Mailman FiascoMailman Fiasco


As David drove down the street, he whistled and smiled at the weather. Although early in the morning still, the sun was shining and the temperature was warm. ‘The perks of living in California…’ he thought. David was the neighborhood’s mailman making the rounds on a typical morning. He had been a mailman for about two years and he liked it. It was an easy job and it allowed him to make friends; which he had. It was a nice neighborhood but there was one person that always caught his interest. Allison Newberry. A smile came to David’s face as he thought of her, as well as some choice thoughts. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Every time he stopped at her house, it was all he could do to not throw her on the couch and take her right there. But, as life goes, over the two years of having this job, they had become good friends; but just friends. ‘Probably has a boyfriend…a hot woman like that…’ With all this thinking, he almost missed her stop. Hitting the brakes, he stopped in front of her cozy little house and composed himself. ‘Maybe today will be a good day.’ David thought before grabbing her package and heading toward the gate. However, before he could take a few steps inside, Allison’s beagle ran out barking and growling. David rolled his eyes muttering under his breath. For some reason, every time he came toward the house, the dog went nuts. Trying to just get on with his day, David kept walking only to have the dog’s teeth wrapped around his ankle with no sign on letting go. Yelling, he hobbled to the gate and tried to shake the dog loose, causing even more blood shed.

“Ah! Allison! Get your damn dog off me!”

Within seconds a disheveled woman came racing out of the house; her appearance making David almost forget about his situation. Her red hair was tousled into a quick up do and on her slim body was a silk robe, leaving little to the imagination. David stared as he took in the appealing image before realizing the dog was off his foot. The sound of Allison’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Oh my God I am so sorry! I don’t know what got into him…are you ok?”

David tried to play it cool but his foot was bleeding and the limp didn’t help any. “I’m ok, just a minor scratch.”

“Oh no that looks bad…please, come in and I’ll take care of it…again, I’m so sorry…”

“It’s ok…thanks.”

Package in hand, David hobbled into the house with Allison where he was placed on the couch, ankle wrapped in a towel. After securing the dog in the backyard, Allison came back with the first aid kit. “I-I’ll have to clean the wound…is that alright?”

“Yes, by all means…I take it your dog doesn’t like strangers?”

Allison blushed while tending to David’s wound. “No…I’ve been trying to train him but he’s just not used to men…”

That comment got David’s mind swimming. “Oh really?…a beautiful woman like yourself must have someone around…”

Allison smiled, blushed again, and finished wrapping David’s bandage. “Again, no…it’s just me and my dog…but thank you…you’re uh bandage should be set…how does it feel?”

“It feels great…thanks again…I suppose it’s a nice thing this was my last stop. Oh! And that reminds me, you got a package.”

David escort istanbul handed the package to Allison who took it then set it on the coffee table. “Thank you. I-I’ll open it later…”

David smirked and set his eyes on the embarrassed woman. “Why not open it now? Too shy about the contents?”

“Ah no, n-no just…I want to open it later…Um, would you like some coffee?”

David nodded, chuckling as he watched Allison scurry into the kitchen like a defenseless rabbit. Although it went against his company’s code of ethics, his curiosity of the package was driving him nuts. Maybe as the morning went on answers would be provided. Right at that moment, Allison returned with the coffee, handing one to David and holding one for herself. “So, how’s your morning been going-Ah, that was a bad question…sorry, I’m a little awkward…”

David laughed and replied “It’s alright…let’s just relax and enjoy the moment.”

So for a few minutes silence followed until Allison asked “So what brought you into the mail force?”

David finished his sip of coffee then said “You know, I’m not sure. I’ve lived most of my life in Canada, believe it or not, working for real estate. A few years ago, I was sent here for a business meeting that turned into a permanent relocation. The economy hit our business really hard and they had to let me go…”

Allison frowned. “Oh I’m so sorry…that must have been tough.”

“At first, it was. But then I thought, it might be a nice chance of pace. I figured if I was going to live here, I would need a job and being a mailman would be a good way to meet people.”

Allison smiled and looked at David. “Wow…that’s a big change…you seem to be handling it really well.”

“Thank you…yeah at first I hated it but then realized I can finally be myself…and it was a chance to meet you.”

The way he said that caused Allison to look up into David’s smoldering blue eyes. As if rooted to their positions, the gaze lingered until Allison snapped out of it. “U-um, is there anything e-else you need?

David’s gaze was unwavering. “Al, why ignore this attraction? I mean, I’ve liked you since I first started this route but always held back thinking you had someone. But now that I know you’re single…I don’t think I can anymore.”

“Oh David…I’m so happy to hear you say that…I feel the same way-” Sadly, Allison’s speech of approval was cut short by her coffee spilling into her lap. Yelping in shock, Allison dropped the cup and frantically swiped at her robe with a napkin. “Ugh! Today is just not my day…”

David tried really hard to not laugh but he couldn’t help it. This attractive woman was blushing like a fire truck with a brown stain on her white robe. Letting out a laugh, he spoke up. “Al, it’s ok. These things happen…why don’t you take it off and slip into something a little more comfortable?”

Allison looked up from her efforts and laughed heavily at David’s wiggling eyebrows. “Well that sounded a bit suggestive.”

“Maybe I wanted it too…I’ll be honest, you look so sexy right now…”

Allison’s smile disappeared as she heard that comment. For the last two years, she had swooned over David; not having the courage escort bayan istanbul to go after him. Now here he was, standing in front of her, and she was speechless. Her cautious side was telling her to take it slow but her hormones were saying yes. “Do you really want me, David?”

With a huskiness to his voice, he replied “yes…”

Grinning and throwing caution to the wind, she threw her arms around David’s neck and kissed him. David immediately responded by grabbing her close and throwing his all into the kiss. All the years of pent of desires poured out with no holding back. Breaking for air, David trailed kisses down Allison’s neck, relishing in her moans and getting harder by the second with her small hands rubbing his ass. After a few minutes, David leaned back a little to look at this gorgeous woman. “What do you say about moving this to the bedroom?”

“I thought you’d never ask…race you there!”

For a moment, David was shocked before he grinned and ran after Allison, stopping in his tracks. Allison was on her bed, in just a pink, frilly bra and red panties. Her red hair was out of it’s up do and was caressing down her shoulders. As her appearance sunk in, his hard on was extremely evident in his shorts.

“I’ll take that as approval…”

“Oh yeah…”

David stripped down to his boxers in record time before laying down next to Allison. He had spent so many nights dreaming about this, he wanted to enjoy every second. Running his hand down her smooth legs, he smirked like the Cheshire cat. Allison, on the other hand, was squirming. ” Aren’t you going to do anything?”

“All in time my dear…I want you nice and ready.”

Allison was about to speak up again until she moaned from David’s hands on her breasts. Shortly after, the bra was off and David’s rough hands were causing wetness to pool in between her thighs. As he moved to her nipples, the sensations were becoming almost too much. Arching her back into him, Allison moaned a little louder. “Oh David…that feels so good…”

“Oh good…’cause that’s just the beginning.”

David then began slowly kissing down Allison’s body, stopping at her breasts again. Using his tongue, he twirled it around the nipples making them rock hard. All of Allison’s moans were making it hard to take it slow. Once he was satisfied with her breasts, he continued his trail down her stomach, chuckling at the way Allison flinched when her belly button was nipped. “Oh…you like that don’t you?”

Allison was trembling from desire and getting wetter by the minute. “Oooooh yes…that’s kind of a weak spot…”

Without saying anything, David continued to adore her stomach while using his hand to slowly pull down her panties. All at once her intoxicating scent all but knocked him out. He didn’t realize how desperate she really was. Getting himself ready, he used a finger to tease her clit. “You are so beautiful Allison…are you ready for me?”

“Yes! Please!…I need it so bad…”

David groaned and begin licking her pussy. Twirling his tongue and lightly biting on her over sensitive clit. The more he went at it, the wetter she became and he could feel her inner walls contracting around his tongue. Not being bayan escort istanbul able to resist, he stole a glance at Allison who was the image of sex. She was moaning, her head was thrown back, and she was gripping the sheets while shaking. All of David’s resistance failed and he began licking faster and pumping his finger in and out. That did the trick and Allison came all over David’s hand. She screamed, her body went still, then she relaxed panting. “Oh…my God…David that…that was…incredible!”

David sat up smiling. “Glad you liked it.”

“Oh I loved it…you are a master at that…but now I think it’s time I return the favor…”

As soon as Allison said that, David’s eyes got big and he laid down on the bed. This was truly a dream come true to have this gorgeous bombshell about to give him head. “If you want to…”

Allison licked her lips and pulled down his boxers. “Oh I want to…mmm you’re even bigger than I imagined.”

After that statement, Allison wasted no time in licking all over David’s dick. From top to bottom she lapped at him like he was an ice cream cone. After a few minutes, he felt like he was about to explode. “Oh Al…ah that feels so good…”

Then, without warning, she took his entire length and began sucking. Not holding back at all and just sucking with all her might. This caused David’s hips to start thrusting up and down like he was fucking her mouth. But before it could continue, David gently pulled her off. “Oh man…Al that is freaking insane!…but I need to cum inside you.”

Allison immediately lit up and straddled David. Once he was inside her, they both sighed from the amazing sensations. It didn’t take long for David to begin wildly bucking Allison, hitting all of her spots and bringing screams from her and she was grinding back. “Oh David! Yes, yes don’t stop!”

They continued grinding and pumping, moaning and groaning. Hearts were pounding and there was no fines; just lust boiling over. All the while David was slamming his dick in and out of Allison’s soaked pussy, loving every second. He was trying to hold back to make sure she finished but it was getting difficult. His body was ready. Luckily, Allison’s grinding as fast as she could, her cries getting louder and louder. “Oh! Oooooh God I’m getting close!”

To help her along, David tweaked her nipples which caused the dams to burst. She screamed and came, flooding David’s dick. This brought David over the edge and he shot his load into Allison. Once he was done, she rolled off to lay down beside him. For a few minutes, they just waited for their breath to return but David was the first to speak up. “Allison…You are crazy good at that…that was incredible…”

Allison smiled. “You’re not so bad yourself…and to think it all started with my dog…”

David laughed and ran his fingers through Allison’s hair. “This may sound strange but your dog was probably the best thing that ever happened to me…although, it still doesn’t get you off the hook.”

“Off the hook? What are you talking about?”

“I wanna know what’s in that package. Come on…you can trust me.”

Allison blushed but smiled shyly. “Fine…but on one condition: you use it on me.”

That comment made no sense to David but he waited for Allison to come back. When she did, the shock was big. In her hand was a large, blue, thick vibrator. “Damn girl! You don’t play around.”

Allison laughed and joined David on the bed again. “It’s from my favorite website…so what do you say? Care to help me out?”

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