Irish EyesIrish Eyes


I flipped off the television when she showed up. My housemate Kyle, aside from fucking me and our other housemate Ryan, was also fucking his girlfriend on a regular basis.

I guess she was hot, with tight jeans cupping her ass and a shirt could burst while trying to contain her heavy breasts. It was fitting that a guy as hot as Kyle could get a girl like her. But I wasn’t going to hang around and listen to Kyle’s moans—the same moans he uttered to me every other night she wasn’t around.

I stood up and grabbed my coat, barely acknowledging the girlfriend’s presence. Ryan was away for the weekend, so I decided to find some fun of my own. I walked toward downtown, just a few blocks away from our house.

My favorite bar was open, a crooked brick archway beaconing me to enter and order my favorite scotch and soda. It was an Irish bar, with old photos of Irish poets and musicians plastering the brick walls. The tables were old sewing stands with wrought iron footrests. The bar itself was a long wooden slab smeared with decades of alcohol and chipped from knife games and clumsy heads that hit hard on their way down.

It was busy tonight, but not packed. I glanced around at the faces laughing and wincing from the strong drinks the bartenders notoriously served here. I saw a few faces I recognized from my college classes, but none of them interested me until I saw his.

I thought I knew him from one of my science classes, but I wasn’t sure. His short, curly red hair was what caught my eye first. I then moved down to his bright blue eyes glistening above his smooth, freckled cheeks and full, red lips. His white t-shirt stretched over his slim frame, the fabric dipping in between his chest muscles and pulling taut over his shoulder blades. His blue jeans seemed part of his body, hugging his hips and crotch so tight was sure his cock was suffocating.

He was alone, resting an elbow on the table and tightening one hand around a glass soaked in condensation. I saw him turn toward the bar, giving that lustful look to someone he must have had an eye on.

I glanced in that same direction, but I couldn’t tell whether he was staring at the bubbly brunette girl jabbering mindlessly or at the cute bartender who had parted his hair into a fake mohawk.

I decided I might still have a chance with him. I walked over to where he sat and pulled up an empty stool.

“Hey, I know you,” I said. “Aren’t you in my biology class?”

He turned back to me and smiled. His bright teeth reflected in the dim light hanging above the table.

“Yeah, I think so,” he said.

“I’m Sean,” I said, holding out my hand.

He shook it.

“I’m Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort Will,” he told me.

He turned again to look back toward the bar.

“Are you looking at that girl with the big boobs,” I asked, “or that hot bartender?”

He turned back to look at me.

“What if I said ‘both’?”

I laughed.

“What are you waiting for, then?” I said.

“Well, the bartender is married, and the girl is attached to that guy in the leather jacket,” Will told me. “But it doesn’t matter much. I can get pretty much anyone I want in this bar.”

I didn’t doubt him. His smooth, boyish face could make me cum in my pants by itself if I didn’t have the small amount of self control keeping me from loosing it.

“Let’s make a bet, then,” I said. I looked at my watch. “Last call is in forty-five minutes. How about if you don’t find someone within that time, you just take me?”

He smiled again, his red lips stretching to again show me his perfect teeth.

“Deal,” he said, shaking my hand again.

He got to work, and as I sat at the table nursing my scotch and soda, I saw him move from one girl to another. I couldn’t hear anything he said to them, but each girl seemed more devastated than the last as he made around the bar. With each one, he would strike up a conversation and then shake his head, leaving the girl lonely and pouting.

Finally, the bartender rang the bell for last call, and Will arrived back at my table.

“None of them wanted you?” I asked.

“Not when I tell them I would only fuck them if they had a dick,” he said, smiling again.

“How cruel,” I said.

“Try not to look so disappointed that you get to come home with me.” He finished his drink in one clean swig.

I finished mine and we stood up to walk to his place.

Will’s apartment was only two blocks from the bar, the walk seemed torturously long. As soon as we stepped out from under the crooked brick arch of the bar’s entrance, his left hand snaked its way around my back and slithered into my back pocket. My dick began to harden has his fingers teased my ass cheeks. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the tip and smearing around the inside of my boxers.

I reached my arm around Will’s shoulder and let my fingertips come to rest on his nipple. I pinched and squeezed the hard knob, soft gasps escaping from his lips.

Finally, he jerked open the door to his apartment and entered, slamming it shut behind us.

Will grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me to his bed room, where he threw me down on his soft, white sheets. He practically jumped on top of me, his legs straddling my hips and his mouth planting firmly on mine. I tasted his red lips and velvety tongue as his hands moved from one button of my shirt to the next, getting closer to where my cock strained against my jeans.

He smiled at me. My blue eyes were as wide as his, and my clean-shaven face was probably quivering with anticipation as he folded my shirt open to reveal my smooth chest. He bent down to give me another kiss, his hands running through my short, sandy hair, before he took off his own shirt.

His torso was much more defined than mine, a freckled landscape of lean muscle topped with pointed, red nipples. A trail of auburn hair trickled down from his navel to underneath his belt.

I reached up and undid the buckle and the fly. Will stood and pulled off his jeans so he was covered only with a pair of white boxer shorts tenting with his hard erection. He reached forward and pulled off my own jeans, letting my cock stand straight up within my navy blue shorts.

He lay down next to me and we made out some more. I let my fingers twirl his curly red hair and he let his hands tickle my chest and nipples. We slid closer together and let our clothed dicks crush together. We both moaned as we began to grind. I felt Will’s cock poke at my balls and prod my thigh. Finally, we broke our kiss.

“I want to suck you,” I said. “I want to suck you so bad.”

He smiled.

“Then do it,” he told me.

I moved down the bed to where my face hovered over his erect cock. I bent down and grabbed the elastic band of his boxers with my teeth. I pulled them down, allowing his hard dick to spring free and reach for the ceiling. I used my hands to completely remove his shorts and marveled at the curly patch of red hair that danced around the base of his cock.

I leaned forward again and sucked the head of his dick into my mouth. He moaned as my tongue lapped up his salty pre-cum. I engulfed his entire cock and let my chin tag his balls and my nose bury itself in his auburn curls.

“Suck my cock, Sean,” Will gasped.

I bobbed my head on his six-inch shaft, the head’s underside sliding along my tongue and greasing itself with pre-cum. With one hand, I removed my own boxers and began jerking my own six-inch dick. My other hand tugged at his smooth balls, rolling them between my fingers.

Will’s breathing began to get harder and his hand reached down grasp my hair.

“Keep doing that,” he said. “I’m gonna cum.”

Suddenly, I stopped and released his cock from my mouth.

“Not yet,” I said. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Will smiled.

“Only if I get to fuck you at the same time,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

He reached over to the bedside table and pulled a dildo and a tube of lubricant from the drawer.

I smiled back at him and nodded.

“What are we waiting for?” I asked.

I lay on my back, my head propped up on a pillow so I could watch what Will was doing. He reached back into the drawer and pulled out a condom, which he slipped over my cock. He then smeared the lube all over his ass and the dildo before turning to me. He greased up the condom and then shoved a few well-lubed fingers into my asshole.

“Damn, Sean,” he said. “You’re really tight.”

I moaned until he pulled his fingers out and straddled my hips again, facing away from me. He lowered his lubed ass down on my cock, and I watched as the head was sucked in, followed by the rest of my shaft.

“You feel so good in me, Sean,” Will groaned.

“Your ass is so hot,” I said.

Then I felt the dildo pressing against my own asshole. He slowly eased it in and I moaned when I felt it hit my prostate gland.

Will began to pump my cock with his ass, raising and lowering on my shaft. He moved the dildo at the same speed, tagging my prostate with each thrust.

I watched beads of sweat form on Will’s smooth, freckled back as he worked by my cock and my ass. He threw his head back and moaned. My hands gripped his hips and helped him ride my cock.

“Fuck me Sean,” he groaned. “Fuck me hard.”

He kept working the dildo in and out of my ass and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned.

Will slowed down and dismounted me.

“Wait, I want you to cum in my mouth,” he said. “Let’s 69.”

He pulled the dildo from my ass and lay down. I rolled over and got on top of him, my knees next to his ears and my hot breath hissing on his cock. I dipped my own cock down and let his lips suck me into his mouth. I reached down and deep-throated his dick, making his mouth vibrate over my cock as he moaned.

I felt him re-insert the dildo into my ass, thrusting it even harder than he did before. I let out muffled squeals as his cock fucked my mouth and the dildo fucked my ass.

Finally, I let my balls retract, and I pumped wave after wave of cum into Will’s mouth. He swallowed it all and slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass.

“I’m cumming, too,” he said.

I felt his hot jizz paint the roof of my mouth. It soared down my throat, but I couldn’t swallow fast enough. I let off his cock and pumped the last few sprays out with my hand, his cum splattering all over my chin and cheeks. I licked his cock clean before turning around and laying next to him. Will’s tongue reached out and licked off some of his cum from my face.

“I think I’ll like biology class a lot more now,” I said.

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