The Party Ch. 1The Party Ch. 1


The anticipation has been building ….

We are going to meet others who share their love of “watching”, perhaps tonight they will do more. Taste the flesh of others as well ….

We arrive at the house, a short women answers with a smile. She is adorned in a blue silk robe that shows off her legs, shoulder length reddish hair and blue eyes invite us in.

There are 4 other couples and a single girl here tonight. Music plays in the background as I take your coat and follow our host to place it in our room. She looks longingly at me as I place our coats on the bed. “You are both quite desirable” she informs me. I smile and thank her.

I rejoin you in the parlor and introductions are made. Kat and Rick, a skinny little blonde and her slightly overweight husband, Bob and Tina, a couple of happy faces who seem to definitely be in the spirit of things both in good shape with hair about the same coloration …. brunette. Steve and Jill, a slight man and his buxom blonde wife, our hosts Dana and Mitch, a petite slightly overweight redhead and her equally as fit husband. Kim is the single girl, mid 30’s, small breasts, shoulder length brown hair, slight build. All in all most eyes seem to be on us. Should we decide to, I’m sure we could have our “pick” of fun.

As the evening moves on small talk is made, we get to know some of the others. But, always a tension in the air …. the need for sexual release. I nuzzle your neck and whisper to you “I can just taste you ….”, you reach back and graze my hardening cock and wink. Well, we’re on the same page.

Some of the other couples seem to be getting into the mood as we sit on a one of the comfy chairs in the parlor. You on my lap, gorgeous legs thrown over mine. Across the way Kat and Rick, Steve and Jill are all necking on the couch hands roam freely as moans of passion begin. Kim sits idly by the fireplace glancing about the room, our hostesses hand on her shoulder. Bob and Tina recline on the floor Tina’s head in Bob’s lap as his hands and those of our host travel up and down her frame.

The sounds and scents of the room are intoxicating, your arm is over my shoulder and your hand idly strokes my back as we watch the scene unfold before us. I run my fingers up and down your bare legs, touching just the bottom of your skirt before running them back down again. We take in all that surrounds us, Tina’s top being undone and her bare breasts Karagümrük Escort there for all to see while she rubs one hand over her the front of her tight slacks and caresses our hosts cock through his.

The two couples on the couch are in varying stages as well, Jill has put all inhibitions away as she produces her husbands cock and takes it in with one gulp, he rubs her swollen nipples as the couple next to them on the couch, Kat and Rick continue to grope each other and Jill. Rick has two fingers buried in the blonde as Kat rubs him through his jeans.

I idly hike your skirt up just enough so I can rub your swollen lips through your sexy panties. I look you in the eye and bring my finger to my lips, I suck your scent from it and with a devilish grin slide the wet finger under your panties to slide into you. Once again I remove it and lick the sweet coating from it. “As I expected, oh so sweet ….”

Your eyes betray your lust, but, where will that lust take us this evening?

I kiss you on the mouth, sharing your sweetness with you ….

Moans of passion are our backdrop as our passionate embrace builds, our eyes and lips locked ….

I break the kiss and lay back, you recline your head on my chest so we can both watch the proceedings. Your hand idly unzips me and you stroke my already hard cock softly as I continue to gently rub your clit. All the while watching, senses heightened to the pleasure surrounding us.

Tina’s slacks have been unzipped and Mitch’s fingers are inside her panties, obviously buried inside her as she takes turns, head turning from cock to cock. First taking that of Bob her husband’s then Mitch our host. Her breasts are covered in a sheen of sweat, her saliva runs over her hands as she sucks both men with equal vigor.

Tina’s moans are rivaled by those of Jill as Kat’s head is buried deep between her legs, Jill moans around her husbands cock, which she bobs on with increasing speed. Rick’s fingers help his wife, Kat, buried in Jill as the blonde continues to lap up the dripping brunette’s juices.

Our hostess and the only single party at the party take at seat on the floor, only feet from us, “May we watch?” Dana inquires. “Of course” I respond and kiss your beautiful lips as I raise you up, slide your panties to the side and, placing one foot on either side of me, lower you dripping onto my hard shaft.I Escort Karagümrük recline back to a corner of the chair and pull you close to me, your head to the side laying on my chest so we can be together, as close as possible and watch the two women watch us. Ever so slowly we grind into one another, your clit rubbing the protruding bone, building waves of pleasure for you. We watch the others and our hostess as she idly rubs her pussy.

Your hands are around my neck, mine caress your sexy ass and back. Two spirits and bodies joined as one in the fulfilment of pleasure …. The scents and passions build as the night moves on ….Our hostess sits on her legs behind us, watching my shaft as you rise up and lower yourself. My cock is covered in a light sheen, the juices of your tight pussy. Your beautiful ass has her gaze captured as well, my hands rest on either hip. My lips cover your neck and face in kisses as you ride steadily, lost in the moment. Taking in the smells and sounds, you moan lightly and continue on.

I stand, apologizing to our little circle of voyeurs, and pick you up still inside you. I spin you around and go to the floor with you, gently laying you on a blanket that has been placed their for us.

Your legs fall to either side of my thrusting body as I begin to slide in and out of your warm wet depths. Dana and Kim kneel to either side of us, Dana tentatively runs a hand over my back, looking to your gaze for approval. You nod “OK” while in the throes of the moment. Kim’s tentative fingers trace your face as you look to her, eyes glazed over in lust your lips part and moan as the slight brunette watches my cock as it pleasures you. She traces your lips and cheeks her other hand caressing your hair. Dana has risen up directly behind me and runs her hands over my chest and back as I continue to thrust into you, she watches you over my shoulder, her heat rising and rising.

You turn your head to the side and your glaze falls upon Tina. Still on the floor, her slacks laying in a ball to her side, blouse open. You watch her face, your eyes meet her head moves in the rythmn of the slamming being given to her by Dana’s husband and her own. She has a cock in her mouth and moans, saliva runs over her cheeks coating her and the swollen cock.

It is Mitch who is enjoying the wonderful warmth of her mouth. His ass is to you as you watch his cock Karagümrük Escort Bayan enter Tina’s mouth from between his legs. Bob is still between her legs and is gaining speed faster and faster. It seems he will be the first of many this evening to moan with release.

Over the trio on the floor the couch gives you a glimpse of both men from behind, female legs spread wide before them. The sexy thing is, you can’t tell who’s pounding who. You can only see the thrusting ass of the two men and the moans of the women.

Dana has run her hand down my stomach and is letting a finger sit right on my cock, your juices cover her finger as my cock slides by it coated in your juices. She raises the finger to my lips and I look lustily in your eyes as I suck your juices from her finger. I can see the moan before it leaves your lips, your head still being caressed by the slight brunette Kim. I lay forward on you, letting you feel my weight as I continue to thrust in you, I kiss you letting you taste your sweetness on my lips.

Dana has begun to run her hands over my ass as it moves between your legs, over my ass and into the area above my balls, running her hands over my asshole. The feeling is intense. I look up into Kim’s face above yours, her hands in your hair, she smiles sweetly enjoying our love making, the passion that we share. With your permission I will taste her before the evening is out, she clearly is almost as sweet as you.

Bob’s moan’s and Tina’s urgings bring our attention to your right. He is breathing hard and she has removed Mitch’s throbbing member from her mouth so she can moan out to him. “Cum for me” …. “Oh, cum for me”. “Show me your cum, cover me”

Bob pulls out of her soaking pussy and she grabs his cock, stroking quickly again and again she moans out. Finally she is rewarded with a shot that runs the length of her body, hitting her neck and pooling there. Subsequent spasms cause semen to cover the bottom of her belly and top of the hair of her spasming pussy.

Tina runs a hand through the gift that Bob has given her, she extends a hand to Dana …. a hand covered in cum. Dana crawls over on all fours to accept the offering as her husband moves between Tina’s legs, entering her elicits a gasp from Tina. Tina looks into Dana’s eyes as she licks the cum from her fingers.

Our little group glances around at each other and we then realize that we will take pleasure in everything that the surrounding canvas offers us as well as that which our minds and bodies give to us as well. I lean down to whisper sweet words to you, as we continue to thrust on …. your head in Kim’s lap, my lips on your neck, our bodies grinding together …. we both wish for the sensations to never end ….

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