The Builder Ch. 05The Builder Ch. 05

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Julie’s bedroom had floor to ceiling windows on the backside of the house that overlooked the canal. Her home was situated on the lot to take advantage of sun as it rose and set; her original plans had her house placed more traditionally until Nick suggested a change. It was one of their first disagreements during the building project. Most of Nick’s ideas enhanced not only the beauty of the house but the functionality too.

In so many ways Nick was a part of this house. He came to know her tastes and wants so well that he would even make some additions without consulting Julie. She learned not to protest too much because she saw the quality of his ideas and craftsmanship.

As they entered the bedroom, Julie lit a few of the candles that were around the room, the flickering light danced off the windows, walls and ceiling and added warmth. The bed was set against a small wall that angled out toward the windows; it was another change Nick had made. It turned her ho-hum master bedroom into a romantic suite with a cozy sitting area where she would sit and read on a lazy day. Nick’s touches were everywhere in her home, it was his home too in many ways.

Julie moved to the dressing room to change, Nick had given her a beautiful pink gown last week and tonight she wanted to wear it for him. It was pale pink, almost blush in color, with simple spaghetti straps and lace covering her breasts, the gown flowed easily down her body and came to her mid thigh, the hem was lace as were the side slits. She combed her hair and added just a touch of her fragrance oil he liked so much.

She was nervous, as if this was their first time and in some ways it was, he knew about that hidden place now, would that matter to him, would it matter to her? She knew it mattered to her, it always had and she was glad she let him in, now she would show him how glad she was. As she returned into the main room Nick as standing by the windows looking out, he had already undressed to his briefs and when he turned around and saw her it was his gentle smile that called to her. She went into his arms with no hesitation.

“You’re beautiful sweetheart.” Julie blushed at his words, and mumbled a thank you to him. “You’re not getting all shy with me are you?” He titled her head up to look at her.

“No, ah, nnn…” More mumbling and then she found her voice and said, “No, Nick I am not getting shy, I love you Nick!” It was the first time she’d had said that to him and the smile on her face and the strength in her words brought a smile to his face too.

Nick leaned in to kiss her gently, letting his tongue briefly flicker over her lips before opening her mouth to him. Julie tried to stifle a small moan as she pressed her mouth and body against his, feeling his tongue upon hers and kissing him deeper. Her hands move around his neck where her fingers lightly caressed him causing a shiver in Nick. He moved a hand down her back, feeling her skin and then the soft silkiness of her gown, sliding down to her behind and pulling her tight against him.

When Nick broke their kiss Julie moaned for more, he took her hand and led her to the bed, putting her gently on her back, he crawled up her with a look that said he was about to devour her. His head moved down to her lips again and they continued their kiss with passion that was almost fierceness. He had almost his full weight was upon her and he slipped a hand down her side, lightly touching the flesh of her breast, stopping to caress her mound as it spilled out from her gown.

Julie reacted with a squirm under him, and he moved his hand farther down her body, to the outside of her thigh, her legs began to spread, inviting him in closer, wanting him closer. Julie slipped a hand in between them and her fingers found their way to his crotch, she could feel the heat through his briefs and stroked and touched him. Nick let out a growl as she slipped her hand inside and wrapped her hand around his hardening cock.

“Oh God sweetheart that feels so good.” Nick’s heavy breath was moaning the words and his mouth moved to her neck to suck and kiss her.

“Mmmmmmm oh Nick, yesssss.” Those would be the last intelligible words the couple could share for some time. Their movements beget moans and groans or soft cries and loud screams.

Nick kissed his way down Basmane Escort her neck and slid the gown from her shoulders, giving him what he wanted, her breasts. His mouth took an already erect nipple into his mouth and his tongue flicked over the top and around it, her other breast was in his hand, his palm lightly touching the nipple and Julie arched up for more of his touch.

Her hands moved off his cock to the waistband of his briefs, Nick lifted slightly to allow them off with ease, grateful to be out of the restraints of the material and Julie’s hand was once again there, her fingers touching up and down, a gentle stroke front and back, her hand using his fluid to ease the sliding as she went.

His cock twitched in her hand and he slithered down her body farther, leaving her hand empty of his cock, mumbling something but moving down more. His hand lifted her gown over her stomach and his tongue played around her bellybutton as her hips rose higher over and over. He settled between her spread legs and his hands slipped under to lift her, moving her legs over his shoulders as he gazed as his beckoning feast.

Julie couldn’t stand the wait and thrust herself towards his face, and Nick dove in as if he’d not had a meal in years. His fingers, his tongue, his feast. He spread her lips, he tasted her, entered her, sucked her, loved her. Her orgasms were like waves in the ocean, never ending, and always another coming.

He could feel her legs pressing into his back pushing him deeper, his tongue was inside her as she crested another wave and he drank her up, but still not satisfied. He lifted his eyes to see her, the delight he saw was his impetuous to slide two fingers within her, slowly moving them in and out before building to a tempo that brought more of his life drink, his thirst was insatiable just as her want was for more.

Nick wanted to give her everything he could, their love making had never been this passionate, perhaps it was the freedom she finally felt, perhaps it was that they were now one but he knew he wouldn’t stop until she begged him. As Julie felt the last of that wave Nick moved the fingers he had inside her, curling them to stroke her g-spot to life. The nub roughened up and he knew it wouldn’t take but a moment or two before she was feeling everything more intensely then ever. He heard the change in her sounds and she screamed out, he didn’t stop and he kept bringing her over that glorious edge, she flowed out and he didn’t stop, not until she begged him did he stop and then he gently touched her clit for another pulsating orgasm.

Nick slid back up to hold her in his arms as she quivered and panted. Julie tried to say something but could get nothing out and there wasn’t a word for how she felt, the euphoria was overwhelming all her senses. Nick continued holding her; he brushed the hair from her face and dried the glistening sweat while gently caressing her. She purred in his ear, her contentment was deep, just like the passion she felt for him.

Julie’s breath returned and she felt herself returning from the blissful trip Nick had given her. She kissed his lips and smiled up at him, his eyes held hers and she felt herself blush.

“Darling why are you blushing?” His voice held the same smile on his face.

“I’m not blushing Nick.” She knew she was and her own smile betrayed her.

“Oh, so what I am looking at really isn’t happening? That isn’t a coy smile on your face? You look as though you want something but can’t bring yourself to ask. Am I right? Hmmm?” Teasing Julie was always easy for Nick not to mention quite enjoyable.

“I can’t see what you’re looking at sweetheart, perhaps you are imagining things.” The laughter came out as soon as she said it, she knew and she knew he knew too, which only made her blush more. He loved that about Julie, she was almost shy about their intimacy. She had grown more comfortable but there was still sweetness to her shyness.

“You, my love, are incredible. How is it that you can be ‘Miss Competent and Friendly’ everywhere and when we are here you become shy and coy? Care to explain that dearest?” She knew the answer and knew he was teasing her. Julie was about to change all that, Nick wouldn’t be asking that question of her again, that thought Bayındır Escort brought a grin, a wicked smirk to her face, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Now what are you thinking Jules? I can see that mind of yours turning, spill it now or I take other measures to get it out of you.” Julie knew he meant that too but she wouldn’t give him the chance, she would take her newfound openness with him and show him what she felt, show him the difference in her, now that she allowed him inside her heart.

“Oh yea? You think so huh?” She was trying to play tough with him with not a chance in the world. “I’ve got my ways too you know mister!” And she jumped up to her knees and was peering down at him, still with a grin he’d never seen before. His laughter egged her on more.

Julie looked into his eyes, hers were smiling at him but they also showed a smoldering quality. She knew what she wanted and it was all about giving, giving him that new place that was created by him that night. Julie looked from his eyes, slowly down his torso and beyond; she didn’t notice she was licking her lips as her eyes took all of him in. She lower her head to his and kissed him with hunger, she’d never felt this way for anyone before and she’d never felt this way herself. Her mouth covered his and she pulled his lips into her mouth, her tongue flowing over them before releasing them and forging ahead into his mouth. She wanted to leave no doubt in his mind what she wanted and felt for him.

She broke the kiss and lifted her head slightly to look again into his eyes, she couldn’t believe they were looking at her, looking in her now, really in her. Again Julie lowered her head but this time to his neck and kissed again, fast then slow, pulling his earlobe into her mouth and breathing into his ear like a whisper. She moved on, around his neck, under his chin and around to his other ear, repeating the same whispered breath.

She had his attention, so much so that his breathing was shallow and ragged. She was only beginning, her hand slid over his chest, caressing each nipple, feeling them harden more with her touch. He could hear her moan as her mouth trailed behind her hand, leaving kisses and licks as she went. Nick’s breath caught as she pulled a nipple into her mouth and sucked, then flicked her tongue over the hard nub. Moving slowly down his body Julie left no place untouched, she turned her head to look at Nick just before rimming his navel, first with her fingertip then with her tongue. He almost came unglued with the look on her face, he wanted to plunge his hands into her hair and pull her back to his mouth but Julie had other plans for her mouth.

As Julie’s hand lightly touched his cock, Nick let out a groan and his hips thrust up. Her one hand couldn’t hold his thickness, he was so hard he didn’t think he could hold back, but she looked once again at him as if to say ‘not yet my love, not yet’ and her hand slid down his shaft to the base and she twisted her wrists around and around ever so lightly, teasing him and enjoying every sensation she felt in her hand. She kneeling over him with her knees at his waist, he could reach out and touch her and he did, caressing her breast and then covering as much as he could in his hand, squeezing her and teasing her nipple. The moans of both filled the air.

Julie had no plans to stop or be distracted; she shifted herself down the bed straddled one of his legs and was now she was facing him. This was her feast, placing both hands on his cock she slid up and down and around his shaft, feeling the heat and the moisture of his precum. When she pulled both hands off him, she brought one to her mouth and tasted him licking each finger, slowly and tantalizingly. Her free hand moved down under his shaft and cupped his balls, lifting them, feeling their heft in her hand and smiling at him. As her last finger slipped from her mouth she smiled and moved her mouth closer to his hardness, her tongue played on the head, tasting more.

“Oh God, Julessssssss Mmmmmmm…..” Barely able to get the words out before she took his head into her mouth.

The sounds were heaven to her, she so wanted to give him all the pleasure she could and opened her mouth more to take more of him in, her tongue flat against his shaft. Nick’s Bayraklı Escort hips lifted again and so quickly her mouth was full, just as she wanted. Her hand held him from the base as her mouth began to glide up and then down, again and again. His balls in her other hand and slipping backwards to rub him and allowing her finger to rim around his hole so very lightly.

The love she was showing him completely mesmerized his senses and he arched his back sending his hips higher and now he was deeper in her mouth then ever. She’d never felt this before and would take as much as she could, her tongue slipped around and flitted about as her head once again moved up and then down. She could feel him throbbing in her mouth and was spurred on to move quicker, sucking harder on him, pulling him deeper and deeper.

As his hips thrust up again she felt him hitting the back of her throat and her mouth closed around him, trying to hold him in, but as he lowered his hips he was able to pull totally out of her mouth and she let out a moan. She looked up to his face, she saw the pleasure on his face and wanted more.

“No, no sweetie, stop.” Julie was confused for a moment until he grinned at her. “Unless you think we are done for the night then no more, I could barely hold back and I want more of you. Come here babe.”

She blushed slightly as she moved up his body settling down on top of him, feeling his hard cock so near her lips, wanting to shimmied just a touch this way or that way to feel him at her opening. She so wanted to be filled with him, feeling impatient she wiggled a bit more. Nick started to grin, he knew what she was doing and there wasn’t anything he wanted more either. As his cock was just about to slide in, Nick pulled her up and into his arms, and holding her tightly slid her off his body. He knew she loved the feeling of him on top and tonight would give her anything she wanted, she was looking up into his eyes, waiting that wondrous feeling of becoming one.

He had to tease her a little though, sliding his cock up and down her slit, almost entering and then sliding up and down more, waiting to hear her beg for him. Julie did not disappoint him either, her hips were thrusting to try to capture him and pull him inside her and then finally moaning and begging him. Nick stopped a moment, looked into her eyes and they both held their gaze as he slowly began that journey they both wanted and needed. The perfection of it all was overwhelming and Julie sighed with delight as he felt the fullness, the oneness.

The two of them now one, not moving yet, only wanting to feel the awesomeness of it all. Nick moved slightly and she moaned, but knew the pleasure that would come to them, she moved with him, slowly and followed his pace. He slipped almost out of her and then slowly again returned, over and over, each time deeper and moving faster until they were both panting and groaning for the climax of the dance. His hips rotated and grinded against her, she clenched him within her, wanting to hold him tightly, on they moved. Harder and faster and the wave was building, each could feel it, each move brought them closer until there was no holding back and the explosion peaked inside her. She still bearing down on him, he still filling her, their union made.

Nick collapsed on top of Julie, both breathing hard and feeling the beads of sweat slide off them, hearts pounding against the other. He stayed inside her and as squeezed him tight, pulling everything he had into her, she wanted all of him, there was room for him now, in the place that opened up today.

Never had they had such an experience as tonight, never had she so freely given herself to another and so totally, that night she let go of something and in its place was Nick and his love for her.

As their breath and senses returned Julie smiled at Nick and gave him a sweet kiss. The feelings she had for him couldn’t be contained, nor would they ever be contained again. Her smile turned into a slight giggle and when Nick asked her about it she laughed again.

“Nick, this was the most incredible night of my life. Thank you. Thank you for loving me, for waiting for me, I am sorry it took so long to let you in.” Julie wasn’t sad but there was a tear forming in her eye and Nick kissed it away, ssshhhhhing her and letting her know she was worth the wait.

Her smile turned into a grin and his face revealed his inquiry as to why she was grinning.

“Well, this all began as a fight. Our first real fight and look how it turned out!” Biting her lip and giggling more she added, “So, what can we fight about next?”

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