The BratThe Brat



My beautiful daughter squirmed and bucked beneath me as her body was racked by one orgasm after another, each one seemingly stronger than the one before. I winced and gasped as she raked her claws across the cheeks of my ass. She locked her legs around mine and thrust her belly up against me with bruising force. Pinning her down was like trying to subdue a wild animal. The Kegel spasms in the walls of her pussy brought me to the brink of orgasm. My conscience urged me to at least pull my cock out when I came, but I ignored it and pumped a dozen jets of hot semen against her cervix.

We lay side-by-side gasping for air. Common sense told me to get out of that bedroom and never again succumb to the temptation to fuck my beautiful daughter, but I was unable to move. I had just had the best fuck of my life from my bratty daughter, and I wanted to savor it for a bit longer. I dozed off and dreamt about the old days, the not so good old days.

I blame my ex-wife Barbara for the way our daughter Caroline turned out. Whenever I tried to discipline the girl, Barbara intervened and usually lifted the punishment. Consequently, Caroline always got her way. I never spanked her because I didn’t believe in that form of punishment. Instead, I usually grounded her or took away some of her privileges. The rebellious girl would then turn to her mother and get a reprieve.

There was so much friction between my wife and I over how to rear our child that it isn’t surprising that the marriage ended in divorce. It’s also not surprising that Caroline chose to live with her doting mother. Caroline graduated from high school and went on to college. By then she had become so unmanageable that her mother wanted nothing more to do with her. After her first year of college, Caroline came to spend the summer with me. I wasn’t happy about it, but, after all, she was my daughter.

I İstanbul Escort was pleased to discover that my pretty daughter had blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. Her angelic face was framed by short, curly blond hair. She had superb tits that she showed off by wearing anything with a plunging neckline. She displayed so much of her slightly-rounded belly that she was just an inch shy of indecent exposure. Her mouth-watering torso was supported by long, sleek legs. She had all the tools she needed to achieve her goal of becoming a fashion model. When she practiced the long, bone-jarring, runway strides, all of her goodies jiggled.

Although Caroline looked like an angel, she behaved more like a demon. She brazenly ignored my house rules and made her own. You are probably wondering why I didn’t just kick her out. I did love her in spite of everything, and her beauty somewhat compensated for her behavior. I began to have indecent thoughts about her. Perhaps she sensed what I was thinking and added fuel to the fire. She walked around the house in next to nothing. She sat across the table from me one morning and ate a bowl of cereal with her bare tits swaying in front of her. I became so aroused that I had to go to my bathroom and jack off before leaving for work.

I eventually decided that I might as well let her do as she pleased. She was bound to do it anyway. I let most of her transgressions pass, but then she did something that could not be overlooked. She had her own little car, nothing fancy but it was in good condition and provided her with reliable transportation. I did not allow her under any circumstances to drive my expensive imported car. I rarely drove it myself. While I was at work, she found my extra set of keys and took her pals for a spin in my pride and joy. She probably would have gotten away with it if she hadn’t smashed a fender. When I saw that, I really flew off the handle.

“I should have Etiler Escort done this a long time ago, young lady,” I said, as I wrestled her across my lap. I flipped up her too-short skirt to reveal her bare ass. It was the first time I had seen her ass since she had become a woman. It was a beauty! The golden globes were perfect twins. It seemed a shame to mar such beauty, but she had to be punished.

“No panties, eh? Well, good. It will sting even more.” Then I laid one on her. The flesh quivered like Jello as my hand came down with all of the strength I could muster. She yelped and tried to escape. She struggled to break free but her strength was no match for mine. I wrapped my leg around hers to pin them and pressed my forearm down on her back. Then I gave it to her good and hard. “WHAP..WHAP..WHAP!” She howled, cursed and struggled to free herself.

I had probably laid on twenty or so brisk strokes when I became aware that she was no longer struggling. She was even lifting her beet-red ass to meet the blows. Then I became aware of my hard-on pressing against her belly. I gave her a dozen more good swats, and each time one landed, she let out a soft moan. The spanking ended when the tingle in my hand became unbearable.

“Oh, Daddy. I think you enjoyed this just as much as I did.” She ground her belly down against my throbbing cock. “Daddy, I want you to fuck me right now. Hurry and do it while my ass is still on fire.” She ran to her bedroom with me only seconds behind her. She pulled her dress off and admired her inflamed ass in the mirror before flopping down on the bed. As I stripped off my clothes, I tried not to think about what I was going to do. My lust had overcome my reasoning ability.

I slipped between her legs and lapped at her beautiful little pussy. The only hair was a thin strip running up her slit. I combed it with my tongue. “No, Daddy. Give me your big cock. You can eat my pussy later.” I mounted Beşiktaş Escort her and brought my hairy chest down on her perfect tits. Any doubt about the true effect the spanking had on her disappeared as my cock sank into her slick pussy. I had never had such a tight cunt around my cock. It gripped me like a slippery fist. She responded as soon as I began pumping my cock in and out. All of the filthy things she said only inflamed my lust. That brings me back to the beginning of my story.

I awoke to see Caroline’s head bobbing on my half-hard cock. Her warm mouth was as slick as her pussy had been. There was no doubt in my mind that she had had plenty of experience. She knew that the secret to a great blow job is a very wet mouth and plenty of variety. Every suck was a little different from the last one.

“Oh, you finally woke up, did you? In that case, you can lick my pussy now.” She mounted me sixty-nine style and lowered her pussy to my mouth. When my semen spilled out onto my tongue, I was surprised to discover that it had virtually no taste. I wriggled my tongue up into her and scooped out most of my seed. I attacked her clit with the tip of my tongue and got an immediate response. She ground down against me to encourage me. Within a few minutes, her chest and belly began to heave. Hot air bursting from her nostrils warmed my balls. Her moans grew louder and I used them as a guide to what pleased her. Running the tip of my tongue in small circles around her clit brought out the strongest moans. She came so hard that she released a bit of salty pee into my mouth. A moment or two later, I grabbed a handful of her curly hair and roughly shoved her head up and down on my cock. My ex-wife had never allowed me to cum in her mouth, so it had been years since I had had the pleasure. My ecstasy was so intense that I heard bells and saw stars.

“I’ll never be a bad girl again, Daddy, as long as you promise to give me lots of fucking. Nobody ever fucked me the way you just did. If I had known you were such a good fucker, I would have had you a long time ago.”

Caroline was good to her word, and I was to mine. I promised to give her lots of fucking, and I have. She now looks and acts like an angel. All those years as a brat and all she needed was a good spanking and fucking.

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