Swimming Pool EncounterSwimming Pool Encounter


I had been a member at the gym for a while, it wasn’t so much the weights and machines that attracted me to the place but that it was part of a hotel and so had a nice pool area to swim and relax. It was also nice to see different people as opposed to the same old people turning puce on the treadmill day in day out.

In the evenings the pool area was pretty quiet except for a few regulars and the occasional hotel guest. Tonight was no different, it was just me and another guy doing lengths in the pool and two women in the Jacuzzi.

Having the pool to myself after the other guy had gone back to the changing rooms I decided to have 10 minutes in the Jacuzzi before calling it a night. It can be pretty awkward when there are three people in not a particularly large Jacuzzi so I eased myself down the steps and we each spread out to take a third. As usual where you can’t see the other persons feet you will often accidentally touch beneath the water, tonight was no different but it seemed to be happening more often, also unlike other times there were no smiles and murmurs of apology with both women sitting there poker faced.

As a foot started running up the inside of my calf I glanced at both women, one had blonde shoulder length hair with blue eyes and a slight tan, the other was paler with a dark brown bob and brown eyes, neither of their faces gave away whose foot was now making its may to the top of my calf, and having reached my knees slowly began prising my thighs apart.

Both women were very attractive so I was happy to play along and slowly opened my legs, I did not dare to reciprocate in case I picked the wrong woman to touch. Slowly the foot made its way up the inside of my thigh until the toes began to massage me through my shorts, increasing the tempo until I was becoming harder and harder.

Just as I reached down to give the foot a pinch to try and see the reaction on the face of the owner the timer for the bubbles stopped and the water began to clear. The foot was quickly pulled back and I rested my hands in my lap to conceal the bulge in my shorts.

As the water cleared the brunette slowly turned round and climbed out the Jacuzzi, showing a figure that made me regret that it may have been her foot and now she was leaving.

“Shall we go again said the blonde?” reaching across to start the bubbles. The button was just over my shoulder and her arm brushed against mine as she pressed the button, the bubbles restarted but this time she sat much closer.

After an excruciating few minutes when I was not sure if I would feel the foot begin to make its way between my legs she looked across and said:

“My name’s Kate, and maybe this will answer your question…” but instead of her foot I now found a hand run up the inside of my thigh and begin rubbing me through my shorts. I looked at her speechlessly as she slowly reached down inside the waistband, wrapped her had around my shaft, and slowly began to work up and down.

“It seems like kağıthane escort somebody is enjoying themselves, maybe we should go somewhere where we can both have some fun”, she whispered leaning across so our mouths were almost touching. Without waiting for an answer she slowly stepped out of the Jacuzzi and started making her way to the changing room looking once over her shoulder to make sure I was following.

Seeing I was unsure as whether to follow her into the ladies changing room she glimpsed round the door before tuning back to me and beckoning me over with her finger. As I reached her she pushed me through the door before saying to hide in one of the cubicles whilst she got her stuff from her locker.

Hearing a knock on the door I slid back the bolt and pulled her inside, slowly pushing her against the wall our lips met as I started to run my hands over her body.

“Uh uh, me first” she said, before turning us around so I had my back to the wall. Slowly she kissed from my mouth down to the top of my shorts before inching them down and taking me in her mouth. The feeling was incredible, her warm mouth working on me as I stepped out of my shorts. As I reached down to touch her hair she slowly kissed her way back up my torso before we kissed deeply.

“Now it is your turn she said”, slowly reaching behind her and undoing the strings on her bikini releasing a pair of small pert breasts. My hands instinctively moved to touch them but as I did so she wrapped her bikini top around both my hands, tying them together. Not what I was expecting but by now I would have gone along with almost anything, and it was actually quite a turn on.

With my hands bound she pushed me against the wall and stepped back a few paces, as she did so she reached down and undid the strings of her bikini. With the strings undone she slowly parted her legs the bikini bottoms falling to the floor, but more surprising was quite a large cock springing from between her legs.

She looked at me expectantly with a sly but also slightly vulnerable smile, this was like nothing I had experienced before and I wasn’t really sure what to do. Before I could say anything we heard the changing room door open and two women come in chatting loudly, she was the first to react kicking my shorts under the partition and into the next cubicle.

Bringing her lips to my ear she whispered “Now where are you going to go? I’m not getting those shorts until one of us has been fucked”, after glimpsing down she added “and looking at us I am thinking it will be less painful for you to be the top”. Ok, there was a slight difference in size but not that much especially as the situation hadn’t cooled my ardour as much as I thought it would.

Seeing that I wasn’t entirely happy with the situation she reached up and kissed me on the neck before turning around and bending over the bench in the cubicle. Wanting to get my shorts back as soon as possible and before I was no longer hard enough to enter elit escort istanbul her I lined myself up and touched the head of my cock against her…

“If you want to fuck it you are going to have to kiss it first” she said quietly before I could push myself inside her. I had done this before with a few girlfriends, so not totally averse to the idea I got down on my knees and began lightly kissing around her puckered hole.

“Like you mean it” she hissed looking behind her, to emphasise the point she reached between her legs and grabbed my bound hands yanking them forward with the effect of pulling my face between her cheeks, “use your tongue”.

Doing as she asked I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked down the crack from the top arse to the back of her sack, as I repeated this up and down she let out a small sigh every time I reached her arsehole, finally reaching round with her empty hand and opening her cheeks. Taking the hint I now concentrated on tonguing her arsehole, pushing my tongue as far as possible, each time trying to open her up further.

Thinking that I had done enough I slowly rose to my feet and began to line myself up again, but before I could she stood up, turned to face me, and whispered “Since you were so good at that maybe you shouldn’t stop there”.

I opened my mouth to complain but as I did so she silenced me with a glance to the left where we could still hear the two women outside of the cubicle chatting. With my mouth still open she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees so I was level with her cock, which had now swollen to a thick 7 inches. Not sure what to do I slowly started licking and kissing the tip before she reached down and with a hand on either side of my head pushed herself between my lips. My lips sealed around her shaft and she slowly moved her hips in and out fucking my mouth.

Now fully erect I was struggling to fully take her in my mouth, thinking she had recognised this she sat down on the bench, but instead of a respite she placed her hand on the back of my head pushing my mouth back onto her. As she pushed my head up and down I felt her other hand running down my back and slowly one, then two fingers being pushed inside of me. This was a new sensation and whilst I was not sure if I was really enjoying it it was hard to complain with a mouthful of Kate’s cock.

Finally she withdrew hers fingers and as she pulled my head level with hers reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of lube, looking me in the face and raising an eyebrow. She could see reluctance in my face and as I began to speak she coughed loudly, silencing the conversation of the other women in the changing room who up until now hadn’t realised we were there.

Slowly after the silence subsided and the other women began chatting she looked at me again whilst slowly pouring lube into her palm and then rubbing it up and down of her shaft, to signal my agreement she took my hands in hers and we both fatih escort continued to lubricate her cock.

When she was ready she lifted me from my knees and pulled me a step forward, my legs outside of hers as she sat on the bench. Standing there she reached up and slowly began to pull my shoulders down, lowering me towards her rock hard cock. As I felt us touch she reached down and with her cock in one hand and my shoulder in the other slowly guided herself inside me. As she entered me the pain was immense and I let out a small gasp which again silenced the changing room.

Knowing that in the silence I could not make another noise she reached up, put her hand on my other shoulder, looked me in the eye and gradually pulled me down so that she was fully inside me. It was all that I could do not to climb off her as it felt like I was on fire, neither of us dared move and she leaned in and kissed me hard to keep me silent.

Slowly the other women began to talk again and as they did so Kate began to slightly move her hips up and down, sliding slightly in and out of me each time she did. After a few minutes the pain began to subside to be replaced by a full feeling that I actually quite liked, seeing that my expression had changed Kate moved her hands to my waist and slowly began to lift me off her. Taking the hint I began to stand up but with just a few inches inside me Kate pulled me back down upon her, slowly together we built a rhythm until finally I stood too far and her cock fell from inside me. Thinking that I may have done enough for Kate to retrieve my trunks I backed away, but before I could she pulled my hands down onto the bench beside her, slowly standing up and moving herself behind me. Before I could complain I felt her pushing her way inside me again, slowly at first and then violently pushing herself fully inside me. Now she was in control this was different, and for the next few minutes she continued to fuck me hard.

As I could feel the rhythm really building she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna cum”, I braced myself hard against the bench for a final thrust but was surprised when she pulled out, but more surprised when she stood to the side of me, turned my face to the side and began furiously wanking inches from my face. Before I could think what was going on the first ribbon of cum hit me in the cheek, closely followed a second and third which slowly ran into my mouth before Kate wiped the rest of it around my face and into my hair with the tip of her cock.

Motionless I stayed there bent over as she disappeared from view, silence echoing around the empty changing room. As if she hadn’t done enough I felt her now slightly flaccid cock line up against my hole and force its way in for a few final strokes, before with a laugh she pulled herself out and began to get dressed.

As she dressed I slowly turned around and sat on the bench, fully dressed she untied my hands and opened the door and retrieved my shorts from the next cubicle.

“I think you have earned these back don’t you?”, but before I could reply she threw them in my lap, picked up her stuff and stepped out the cubicle. As the door closed behind her she said “I am here for the next two days in room 202, why don’t you come and see me…”

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