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I am 36 from Mumbai. It was a one of those hot afternoons, a holiday, I was in my shorts and a T-shirt and I was half asleep when the bell rang. There stood my neighbor from the flat above, a sexy looking young lady, 25 yrs married for about 2 years, looks real sexy big boobs, slim and a fairly looking tight ass, I used to always eye her from the gallery, when she would go for her walks she had a very sexy walk, I once even followed her to make a conversation but it did not work out then. Well she was at the door, and asked if anyone at home, I said yes my Mom and my wife were in the kitchen preparing some food, she then asked if she could come in to make a phone call, as her phone was dead. I invited her in, and followed her, she was swaying her hips in a real sexy fashion she was wearing a black printed night gown fairly tight, could make out figure and was looking very sexy, I showed her the phone and went back to the bedroom and back to sleep, I could not I pulled out a magazine and began to read through the pages for about 2 min.

She had finished her call by then, she walked into the kitchen and I could hear all of them talking, when she asked my wife if she new any TV technician nearby, she could not get some channels offered by the Cable guy. My wife instantly said my husband can try as I always would try something or the other on all the electronic stuff in the house. My wife came to the bedroom and asked if I could go the neighbor’s house, I gladly accepted and followed my neighbor Avcılar Escort to her house.

She did not ring the bell, so her husband could not be at home. She opened the door with her keys and invited me in. Offered me a cold-drink, as it was hot I accepted and asked her what is the matter with her TV. She said she could not get Star World (one of the favorite English channels aired) and then disappeared out of the room.

I switched the TV on and started surfing the channels, and Star World worked perfectly fine, I continued to check all the channels, everything worked perfectly fine. I was confused; her cordless phone was lying on the table beside the TV (kept in a manner for me to notice). I picked it and checked whether the phone was working, the phone gave a dial tone. I then gave a blank call to my place to be sure the phone was working (my wife picked up and I disconnected). I was surprised (now what, I thought to myself).

I then went searching for my neighbor, I stepped inside the bedroom, and she was underneath the blankets, with her black night gown, her bra, and panties carefully placed on the side of the bed (I guess, she was nude below the sheets). She asked me in a sexy voice “What took you so long”. I thought to myself should be back in my place in 15 min. max otherwise it would cause some suspicion. I gathered some courage and started pulling the blanket, and I was right she was nude. Those beautiful breast and a slim waist Beylikdüzü Escort with a small bushy patch below was a feast to my eyes.

She slowly began to undress me and kissed me. She started with my t-shirt, kissing my chest and sucking my nipples. Then came my shorts, she nibbled on my hard cock through my shorts.

“You have been thinking of me all along haven’t you?” She said as she rubbed my cock. From her knees she kissed the hair on my belly that was a trail to my cock. Slowly she pulled my shorts and underwear down in one go, my cock rubbed her face as she kissed my pubic hair around my cock and made her way down my thigh before returning up the other thigh. She then kissed licked my rigid shaft. I sucked in a deep breath of air. She licked the head alone for a second or two. Teasing me. She then brought her mouth down on my shaft. I emitted a moan. She stopped and stood up, pressing against my chest she pushed me to the bed.

I then felt her sit on my chest, I could feel her pubic hair against my chest as she moved upward to my head. With a knee to either side of my head and her feet in my armpits she lowered herself onto my face. I ate her! The soft smell of her womanhood combined with her perfume made me go wild. She began to rock on my face as she let out soft moans while I began to press her buttocks with my hands. I dug my tongue into her as I searched for her slit. She jumped when I hit it. I again began to lick causing Esenyurt Escort her to gasp and jump. I was in heaven! She grabbed my hair and pulled my head closer. She then took my hands to her breast and I started to work on them both. “Fuck me now” she said.

She needn’t ask me twice. She was off my chest and lying beside me, I grabbed her by the hips. Put my lips to hers. Gave her a passionate kiss and later started kissing her nipples. My bulging cock then easily found its way up her love canal. I started screwing her like a mad man. She was twitching, and moaning, and scratching, and screaming. We kept up this violent fucking for a good 10 minutes, with her still pinned below me. She tightened up 4 times around my rod, which was now covered in her cum. She looked like she was about to faint. I then felt myself come closer to the big thrill. She felt me too. She begged me to cum inside her. She didn’t want to lose any of my precious fluids. I obliged and pumped my cum right up her belly. We were both sweating by now. We rested 2 minutes in each other arms.

I kissed her thanked her for the wonderful time we had. and got dressed she came to the door to see me off (nude) gave me another passionate kiss, I ran down below to my flat and hit the bed as if nothing happened.

I later became her handy-man, her music system does not work, the tube light switch is broken, the tap is leaking and the fuse is gone out etc.(well if you know what I mean 😉

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