The FightThe Fight


I don’t remember what the fight was about. We were so mad at each other. The words had risen to a fever pitch. I turned to say something back to you, but the way your eyes looked stopped me. I could see the vein pulsing in your neck and all I wanted to do was to kiss you there, to calm its frenzied beating. You must have read my face because you stopped, mouth part way open. I wanted to just smash my lips to yours, explore that open space with my tongue, taste your anger.

Suddenly, you grabbed me, pulling me roughly into your arms. You must have read my mind, the way you always do because you kissed me the way I had wanted to kiss you. The taste of our anger was sweet, our tongues fighting each other as we had just done. My body awakened with the white hot desire that only you could evoke, quickly spreading from my breast down to my thighs.

I felt the fire in your loins, the hardness growing almost instantly.You filled your hand with my hair and pulled my head back, frantically kissing, licking, nipping only hard enough to bring moans of pleasure from my bruised lips. My lips find the beating pulse, softly kissing,your words soft in my ear. “Vous me faire tellement en colère, mon ange” This only makes me hotter, as you know too well. “Ma colère se transforme en passion quand je regarde dans les yeux!” These words I don’t quite understand, but the meaning of some of them I know well.

I cannot stand it any longer, I must feel your skin against mine. Again, as if you read my mind, you push back and take of your shirt, you reach and yank my blouse open. The buttons scatter around the room. I have no fear of you, only the burning passion for your body. Your lips find mine again as you release the front clasp of my bra. You take my kağıthane escort nipple in your mouth, the sweet pain of your teeth on my flesh only driving the embers glowing between my legs to a white hot flame.

Back against the wall you push me, your hand going under my skirt, trying to find my most sensitive spot. The heat of your anger and desire rose as you couldn’t get to where your hand wanted to be. Finally finding the waist band, you ripped them down and away. Tossing my ruined panties away, your finger found what they were hungry for. You inserted a finger into my wetness, slowly sliding it upwards over my swollen clit, making me moan with ecstasy.

Your lips were still tasting mine, my earlobes, my neck. “Je vais vous le goût, mon amour” you whisper, my heart races. “Alors vous avez le goût moi..alors je vais conduire ma bite jusqu’à ce que vous en supplie-moi de cesser de”. I gasp, you know I don’t understand all what you are telling me, but my anticipation is almost to painful to bear. “Mais je ne vais pas arrêter ……. pas jusqu’à ce que j’ai eu mon combler de vous.”

My moans of pleasure increase, my hands roam your body. Your skin so sensous to my fingertips, they find your nipple. I softly pinch it, releasing a primal sound from your lips on my neck. This only excites me more, so I replace my fingers with my mouth. I nip and lick your chest, savoring your taste so manly and salt y but sweet as nectar to me. Your breath coming harder with the pleasure I am giving you with my lips, my tongue, my teeth. “Nous ne nous arrêterons pas jusqu’à ce que nous atteignions le sommet comme un”.

Your fingers have made me wet, my clitoris awaiting release, swollen with pleasure and need. You go to your knees, istanbul escort raising my skirt where you lick up one thigh, then the other, tasting my juices that had run there from the toil of your fingers. This excites me greatly as I watch you do this. I push you back to release my skirt, it’s folds blocking my view of your work. You toss it over by my discarded panties.

Your tongue goes back to work, slowly stroking my sweet spot. You insert a finger, in and out, matching the strokes of your tongue. Your tongue goes around and around my clit, your finger working my inner places as well. You suddenly suck it like a baby latching on to it’s mothers breast. My moans become louder, the sensation of the sucking pushing me towards the edge, close to the point of no return.”Yes, Amant, s’il vous plaît.” I try to hold you where you are, but you gently remove my hands and rise to meet my eyes. I look at yours, they mirror mine, smokey with lust. “No, Angel, not yet. No matter how you beg. We will come as one when it is time”. The english you spoke brought me up from my fog.

The urge to have you in my mouth, tasting the most manly of flavors, overwhelmed me. My hands fumbled with your belt, finally releasing it, the snap and zipper done, I fell to my knees, taking all with me. Your member sprang free, hard with the lust burning there. My tongue tasted you, around, down, under, out to the head. It was moist with a wonderful salty flavor. I could wait no more, I took it between my lips, Your sharp intake of breath let me know that the feel of my lips on you was very good. I sucked and licked, the louder and quicker your moans came, the harder I worked. Oh, the sweet labor of tasting you drove me crazy.

You reached down, taksim escort grabbed my arm and jerked me up. ” Now, Mon Ange, I must be inside you”. “Oui, My sweet, I am so ready for you to fill my belly with your shaft”. My words were shakey with desire. Backed against the wall, you grasped one leg, lifted it up, and in one motion, drove your penis deep inside me. My scream of pleasure came long and loud. “Oh My God, yes.. fuck me”. ” Oui, Mon Ange, I will till you beg for relief.” You lift my other leg, holding me off the floor, spearing me into the wall, never losing the rhythum.

One of my hands slides off your shoulder down to my wet clit, massaging it as you stab into my slit. The feeling is ecstasy! You feel like a white hot spear inside me. We look into each others eyes as our passionate sounds become one. “please love me, give me release, take me there now, yes, yes!” Who is speaking, I don’t know, our sounds are one. Both hands on your sholders now, I arch and thrust to meet each stroke. Our mutual animal sounds and moans fill the air. The singular scream signals the combined strength of our mutual climax. I feel your hot seed spill into my stomach, making my climax even more intense.

You drop one of my legs, then the other. We cling to each other, leaning against the wall. Neither trust their legs to hold them up. The juices of our lovemaking slowly making tracks down our legs. Our breathing, fast and in unison. Down we slide, never leaving each others arms. You roll to your back, taking me with you, still locked in your arms. We lay together, me on top of you, head on your chest, listening to your heart beat. The afterglow illuminating us.

I raise up, look into your satisfied eyes. You had a smug look on your face. I smile. “Are you trying to make me mad again”, I say, not angry because I know what you are thinking. “Only, Mon Ange, if it ends the same. Je ferai de toi fou de tous les jours” I didn’t quite know what this meant, but I knew it would be fun making you tell me!

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