Annie’s SurpriseAnnie’s Surprise


Annie began to relax as she bathed, readying herself for him. He had called and instructed her to prepare completely. She gave herself an enema and showered; washed and conditioned her long red hair, then shaved herself, leaving a little stubble for his tongue to enjoy. She rubbed her fair skin with baby oil and the lotion he had given her, with the barest hint of a scent.

Moving quickly into the bedroom, Annie removed the comforter from the bed, folding it neatly and placing it in the corner. She fastened the often-used straps to the bedposts with a smile, thinking of all the times they had been worn, by both of them. He had promised her a special surprise today and her anticipation mixed with excitement and a touch of fear, as that is all he would reveal about tonight’s events. She walked softly to the closet, her bare feet sinking into the soft carpet, and took out the box — their box. Not knowing what mood he was in, or what he had planned, she moved the box to the middle of the bedroom, so he could choose the toys for tonight.

Annie glanced at the clock and her heart jumped; he would be here in 15 minutes. She went to the kitchen and quickly poured her third glass of wine. Something in his voice today had told her that tonight they would be testing a limit. He had told her to kneel in the center of the bed, naked and blindfolded. He would use his key to enter her apartment. Looking around one last time, she saw that all was as he had requested. She lit two candles, crawled onto the center of the bed, slipped on the blindfold, and waited.

The wait felt interminable, but it could not have been more than 10 minutes or so. In the stillness of the apartment, she could hear the passing cars on the road outside, a dog barking somewhere close by, and then, as her heart pounded in her chest and her pussy grew damp, she heard his key in the lock. The door opened and she could hear movement, but she knew better than to speak. He had instructed her to remain completely quiet until he gave her permission to speak. He rarely gave such specific and strict instructions, but when he did, she knew to obey him. She wanted to call out to him, but instead kept quiet, straining to hear his movements in the other room.

Suddenly Annie felt a touch on her right shoulder, but she had not heard him enter her bedroom. She jumped slightly at the touch, turning her head from left to right, trying to determine where he was, willing him to speak. Pain shot through her right nipple as teeth sank into it, then immediately a soft, sucking motion replaced the teeth. She was confused, but kept silent; this was not his mouth. This mouth was smaller, Maltepe Escort softer, with no beard. Her mind raced. They had discussed this many times. He knew how incredibly turned on she got when he spoke of it, but he always seemed hesitant to carry it through, concerned that it would bother her. Her body responded to the woman’s hands and mouth instinctively. Her pussy was dripping now as the woman continued to bite and suck on her nipple.

He still had not spoken or touched her. Was he here? She knew he must be. He would never miss the chance to watch this. Her blindfolded face searched the room, believing that somehow she would be able to sense him.

At that moment, a soft feminine voice broke into her thoughts, “Lie flat on your back in the middle of the bed.” She hesitated only slightly, but that hesitation caught his attention. The sting of the riding crop came down swiftly on her left thigh and she cried out at the pain, at the same time her body responded to it. She did as she was instructed and felt two pairs of hands, his and the woman’s, strapping her down. She tested the bonds; they held her very tightly, with her legs spread wide.

Finally, she felt his breath on her cheek, as he whispered in her ear, “Do you like your surprise so far?”

Annie smiled, “Yes, sir… I do.”

She could feel his cheek caressing her face as his fingers pinched and pulled on her nipples, twisting and applying the sweet torture that she loved so much. She gasped as the woman’s hands brushed across the top of her pussy, stroking it softly, and then slapping it hard. Her juices were flowing freely, and she could hear the wetness increasing with each slap.

“My little slut is enjoying this, isn’t she?” he asked. She couldn’t speak; she could only nod.

Suddenly her pussy lips were spread wide and the small mouth began to lick, suck, and bite her clit. Slowly, the woman took Annie’s pussy lips into her mouth and began to suckle them. He was still attacking her nipples, which were now standing erect. She felt him move away, but was lost in the feeling of this unknown woman licking her pussy. The wetness was seeping down her ass onto the bed. She heard him speak to the woman, but could not hear what he said. Before she realized what was happening, she felt something hard rapidly sliding into her ass. She gasped at the initial pain, but her ass grabbed onto the object quickly. The object pumped in and out of her ass several times, and then it was left deep in her ass. A little moan escaped her lips, and then the object began to vibrate.

The woman was now sucking her again, licking Kartal Escort her pussy from just above her ass to the top, and back down again. Biting her clit, and then sucking it gently. Annie was close to the edge, wanting to cum. The woman slid three fingers into her soaking pussy, twisting them around. Then the woman brought her fingers up to Annie’s mouth. Annie sucked them hungrily, tasting her own sweet juices. The woman stopped sucking, and Annie could hear him once again speak to the woman. She felt the bed move, and then caught the woman’s scent, close to her face.

“Suck her baby; make her cum for me, “he whispered breathlessly in her ear.

Needing to please him and wanting to taste the woman, she leaned her head up and began to lick and suck the woman’s clean-shaven pussy. The woman’s essence was different from her own, but it tasted so good. Starting at the woman’s clit, but not touching it, she licked, sucked, bit, and nibbled, devouring the woman’s pussy. She slid her tongue into the woman’s pussy, darting it in and out, then moving back to the clit and sucking it harder and faster, in a steady rhythm. She could feel the woman’s body stiffen, and hear her moans, which excited Annie, making her suck harder, wanting to taste the woman’s cum. Knowing that he was watching them turned her on intensely. Suddenly the woman pressed down hard on Annie’s face, tightening her legs around Annie. The woman came all over Annie’s face and Annie lapped it up, savoring every drop. Annie moaned when the woman climbed off her, needing to cum. Her clit was swollen and throbbing and the vibe was still in her ass. He kissed Annie suddenly, hard on the mouth, his tongue probing and tasting the woman’s cum on her. She could feel the intensity in his kiss, and kissed him back hungrily. Unexpectedly, Annie was free, and his hands moved her off the bed, guiding her. She stood obediently in front of him. He whispered in her ear, “You have been such a good girl.” Her heart soared, knowing that she had pleased him.

He removed the vibrator from her ass, then pulled her hands behind her and bound them. He left her standing for a moment and she heard movement around her. He grabbed her and leaned her over the footboard, which he had covered with the comforter. They quickly spread her legs wide and bound one to each post of the footboard. She knew what was coming now, and her pussy began to drip again at the thought. Her hands were freed for a moment, only to be stretched above her head and securely fastened to the headboard. She felt something, possibly a rope, across her back, pressing her down on the bed. She knew this Kurtköy Escort meant he wanted her immobilized, which meant his intensity level was high. Her ass would be sore for days.

He grabbed Annie’s hair, pulling it hard. Her head came back and the woman slipped a gag in her mouth. She struggled for a moment. Whack! The sting of the belt came swiftly.

“You are trying to move?” his voice boomed. Another stroke fell, harder this time, and then his voice whispered harshly, “Be still.” She closed her eyes under the blindfold, as fire spread across her ass cheeks.

He continued to apply stroke after stroke to Annie’s ass, stopping occasionally to rub and admire his handiwork. He moved up her back, and down her legs; no exposed flesh was left unstruck. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and her pussy was wet, swollen, and sore.

The strokes stopped, then Annie felt his cock pressing against her ass, moving down to her soaked pussy and back again. He took her ass quickly, slamming his cock into her all the way to the base and holding it there. He rubbed her flaming ass cheeks softly, and then swiftly slapped each cheek several times, alternating in a pattern known only to him. She cried out into the gag. He was moving his cock slowly in and out of her ass, still slapping her cheeks. In the midst of all the sensations, she felt movement between her legs and realized that the woman’s mouth was on her clit. Annie moaned at the contradictory sensations. The pleasure and the pain intertwined into one continuous stream, and she was floating away. He was now fucking her ass hard and she was bound, completely helpless. The woman’s hand replaced her mouth, and it seemed to be everywhere at once. Annie could not hold back any longer. His cock in her ass, the tender skin on fire, and the woman’s fingers deftly manipulating her clit drove her over the edge. She came hard and intense, and he must have felt her release because almost immediately he came hard in her ass. His cum shooting inside her caused a second wave to hit her almost as hard as the first. After a few moments, he leaned down and kissed her on the neck, removing the gag. “Thank you,” Annie whispered.

He kissed her forehead, and softly whispered, “Just lay here for a moment.”

Annie was not sure how long she was there, still tied to the bed, but it could not have been long. He returned and untied her, caressing and kissing her with every motion. He moved her back onto the bed, taking her in his arms, and removed her blindfold. She melted into him, slowly coming back out of the haze. He whispered, “I am very proud of you, little one. You have pleased me.” He brushed her hair away from her face, “Did you enjoy your surprise?”

She smiled up at him, “Oh, yes sir, I did very much. Thank you.”

Seeing her quickly look around the room, he smiled, “She’s gone.” Annie leaned her head on his chest and slept.

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