Bringing Home an Old Biker FriendBringing Home an Old Biker Friend


We hadn’t heard from Matt in quite a while. Both he and his wife, Jackie had sort of fallen off the scene and we lost touch over the last few years. Matt and Jackie, our first couple in the swinging lifestyle, are mentioned in my story, ‘First Night at A Swingers Club’.Then, out of the blue, I get a text message from him to ask how we were and did I still have the bike. I replied that we were doing well and of course I still had the bike. I wasn’t going to part with my big cruiser. That was my ticket to sanity.In my text message, I asked how he and Jackie were and to give me a call when convenient as Jay and I would love to catch up. His reply was a bit of a surprise. It just read, ‘Got a lot to catch up on. Jackie and I are no longer together. If you fancy a ride out on the bikes sometime soon I’ll fill you in on the details.’Intrigued, I replied that I was sorry to hear the news and arranged to meet up with him at some motorway services on route to a biker’s pub I knew about forty miles north of us the following evening.The following day was nice, bright and sunny, ideal biking weather for the UK. I set off and met up with Matt as arranged. From there, I led us up the motorway a few miles before turning off onto some nicer ‘twisty’s’ just made for biking.On arrival, Matt got us a couple of beers and we sat outside in the sun on a grass bank where he told me what happened between him and Jackie. I won’t go into the details here in this story as it’s all very personal between Matt and Jackie and it wouldn’t be fair to either of them to tell it in one of my erotic stories. Suffice to say that they went their separate ways a couple of years ago and Matt now, coincidentally, lives on his own just a couple of miles away from Jay and I.Once we finished our beer, I suggested that Matt come back with me to meet Jay before going home. I let him know that I’d told Jay what he said last night and that she was also sorry to hear his news.I collected our glasses and put them on a table and then we both got back on our bikes. I once again led and decided to take the more scenic route back home, avoiding the motorway.Before we set off, I sent a text to Jay to say we were on our way and jokingly added ‘NORWICH’ to the end of it. Some of you will know what that means and some of you might not. I’ll explain very soon what it means to those who don’t.It was an uneventful and pleasant ride back home and on arrival, we parked the bikes in front of the garage. Jay would certainly have heard us pulling into the driveway.Walking up the path, I looked back at Matt who was still busy sorting his bike out and just said, ‘Coffee?’,to which he replied, ‘That would be great.’Walking into the house, I was really taken by surprise by Jay. She met me in the hallway and I was stunned by what she was wearing. Before I could say anything, Matt followed me inside. Jay had really caught us both by surprise.It was obvious from what she was wearing – and not wearing, more to the point – that she didn’t expect Matt to be with me. Jay had just stepped out of the shower feeling a little horny when she received my text. And with the one word at the end of it, she’d decided to play along. NORWICH.kNickers Off Ready When I Come Home.Jay was standing in the hallway wearing her long blonde hair down, a transparent black baby doll negligee tied with one bow in the middle, thigh high sheer black stockings and black high heels. Absolutely nothing else.I turned to look at Matt, who was staring at Jay, wide-eyed and with his mouth hanging open. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his expression and then said, ‘Well, at least close the door, Matt.’He replied with a big smile on his face, ‘Do you want me inside or outside of it?’Behind me, I heard Jay laugh and say, ‘Come on Matt. It’s not the first time you’ve seen me dressed like this, or even completely naked for that matter. Although it has been awhile. Come on in.’I watched Jay as she slowly walked away from us towards the kitchen, her blond hair in contrast to the black baby doll negligee, black stockings and high heels. Her gorgeous round backside was clearly visible through the sheer black material as Matt and I followed her through the house.As Jay disappeared through the kitchen door, she called ‘Tea or coffee?’ over her shoulder.Matt and I both opted for tea as we settled into chairs either side of the large pine kitchen table, both of us with eyes fixed on Jay as she reached for the top cupboard where the mugs were.Jay knew we were watching her and her exhibitionist tendencies were definitely kicking in as she reached up for the highest shelf. It seemed to take her longer than was necessary to take one mug down from the cupboard before reaching up again for another one. She knew exactly what she was doing as her little baby doll nightie crept up over her naked backside, exposing her freshly shaven pussy lips as she leaned forward.I looked across the table at Matt, who couldn’t take his eyes off Jay’s near-nakedness. Jay once again took longer than was necessary to bring a cup down off the shelf. She knows very well how turned on I get watching her show off.Matt noticed me looking at him, struggling to take his eyes off Jay as she bent down to get milk from the bottom shelf of the fridge, and said, ‘I hope you don’t mind me ogling your wife?’I just smiled and replied, ‘You’ve done more than ogle in the past and you know very well she loves showing herself off.’Hearing us talking, Jay turned around to face us and asked, ‘What are you two talking about?’’Oh nothing, just admiring the view.’ I said.‘And an amazing view it is too.’ said Matt.Jay just smiled and turned back around to finish making the tea, her beautiful round backside once again grabbing our attention.It was obvious that Jay was feeling horny. She was enjoying her exhibitionism and having a bit of fun with us. We watched as she bent down to put the milk back in the fridge. She looked over her shoulder at us before bending from the waist with her legs apart, completely exposing her smooth pussy to both of us. Once again, she stayed in position a lot longer than was necessary, making sure we got a good look at her naked pussy and backside.I just looked at Matt who was grinning from ear to ear and who then said; ‘Now, I might be wrong, but do you think she did that deliberately?’I couldn’t help but laugh, saying, ‘You just know what a tease she is, and you must know how she used to love having us sit back and watch her and Jackie together while we got all hot and horny.’Matt’s smile disappeared a little at the mention of Jackie’s name but soon recovered when Jay came to the table with one of the two mugs of tea.Walking towards me with the mug, she stood in front of me and said, ‘Guests first.’With that, she leaned across the table directly next to me, her little black negligee rising over her lovely backside once again. I couldn’t help myself and slowly ran my hand over her gorgeous rear and slipped it between her legs, my fingers softly caressing her smooth pussy lips. Jay opened her legs briefly to allow me to slip a finger inside her hot, wet pussy but didn’t stay long as she stood up and went to fetch the other tea.This time, she walked down Matt’s side of the table and did the same thing as before. Standing directly in front of Matt, Jay leaned across the table to place the mug of tea in front of me. Again, her backside and pussy were exposed, but this time to Matt.Matt just stared at Jay’s naked, smooth pussy taking in the delightful sights of her curves and contours. It was a few moments before he placed a hand on the back of her thigh, slowly and softly moving up between her legs.Jay responded by arching her back and opening her legs a little wider and quietly moaning as he reached her pussy. I looked at Jay, who had her eyes closed, and I heard a little gasp as Matt slipped a finger inside her.Jay pushed back onto Matt’s fingers a couple of times, thoroughly enjoying the sensation and then opened her eyes, stood up and walked back over to the kitchen counter. She picked up a glass of white wine that she’d already poured for herself. Leaning back against the worktop and enjoying the admiring views from Matt and I, she took a sip from the glass. She looked at us both with a big naughty smile on her face. She knew she had our full attention.Matt and I both sipped at our drinks while also drinking in the vision of Jay before us: Long, stocking clad legs enhanced by the black high heel shoes; the black sheer baby doll nightie that did nothing to hide her nakedness beneath, and a look in her eyes that offered far more than just a light beverage. Jay was hot and horny and she was going to enjoy herself with both of us.Looking directly at me, Jay took another sip from her wine before setting the glass down on the kitchen worktop. Still looking directly at me she slowly walked across to Matt and, taking his almost finished drink, placed it over by the sink. Looking back at me with a very mischievous look in her eye she stated, ‘This is what happens when you send me naughty text messages and then bring a friend home.’She then sat astride Matt, lowering her naked pussy onto his lap. Taking both his hands, she placed them onto each cheek of her backside. She then leaned forward and kissed him deeply.As Jay kissed Matt she unbuckled his belt, opened the front of his trousers and pulled out his already erect cock. Breaking away from the kiss she looked across the table at me with a very naughty grin on her gorgeous face. I just watched as she pulled the bow holding her see through nightie together and pushed her tits up into Matt’s face. Matt look over at me and I just nodded my approval before he lowered his mouth to my wife’s tits and sucked on each one in turn.

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