Sue is blackmailed by a colleagueSue is blackmailed by a colleague



Sue had at last upset the wrong person. Renowned for her aggression and air of superiority at work, she had many times tongue lashed her colleagues, often it has to be said, for good reason. By and large they were inefficient and incompetent and she did not suffer fools gladly. However, in this instance, although he was a fool, Barry was also cunning and plotted his revenge. It had to be personal and something he could share with the others who had witnessed his embarrassment.

He hit on the ideal solution. Using the internet he soon located a supplier and sent off for the date rape drug which totally removed women’s inhibitions and caused memory loss. He would slip this to her then take her to a man he knew who produced blue videos where she would be filmed in the most crude ways they could manage. The resulting video would be shown to his friends and bring him total revenge as well as the intense pleasure of seeing her used like this and having her however he wanted.

Barry chose his day carefully. They were all going for a quick drink after work, to celebrate someone’s birthday. It was the height of summer and they would be at a bar with outside tables where there would be crowds on the pavement. He had no difficulty slipping the required quantity into her glass of wine and as it took effect, it was easy to suggest to her that he would give her a lift and he lead her away without anyone noticing until some time later when they assumed she had simply left to catch her bus home.

She was behaving as if she was partly in a trance, completely obedient to his every suggestion or command, however slight. Her physical reactions were only slightly slowed by the drug and to all intents and purposes she appeared quite normal.

Barry resisted the temptation to start now with a grope of her breasts, having long admired her full bust, and put her into his car and drove to the warehouse apartment where his friend the film producer lived and worked. They went up in the lift. Sue asked where they were going.

“To meet a friend of mine. You would love to meet him wouldn’t you?”

She hesitated only a moment before saying “yes, of course.”

Barry rang the bell and they went in when the door was opened by his friend. Barry introduced them.

“Sue, this is Steve. Steve, Sue.”

She held out her hand and Steve shook it quite normally.

Barry went on. “Steve makes blue movies and tonight we are going to film you.”

He watched her for a reaction. There was none. He pressed on.

“We will strip you and I shall fuck you then some other men will also fuck you.”

Still no reaction.

“Is that OK with you? Will you give us all the best fuck you can?”

“If you want” was her reply and he knew it was going to be exactly as he planned.

“OK then, lets get started” said Steve and led them to his studio where there was a large bed, rings in the wall, lights, cameras and many props and devices.

Lights were quickly set up while she stood there in her blouse and skirt, docilely awaiting further instructions.

Barry briefed her.

“We want you to give us everything you can. You are to put your whole self into everything that happens. You will have no inhibitions what so ever and will immediately do whatever we tell you, with no hesitation. Now you are my personal whore, the dirtiest slut in the land with no inhibitions at all, only a desire to please me and my friends. You will at all times enjoy it and will express all you pleasure and emotions for the camera to see. If you feel pain, you will cry out but you will not want to stop. You will revel in the pain and you will get high on the pleasure. Understand?”

“Of course.”

“You will use crude language at all times. Lets just check. As I touch you or point to you, I want you to tell me and the camera what bits I am touching or feeling and remember you are to be crude and vulgar at all times.”

He reached out and cupped her breasts through her white work blouse, gently kneading them, “what are these?”

“My tits.”

He leaned forward and ran his hand down to her groin, reaching between her legs to fondle her mound.

“My cunt.”

Barry thought to himself that she was not the prissy woman they all at work – perhaps there was more to her than they imagined.

He moved round to her backside, groping her buttocks and sliding his fingers between her cheeks.

“My arse.”

He cupped his balls and cock.

“Your cock.”

“OK, now lets get started.”

With this, he moved to her, the cameras already rolling, having recorded her agreement to the whole proceedings.

She was wearing a crisp white shirt/blouse and a knee-length dark navy blue tight skirt with tanned bare legs and medium height heeled smart shoes, her usual summer office wear – smart but not provocative but enough to show her figure. At 5ft 7 with 36C breasts, firm legs from regular squash playing, she was highly desirable and knew it but due to her attitude to colleagues she was known in the office as the Ice Maiden – and other less polite names on her aggressive days. Out of work she was very sensual with an active sex life.

Barry put his hands on her breasts, hefting them and feeling them roughly through her blouse. He jiggled and groped them, being deliberately crude for the camera.

“Sue, these feel good – stand up strip your top off, lets see your tits – ok?”

“Yes Barry, of course” – she stood, unfastened her cuffs then the front of her blouse before slipping it off her shoulders.

He saw her full breasts, cupped by a pretty lace bra which clearly showed her large, deep brown aureoles and nipples.

“I’m going to be showing this film to the lads at work. So, smile at the camera and say hello to the lads.”

As she stood in her bra, she smiled at the camera and as instructed called “hello lads.”

Barry then told her “now do it again and as you say hello, feel your tits and hold them out to the lads so they can see you play with yourself through your bra.”

Again she did as she was told and spoke to the camera while she fondled her breasts through her lacy bra, feeling herself and pinching her nipples.”

“Good, well done, now, especially for them, I want you to get your tits out. Come on, take off your bra, get your tits out for the lads and properly show them what you’ve got” this deliberately crude to her.

With no hesitation, she reached behind and unfastened the bra, leaning forward slightly as she dropped it from her breasts then stood up.

He ogled her greedily. Her tits were really good. Although she was in her early forties and they no longer were as firm as a teenager’s tits, they hung deliciously and he preferred them to the rock hard youngsters he usually groped. These tits had a lovely soft give to them. And they were tanned – it was known that on holiday she would go topless and if possible would go to a naturist beach – she took delight in letting it be known – the unspoken words being that other people can see me naked but you never will.

“Now, show my friends who are going to be watching this film what your tits are like. Give them a shake for all the lads at work. Show them what you hide under your blouse each day.”

Sue bent forward slightly and rapidly shook her shoulders so her breasts hung then swayed and wobbled for the camera.

“Now do that again, one for the girls this time as they will want to see this as well, give your nipples a tug as well to let them see how big they are.”

Sue repeated the show, this time pulling hard on her nipples and stroking them, fully erect, to Barry’s delight.

“Sue, tell everyone what size your tits are? We often wondered.”

“They are 36C Barry” she replied into the camera. Barry knew his (and her!) colleagues would love seeing her say that as she showed them – such a change from her usual behaviour.

Now he moved up to her and took a breast in each hand. One camera moved in for a close-up while the other showed the whole scene so they could edit to make an excellent film. He rolled her hard nipples between his thumb and fingers as he talked to her, the microphone picking up every sound.

“Do you like your tits being handled?”

“Yes, its lovely.”

“I’m going to squeeze them now, you will enjoy that as well won’t you. Ask me to hurt your tits.”

“Please hurt my tits Barry” she dutifully responded.

“It will be my pleasure” he grinned and dug his fingers into her soft breasts, his fingers gripping the hard core in the centre of her breasts. He squeezed them hard, almost flattening them as she moaned, pain on her face, the look and the sound recorded on film until she could hold out no more and cried out in pain.

Barry laughed and released them and now pulled her nipples hard, stretching and pulling her breasts and leading her round in a circle, pulled by her breasts.

“Ask me to hurt you again. Tell me you enjoyed it.”

“Please do it again, I enjoyed what you did to my tits” she told him.

Once more her he dug into her breasts, digging his fingers in hard and squeezing her soft breasts until she moaned. He spoke into the camera as he hurt her.

“OK lads – how about this. I’ve got the Ice Maiden’s tits in my hands, and to be fair, they are a lovely pair of jugs. I’m giving them some serious attention and she is begging for more, despite the pain. See, she is a slut just like all the others. Later I’ll fuck her for you and then some friends of mine will have her and you can have the pleasure of seeing her in action, of seeing her stripped and her legs spread open for your delight. The Ice Maiden is a whore just like all the others.”

He turned back to her and gave her a last hard squeeze, making her legs wobble a little with the pain. He then let go and stepped back, leaving her in full view of both cameras again.

“Right, now let’s see the rest of you. Get your kit off Sue you cunt.”

She kicked off her shoes and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor and stepped out of it.

“Wait – let the camera see you in your pants. We’ve often wondered what you underwear is like and now we know. Lacy white bra and lacy white pants, quite brief as well.”

He lead her to the back of an armchair.

“Lean back into that. Now spread your legs so the camera can see how wet your pants are.”

She leaned back and opened her legs as one of the cameramen kneeled in front of her, pointed his camera up between her legs and filmed the dark wet patch on her pants.

Barry spoke to the camera, as a commentary. “Well lads, can you see how wet her knickers are? See how she wants it? Notice also the dark bush – we know she isn’t a natural blonde of course but her bush is darker than we thought.”

“You really are a randy cow aren’t you? You are looking forward to being fucked all evening I can see” Barry laughed.

“OK, drop the knickers for the lads now, lets see your wet cunt and that furry bush.”

She hooked her thumbs into the pants and pushed them down, stepping out of them and now standing totally naked, beside Barry who was still fully clothed. There was a lighter shade under her pants but it was still tanned so she really did have an all over tan.

He ran his hands all over her body, across her breasts, her shoulders, down her back, over her buttocks then over her stomach, the cameras following every move.

Once more he backed to the chair and made her lean back into it then he kicked her feet wider apart to open her thighs so the camera could look up between her legs.

He then went to the arm chair and sat in it. He clicked his fingers at her.

“Hey, you randy slut, come and stand in front of me.”

She did. Barry beckoned one of the men standing in the sidelines to stand behind her.

“Now, put one foot on the arm of my chair, you can lean back into Paul if you are unsteady.”

She lifted a foot onto the arm of his chair and did have to lean back into Paul to avoid falling over. As she lifted her leg it opened her cunt for Barry and positioned it at eye level for him.

“If you feel his hard cock against your arse, don’t worry because later he will be fucking you as well” he said to her.

He put his hand on her foot and felt all round it before moving on to her ankle then to her calf. As he felt each part of her leg, the camera followed his progress, watching as he caressed her calf then her knee then slid to her thigh.

“I must say you have lovely smooth skin on your thighs, must be well polished from all the blokes who’ve had you” he laughed as his fingers probed slowly and went higher up her thigh.

As he came to the top of her thigh he gripped her bush and pulled her hair, pulling it hard until again she moaned then his fingers slipped to her cunt and slid straight into her soaking wet cunt. He sloshed them around a little for the benefit of the microphone then withdrew them, holding them up for the camera to see how wet they were. Then he went to her lips. She had very large inner lips and very full, fleshy outer lips, one of the reasons why she was so wet and juicy. He pulled them down and open to show the camera how large they were, like giant butterfly wings held open.

“Look lads, look at the size of the lips on this pussy – we never guessed that did we? Girls, what do you think? I bet none of you have got lips as big as these or a cunt quite as juicy eh? Its a shame to have them covered by this bush, how about giving her pussy a shave so we can see everything more clearly? Good idea I think, eh?”

With that he pushed her foot off the chair so she stood up, still supported by Paul who by now had reached his arms round her and was cupping and groping her breasts and nipples.

Barry arranged with Steve for Sue to be taken to the bathroom where a naked girl was brought in to shave her.

Sue was sat on a large stool, her legs hanging over the edge and her body lowered down so her shoulders rested on the ground. Her stomach and groin were on the stool, her legs stretched wide open so her cunt was fully exposed. The girl first of all removed the long pubic hair with an electric razor, using the side trimmer, then she shaved off the heavy stubble before squirting foam all over her and using a wet razor for the final removal. She carefully held her lips to one side as she did round her folded layers; she raised her legs so she could remove the hair under her cunt, leading to her arse; she finally gave everywhere one last go to make sure Sue was totally smooth.

At this, the girl leaned into Sue’s cunt and started to lick her. Sue’s clitty was already hard, the tip exposed from the sensations of being shaved and it took very little licking to get Sue to the edge of a climax. One camera fixed on her face, watching her expression as the climax approached, recording her breathing as it went to hard, sharp intakes, while the other was focused on her cunt and clitty as the girl’s tongue licked the tip of her clitty then just as her climax was about to break, she would move to suck and lick around her lips, sucking the long lips right into her mouth, teasing them with her teeth then releasing them. She would poke her stiff tongue right into Sue’s wet cunt, waggle it round the lick around the edge of her cunt then go back to her clitty until she was on the edge.

While this was happening, Barry was giving the commentary.

“See lads, we always thought she was a bit of a lez, well you can see she likes it both ways. She likes the cock and a woman. OK Liz, let her have it now.”

With that, the girl kept on her clitty until Sue’s thighs jerked hard and tense and her breath came in great gulps and she cried out as the climax washed over her.

Barry leaned down and pushed his fingers into Sue.

“Is this what you want now eh? You want a good stiff cock up you now eh? Well, you’ll have to wait a little while but don’t worry, there’ll be plenty for you. In the meantime, you can have my fingers.”

At this he started to stiff finger fuck her, jabbing hard into her sensitive cunt. At the same time, Liz moved to sit over Sue’s face, one knee each side of Sue’s neck as she lay back on the floor, her groin still up on the stool with Barry’s fingers plunging in and out of her.

This time it was Steve who gave her the instruction.

“We want to see you lick her out and give her a climax like she gave you. Now, get on with it.”

Sue used her hands to position Liz so she could get her tongue to her cunt as the camera, placed by Sue’s head, had a perfect view of Sue’s tongue in Liz. Liz was also shaved, like most girls used in the films although she had a little area of pubic hair left on her mound but her cunt was clear and fully visible.

“I’m sure the lads will enjoy this as well” Steve told her. “Come on, give her a good sucking out, get deep into her before you start on her clitty. We want to see her juices all over your face.”

Sue obliged, grunting from time to time as Barry’s fingers caused her pain from his hard thrusts into her until he pulled out to watch her licking Liz.

Eventually Liz reached her climax with Sue sucking the tip of Liz’s clitty and as she climaxed, she released a stream of urine over Sue’s face and neck, the warm fluid running all over her and down her breasts.

The camera crew cheered at this and as Sue was helped to her feet, Steve suggested she went to the shower to clean up while the got ready for the next shots. Without her knowing, there was a camera Rumelihisarı Escort on her the whole time she showered, as she soaped herself and massaged the soft foam into her cunt where it was sore from Barry’s fingers. This really was going to be the perfect revenge Barry thought.

When she was dry, they kept her naked, the camera running at all times, as she was handed a drink, complete with a top up of the knockout drops to keep her compliant.

Steve now took over. He was going to direct a movie using Sue, taking advantage of being able to get her to do some of the things girls were not keen on. The arrangement was that Barry could have her first then Steve would proceed in his own way. He started by making sure there would be no problem for any of them.

“Sue, we are now going to make a blue movie with you. You know what a blue movie is don’t you and you want to take part in it don’t you.”

Of course she said she did. He continued.

“You want me to film you while Barry fucks you however he wants you then while any of the others have you, that’s right isn’t it? We can do whatever we want with you?”

“Yes, if that’s what Barry wants.” He couldn’t have written a better reply he thought. Wait till the lads see this.

They moved to the bed. Steve explained to her that he would be giving her directions from time to time if he thought she needed them but she was to have no inhibitions at all, she was to respond to all situations and do whatever felt best to make it as sexy and crude a video as possible. With this briefing in her condition, he knew she would look very natural and would do just about anything they demanded of her.

“Is there anything you especially like? Tell the lads at work what your favourite positions are”

She turned to the cameras. “I enjoy it on my hands and knees or standing up with the man behind me and I love giving or receiving oral.”

“Good, we’ll give you plenty of that although I think you’ll be giving more oral than you’ll receive – you’ve had your share of receiving for this evening but you’ve got a few cocks to suck yet so I’m glad you enjoy it. Now, is there anything you are not keen on?”

“Yes, I don’t like it in my bottom.”

“If you mean you don’t like it up your arse then say so.”

“Sorry, I don’t like it up my arse.”

This was to be part of the video – indeed, Barry wanted to fuck her arse as part of his revenge, he was going to show the lads his cock in every one of her holes so Steve had to re programme her. He would later edit out the “wrong” replies so the film would show her agreeing to everything.

“Sue, from now on, you love it up your arse, it is one of your favourite positions. You love to go on your hands and knees and reach round to open your bum cheeks to help a man get into your arse. You especially want Barry to fuck you up the arse, now tell me again your favourite positions.”

This time she replied “I enjoy it on my hands and knees with a cock in my cunt or up my arse. I also like it standing up with the man behind me and I love giving or receiving oral.”

“That’s much better. Now, to start, tell Barry he can have you however he wants, he can fuck you in any hole and in any position and then undress him.”

“Barry, you can have me however you want. You can fuck me in any hole, in any position.” She moved to undress him but he was enjoying this and wanted to drag it out a bit longer. He wanted her to be the crude slut on the film he was going to show his pals. He wanted to show her totally under his power.

“Just a minute. When you say I can fuck you in any hole, which holes did you have in mind?”

“Well, my cunt of course, or my mouth, I’ll suck your cock, or my arse.”

“Oh, so you like it up the arse as well do you, well I’ll certainly remember that” he grinned as she started to undress him.

Now, even if she remembered or found out about the video, no-one would believe she had not taken part willingly, especially as she would be seen willingly offering herself and undressing him. He idly wondered how she would feel next day when the effect wore off and she woke up with a shaven pussy and a very sore cunt and arse – bit of a giveaway but he had been assured she would have no memory from the drug taking effect so he felt quite safe. He laughed at the thought of her worrying about what had happened to her, and who and where – whatever she worried about, the reality was gonna be far worse than she could imagine.

When he was undressed, he led her to the bed and pushed her so she fell on it, on her back.

“I’m going to take you up on your invite and fuck each one of your holes but let’s start with you on your back and your legs open for me – go on, get in position.”

She wriggled back onto the bed so she was central then opened her legs wide in invitation.

The studio hands now moved to the bed and hands moved her into position. She was picked up, shoved around like a piece of meat on a slab, positioned how they wanted her for the best shots. Hands at her ankles pulled her legs wide open and other hands tweaked her nipples, unnecessarily as they had been erect all evening but they enjoyed doing it. Steve gave them instructions and Barry saw they were deliberately just moving her about, he presumed, to get her used to the idea that they controlled her body. All the time she allowed them to do with her whatever they wanted. They lifted her onto her side, felt how her tits hung then moved her onto her back and lifted her so she was sitting up and groped her again then eventually, they put her on her back and told her “get your legs open so we can all get a good view of your cunt.”

She obligingly opened her legs wide and angled her hips to lift her cunt towards the camera, making it easier also for Barry to get into her he thought.

Barry climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her thighs. He was thinking how he had never imagined that this could happen, how he was about to fuck the woman who had caused them so much grief with her sharp tongue. Well, she was certainly getting her comeuppance he thought and later he would feel the soft side of her tongue as well.

He placed his now erect cock against her still wet cunt and leaned into her, feeling the warmth of her cunt as he sank into it, effortlessly, sinking in deep. He then started to fuck her with good firm strokes, giving her a good workmanlike fuck for the lads at the office, slamming in hard with each stroke, pushing up as far as he could. As he did her he grabbed her breasts and squashed and squeezed them. After a while he pulled out as he still had another two holes to see to. He had decided to finish off in her arse as her final humiliation so next he wanted her mouth.

He left her lying on her back and moved up her body, kneeling across her breasts, deliberately flattening them as he sat on her, holding his cock to her lips. Someone placed a pillow under her shoulders so she was raised enough to suck him and be clearly seen on camera. She held his balls in one hand, cupping them as the other stroked up and down his shaft as she sucked him onto her mouth. She worked on him for some time, moving her mouth up and down his shaft, sucking his length and licking his tip then plunging down on him again until he felt close to shooting in her mouth. He was tempted to hold her head tight and shoot his load into her mouth for the camera but he wanted her arse so pulled out before it was too late.

He swung his leg off her, moving to sit beside her.

“Now get up on your hands and knees so I can fuck your cunt again.”

She took up position, her weight on her knees and on her shoulders as she reached under her body to guide his cock to her waiting cunt.

Barry fucked her cunt for some time, holding her hips and pulling her back onto his cock as he bucked his hips at her so he banged hard into her soft body, making her grunt. As he fucked her cunt, he fingered her tight arse, running his finger around the rim in anticipation of taking her in her forbidden hole. Now he was ready for the final stage.

He pulled out and stayed kneeling behind her, his hand on her back keeping her in position.

“Now I’m going to fuck your arse. Reach back and open up your cheeks for me.”

She reached back and held her buttocks open for him. Her arsehole was tight, he could see that. Well, it would be if it wasn’t used to being fucked. He pushed his fingers into her cunt to wet them then wet around the rim of her tight hole, working his fingers into her. She instinctively winced and gripped his fingers tight as she clenched her hole shut.

“Remember, your arse is a favourite position” he reminded her. She obviously needed reminding to overcome her instinctive resistance. He felt her relax. He put the tip of his cock, wet with her slippery juices, against her hole then leaned hard into her. It was a struggle then he felt it slip past her ring of tight muscle and he was deep inside her.

She cried out loud as he plunged into her.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, a lot” she cried.

“But you still want me to fuck your arse, don’t you – even though it hurts, you don’t mind do you? You want it don’t you?”

“Yes, fuck me Barry” she replied as he happily obliged, riding her vigorously.

This time he rode her seriously. He rose above her so he was plunging deep into her with every thrust. He gripped her hips and pulled her back onto him at every stroke to increase his banging into her. She was moaning and crying with the pain of it which excited him so much he couldn’t hold back for long, especially as she was so very tight. He rose above her, his back arched then he leaned over her and plunged extra deep as he pumped his spunk into her arse. She felt it pumped into her, hotter than the feel of it in her cunt and she was excited, despite the pain. She gasped with pain and pleasure and the cameras caught every bit of it. Her face, her arse, the noise of his cock slurping in her, her yells and moans of pain and pleasure.

Barry pulled off her then pushed her so she fell on her side.

“Take a break, you’ll need it” he said as he walked off. He spoke to camera.

“Well lads, and lasses as well I suppose as I know some of the girls will want to see this, that’s all from me but its a shame to waste such a slut so my friends here will take over now while I watch. Sit back with me and see just what a slut she is. Watch her get shagged by these blokes as they have her every way up. Watch as she opens her cunt, her mouth and her arse for them to fill with spunk. You can see already that she can’t get enough so be my guests – see the Ice Maiden being heated up! See her as the whore she really is.”

Steve brought on his men and once more they all handled her on the bed, taking every advantage of her available body. They then filmed Sue being fucked by two men, on her hands and knees with one in her mouth and one in her cunt.

They filmed her on her knees in front of the men, sucking their cocks as they fucked her face, holding her face still while they bucked their hips to stroke their cock in and out of her face.

They filmed her with spunk shot over her face, over her tits and, when they pulled out of her cunt or her arse while she was on her hands and knees it went over her back.

They then filmed her on her front, bent over the arm of the settee, her top half hanging over the arm while her bottom half was on the settee with a man kneeling between her thighs giving her a good shag while another took her face in his hands and fucked her mouth.

They filmed her tits being slapped and her holding them up and offering them for more pain.

They had her in just about every position there was until they came near to the end.

Steve had a man lie on the floor with his hard cock held ready for her.

“OK slut, sit across him and put his cock up your cunt – again!” he laughed at his own joke. Sue kneeled by the man then swung one leg across him so she was sitting astride him. She took his cock in one hand and with the other she opened her large cunt lips and guided him in as she lowered herself down onto his cock which slid up her cunt. The man bucked up at her to push deeper in as she settled her weight on him so he was deep inside. The man reached up to her breasts and grabbed and squeezed them before he gripped her nipples hard, pulling her down to him by her tits. Another man came and kneeled behind her and Steve spoke to her.

“We have a special treat for you to finish this session but first, since you enjoy all your holes being fucked, we are going to fill all three at once.”

At this the man behind her put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down even more so her buttocks were opened to him. He quickly pushed into her arse, easily sliding past her tight ring, making her yell yet again as he filled her arse but before she could do much more yelling, her mouth was filled by the cock of a man who kneeled in front of her, gripping her face between his hands.

All three fucked her with strong steady strokes. There were three cameras now to catch the movements and action of each cock and they recorded as each one in turn ejaculated into her. First spunk was shot deep into her cunt then deep into her arse and finally, as she moaned with the pain and pleasure in her arse, her mouth was filled. She could not turn away from it and had to swallow the bulk of it although as he pulled out, spunk dribbled down her lips.

The cameras then carefully focused to show the full picture as the three men pulled out of her and lifted her to her feet. She had spunk around her mouth and lips, dribbling down her thighs from her cunt and down the back of her thighs from her arse. Her legs were pulled wide apart and the cameras zoomed in the show in close up how her cunt and arse were still wide open as more spunk dribbled and leaked from her. Her cunt was swollen from all the use, her large flaps puffed up from the constant banging she had received.

Steve came to her. “Now you are quite covered in spunk, comes the final treat for you. What is going to happen now may surprise you. I am going to bring in my German Shepherd, Wolf. Wolf will lick you and I will give you instructions. You will obey them all and you will do whatever I want and whatever Wolf wants. You are a dirty bitch and you will behave like a bitch. You will be fucked like a bitch, on your hands and knees by a dog. You will do this completely naturally – you are after all a sexy bitch in heat, wanting to fuck anything that is put up you. Agreed?”

“Yes” she answered, as he knew she had to – in her state she had no choice, her inhibitions were completely gone and she was wound up tight after an evening being fucked so many ways.

The door opened and a large German Shepherd came in. He was obviously at home and used to the men and the cameras. He had done this before. He knew what was ahead. He headed for the bed where he could see the woman and smell the spunk and cunt juice.

Barry looked on, dumb struck, as the dog hopped up onto the bed. This was going to be better than he had ever hoped for, Steve had never mentioned Wolf, the sly bastard – maybe he was worried Barry would say no to Wolf but there was no way he would stop the dog having her. The she is degraded, the better he would enjoy it. Payback was coming in a big way.

Sue felt Wolf’s cold nose as it plunged between her thighs, sniffing at her cunt. She heard Steve instructing her.

“Don’t just lie there, open up for him, let him sniff and lick you wherever he wants” then to Wolf, “come on boy, lick the bitch.”

The cameras showed how she lay back and opened her legs while Wolf used his nose and strong neck to push them wider open so he could get to her cunt. He sniffed at her then licked her, his huge tongue lapping from her arse, across her cunt and up to her clitty, his hot breath all over her cunt area. Instinctively she raised her hips so the dog’s tongue could get to her. The tongue was rough, it excited her. It made her cunt and clitty ultra sensitive and she once more felt a climax building up as the dog lapped and licked her. She was totally abandoned and lost all thought of the cameras at her face and her cunt and the other on long shot taking in the scene in general. Before long she could not hold back and she shuddered to an incredibly deep climax, crying loudly as it washed over her, releasing all the tensions from the night’s activities.

At this, Steve told her to go on her hands and knees which she did, almost in a daze.

She heard his command to Wolf.

“Mount the bitch and give her a good fucking. Mount her boy”, this last shouted firmly.

Wolf needed no second command. He lifted his weight onto her. She felt the weight of his paws as they rested on her buttocks, the silky fur of his belly against her buttocks then his deep chest grazing her back as he positioned himself. She awaited the next stage. She knew this animal was going to fuck her, to possess her then she felt him thrust his powerful body as he pushed into her cunt. He was incredibly hard, very, very stiff and he fucked at great speed. The speed made a lot of friction but it was sheer crudity of the combined sensations that turned her on.

The dogs paws now slipped down inside her hips, into her groin, pulling her into his body as he hunched over her. He pulled her closer in so he was deeper inside her. she could not move, she was gripped and held in position in a way no man could do. She was totally possessed.

On her hands and Escort Rumelihisarı knees in front of the men, being filmed, a large dog possessing her, mounting her and fucking her as they all watched. She felt him speed up, was only slightly aware of the cameras as they went under her body to show the dog’s cock thrusting at such speed in and out of her shaven cunt. She could feel the sweat on her body from the exertion of taking his weight but now she wanted him, she wanted this and felt elation as he hugged himself deep into her to lock on as he shot his spunk into her. His spunk really was hotter than she was used to and she felt it go deep into her body as she felt his swollen cock fill her cunt then hands unlocked the dog’s legs to release from his grip.

As he was lifted off her, she fell onto her back and saw the dog’s still erect cock and the great swelling further down it which he used to lock onto a bitch. She lay there as hands opened her legs so the camera could explore how open her cunt was. Wolf now licked her cunt and also her body, licking off her salty sweat, his big tongue lapping at her crotch, her arse and her tits as well as under her armpits – all the places where her exertions had made her especially sweaty or had collected spunk.

She was breathing deeply from the exertion and the camera moved back from her, taking a last shot of her body which had been well and truly fucked all evening.

Later they helped her to shower and dried her, Barry taking the opportunity to have a last grope of her body before helping her dress.

She was later taken home and given instructions that she had left the work party and gone straight home. Barry laughed at the thought of what she think when she woke up with, no doubt, a still sore cunt and arse and no bush. He also looked forward very much to getting his copy of the edited video and to having a very special party at his place to show it.

He had another thought then. Which would be best – to show it at work or to show it to Sue and get her co-operation in return for not showing it? He was certain she would do anything for him rather than have that shown around at work. Decisions, decisions – well, they would wait for another day.

Barry thought about what to do next.

Originally he planned to get his revenge on Sue by showing the video to their colleagues at work who would then get their own back on her for all the times she had been bossy, aggressive and bitchy – but, and it was a big but, having seen how spectacularly successful his scheme had been he thought there maybe was a better way to play this.


He had drugged her with a date rape spike in her drink and made a video in which she appeared to giver herself totally willingly, stripping for the camera, doing everything he wanted sexually then being used by three strangers and finally being used by a German Shepherd, all the time talking to the camera, appearing to enjoy it all and be willingly taking part, every little detail and close up captured. Having tasted power over her he wanted to keep it – once he showed the video to their colleagues he had played his hand whereas, by not showing it, he could keep his control over her.

The idea of her doing all this again but this time fully conscious and knowing was such a turn on that Barry knew it was the best way forward.

He would enjoy using her so much more knowing that in future she would be giving herself against her will, that he would be humiliating her at every step and at the same time gathering more stuff to use against her – a perfect situation for him.

So – how best to start this ball rolling in this new and exciting direction?

Barry realised he could not just come out with it to Sue as she was likely to react very badly – no, that was not true, she was guaranteed to react extremely badly – so the choice of how and where was important.

He opted for asking her if she could help him with a project he was working on after hours that evening and told her he would be grateful for her help if she could stay on a bit later tonight and join him in the meeting room. Sue liked the idea of Barry needing her help and was quite condescending when she said she supposed she could make time to help him. Barry bit his tongue and thanked her.

The clock ticked so slowly that afternoon but eventually it came to knocking-off time and everyone left except Barry and Sue.

She swept into the meeting room ready to play her usual superior role and was surprised to find Barry in such a good mood, not at all bothered about having to ask her help. He had the large screen TV set up linked to a DVD player and asked Sue to sit down as he had something to show her.

“Barry, what is this about?”

“Sue, do me a favour and you will soon understand exactly what we are here for” he replied and hit play.

He had set the DVD straight to the part where she stripped to the camera and Sue’s face looked puzzled for a fraction then she screamed – “what the fuck is this Barry?” as she realised it was her on screen.

“Where did you get this? How dare you” – she flew at him and he had to grab her wrists to calm her down and push her back in her seat.

“You better see it all before you say anything” he told her.

She sat watching – her mood changing from anger to surprise to fear to anger to puzzlement to anger and ended at fear again as she realised the power this gave Barry.

“Sue, when you woke up on Saturday morning did you feel as if you had had a bit of a work-out?” he asked as the video continued.

Sue slowly nodded, realisation dawning on her.

“Was your cunt sore? Was your arsehole sore”?

“You bastard, what have you done to me? How did you get this, I never did this!”

“Well actually you did – we both know you were drugged but with careful editing you can see that no-one will ever believe it. Last Friday evening you did all this for me and in a moment you will see how you also gave yourself to three strangers and, best of all, a lovely big – wait for it – a lovely big DOG” he shouted and laughed at the look of horror on her face.

“You dare not show this to anyone” she said, relying on her usual bluster to win through.

“Oh yes I dare and we both know you dare not risk being wrong on that. I have copies already made ready to send to everyone in the office so that will make your job impossible and anyone asking for a reference will get a copy so job hunting might be tricky. I will also send copies to your husband of course and to your neighbours so life could get interesting for you. How many internet sites do you think your video will end up being posted to? With your full name and address known to everyone, someone will post the details I am sure.”

Sue had gone quiet as he said all this and realised he was right.

It would destroy her life, her job, her marriage, everything.

Quietly she asked him “what do you want Barry? I can pay you a little but I don’t have that much left over each month.”

“Oh you will pay me Sue but not in money. You will pay me in something much more valuable. You will be my personal whore. You will be my sex slave. You will do whatever I tell you.”

“Please Barry, please don’t do this, I beg you, please – why are you doing this to me” she sobbed.

“Because you have been a bitch to me and everyone else in this office and its about time you got your just desserts.”

Sue begged him but he just laughed.

“Think back to all the times you have been a real cow to us all, how many times have you been a cock tease and laughed at us? Well its pay back time. Speaking of which, lets start as we mean to go on.”

She realised she had no choice and waited to hear what Barry would want of her.

He told her to stand up and stand in front of him. She obeyed.

He looked her straight in the eye as he opened her blouse buttons as her eyes glared back at him in ager and frustration that she could not stop him and humiliation to be in this position.

Barry reached into her lace bra and lifted a tit out and held it in his hand. He stared into her eyes as he slowly and deliberately squeezed it hard, making her yell.

“That’s nice bitch – take your blouse and bra off and offer your other tit to me and ask me to hurt it.”

“No way you bastard, fuck off” she yelled.

“OK, get dressed, go home. I have missed tonight’s post but the DVDs will be with everyone by the day after tomorrow so you have 24 hours to plan how you are going to deal with it. Goodnight Sue.”

Barry turned his back to her and waited. She knew she had no choice.

Her voice was quiet as she said “No Barry, please don’t do that. Please hurt my tits” and he turned to see her blouse on the floor and her hands behind her unfastening her bra. She held her full breasts up to him and he took them, gloating at his power over her.

“That’s so much better you whore. Now this weekend we are going back to my friend’s film studio to redo the film in total – everything – but this time you will know exactly what you are doing throughout it. And you had better make it clear that you are having fun, even if you are not. Mind you, you had a lot of fun last time so why not just accept it and enjoy what’s going to happen anyway” he laughed.

“Now get on your knees and show me what a great cock-sucking whore you are”.

Sue dropped to her knees, her full tits swaying as she moved down to her knees in front of this man who up to 30 minutes ago she regarded as being on a level with shit on her shoes but who now controlled her life.

She unzipped him, unfastened his belt and lowered his trousers. She took his hard cock from his pants and held it a moment, hesitating.

“Come on bitch, its not the first time you have sucked me, get on with it, see if the taste is familiar? Is Friday night beginning to come back to you?”

Sue put him in her mouth and sucked him, doing her best to please him. In an odd way the taste was familiar – maybe she was getting flashbacks?

“Mmmmmmmmmm Sue that is so good. I will have to share your mouth with some selected friends soon, it would be greedy of me to keep this to myself.”

She realised how her life was going to change.

“Sue, maybe you should tell your husband. It will make it easier for you to explain your late nights and your evenings away cos you are going to have them. How will he react? Will he leave you? Maybe he will enjoy the idea? Who knows? Maybe you would like a copy of the DVD to show him to explain why you have no choice. Oh, by the way, also tell him that if he is the jealous or violent type, if anything happens to me the copies will go out exactly as I told you.”

Sue realised she was going to have to explain it to her husband – how the hell could she broach the subject? Barry did not know that her husband shared her with some guys but sharing her with guys he chose was very different from some other guy using her as his personal whore.

By now Barry was super hard, enjoying having her to use like this and this time she was fully aware of how she was being used and who by.

“OK my little personal whore, stand up, get the rest of your kit off and get on the table. I have often wanted to fuck you on the table and tonight is the night.”

Sue stood and dropped her skirt, pushed down her panties and kicked off her shoes.

She climbed onto the table, unsure of whether to lie down or what. Barry saw the uncertainty in her eyes.

“Well, if you don’t know, ask me, how I want to use you? What position am I gonna fuck you in? And make it crude, remember you are my personal whore from now on, not a colleague. And another thing, from now on call me Master or Sir whenever we are not with colleagues – whoever else we are with, you will always address me this way except at work – understood?”

She almost whispered “Yes sir I understand. What position would you like to fuck your whore in sir?”

“Well whore, lets start with you on your back, kinda your natural position I guess” he laughed.

Sue lay back, working herself to the centre of the table.

“Wait a minute – scoot to the top of the table so your head hangs over whore.”

Sue positioned herself as instructed.

Barry stood by her hanging head, lifted it so her mouth was level with his cock and her throat lined up for his use. He pushed into her mouth and carried on pushing. He didn’t know that she was used to deep-throating but even so she struggled as he hardly gave her time to adapt and relax her throat. He forced deep into her mouth, making her gag.

“Oh Sue, this is sooo good. I am really gonna enjoy working with you.” He reached forward and gripped her breasts, one in each hand and squeezed them hard. As she screamed in pain he managed to push even deeper down her throat and laughed as she choked. He fucked her throat for a while then pulled out as he didn’t want to cum just yet.

He climbed onto the table.

“Spread those gorgeous thighs Sue and beg me to fuck your cunt.”

He felt so powerful as his hated colleague lay there naked for him and he saw her legs spread, opening her cunt to him.

“Please sir, please fuck my cunt sir” she said obediently.

“Good girl, you are learning so quickly.”

He positioned his cock against her then dropped his weight on her. Even though all of this had made her wet, with fear as much as with arousal, it still hurt when he pushed in so quickly and she yelled again.

“Oh Sue, I do enjoy hearing you yell like that. We must find more ways of making you yell.”

Barry set to, fucking her hard, ramming into her with hard heavy strokes. He loved how her tits shook with each stroke. He knew this was just the start.

He slammed into her until he could feel his climax starting and gripped her firm buttocks to pull in as deep as he could – he wanted his spunk to get in as high inside as it could and he pumped every last drop into her.

He climber off her. She started to move but he slapped her thighs.

“Who told you to move? Stay as you are.”

He went back to her head.

“Clean me up whore.”

When his cock was cleaned off her juices and his spunk he told her “OK, you can get dressed now, take my spunk home to your husband along with this copy of your video. This is just the start of a lovely friendship for you and me. And don’t forget to keep this Saturday free for your remake video.”

“you better explain to your husband what you have done and let him know you are now my sex slave, not his wife – cos I want him to be with you next time we meet.”

He watched her dress and left the building with her, not giving her a chance to clean up so his spunk was oozing down her thighs as she set off for home. All the way home she tried to get used to her new way of life and how she would explain it to her husband.


My name is Max – I am Sue’s husband.

I knew as soon as Sue came home that something was wrong. She was very definitely nervous, apprehensive even and seemed to be avoiding me one minute then looking like she was going to say something then changing her mind.

Not wanting to start a row I did the usual husband thing and ignored it – on the basis that if she did have something to say then its best to let her say it when she is ready.

Neither of us were hungry so we had plenty of wine and a little biscuits and cheese that evening.

Sue is by nature aggressive but she has a strong submissive streak which surfaces every now and then and when that happens she likes to feel abused and often likes some pain. But for most of the time her aggression either puts men right off or it challenges them to overpower her sexually.

When she eventually came clean and told me about Barry I thought she was recounting a fantasy – as we often did with each other, telling some nasty scene as if it was really happening. However, when she sheepishly handed over the DVD I began to realise this was different – massively different.

I put the DVD into the player and sat down with very mixed feelings. Scared that someone had control over us and angry at her stupidity but also aroused at the idea of her getting her cumuppance at last.

As the video played my stomach churned in a mix of emotions and she sat mesmerised as if this wasn’t really happening.

Seeing her used by the dog was the final straw and I am embarrassed to admit that I came in my pants.

“What the fuck do we do now? How could you be so fucking stupid?”

She surprised me by being meek – I was expecting her usual angry response – nothing is ever Sue’s fault, but this time she was obviously defeated.

“Max, I don’t know – I really have no choice or he will send copies to everyone at work so my job has gone and it will go on the internet with my details so all our friends and family are soon going to see it. You know that would just destroy me – I have no choice but to go along with it in the hope that he gets fed up and bored soon and leaves me alone.”

“Mmmmm, nice idea but my fear is he will just show everyone anyway after he has had what he wants from you but I agree that’s a risk we cannot avoid. Perhaps I should go and visit him?”

“I think he wants you to visit him but he told me to tell you that if anything happens to him copies will go out anyway – I think he was worried you might be violent.”

I rang Barry – her key colleagues home numbers are in our phone list. He did not seem Rumelihisarı Escort Bayan surprised and when I said I wanted to see him tonight he agreed that would be a good idea.

I rang for a taxi as a drink driving charge was the last thing I needed and headed off to see Barry.

He opened his door smiling at me and waved me in.

To be honest I am not sure how I felt. Part of me wanted to strangle the bastard, part was scared that I was now as much under his control as Sue is as he can threaten me in exactly the same way.

He set the tone immediately – “ have a seat Max, we have lots to talk about – what a dirty whore you wife is, and a great fuck, even better than I expected.”

I sat down – a bit deflated by his confidence – we both knew he held all the cards.

He poured me a drink – which I needed – and he asked “well, be honest, what did you think of the video?”

“Barry, a big part of me wants to tear you apart.”

“But” he interrupted “I hope you got the message that some trusted friends have got copies all packed and ready to mail if anything happens to me?”

“Yes I got that message so you are safe.”

“Max, looking at the bulge in your trousers I would say that you are turned on at least a little by her predicament. Come on, be honest, you know she has teased guys for years – she had this coming.”

“Barry, I cannot deny that but boy you have gone overboard – she didn’t deserve this much shit.”

“Maybe not but its fun – don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy seeing her used like the whore she is?”

I couldn’t deny that so just stayed silent, which Barry noticed.

“Well Max at least you don’t deny it. Lets revisit some of it, I would enjoy her husbands comments on her performance.”

He flicked the remote and his large screen TV lit up with my wife being fucked by strangers, her body covered in sweat and spunk as she writhed under them.

“Aren’t roofies great things” he roared with laughter, “you would never know she was drugged would you, looks totally willing.”

“Well come on Max, what do you think?”

I decided to be honest, there was no point being otherwise and he held all the cards anyway.

“OK Barry – yes, I did enjoy seeing her used like that, especially with the dog.”

“Oh yes the dog, that’s something we must do again, but not too often, the cunt might get to enjoy him” he laughed again.

Hearing him talk about her like this made me feel odd but quite a nice odd feeling, knowing that another man had complete control over my wife.

“If you both don’t want me to spread this video around, you know she is going to have to be my willing sex slave – for me and anyone I give her to – anyone at all – and do anything that any of us tell her?”

“Yes we realise that Barry.”

“And I will want you to prepare her and bring her to us so my friends can see that she really is a married slut. You might even get to enjoy watching max” he laughed again.

“Yes Barry, I thought you might say that – I guess I don’t really have any choice.”

“Good man – saves any unpleasantness of me having to prove I am perfectly willing to share her video – and by the way I also have pictures of our last meeting and we will take more in future. Now lets agree some ground rules – I have typed them up for you to take back to her – I think it’s only right that as her husband you should give her the rules.”

I read them:

No underwear at work

Your cunt to be kept shaved and smooth at all times

You will obey me at all times

You will be my sex slave and will immediately drop into that role regardless of where we are or who we are with whenever I say Rule 1 to you and you will stay in that role until I release you

Whilst in role you will address me and all men except your husband as Master or Sir and all females as Mistress or Miss and you will do anything any of us tell you

“Max – are they understood?”

“I suppose so Barry but what about work – if you are going to do this shit with her at work then you might as well just release the video.”

“Don’t worry – as long as she does as she is told and never argues with me or makes me look stupid like she tries to so often, then I will only require her not to wear underwear. I want my colleagues to see a little bit of the slut in her so seeing her tits swaying as she walks will be sufficient and she will know they can see them so it works for me, humiliates her a little.”

“I am going to leave her alone for the rest of the week so she can rest and recover from the shock but I want her at my party on Friday evening. You will bring her to me – use a taxi – you won’t be able to drive after and I don’t know when you will be getting home over the weekend, sometime by Sunday evening anyway – who knows what might happen when a bunch of friends are having fun. You will bring her to the party wearing high heels, a short skirt and a silky blouse – not a stitch more. I want to see her tits swinging under her silky shirt – I want it unbuttoned enough to show some tit – and bare legs, shaved smooth like her cunt. Oh, and by the way, make sure the cunt is on the pill cos we are not gonna use condoms.”

“That last bit is ok – she was sterilised a few years ago cos of some problems.”

“So you know your role then Max? The dutiful husband brings his slut wife for my friends entertainment – you will stay and watch but if you try to stop anything we do then all deals are off and overnight she becomes an internet star and everyone in town knows she is a whore. OK?”

“Yes, OK Barry.” Reluctantly I took his list of rules and left to walk to a taxi rank and gather my feelings.

I found myself looking forward to the party. I had always wanted to see her used by other men and now she was having to do it but she could never blame me – I realised it was working quite well for me except that Barry had massive power over us both now and that bothered me.

Sue was still up when I got home.

I explained what had been said and showed her the list – she was almost trembling with fear and I felt guilty that I was beginning to enjoy her predicament more and more whilst trying to sound sympathetic to her.

“Sue, we both know you have no choice – you are going to have to make the best of this and do your best to keep them all happy. We both know you like being abused and controlled.”

“Yes but not all the time – just occasionally!” she shouted in tears. “What if there are people at the party who know us?”

“I suppose that is going to happen eventually. If you look like you enjoy it they will just think you are a very sexy woman – after all, they are at the same party!”

I could see this didn’t answer her fear totally and I knew there was nothing I could say that would, unless we got the chance to get something serious against Barry to bargain with him.

We cuddled together in bed – she too exhausted for sex and me not wanting to take advantage of her weak position – I would leave that other guys I laughed quietly inside my head as I drifted off, thinking of parties.


Barry’s parting words rang in my ears – “I want her at my party on Friday evening. You will bring her to me – use a taxi – you won’t be able to drive after and I don’t know when you will be getting home over the weekend, sometime by Sunday evening anyway – who knows what might happen when a bunch of friends are having fun. You will bring her to the party wearing high heels, a short skirt and a silky blouse – not a stitch more. I want to see her tits swinging under her silky shirt – I want it unbuttoned enough to show some tit – and bare legs, shaved smooth like her cunt. Oh, and by the way, make sure the cunt is on the pill cos we are not gonna use condoms.”

Knowing another man had total control over my wife Sue was unimaginably horny, scary, dangerous and potentially humiliating all at the same time – and for her it was just scary.

We both knew she had no choice so we left work early on Friday afternoon and got her ready. She bathed and shaved her cunt and legs as instructed and she selected her outfit – it did not take long to dress – just a white silky blouse, short dark blue skirt and dark blue high heels.

Her large dark brown aureoles and nipples showed through the blouse which swayed as she walked leaving no doubt that the tits underneath were unencumbered and free.

We unfastened a few to show the swell of her breasts as Barry had instructed and now she looked like a hooker about to go to work which I am sure is exactly what Barry was aiming for. By now she had had a few glasses of wine to calm her nerves.

The taxi driver looked impressed and tried to look up her thighs as she got into the taxi – if he had realised she had no panties on he would have bent a little lower to get a view of her cunt but as it was he saw enough to bring a smile to his lips. “Out on the town then?” he asked and I said – “no, we are going to a friend’s party” in case he thought she was a hooker off to work.

We got to Barry’s house on time to find the place heaving, luckily none of them from work so he had kept to his word so far. It was obvious that Sue was expected and there were cheers and whistles as she arrived and we soon saw that she was the only female there.

A large glass of wine was pushed into her hand – Barry was no fool – he wanted her relaxed for whatever was ahead. We all knew she had no choice but he still wanted to make sure it happened smoothly.

Barry clapped his hands for everyone’s attention and the place went quiet.

“First of all I want to thank Max for bringing his slut wife to our party tonight and donating her to my friends here – we really appreciate it Max and now I will take charge of her” he laughed as he gripped her hand and pulled her close.

I was embarrassed but also turned on wanting to see what they were going to do to her.

She was obviously worried and tried to smile and look relaxed but it was obvious she was far from relaxed.

Barry stood behind her and put his arms round her to cup her tits – as he jiggled them he said “you don’t need me to tell you these puppies are loose and easy to get at” and then he reached down to lift her skirt to show her naked bare cunt “and the whore’s cunt is easy to get at as well” he laughed.

“Sue – I want you to get to know my friends a bit better – circulate – say hello – you guys, leave her dressed for now but check out the goods – off you go whore” and he pushed her forward into his friends and slapped her bum as he did so.

The crowd closed in on her and all I could see were hands groping and pushing to get at her as she was passed from one to another, guys kissing her, squeezing her tits, making her yell and fingering between her legs.

Her silky blouse clung to her tits and nipples as drinks were spilled on it making it wet much to everyone’s delight.

After a while Barry called for her to come to him. He put some music on and told her to dance and entertain his friends. She knew what was wanted and did a sensual dance to the raunchy music, grinding her hips and shaking her tits at them, knowing that if she didn’t please Barry her future would be very difficult.

Guys were clapping and cheering and soon someone shouted “show us your tits” and Barry shouted to her – “you heard my friend – get your top off slut and lets see what you’ve got for us – they are not the biggest tits you’ve seen guys but very nice and firm and great to squeeze”.

She unfastened her cuffs, unfastened the few remaining buttons and let it slip off her shoulders as she turned and dropped her blouse to the floor, her bare back facing them and her bare front facing me but she no longer saw me – she was in a different place, trying to be the whore she had to be for the night, or maybe even for the weekend.

She spun round and flung her arms out to present her bare tits to them all and a loud cheer went up.

After a short while she was told to lose the skirt so she was then naked except for her heels and guys clapped as she danced.

By now her body was shiny with sweat from the exertion of her dancing and Barry called her over and pointed to the ground.

Like an obedient dog she dropped to her knees in front of him. She knew what was expected and opened Barry’s trousers to take his cock into her mouth while his friends laughed and cheered. She sucked him till he couldn’t hold out any more and he pulled her head into his groin as he pumped spunk down her throat.

She pulled back, choking, her face a mess from his spunk and again they all cheered.

Barry clapped again and announced that the next entertainment for his friends was about to start.

He took Sue’s hand and led her to another room where a huge mattress was in the middle of the floor. He pushed her to it then clapped his hands and four huge black guys walked down the stairs into the room.

They were naked and muscular and we all soon saw they had huge cocks as well – thick and 10 “– 11” long. They grinned like wolves seeing a tied up goat. Se saw their cocks and looked scared.

“Her husband is here to watch guys and she is all yours – let my friends see how a slut wife should be treated” and Barry waved them to her.

Sue begged – “please Barry, please don’t do this – you’ve had your fun, please don’t do this to me.”

“Didn’t I tell you the rules? You do anything and everything I tell you or do you want the tapes to go to all the people who know you?”

Sue went white and just lay back – no words were needed. Barry smirked at me as if to say see how I control your wife.

The black guys surrounded her and lifted her to her feet. They took it in turns to kiss her mouth and feel her tits and cunt as they did it, passing her to the next until all 4 had been introduced.

They made her kneel and take them into her mouth – sucking each one to climax so her face was covered in even more spunk then they pulled her to her feet.

“Max, come here – kiss your slag wife” Barry commanded and I stepped up and kissed her. Her eyes looked away, being ashamed for me to see her like that and the idea of other guy’s spunk on my mouth repelled me but neither of us had a choice.

I was pulled away and they then laid her on her back on the mattress and the first kneeled between her legs and put his hard cock at her cunt. Barry stood beside me – “you realise they will all last for ages now she has sucked them all and got the first load out of their balls” – that cunt is gonna get some pounding tonight.”

She yelled as the guy drove into her hard and fast – we saw her try to adjust the angle of her hips and open her legs wider to accommodate him as he pounded into her. The others sat squeezing her tits – flattening them in their huge hands which must have been really painful for her.

I did wonder whether this total lack of control over what was being done to her would be turning her on and she enjoying it or whether the pain and everyone watching was taking away any pleasure.

She was fucked by each of them then they put her on her knees and fucked her doggy style then one of them fingered her arsehole and opened it and a cheer went up as we all knew what was next.

Sure enough he pulled out of her soaking wet cunt, his cock coated in all the spunk they had pumped into her and he put it to her arsehole then leaned in hard.

He pushed then went in deep as he got past her tight ring as she screamed in pain again.

Again we watched as she was fucked by all four in her arse, her tits swinging beautifully under her as she was fucked.

When the 4th one pulled out she collapsed on the floor but they slapped her bum and laughed – “hey slut wife, it ain’t over yet – get on top of my friend”. She climbed across the black guy who was lying on his back, his thick cock pointing straight up. We saw her reach under and guide him into her cunt as she settled down on him.

He pulled her nipples to pull her down towards him and kissed her hard as we watched one of his friends move behind her and line himself up with her arsehole again. She struggled when she realised what was happening but they held her tight and she yelled once more as a cock went into her bowels while her cunt was already penetrated.

As they fucked both her holes a third guy stood over his friend so he could use her mouth and we watched as all 3 holes were used by large thick black cocks then spunk ran from each as she sobbed and choked.

They pulled out and left her sobbing and choking on the mattress as they all took a bow.

My wife was left lying in a pool of sweat and spunk as the guests clapped and cheered the 4 black guys.

Barry told everyone to let her bet her breath back but told them they could all have her soon if they didn’t mid sloppy seconds – or hundred and seconds.

That night she ended up like a zombie – barely conscious. It would be impossible to say how many times she was fucked but she was covered in slime and her tits were swollen and bruised and her cunt flaps were swollen and red.

Barry had had the whole evening videoed which added to the power he had over her.

At the end of the party he made her stand by the door and thank each guy for having her which was her final humiliation. Many of them took pics of her on their mobile phones before they left, showing her naked and covered in spunk,

Barry congratulated her on a great performance and told her now she had started her new career it would get more active which really scared us if this was just a start.

He let us call a taxi to go home but wouldn’t let her clean up so another taxi driver saw her looking like a hooker, this time on her way back from work.

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