Jaq Requires Spanking FunJaq Requires Spanking Fun


Jaq has always enjoyed spanking games, this time she wanted it to be a little different.Jaq never fails to amaze me with her sexy demands, this time it sounded like a great plan. Jaq wanted to be spanked by other guys while I watched on to see things did not get too painful. After some discussion, I agreed to arrange her little request. We have a few trusted guys that we call on at times such as this, so I set about contacting some of them.Jaq did not want the guys coming to the house on this occasion. I contacted a small hotel a short drive away and booked a nice room. Next, I contacted the guys who we wanted to invite. Of the six invited, only one could not make it. The fun was to take place on the Saturday evening. I booked the hotel for three nights so that we could enjoy a little time by ourselves.We checked into the hotel on the Friday evening. kaçak iddaa After enjoying an evening meal we retired to our room. Jaq was feeling horny already and the guys were not coming until the following evening. As the evening progressed with me shagging Jaq in various positions, Jaq wanted to explain what she wanted the following evening. We had five guys arriving the following evening. Jaq wanted each of them to give her a gentle spanking while she had her panties on. Jaq would write down what else she wanted. I would only be able to read it while the action was taking place.The following day dragged a little. Eventually, the time arrived. The guys were due to arrive at seven-thirty. At seven Jaq showered and got herself prepared.Right on time, the guys arrived. I had positioned Jaq on her knees at the bottom of the bed, hands fastened to the kaçak bahis head of the bed, panty-clad bum in the air. Jaq had insisted no talking and only I would instruct from her written note. After laying the ground rules out to the guys, they were invited to spank Jaq in turn, nothing too heavy. I watched as the guys waited for a turn slapping Jaq on her panty clad bum. Jaq let out several soft groans as she received her spanking.Jaq told me to open her written note. I read out her first instruction. The guys were now permitted to rub her pussy through the gusset of her panties while still gently spanking her. The guys were happy to oblige. I watched as Jaq had her pussy rubbed as she was being spanked. I could see the gusset of her panties becoming very wet as she enjoyed the attention.I then read the next instruction. Her panties could now be illegal bahis pulled aside. The guy doing the spaanking could, if he wished, finger her pussy. The scene unfolding was making me very hard, as it was the guys taking part. Each of the guys had a turn fingering her married pussy as I, her husband, looked on. The guys were into this now, as was Jaq. I could hear the dirty wet sounds coming from her pussy as the guys took turns to finger her. As Jaq became more vocal, she demanded more fingers, eventually taking four fingers into her gaping pussy.Next on the list of Jaq’s instructions, all of us were to stroke our own cocks while Jaq was still receiving her spanking. All stroking, the fun continued. I was close to cumming. The five guys were also very close. Jaq’s next instruction was for the guys to take turns in cumming over her panty clad arse. Only I knew that the last one to cum would get to slide into her married pussy. Jaq was in heaven as the first guy moved closer. With the last couple of strokes, he shot a huge load over her panties. 

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