The IslandThe Island

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It had been a hot day, and his journey had taken a disastrous turn. Having been thrown off course, his ship had deposited him here on this seemingly deserted island, left to wander the land in search of survival.

He saw the waterfall in the distance, with its promising refreshment closer with each step. He found in it an oasis of cool clean water surrounded by the dense forest he had been fighting through since embarking from the coast. He slipped from his tattered clothes and waded inside, the crisp water soothing the skin as he admired the shadows and bright colors cast from the setting sun against the waterfall.

As it was her favorite spot to relax, she was lying nude, hidden from his view, high on the rocks above the waterfall. She felt his presence without looking. “Who had invaded her serenity?” She thought to herself. She then saw him. Watching his gorgeous nude form, which embodied both grace and strength, she wondered to herself from where he had come.

He waded through the water to his thighs, relaxing and enjoying the sense of isolation. Close to the waterfall, he embraced the brief escape from his world journey and enjoyed a calm thought alone.

She covered herself with a sheer body shirt before climbing down the hidden trails behind the fall to get a closer look. Intrigued and slightly aroused, she entered the edge of the water and whispered a slight and quiet “hello?”

Startled, he was quickly thrown from his sense of isolation, but upon seeing her, a soothing smile covered his lips. He gazed along her figure, hidden slightly but the shape tantalizing. A slight loss of words as he stood before her completely exposed, “I’m Demetrius” he said with the firm tone of a man who has encountered the unknown before, “from the west”

“I am Francesca, what brings you here to my island?” she watched his muscles tense and flex as he shifted his weight. “As lovely as you are, do you think you can put on some clothes?”

He smiled, “Francesca, a pleasure to meet you.” Looking down along his figure, realizing his state, “of course; I was simply bathing as I stopped upon my journey. I came upon your island as my ship was run off course in a storm.”

His thighs splashed through the water to the edge, grabbing his tattered clothes while he escaped from the water.

She staggered away backwards from him as he exited the water, nearly losing her balance…”are you hungry?”

He slipped on his tattered clothes, turning towards her as his gaze drank in her figure so delicately hidden yet teasingly exposed. Nodding his head, “indeed, Kimberly, it has been a long time since I have had the delights of a good meal”

“Good, follow me,” she smiled, leading him to a little hut hidden by the trees. She could feel his eyes burning her outline as he followed, inviting him in to dine on roasted boar, fresh berries and juice. Sitting across from him and watching his every move. “It has been a long time since I saw a man.” She glanced along his masculine figure, “Are there others with you?”

Diving into the food, he tried to stay civilized while trying to forget the length of time since he had a meal. He continued to gaze along her figure, the beauty, the desire resulting from not having seen a woman so divine in months. “There are not,” he smiled, “It is just I who made it out in safety.” Having satisfied the initial hunger with the boar, he danced the berries off his tongue, savoring the sweet taste. “mmm” he let my enjoyment fill the small hut, “so sweet. Thank you”

She gave a satisfying smile. “You are most welcome.”

He continued to dine on the berries, sliding his legs out as he sat towards his side, “and what is this land I find myself in? Besides beautiful women, what does this land consist of?’

“Would you like to rest? We can talk later if you like.” She responded.

He smiled. ‘Oh, my lady, it has been so long since I’ve had a good rest, but even longer since I’ve had good company. Given the choice, I would always select the latter any day”

She smiled and felt a warm glisten cover her. “Well I say my island because it is just me here. On this side anyway…there are villagers on the other side. But I so enjoy the solitude here.” She blushed, “thank you for saying I am beautiful, I think you are too.” She stood to let the cool breeze in and caress her warm skin

He smiled at her, his gaze along her figure as he picked amongst the berries and fruits, “I must admit it is a joy to have happened upon your land. ” He watched as the breeze forced the sheer cover tightly against her figure, displaying her curves prominently. His eyes were intent on her seductive form as he savored another berry. “My lady, thank you for your hospitality. How might I repay you for your kindness?”

“Your company here with me is enough.” She turned out towards the sky, before her eyes were on his again. “You owe me nothing.”

He gave a tender smile, a thank you smile. “‘Tis my pleasure indeed.” His eyes glanced beyond sex hikayeleri her figure towards the setting sun, a glow of orange and purple beyond the waterfall in the distance.

“Really,” she smiled playfully, her eyes along his form, “I am thinking I would like to keep you here always for myself.”

He reached up as he lounged, sliding his fingers over her hand, “oh?” he smiled, “and what of the rest of the world to explore?”

“If you would like to journey to the other side of the village, I could be your guide,” she put her other hand over his.

He nodded his head as he stood up, “it would be my pleasure to have you show me around your land, my lady”

His touch was electric to her. Her skin was soft and inviting to him. She lifted her hand to move a lock of hair from her eyes before gently caressing his face. “You’re eyes are so gentle,” she whispered, tracing her fingers down his check along his lips. She licked her lips without thinking.

He gazed into her eyes from his tall frame. “Thank you my lady” feeling the lust draw from his lips with her fingers, “as are yours.”

His hand slid up her forearm, feeling the softness of her skin, up along her elbow. He continued to gaze along her face, admiring her curves, her lips, her slight tongue movement. He slid his hand up along her shoulder over the sheer fabric.

She felt the strength in his hand, gentle yet firm, along her shoulder. Her body shivered slightly as she ran the tip of her finger along his lips. Her free hand reached for his hand, pulling it to her face to feel the mixture of strength and gentleness. Her eyes fluttered with wild thoughts. Her nipples hardened in response. She laid her head on his chest with a heavy breath.

He cupped his hand over her cheek, caressing the soft curves as her head rested against his chest. He slid his other hand around her back, holding her hip as he pulled her tighter towards him. He felt the arousal growing within his loose pants as he felt the curves of a woman against him for the first time in so long. He felt her own arousal, in the form of her nipples, pressing firmly through the fabric along his chest.

She enjoyed the feel of his strong body against her. She looked up into his eyes, licking her lips and standing on the tip of her toes to meet his lips. She kissed his lips, starting with small licks and nibbles.

He leaned down slightly to meet her, his hands on her cheeks as he pulled her lips to his, just to taste. His hand caressed along her face and hair, brushing it from her face

“You are so gentle,” she whispered, her breath heavy with lust and anticipation.

Her lips were soft, her breath begging. He longed for more in his own heavy breath as their lips teased each other so delicately. “‘Tis a pleasure to enjoy such a beauty’ he smiled slightly, pulling her tighter against him.

“Maybe we can see the rest of the island later”, she whispered breathlessly, sliding his tattered shirt up his chest over his head.

He raised his hands allowing his shirt access to slide over. The cool breeze quickly brushed along his fit chest. “it’s not going anywhere” he whispered lustfully, reaching and sliding her body shirt down her shoulders, along her arms as his eyes followed the shirt, his gaze admiring as her feminine figure revealed itself to him.

She stepped back a little to give him a better view of what he had been lusting after since they had met. Her breasts, full and firm, swung with her every motion, her nipples large and erect, begged for attention.

His eyes disguised nothing of his lust as he took in her beauty. He ran his hands up over her shoulders, leaning forward and kissing down her chest to her breasts. He moaned with a heavy breath, bringing his hands to her full breasts, cupping and massaging, sliding his tongue along her nipple, “oh yes” he whispered, tracing his tongue in circles, “I hope you taste as sweet as those berries”

She threw her head back, pushing her chest towards him to allow his mouth greater access. “just as sweet,” she moaned, her knees nearly buckling from the movement of his tongue.

He slid his hand around and cupped the soft cheeks of her ass, pulling her nipple and breasts to his face as he sucked gently on it. He pushed his face against her breasts, greedily sucking her nipple between his lips.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, twining her fingers in his hair. Cradling his head in her arms, she backed him to the bunk against the wall behind them. He rolled his tongue around her nipples, the lust building as he feels his throbbing arousal pressing against his trousers. He felt the wall firmly against his back, his tongue alternating between both nipples as he moaned with lust, savoring her soft breasts.

Her hand slid down and released the button on his trousers, letting them fall as she pushed against him.

He kicked the trousers aside, running his hands along her hips and thighs. She felt his thick arousal pressing sikiş hikayeleri against her stomach.

He was hard, throbbing firmly between them, his hands sliding along the curve of her ass, caressing, groping and admiring her curves with his fingers. He turned her around with his hands on her hips, pushing her against the wall.

She moaned loudly, loving his aggression, sticking her ass out, grinding it against him. His hands roamed along her body as her ass grinded against his throbbing member. He pulled her body against his, holding her, pushing his hips against hers, moaning lustfully into her ear.

She moaned, her head arching back as he kissed the insider of her neck. “take me” she whispered.

He pushed her body off, his thick member freeing from between them. Holding her with his hands on her hips, he turned her towards him, guiding her towards the floor onto her back. A lustful grin in his eyes, he gazed along her figure, ravishing her with his eyes. Kneeling between her feet, he put his hands on her knees and spread her legs wide open, her glistening desire staring for him to enjoy.

Leaning over, he slid down, kissing down the inside of her thighs. Tracing his tongue down, ever closer he took in her scent, his tongue leading his face as he traced down along her glistening lips. The taste of her nectar sent electricity through his body as he slid down, his chest on the ground between her thighs.

Her body melted against him. Her back arched high as she felt his tongue stroke along her wetness and explored passionately. He wrapped his arms under her thighs, caressing her stomach with his fingers as he shoved his tongue inside her, savoring the sweet juices she had to offer.

She spread her legs more for him as her hands went to the top of his head, holding it tightly in place as her breasts pushed up with her back arched with pleasure. Her head flung back, her hips pushing towards him and not wanting him to move…ever. She lost control when his hands slid over her stomach, her hips bucking and fucking his tongue and face.

Sprawled out on the floor, his thick member throbbed, his ass feeling the cool breeze from the newly arrived night. He slid one hand down, finding her swollen clit with his fingers, rolling gentle and soft circles around her button. He pushed his tongue deeper, massaging the top of her pussy, sliding in and out, savoring each and every drop she had to offer. His other hand slid along her body, finding a nipple and circling with his finger before giving a light pinch.

He pulled his hands down, under her body and cupping her ass, lifting her body off the floor for his easier access for an eager tongue. He danced his tongue along her lips, tasting the juices that was driving the desire of his throbbing arousal.

He looked up along her figure, his eyes enjoying her breasts, heaving in lust, and her hair sprawled under her along the floor. He extended his tongue between her lips and slid it up and down, slowly. He explored her passion as his lust was teased ever more strongly.

She looked down at him, watching his eyes on hers as his tongue pleased her. Her hands on his head, massaging through his hair, “Come up here and let me taste you.”

He let her ass back on the floor, pulling his face from between her lips, licking his own lips. He slid up along her body, kissing and licking past her stomach, along her nipples and breasts, past her chest before he kissed her. His throbbing member felt the heat from her wetness as the swollen tip pressed lightly against her.

She pushed him up onto his knees, sliding to her side as her eyes took in his throbbing arousal. She had not seen a man in so long, and it burned deeply inside her thighs as she reached out and placed her hand around his thick shaft and felt his throbbing lust for her own body.

Laying on her side as he kneeled before her, she leaned in, looking up at him as she brought the head to her lips, parting her mouth to allow his hard cock to slide between her lips. Sucking it gently, she watched the pleasure in his eyes as he watched his cock slide between her lips.

She pulled her lips off the head, sucking softly. Extending her tongue, she twirled it around his throbbing head, her hand slowly stroking down the shaft. Her eyes focused on his member, her pleasure within his own as she raised his cock up, tracing her tongue down under his shaft to his balls.

He moaned softly as his hands slid, grabbing her hair and pulling it from her face so he could watch her. She pulled his member back to her lips, sliding her lips deep down along his shaft. She could feel his twitching, throbbing lust between her lips, the oozing precum from his head tasted like heaven along her tongue.

He moaned, feeling her take him as deep as she could between her lips. The desire continued to build, he slid a hand down her stomach as she layed on her side, sliding a finger between her wetness.

He moaned sex hikaye lustfully, pulling his finger from her and pulling it to his lips, sucking it clean. He pulled his member from her lips and reached down, pulling her around with both hands on her ankles, spreading her legs as he positioned himself between her legs.

His eyes devoured her as he knelt between her legs, guiding his swollen thick head against her wet lips, watching as her lips parted for him and he slipped inside her with one long deep stroke.

Her head writhed, her hands spread out on the floor as he entered her. “Oh fuck” she moaned, coinciding with his own moan at the feel of her warmth around him.

He pushed his hips towards her, feeling the silky softness of her pussy along his shaft. He groaned of lustful pleasure, sliding his hands down along her sides, gripping her hips. He felt his thick length slowly slide deep inside her as his hips met her pelvis. He held her hips, pulling his member to the tip before thrusting back inside deep and hard.

“Oh you feel so good right there” she moaned, her head back and her hands sliding along the floor, seeking something to grip, “Stay right there.”

He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her to each thrust, pulling her hips up along his thighs as he kneeled, feeling his cock deeper inside her. “Right there?”

Her hips undulated against him, “yes, baby, right there.” She moaned, feeling his cock deep against her, rubbing along the top of her pussy, “I want you to get your fill of me.” She whimpered a bit, her hips grinding more as he pushed his cock deep inside her. “As I will take mine of you.”

Driving his hips between her legs, he felt her sweet warmth caressing his shaft. “Oh Fuck, you feel so good” he moaned, feeling the warmth of her pussy such a treat after such a long time deprived of such pleasure. He watched her full breasts bounce on each hard deep thrust as he started to pound inside her with deep hard purposeful strokes.

On each thrust, she screamed a word. “YOU…FEEL…SO…GOOD!” her hands reached up and gripped his arms, “FUCK…..ME…”

He pulled her hips to each thrust, her pleasure consuming his body as her warm juices covered his thickness and dripped down his balls. He enjoyed with pleasure and sight of her legs spread around his hips and her ass along his thighs. Her breasts bounced in circles as his movements picked up in speed and force and the sound of their juices and his hips slapping against her pelvis bouncing through the open room.

Her body tightened as she felt her orgasm approaching. “DON’T…STOP” she whimpered on each powerful stroked, “FUCK…ME…HARDER.”

He felt his control loosening as each time he slipped between her wet passion, his body filled with a surging electricity. He watched her face, her body, and could sense she was about to explode. He thrust deeper, harder, feeling her pussy clenching him tighter.

Her hands gripped his chest tightly, her fingernails digging slightly. His hands gripping her hips and ass, pulling her harder to each thrust. Their bodies tensed together as they both grunted their sign of pending release. She cried out in pleasure as his moans filled the surrounding empty hillside.

“YES..YES…YES..” her body shook and convulsed as she felt his hot orgasm fill her. His cock throbbing before his release sent her over the edge completely as she grinding herself against his thick shaft.

His back arched as he felt her juices drench his shaft, his cock emptying deep inside her as his hips took a life of their own. “Fuck” he groaned, feeling the months of pent up passion released, “fuck yes”

Her body relaxed as did his, their bodies drizzled with sweat in the cool night. He let her body back down onto the ground, his softening cock slipping out, covered with their juices.

She lay there, her breasts heaving with each heavy breath. “Oh my,” she smiled incredulously, “that was, uh, nice.” She laughed lightly, arms outstretched with a sight of pleasured satisfaction.

He collapsed along her side, his hands along her hips and stomach as he lay next to her. “You are a delightful passion to have run into.” he traced his finger along her figure, admiring her naked curves, “I do think I could hang around here.”

She looked at him with a gentle grin, “That would be lovely.” She whispered, reaching weakly to his chin, caressing his cheek.

He smiled at her as she started to doze off. His mind ran with ideas of lost potential back home with the delightful promise of paradise in his current state. He was tired himself, and sleep was approaching him as well. He hoped that his driving political aspirations had passed during his journeys so he could enjoy the land and beauty best upon his side.

Her eyes glazed over in rest and exhaustion. She let her hand rest on his chest as she enjoyed the pleasure of her current feeling. It’s not as if the daughter of the king, yes the princess, can imagine such carnal pleasures with just anyone. She was thankful he had come along when he did, and wondered what the future had in store.

He lay next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist, drifting towards sleep. The two had fallen into a slumber, the landscape of the small island about to change.

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