The Consultant – The WeddingThe Consultant – The Wedding


This is part of an ongoing series but I think you enjoy it without reading everything that has come before. Just (re)reading The Consultant: Moms & Daughters Chapter 2 will fill in the most important backstory.

Of course, everyone depicted as having sexy sex in the story is at least 18 years old.

Thank you all for reading — I appreciate your ratings and I love comments!

I’ve heard the lie that the best things in life are free. I have not found that to be the case. The best things in my life have been the things I worked and sweated for.

It might not have been obvious at the time, but I fell madly in love with my friend Ramona’s mom, Mary, the first night I met her. And I had tried hard to develop a lasting relationship with her ever since. I wanted — no, I needed – to be more than just an occasional booty call, but I was also trying not to be a stalker.

She had had a twenty-five-year marriage to a manipulative asshole, who had used his religion to control her. It had taken seeing her daughter break out of a similar situation for Mary to do the same and ditch her husband.

But while she and I saw each other from time to time (and had loads of fun and great sex every time), she was seemingly scared to death of getting tied down again. I understood, didn’t push, gave her space… but time was ticking on. We had both turned 50 just before we met, and I was determined not to wait forever.

After months of frustration, I decided that I needed a break, so I took a sabbatical from work (which really meant that I didn’t line up my next contract job until about three months after the end of the one before). I headed up to the mountains of North Carolina, rented a cabin and tried to work on the novel that had been rattling around in my head for years.

I invited Ramona and her husband Ben up for a weekend about halfway through, but instead they pulled up the gravel road, dumped Mary on the front porch with her bags, and then headed into Blowing Rock to a hotel.

Mary was furious, sure that I had set her up, but after I finally convinced her that it was her daughter’s doing, she calmed down. She knew that Ramona was a huge fan of the thought of her getting together with me permanently. And we had a fantastic time — hiking, fucking, sitting on the front porch and talking, fucking some more. It was a great weekend and Mary had a dopey smile on her face when her daughter and son-in-law picked her up Sunday afternoon for the drive back to our college town on the other side of the state.

I would never admit this to Ramona but the relationship between her mom and me did seem to get a little better after that. We saw each other more often after I got back to town, we talked a lot more and the sex remained great.

Finally, after we’d danced around each other for almost two years, I asked Mary to marry me. I had started to plan some big romantic public gesture, but when Ramona caught wind of it, she quickly warned me away from anything like that.

“Are you out of your mind, Jim? Have you MET my mom? You do something like that in a restaurant or any public space, and she’s going to feel trapped and she will run like hell. Ask her on HER turf, where she feels safe,” she advised, and I again realized that she was a very smart cookie.

So I bought some wine and some fresh shrimp and went to Mary’s apartment and made her an awesome Shrimp fra Diavolo and we had some wine and I slowly led her into it and pulled out the ring that her daughter had helped me pick out and I asked her to be my wife.

And she said “yes”. By God, she said “yes”!

I’m not going to pretend that the next few months were idyllic. She clearly still had reservations that rose to the surface every once in a while, and she would withdraw a little. She wouldn’t pick a fight or anything like that, she just went really quiet and sort of non-responsive.

Once again, Ramona came to my rescue. I stopped by to see her one afternoon when she was home with her daughter while Ben was at work. Tina had turned five a couple of months before and was the sweetest kid you could imagine.

Ramona put her down for a nap and we talked on their back porch. “Jim, do you trust me?” she asked.

“Ramona, of course I trust you! Why would you ask –“

“Jim, stop. I’m serious. Look me in the eyes. Do you *really* trust me? Trust that I have Mama’s best interest and your best interest, and frankly, mine and Ben’s best interest at heart? And do you trust me that I know my mama better than anyone?” she asked, her eyes boring into me.

I thought for a minute, not because I wasn’t sure of the answer but because I wanted to choose my words. I carefully answered, “Honey, I have come to realize in the past couple of years that you are one of the smartest and one of the kindest people I know. I do trust you, more than I trust anyone except maybe my son.”

She sighed and then took another deep breath. “Good, because I’m going to need that Denizli Escort trust over the next few months. I want to make sure that my family, which I want to include you, Jim, is happy and healthy. And I may do or say some things that you think don’t make sense to get us there. And that’s where I need you to trust me.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I realized it didn’t matter. I did trust her and determined not to question her. She might have only been touching thirty years old, but she had more than proven herself to me.


Ramona and Mary took charge of wedding prep, which was fine with me since the project I was working on was accelerating and I didn’t have much time to complete it. I was consulted on the big things, at least, and we agreed on a small wedding in a little chapel near campus and a small reception at the clubhouse of the apartment complex that Mary was still living in until after the wedding.

In the middle of planning, I took Mary out to the Outer Banks to meet my family during our bi-annual beach trip. It was the first time my son and daughter-in-law had spent more than a few minutes with her, and I was ecstatic that it went really well. Mary and my daughter-in-law Susan took to each other immediately and spent a lot of time hitting the beach shops which gave me time to spend with my son and my grandbabies.

My son Jason was the obvious choice for best man and of course Ramona would be the maid (matron?) of honor. Ramona’s daughter Tina had been the flower girl at her mom’s wedding to Ben a couple of years earlier and was of course psyched to do the same for her “Grandmaw”.

Mary was doing vendor management for a small local pharmaceutical research company, so she invited a few folks from there and I called up a couple of buds from my last permanent job that I still kept up with. A few more friends and family members and the invitation list ended up just south of 75, which is what we wanted.

We set a date for a Saturday in late September, when the weather was usually not quite as oppressive and one when there was not a home football game. The nicest local hotel didn’t really have a honeymoon suite, but it did have a really nice two-bedroom executive suite that we booked for the night before and after, after which Ben and Ramona and Mary and I were headed for a condo at the Outer Banks for a week.

I guess I thought it was a little odd that my newly minted stepdaughter and son-in-law were coming on our honeymoon, but I didn’t mind. I love them both and they’re fun to be around — and I guessed that Ramona wanted to be near her mom in case things started to go… funny. That might sound ominous, but I was walking into this relationship eyes wide open. At least I thought I was.

I took the Friday before the wedding off, along with the next week, as the project had reached wind-down mode. I had a new contract starting up a couple of weeks afterwards, which would give Mary and me a chance to settle in to living together after our honeymoon and before I had to get back to work.

My son and daughter-in-law and my grandkids arrived from Greenville (SC, not NC) in the early afternoon. I had insisted that they stay at my house since Mary and I planned to be at the hotel both Friday and Saturday nights. I spent a few minutes playing with my grandson Jamie, who was “four and a HALF” and my new granddaughter Janine, who had just turned two and was the cutest thing that ever lived. I might be a trifle biased.

We did a quick wedding rehearsal at the chapel (Mary looked beautiful in a royal blue wrap dress that showed off her still-firm curves) and then had dinner for the family at a local steakhouse — about fifteen of us in a private room. I remembered how out-of-control Mary was at her daughter’s reception, but she was almost a little subdued in contrast.

Ramona noticed that her mom had gone a bit quiet, so she and Ben volunteered to drive her back to the hotel while I spent a little more time with family. It was probably an hour later that my son picked up the tab and we headed out from the restaurant.

I rode the elevator up to the top floor of our hotel and swiped the keycard to the suite, seeing Ramona get up from the sofa while I shucked off my sport coat and dropped it on a chair. She was wearing a beautiful silk robe that ended just above her knees, which were still clad in the stockings she had worn that evening.

“Hey, baby girl, where’s the rest of the party?” I asked, thinking that surely Ben at least hadn’t already gone to bed.

Ramona came over and wrapped her arms around me and looked up, her eyes solemn. “Jim, remember when I told you a few months ago that I needed you to trust me? This is one of those times. Actually, this is the main time.”

I’m a pretty smart guy but if you’ve been reading my story all along, you’ll have figured out that I can sometimes be a little slow on the uptake. “Ramona, I do trust you, but what’s Denizli Escort Bayan up? Where is Mary?”

She squeezed me a little tighter and buried her face against my neck. “Mom’s fine. She’s with Ben.” She let that sink in a minute.

“She’s… she’s what? What does that mean?” I asked as the answer started to dawn on me. The door to Ben and Ramona’s bedroom was closed, mine and Mary’s was open. I can be oblivious sometimes but I’m not completely stupid. “I don’t think I understand.”

“Jim, you have been my lover and my friend and tomorrow you will be my dad, which makes me the happiest girl in the world. All of those things together. And Ben of course knows that you and I were lovers, before you introduced the two of us. And I never want things to be awkward between us — like the fact that you’ve slept with his wife. So now he’s sleeping with yours.”

She looked up into my eyes again. “And they’re together *after* you and my mom are together, so…”

Suddenly it dawned on me what my devious, deceitful, brilliant, beautiful soon-to-be stepdaughter was planning. At least I saw part of it — there were still surprises left. But my little smile down at her at least let her know that I was on board with her scheme. If it was ok for Mary, it was ok for me, right?

“So, baby girl, what are the two of *us* supposed to do while my fiancée fucks your husband into a coma? Wanna see if there’s any porn available on the TV?”

Ramona slapped my chest and said, “Why don’t we make our own porn? Mister.” She shrugged her robe off her shoulders, and it pooled seductively around her ankles, allowing me to take in the purple demi-cup and garter belt that she’d been wearing when she first showed up in my living room a few years before.

That reminder of our first night together flipped a switch inside me that I didn’t know I had. I think I actually growled as I crushed Ramona against me, driving my tongue into her mouth and gripping her tight little ass, pulling her against my raging boner. Her eyes widened for a moment at my aggressiveness before she melted into me, returning my kiss with a passion of her own.

After a couple of minutes, or maybe it was a couple of hours, I stepped back a little and spun her around, pushing her down onto the sofa in the middle of the suite, obviously not caring if Mary or Ben emerged from the bedroom. Ramona landed with her knees on the seat, leaning her elbows against the back of the couch.

I reached down and spread those delectable asscheeks, kneeling behind her to run my tongue up her already-wet slit until I circled her pucker. I drove my tongue inside her and thumbed her clit with my left hand while I tried to unzip my dress slacks with my right.

“Oh, fuck, Mister! What are you doing to my little asshole? It feels so naughty! And so fucking good!” Ramona moaned, slipping back into her little girl persona from our first time together. She reached a hand back and pulled my face tighter against her sweet sex as I slid my tongue down to her pussy lips.

Maybe it was knowing that my soon-to-be wife was fucking the shit out of her son-in-law in the next room. Maybe it was just the fact that I had a gorgeous blonde twenty years my junior leaned over the furniture ready for me to do whatever I wanted to her.

Whatever the cause, I managed to slide my slacks down and free my cock one-handed, and plunge it into Ramona’s hot wet pussy, grabbing her by her hips to pull her back into me with each thrust. I’ve always prided myself on being a good lover, but tonight I was a rutting beast.

Ramona propped herself up with her right arm and reached back with her left between her legs to finger her clit as I pounded her cunt. I heard a voice almost chanting and then I realized that it was mine. “Fuck me, you little cunt! Give me that sweet pussy! Give it to me, ‘Mona!”

Mine wasn’t the only voice in the room. Ramona was more vocal and raunchier than I was. I kind of hoped that her husband couldn’t hear her, then again, I realized that I hoped that both he and Mary could. “Give it to me, Mister! Give me that dick! Fuck my cunt, Mister, you’re going to make me cum so good!”

I gathered her long blonde hair in one fist and pulled her head back, forcing her back into a bow as I kept pounding her. Her beautiful little ass rippled every time I pounded my cock into her, getting a little yelp from her each time as well. “Shit. Jim. You’re fucking me so good. Shit….”

I could feel her pussy squeezing around my cock as she came, collapsing onto the sofa as I followed her down. I realized that I was still fully dressed except for my pants being down around my knees, so I quickly disrobed while Ramona caught her breath. Then I leaned down and picked her up, carrying her to the open bedroom like a bride.

I laid her down on the bed and she shifted around, turning to face me on all fours, crooking a finger at me. “Gimme, gimme,” she said with a lustful Escort Denizli grin on her face as I stood in front of her, leaning my shins against the side of the bed

I pride myself in being a considerate lover, a twenty-first century man, a respecter of women. But there is nothing more arousing in my mind that a beautiful woman, down on her hands and knees facing me, with her ass in air and with a mouthful of my cock. I had pleasured Ramona and she was now determined to pleasure me and there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with that.

She wasn’t subtle and she wasn’t teasing. Her goal was obviously to get a mouthful of jizz as quickly as she could make me cum. I held her hair again, this time much more gently, as I reveled in the sight of my dick pistoning in and out of those sweet lips. She reached up to fondle my balls and then pressed a finger against my asshole and that was all I could take.

I did try to warn her, but the words didn’t come out as fast as my cum did. She could tell I was ready to explode, though. She had her nose buried against my crotch as I sent rope after rope of semen down her throat, which she swallowed greedily.

When my spasms finally subsided, she let my cock slip out from her mouth and looked up at me with a sly grin on her face, and a bit of jizz running down from the corner of her mouth. “Thank you, Mister,” was all she said.

I leaned down to kiss her, then spun her around and over so that her sweet pussy was at the edge of the bed and facing me. I knelt by the bed, but I wasn’t praying. I dove into that lovely and loving cunt, licking her up and down a couple of times before latching on to her clit and slipping my middle and ring finger into her sopping slit.

She was panting like she’d run a 10K, unable to form words. Her thighs trembled around my face and my hand, until she squeezed them together so hard while she came that I had to pull my face back so that I could breathe. I slowed down with my fingers before pulling them out altogether.

She whimpered a complaint about being empty before I replaced my fingers with my fully recovered dick. I grabbed her ankles and pushed back until her knees were pressed into her chest and I was buried as deep into her as I could get. She grabbed my thighs and tried to pull me in even further, until I was rubbing against her cervix.

Her eyes rolled up and she clawed my back as I fucked her hard. I thought I’d last awhile having just cum, but then that little devil girl started begging me and I was lost. “That’s it, Daddy! Fuck your baby girl! Give me that big dick, Daddy! Give me that hot cum, please, Daddy!”

I absolutely lost it at that, emptying my balls into my soon-to-be stepdaughter, feeling like everything I had was flowing into her. And I was perfectly okay with that. I realized that I loved this woman just as much as I loved her mom and there was not a damn thing wrong with that.

We should have showered or something after all of that, I guess, but we were too tired and frankly we just wanted to hold each other. I managed to grab a corner of the sheet and flipped it over us and with a quick but sweet kiss, we were out like a light.

I half woke up sometime in the middle of the night and realized that the blonde hair in my face was a little darker and shorter and the breast I was gripping was larger. The reason why didn’t really register with me until I woke up the next morning next to my almost-bride.


Mary woke me with a kiss and a smile around mid-morning. She smelled fresh and had obviously had a shower and I didn’t and hadn’t. She wrinkled her nose and said, “Baby, you smell like my daughter. If you’re going to marry me today, you should probably get cleaned up.” She slapped me on the thigh, and I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom.

I came out half an hour later looking and smelling a lot better and happy to see Mary looking happy, almost buoyant. She’d ordered room service while I was getting cleaned up and we sat next to each other, stuffing our faces with omelet and hash browns.

She put a hand on my thigh and said, “Jim, lover, I hope you’re okay with last night. I love you more than anything or anyone in the world, but… Well, I don’t know what comes after that. But I hope we’re okay…”

I took her hand in both of mine and looked her in the eyes. “Mary, we probably haven’t talked about this enough, but I want you to know that I will take as much or as little of you as you’re willing to give. I love you and I love Ramona and Ben and Tina, and I want us to be a family.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek and just said, “Jim, I promise to never knowingly hurt you. And to love you and be your partner as long as you’ll have me.”

I grinned at her. “Well, I think we’re married now — we can probably cancel the church service.”

She punched me on the shoulder and said, “Not on your life, babe. I want to announce to all the world that we’re together.”

A few minutes later I got chased out of our bedroom by Ramona so she could help her mom with her hair and dress. She literally tossed my suit and shoes out after me. They would do the finishing touches at the chapel but the heavy lifting, as Mary called it, was going to happen at the hotel.

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