The Cup of SugarThe Cup of Sugar


John had a set schedule that he liked to stick to every day. He would wake up at around ten, have a light breakfast of cereal or toast with coffee, and then turn on the computer. He would spend the next half-hour surfing around his favourite adult sites, feeling his cock getting harder and harder while he watched a variety of amateur starlets and housewives show themselves off. Finally, when he couldn’t take it any longer, he would disrobe and begin to jerk himself off right at his desk until he climaxed. Since he had began working as a freelancer several years prior, this morning ritual had become a favourite part of his day, one that he never allowed to be interrupted.

Today, however, was different. It began the same as any other day, but as John was halfway through his morning jerk, there was a knock at the door. At first John tried to ignore it, but it kept coming, along with cries of “Hello, John? Can you open up?” Finally John had had enough, and stopped to answer the door.

On the other side of the door was John’s neighbour Judy. “Oh, hello there,” she said to him as he flung the door open, “I was starting to get a little worried about you. I saw the lights on, so I knew you were home.”

“Uh, yeah, Judy,” aydınlı escort John said with a general sense of disinterest, “how can I help you?” He hoped to get rid of her before she noticed the large bulge in his pajama pants; due to his viewing, his cock was straining against the fabric, dying to get out. He was worried that she would start to gossip if she noticed it, and he would quickly become known as the pervert of their quiet suburban street.

“I was just doing some baking,” Judy explained, “and was wondering if I could bother you for a cup of sugar?”

“Sure, no problem,” he told her. “Come on in and I’ll grab one for you, okay?”

As John rushed into the kitchen to get the sugar, he didn’t notice Judy wandering into his home office, just off from the front entrance to the house. He did notice it, however, as he came back out with the sugar in hand, because Judy was by that point seated in his office chair, staring at the gaping pussy holes and cum-smeared tits that were open in the windows on his computer desktop.

John was mortified. “Oh, god,” he exclaimed, “uh, I can explain …”

Judy laughed. “No need to,” she said, “after all, bağdat caddesi escort we’re both adults, I think we can both figure out what I walked in on the middle of.” She smiled as she spoke, hoping to put his mind at ease.

“Okay,” John said. “You just needed the one cup of sugar, right? I’m sorry if you needed more, but it’s all I have.”

“That’ll do fine,” Judy said, walking up to him and taking the cup of sugar from his hand, gently placing it on the table in his foyer. “I think I’ll have to make sure to properly thank you for it before I go, though.”

John’s cock, which had started to soften, knew what Judy meant before his mind did, and it sprang to attention immediately. Before John could think of anything to say, Judy was already down on her knees, freeing his cock from its flannel prison. She took it all in her mouth, which surprised him, as not many of the women that he had ever been with had been able to take his large cock fully into their mouth.

Judy’s lips formed a vaccuum seal around John’s shaft and she started to work him backwards and forwards, sliding his cock as deep into her mouth as he would fit. At the same bostancı escort time, she started to massage his balls as well, squeezing them ever so carefully and stretching his scrotum with her free hand. The other hand was busy as well, holding his cock steady and jerking his man-flesh back and forth as her tongue swirled around the shaft.

It was by far the best blowjob John had ever received. “This is magnificant,” he said between moans, “please don’t stop!”

Judy paused for a moment, taking the cock out of her mouth. “Better than that ice princess of a wife of yours gives?” she asked, smilng as John nodded before beginning to suck again.

After a few more minutes, John knew that he could take no more. “Watch out,” he warned, “I’m about to…”

Judy didn’t let him finish speaking. “Don’t worry,” she said between sucks, “I can handle it.”

With that, John reached his limit. He arched his back, and felt his scrotum empty out, thick gobs of sperm shooting out of him. Judy didn’t miss a beat, however, and started to gulp it all down, swallowing as much of it as she could manage. A few drops slipped out of the side of her mouth as she stood back up, straigthening the hem of her skirt as she did. Judy promptly picked up the cup of sugar, and headed towards the door.

“Oh god, thank you so much,” John finally said as she started to leave. “How can I ever thank you?”

“No worries,” Judy replied, wiping the cum off of her lips. “Just keep in mind I might need some more sugar at tea-time.”

As soon as she had left, John hurried out to the store for more sugar.

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