minute fuck I had my eightieth fuck induced orgasm of the day. There was too much pleasure and stimuli and I was so turned on by being such a dirty little slut letting six guys gang bang my underage arse, four of whom I’d only met that day. There was the erotic stink of Scott’s sweaty, aroused groin mingling with that of man on teen boy gay sex. My tongue was buzzing from the delicious taste of Scott’s free flowing pre-cum. My lush red lips loved sliding up and down the warm meaty tube of Scott’s throbbing 7.5 inch cock as my tongue snaked around it. My hands enjoyed the tickle of his hairs as I caressed his toned thighs, firm furry stomach and sculpted chest. His purrs of pleasure mingled with those of Samuel who was also talking dirty and derogatory to me. The sides of my pert buttock were red raw and stinging like mad from the enjoyable spanking Samuel was giving them. My widely stretched sex swollen sphincter was burning with pleasurable friction. The sore walls of my arse and entrance to my colon throbbed with hard fucked pleasure. My achingly hard cock was wildly swinging about from the brutal vigour of the fuck Samuel was giving me. Feeling the prominent ridge of his bulbous knob repeatedly scrape over my pulsing prostate had the cum boiling in my teen boy balls. My orgasm was so intense I had to stop sucking Scott but I kept his hot hard, throbbing cock in my mouth. My muffled moans of sexual ecstasy and release reverberated down Scott’s cock as my cum splashed onto the carpet. Even though it was my eightieth orgasm of the day I still powerful blasted out six large jets of schoolboy spunk. “Fuck is he cumming again?” Scott asked surprised. “Yeah the kid is full of cum and his slutty little arse is wired to his balls.” Samuel moaned as he maintained the blissfully brutal fuck he was giving my cock hungry boy cunt. He was right as my arse is so receptive to being fucked sometimes I think a woman’s pussy got slapped there by mistake when I was being put together on the production line. Due to my orgasm I had stopped sucking Scott’s cock so he gripped my head and started fucking my mouth. My orgasm also made me stop flexing my arse on Samuel’s brutally pounding cock, although there were some post orgasm twitches in it. It also intensified my feeling of dominated submissiveness by being sexually used by these two hot men, one at each end. My orgasm also further heightened the sensitivity in my arse and mouth, both becoming even more receptive to the fucks they were taking. However once I’d recovered from my orgasmic high I went from passive bitch to my usual power bottom. Scott carried on fucking my mouth but now I was no longer passively taking the face fuck but actively strongly sucking his thrusting cock and teasing it with my tongue. At the other end I began flexing and squeezing my arse on Samuel’s big fat, brutally pounding ten inch cock. This resumption of stimulation wasn’t lost on Scott and Samuel whose groans of pleasure reached their levels prior to my orgasm. For Scott there was the pleasure of fucking a hot wet, strongly sucking mouth as a snaking tongue and tightly clamped lips stimulated his thrusting cock. For Samuel there was the pleasure of fucking a tight, flexing arse full of cum with a clamped sphincter wanking the fat shaft of his rapidly thrusting cock. For both there was the illicit kinky thrill of fucking a schoolboy a month shy of being legal for straight sex but five years underage for gay sex. Scott and Samuel spit roast fucked me for another twenty minutes. It was Samuel who let go first. He was a fast, brutally hard fucker but he also found reserves for somewhere to up the tempo for the vinegar strokes. Samuel started fucking my arse even faster and harder, really pulverising it and making me scream muffled moans of pleasure around Scott’s cock. “Take your boss’ baby batter!” Samuel cried out as he thrust his fat 10 inch cock ball deep into my arse. His big bulbous knob swelled even more in the stretched entrance to my colon as the first bolt of cum blasted deep into my bowels. Samuel then began fucking me with short, deep hard thrusts that battered the entrance to my colon as he powerfully blasted ten big bolts of man cum into my battered boy cunt. Feeling Samuel spunk in my arse made me muffle moans of well bred and hard fucked pleasure around Scott’s cock which was fucking my mouth. When Samuel’s intense and copious orgasm ended he rammed his 6.5 inch by 10 inch cock ball deep in my sore but satisfied arse and held it there to savour his orgasmic high. To fuel and prolong it I kept flexing and squeezing my arse on his big thick spent cock. Scott managed to hold out for a couple more minutes before the pleasure of vigorously fucking my hot wet, strongly sucking mouth got to him. My tightly clamped lush red lips were giving the throbbing shaft of his 7.5 inch cock a great wank job. His cock was being sucked as if stuck in a Hoover attachment as my tongue stimulated it. He also had the erotic sight of his cock fucking the sweet innocent boy next door face of an almost 16 year old schoolboy. Scott stopped deep izmit eve gelen escort throat fucking my mouth and instead thrust in the top couple of inches but at a faster pace. This coupled with his tensing body and laboured breathing let me know he was about to jizz in my mouth. Sure enough seconds later and his thrusting cock was throbbing and twitching in my mouth as it blasted jet after jet of creamy cum into it. Scott started groaning in sexual ecstasy as he bred my mouth as if it were a pussy. His salty cum squirting on my tongue fired off my taste buds as I savoured the familiar pleasure of a cock orgasming in my mouth. Scott pumped eleven jets into my mouth with decreasing pressure. When his orgasm ended Scott stopped fucking my mouth with just his swollen knob inside. Just as I was flexing and squeezing my arse on Samuel’s cock to prolong his orgasmic high I carried on sucking Scott’s cock to prolong his. They were in no hurry to pull their cock from the hot wet orifice they were currently embedded in but they were fee paying punters who were eager to take their places. It was Kayden who complained that Scott and Samuel were loitering too long and they reluctantly pulled their cocks from me. Kayden came around and sat in front of me. Although he had a plain Joe face his body was fit in a slim lean way and he did have a big juicy 9 inch cock. “Wow you have one red swollen arsehole.” Jack said in his sexy Southern USA accent as he traced a middle finger around it. He was right as it felt very swollen and very sore but the slutty cock hunger in my boy cunt hadn’t been slatted. Besides Jack was so fucking sexy even if my arse was about to fall of I’d still let him fuck me. If he looked now as he did then he could have been a model for nks. His face hinted he had been a dreamily cute schoolboy but now matured into a tasty twink. His sexy face grabbed your attention regardless of gender and sexuality as did his really thick 9.5 inch cock when you saw it. “Fuck me with your big cock.” I lustfully begged Jack looking at him over my shoulder. Yes my sphincter was sore and my arse ached but I was lost in slutty abandonment and needed more sex. It was as if I was a junkie knowing I was hurting myself but was in desperate need of another fix. Luckily for me Jack was my Dr Robert. “Sure thing kido.” He said in his Southern drawl as he grabbed my hips. “Fuck yeah!” I cried out as Jack brutally rammed his fat 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse. My sex swollen sphincter stung and my arse hurt from being penetrated so brutally by such a big thick cock but wow was there intense toe curling pleasure. Jack then launched into a fast hard full dick fuck that would have had me screaming with pleasure if Kayden hadn’t gagged me. For the first couple of stabs of my arse I was able to admire Jack’s twink sexy face with its grin of sexual mischief and lust burning in his dreamy eyes. However Kayden soon turned my eyes to his hard throbbing, insistent cock. It was only a brief glimpse as soon most of it was buried down my throat. Kayden firmly gripped my head and started bouncing my mouth on his cock. Although I like to be an active bottom I also get a kinky thrill when the other guy(s) dominate and control the fuck. Jack and Kayden were certainly dominating the spit roast fuck they were giving me. In almost no time they picked up each other’s rhythm and had me bouncing back and forth like a rocking horse. Jack’s tight grip on my hips pulled my arse onto his forward thrusting cock as Kayden lifted my mouth up his cock. Then Jack would push me off his retreating cock as Kayden pulled my mouth down onto his. For ages Jack and Kayden swung my sports toned, lithe young body back and forth like two lumberjacks cutting down a tree with a two man saw. Despite the soreness in my sex swollen sphincter it burned with pleasurable friction from Jack’s big thick, veiny cock shaft rapidly sawing against it. Even the mild sting as his bulbous knob popped in and out of it felt great. The cum splattered walls of my arse and entrance to my colon ached yet throbbed with intense hard fucked pleasure. My pert buttocks pleasantly tingled from the spanking Jack’s groin was giving them. Our big heavy cum laden balls were bashing together like a Newton’s cradle. At the other end my nostril drank in the sweaty, manly erotic aroused stink of Kayden’s groin. My lush red lips loved rapidly sliding up and down his hot hard throbbing cock, feeling the bump of every vein. My taste buds relished the strong salty taste of his free flowing pre-cum. Their moans of sexual pleasure was music to my ears. The fact I was being spit roasted by two guys whilst four more watched added to my already intense horniness. It was Kayden who came first as he was unused to the pleasures of fucking a schoolboy’s mouth. Jack was now very familiar with fucking my arse so he lasted a bit longer. Kayden stopped deep throating my mouth and instead worked it on the top couple of inches of his big cock. Realising he was close to orgasm I sucked his cock harder and flicked it with my tongue faster. “Yeah suck that cock boy you’re going to make me cum.” Kayden groaned as I felt his body tense. “Fuck yeah!” He cried out several seconds later as a huge orgasm hit him. His big cock twitched in my mouth like a runaway fire hose as it powerfully blasted ten big bolts of strong tasting salty cum into my mouth. No drug can beat the taste of cum and I became an addict for it from the moment I first tasted my own watery pubescent load when I was 13. To drink cum is hardwired into my brain as when I had my first wet orgasm my fingers instinctively dipped into the watery puddle and straight to my mouth without thinking about it. And although eating my cum is yum you can’t beat taking another guy’s load in your mouth fresh from the source. Everything about it is great, the gloppy texture, the salty taste, feeling his cock throb in your mouth as you listen to his whimpers of sexual ecstasy. All this I experienced as Kayden came in my mouth. When his orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked into his plain pale face now flushed from orgasm. His indifferent face might not have been tasty but his cum was and holding his gaze I swilled and savoured his man spunk before swallowing it. The horniness of the situation had my balls at bursting point. “Hold your cock in my arse and stand up I’m going to cum in his mouth.” I told Jack looking at him over my left shoulder. Jack slammed his really thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep in my arse and held it there before we both stood up. It was obvious Kayden was hunger for my schoolboy spunk as his mouth was clamped on my cock the moment I was stood up. His lips were tightly clamped around my fat cock just below the crown of my bulbous knob. He started strongly sucking my knob and swiping the sensitive underside with his tongue. “Fuck my cum into his mouth.” I told Jack after placing my hands on the back of the sofa to brace myself for the resumption of the brutal fucking Jack had been giving me. Jack did as asked but didn’t full dick fuck me but pounded my pussy boy arse faster and harder instead as h raced to his own orgasm. For a couple of minutes I endured the dual pleasure of being fucked hard as my cock was expertly sucked. My bulbous knob savoured the hot wet sucking sensation on it as Kayden’s tongue snaked around it. My sore aching arse burned with hard fucked pleasure. “Drink my schoolboy spunk.” I groaned when I felt the pleasure in my balls reach boiling point. “Cum in my mouth.” Kayden muffled around my cock which sent vibrations down it that proved to be the final trigger. My body locked solid and then began to shudder as my ninth orgasm of the day hit. My cock twitched and throbbed in Kayden’s strongly sucking mouth as it powerfully blasted out six jets of cum. My orgasm made my arse twitch uncontrollably around Jack’s brutally pounding cock which set off his orgasm. Continuing to fuck me fast, hard and deep Jack started spunking up in my arse. He loudly groaned with pleasure on each of the nine jets he squirted into me, my arse feeling his big thick cock twitch with each one. When Jack’s orgasm ended he slowly pulled his cock from my arse, gently pushed me aside and fed his sexy slimed cock to Kayden. Kayden began eagerly sucking and licking Jack’s cock clean of cum and my arse juice but it was a show I briefly saw. Jay had walked up and was forcing me to my knees and my mouth onto Foster huge cock. Foster’s cock was so fat I could only get the bulbous knob in and then I had to be careful with my teeth. My lips were stretched to bursting point and any further down I’d probably dislocate my jaw. As I started strongly sucking Foster’s knob and swirling my tongue around it Jay knelt behind me. He used his muscled might to ram his big black cock up my white pussy boy arse causing me to muffle a moan of well breached if stinging pleasure. Jay then began jack hammering my arse. All of them were brutal fuckers but as Jay, Foster and Samuel were muscular they were even more so than the other three. However my arse could take it especially as it had been stretched by Jack’s really thick 9.5 inch cock. Jay’s cock was only slightly thicker than average and half an inch shorter. Nevertheless it still made my arse burn with hard fucked pleasure. There was feeling the prominent ridge of his circumcised knob scraping down the throbbing cum splattered walls of my arse before punching them open. His knob pounded the entrance to my colon and whipped up the cum in my sloppy arse. My sphincter felt the bump of each vein on his rapidly thrusting cock. My feeling of domineered submissiveness from being fucked by such a muscular black man 18 years my senior was added to by his derogatory dirty talk. He called me things like black cock loving bitch boy, batty boy, fag, whore and the like. At the other end although I couldn’t move my mouth much on Foster’s fat cock I deployed other techniques instead. My mouth sucked harder, my tongue flicked faster and I replaced the wank job of my lips with a hand job. My fingers barely managed to wrap around the eye watering meaty girth of his cock but from his moans and the amount of pre-cum he was leaking Foster seemed to be enjoying the combined wank and blow job I was giving him. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw Samuel push Jack down onto the sofa, drag his arse to the edge and brutally ram his big thick cock up it. Samuel then began fucking Jack’s arse like he had so many times before. Jay fucked me for about thirty minutes as I sucked away on the end of Foster’s big fat cock. “Going to breed your cunt boy.” Jay moaned as his fucking reached fever pitch. He thrust his cock in me a few more times before slamming it in ball deep. His knob lodged in the entrance to my colon where it swelled as it blasted the first bolt of cum deep into me. He then started fucked me with short, deep hard stabs of his cock as he orgasmed. He loudly grunted with each of the eight blasts he squirted into my, his knob battering the entrance to my colon. As he pumped me full of cum I milked his cock with my arse muscles. When his orgasm ended he kept his cock in my arse for a couple of minutes as he savoured his orgasmic high. Once he’d recovered he slowly pulled his cock from my arse. “Clean his cock I want to finish off in your arse.” Foster commanded me after lifting my mouth off the end of his cock. Despite my arse now feeling really sore it eagerly throbbed at the thought of being impaled on Foster’s big fat cock again. Still on my hands and knees I spun around so my arse was facing Foster with Jay’s sex slimed cock in my face. It was clean except for cum and my arse juice so I had no qualms about taking it in my mouth. Before I could Foster brutally rammed his fat 8.5 inch cock up my arse causing me to wince and yelp from the stinging discomfort radiating out from my overly stretched arsehole. It was a discomfort I knew would be worth it. Foster then launched into a fast furious fuck as I set about spit polishing Jay’s sex slimed cock. Jay’s cock tasted like drinking cum and rimming arse at the same time. Once I’d cleaned Jay’s cock he went for a post orgasm piss. When he left Foster yanked his cock from my sore arse, flipped my onto my back pulled my legs into the air before ramming his big fat cock back up my arse. His round fairly sexy face had a dominate leer on it as he resumed the rough relentless fuck he was giving my arse. The stinging, aching discomfort returned but only lasted a minute or so before becoming hard fucked pleasure. Also due to the angle my pulsing prostate was taking another serious pounding brewing up a tenth load, although I doubted Foster would be the one to fuck it out of me as his face was already twitching from the fight against orgasm. Foster fucked me for another five minutes before his orgasm hit. He slammed his fat 8.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse where its bulbous knob lodged in the entrance to my colon and swelled even bigger as it powerfully blasted the first bolt of cum deep into my arse. Foster then began stabbing my arse with short deep hard thrust as he powerfully squirted ten bolts of cum up my arse the mingle with the six loads already up there. Foster loudly grunted with each big powerful squirt. To fuel and prolong his orgasm I worked my arse muscles overtime on his big fat cock. When his orgasm ended he pulled his cock out of my very sore but very satisfied arse and fell backwards onto the floor. As he lay there prone through orgasm I sucked and licked his cock clean of tasty cum and my arse juice. We then had a break with the rest of the afternoon and into late evening the six of them had their wicked way with me numerous times and even Jack ended up taking several fucks. As an orgy alone it had been great, although it did put my arse out of action for the following day, but I’d earned Samuel, Jack and I �400 into the bargain. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquilliam under prolific authors

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