Massage Therapy Ch. 02Massage Therapy Ch. 02

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I would suggest reading Massage Therapy first to better understand what is going on. There is some light incest so be warned. I welcome come, positive or critical, but not trolls.

**** **** **** **** ****

Sarah sighed as she flipped through her anatomy book. She was on winter break, but she had really struggled with anatomy last semester and wanted to get ahead of it for next semester. After her summer, she had decided to major in physical therapy but she was better with math and trying to remember the different muscles, bones, and nerves….

Thankfully her mom, Deb, was still open to her working here while on break. She had made her daughter promise to not do any “extras” with massages. Reluctantly, she had agreed, but still…


Sarah looked up to see a familiar face.


“Hey Doug!” She smiled at see her friend. “You’re home for break too? How is it going? You still on the team?”

“Yeah, got in last night.” Doug shook his head. “Actually that’s why I’m here. I have been issues with my hammie. Is your mom available?’

“She’ll be out for at least forty-five minutes… maybe an hour” She hesitated. “You want me to work on it? I changed my major to physical therapy and have done some coursework in massage.”

Doug shrugged. “Sure, sounds good.”

Sarah showed him to the room before locking the door and washing her hands. When she stepped in the room, Doug was face down and towel draped over his body. She had briefly wondered if he had come before for a session with her mom and if he had been one of her “special” customers.

She shook her head. There are just some things she just did not want to know.

“I’ll go over your back first. When I get to your hamstring, just let me know if I go too hard.”


Working his back was a true workout for Sarah. His athletic frame had filled out since high school and the nineteen year old had to dig in her fingers with all her might as she tried to massage the tight muscles.

As Doug flipped over, Sarah averted her eyes. However as she re-adjusted the towel, she couldn’t help but look at his bulge. He was clearly excited and filled the towel out nicely… quite nicely. The brunette felt a quiver of excitement. It was a very nice bulge. As her hands went to work at his shoulders and chest, she watched the covered cock straighten and grow even more. As her hand slid down, she imagined how easy it would be… To let her fingers dip under the towel and curl around his shaft…

She shook her head. Keep it under control, she thought.

As she continued to the feet and then the legs, the bulge never shrunk. Sarah felt the excitement burn hot but kept it under control. The teen felt her face grow hot and a twinge of pleasure warmed between her legs.


“Alright, we’re finished.” The teen opened the door. “Take your time getting dressed. I’ll have water for you when you’re ready.”

“Thanks Sarah. That was awesome.”

Sarah fondled the water bottle as she waited. Was she still blushing? Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

The tall, athletic college teen stepped out of the room. Was he flushed as well?

“Thanks!” Doug said taking the water bottle. He hesitated and then, “You still seeing that guy… what’s his name? David?”

“That asshole? No.”

Doug looked down and then out the window. “You want to hang out?”

Sarah smiled, feeling the flush of pleasure return. “Definitely.”

*** *** *** *** *** ***

“You remember Rick? I think he was one of the first guys you worked on.” Deb kept her eyes averted from Sarah.

“Uh… yeah.”

“Well… I wasn’t going to bring this up…” Sarah was definitely curious now. It was rare to see her mom flustered, her mom still meet her gaze as she continued. “He has been asking after you and he has been asking about a four handed massage. I said no, but I think he thinks I was negotiation or something…”

“Four handed massage?”

“Yeah, where we both massage him. He offered $600 dollars -“

“Six hundred?!” Sarah’s mind raced to think of how many books that would cover for next semester.

“Yeah, I know the money would be helpful…” Her mom’s grin disappeared as she pursed her lips. “But for that kind of money, he’ll be expecting a very happy massage.”

“I’m in!” Sarah winked and smiled. “Just don’t forget that my name is Willow.”

Did her mom hesitate? Deb nodded. “His next appointment is tomorrow. I’ll let him know we’ll both be taking care of him.”

**** **** **** **** ****

Sarah was glad massages started face down. Nervous energy fluttered through her body. Her mom was on one side, she on the other and they were rubbing a naked man between them. Rick had been as nice and laid back as she had remembered. Based on the banter between her mom and him, he had been a customer of hers for years.

Both mother and daughter were wearing short skirts and tight shirts with spaghetti straps at Rick’s request. Sarah was again self conscious about how well ataköy escort her mom filled out a shirt like that while her own B-cups were barely a made a curve. Particularly since her mom had told her not to wear a bra. She knew her nipples could be easily seen.

The college woman watched her mom closely, doing her best to mimic her Deb’s every action. They moved along each side of his back, as they moved further to just about his ass, Rick gave a sigh of pleasure. He was in his late 30s, but clearly still exercised.

Sarah met her mom’s stare and they smiled at each other. The younger woman barely stifled a giggle.

Deb shook her head, though she had a smile on her face too, and said in a low soothing tone, “And now we’ll move to the legs.”

As they skipped over his ass, she saw her mom’s finger trail along the cheek. They started at the ankles and worked their way up. The smell of the massage oil began to fill the room. Almost on cue, Sarah began feeling a little excited and nervous.

What would it be like with her mom in the room? Who would give the hand job?

As they reached Rick’s thighs, he spread his legs and moaned once again. Her thumbs dug in deep to the left hamstring. As their hands moved further and further up, he began raising his hips.

Sarah looked in confusion at her mom, but her mom’s fingers moved right up to his cheek. With each stroke, she pressed higher and higher. The daughter reflected the motion. With each stroke, he raised his hips.

After this happened nine or ten times, Deb surprised her by reaching under the man’s hips. It was clear from the motion that her mom was stroking his cock. But then Sarah got another shock when, with her other hand, she began tickling his asshole!

She locked eyes with her mom who had a mischievous look on her face. Something about the expression made Sarah look at her mom in a new light. She knew her mom was attractive, but now she could see why men would find her sexy. There was an impishness that hinted at a smouldering sensuality.

Her mom mouthed “Join me” and looked down at the exposed ass between them. Hesitantly, Sarah moved her hand up to the other cheek. Again, she mimicked her mom’s actions. She kneaded his cheek and then when her mom’s fingers left his asshole, she replaced it with her finger as her mom worked his ass.

She felt the tight opening beneath her finger. Should she just press and tickle or slide her finger in?

She watched her mom closely and she just tickled so Sarah did the same. The third time through this cycle, there was a lot of lube and Rick pushed his ass back. Sarah’s finger slipped in and Rick groaned, “Yes.”

Sarah felt her own excitement stir as she moved her finger in and out, a little deeper each time. She didn’t meet her mom’s gaze, but saw her begin speeding up her stroking.

“Hold on, hold on,” Rick panted. “Let me flip over.”

Sarah’s finger slipped out and she stepped away from the table to wipe her hand on a towel. As she turned back, she saw Rick and her mom smiling at each other, her hand moving over his hard cock. His cock was thick and long, bigger than most guys she had been with.

“You know what I like Deb…” Rick smiled at her.

“Oh Rick, I thought we weren’t going to do that.” Her mom glanced in Sarah’s direction. “I

thought -“

“C’mon Deb, I’m dropping a lot of money here.” Rick smiled and his hand reached up to massage her breast. “Show me the girls.”

Deb blushed but grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her sizable boobs jiggled. Rick moved his hand back up and Sarah saw her nipples instantly perk up. There were more than a handful and spilled over.

Sarah breath caught in her throat and Rick looked over at her. “You too Willow.”

Butterflies fluttered but she pulled off her shirt as well. Nervously she stepped closer and felt his hand on her breast. He gently, very gently, rubbed her nipple between his finger and thumb.

Unsure what to do, Sarah’s hand joined her mom’s and instinctively, their fingers intertwined. Together they moved up and down his shaft.

“Oh yes… that is amazing.” Rick’s huge smile took them both in. “You are both so beautiful!”

The cock felt weird with another hand joining hers but this was something Sarah was familiar with and began to speed up. And she felt his hand move to her other nipple.

“Slow down,” Rick said. “I want this to last. Deb, use both hands. Willow play with my balls.”

Sarah nodded and moved down. His legs widened and she took them both in her hand. She remembered that Rick had enjoyed this last time and so began very gently massaging them and rolling them with her fingers.

The young woman glanced up and her breath was taken away. It was very erotic to see her mom’s hands glistening with oil as they moved up and down the cock. Her mom’s breasts moved in time with the stroking even as Rick’s hands massage them. Sarah felt herself getting wet. She squeezed her legs together and felt a shock şişli escort of pleasure.

It was wrong to get excited watching her mom, but damn! She looked hot!

Rick’s expression was of one of bliss and he mirrored Sarah’s thoughts, “Deb, you are the sexiest woman I know!”

Her mom smiled at the compliment and then bent forward to lick his nipple! He gasped and his grin grew bigger.

“The only thing that would make this hotter…” Rick trailed off and he glanced over at Sarah. “Willow, why don’t you take over for me and give Deb’s breasts the love they deserve.”

“I don’t… I’ve never…” Sarah stuttered out.

“That’s even hotter,” Rick replied. “Get behind Deb and play with her while she plays with me.”

Sarah glanced at her mom who gave her a goofy look and a wink. The teen realized that they were in it, might as well play the roles to the hilt. She stepped behind her mother and snaked her arms around.

The boobs felt heavy in her hands and much softer than her own. Her own breasts pressed up against her mom’s naked back, warmth against warmth. She began to massage the breasts, the nipples perky against her palms.

“Oh yeah,” Rick breathed. “Play with her nipples, Willow.” Sarah rolled them in her fingers, just as she liked her own nipples played with. “Pull them.” The teen pulled the nipples, so much longer than her own. Was her mom pressing against her? The heat of their bodies intensified as she felt the regular rhythm from her mom continuing to jack the man off.

She pressed herself up against her mom and really began playing with those amazing breasts, teasing the nipples her nails, twirling them, and kneading them. Shocked, she heard her mom moan softly.

“You like that Deb?” Rick asked.

The older woman nodded and a warm glow of satisfaction filled Sarah. Almost unconsciously, she kissed her mom’s shoulder. Her eyes locked with Rick and she continued to kiss along the shoulder, enveloped in a haze of sexuality.

“Willow, do you like feeling Deb’s tits?” Rick asked and Sarah nodded. “Good, I want you to flip up Deb’s skirt.” Sarah continued to keep eye contact with Rick as her hand moved from the breasts and made their way down and obeyed his command. “Feel that ass.” Her mom had a thong on! It allowed Sarah’s hand free reign for practically her entire butt. “It feels great, doesn’t it.” Sarah merely nodded, her hands moving along both cheeks. It was wider than her own of course, but the curve of it… she could definitely see why men (and women!) found it enticing. “Spread her ass apart.” Sarah kneaded it with her hands, fully enjoying the warm flesh beneath her fingers. “Now, stick a finger into her. Pleasure her as she gives me pleasure.”

Sarah’s gaze jerked up. They had done a lot but this would cross a line. To the teen’s surprise, her mom stuck her ass out and wiggled it. She bent down lower and it almost looked like she was giving Rick a bj.

“Is she in you Deb?” Ricked breathing was heavy now. “Is she fingering you?”

“Oh yes, Rick.” Deb purred.

Sarah chewed her bottom lip, took a steadying breath… Her hand traced down the crack of the older woman’s ass.

“Yeah, her finger feels so good – OH!”

And the college woman stuck a finger into her mom!

Her mom began to straighten, but Rick grabbed Deb’s hands and commanded, “Keep stroking me. Don’t stop!”

Sarah moved the finger easily in and out, her mom was very wet! She moved in time her her mom’s own strokes. The teen recalled how she liked it, inserted an additional finger, and pressed her finger firmly, searching for the g-spot.

“Does it feel good Deb?”

Her mother groaned and sped up her jacking. Sarah responded by increasing her own pace. Her mom wiggled her ass back and forth before pushing back against her hand, her ass jiggling as the young woman’s fingers pushed deeper and harder – deeper, harder, and faster.

“YES!!” Rick roared.

Sarah glanced up in time to see five or six spurts of cum. She barely registered that as she was continued to finger fuck her mom until the older woman let out a long moan of her own, her whole body began to shake and she collapsed onto the table.

Carefully, the teen removed her fingers, they were dripping. She moved discreetly to a towel and wiped her hand before putting her shirt back on.

Her mom stood up, Rick’s cum smeared across her breasts, and they averted their gaze from each other.

Sarah mumbled something before stepping out of the room. A chaotic whirlwind of emotions swirled within her… not the least bit helped that she felt incredibly horny and was the only one who didn’t get a release.

She sat down behind the desk and idly moved things around the desk. She again pressed her legs together, sparking little bursts of pleasure. She had discovered that trick in English class while trying to stay awake. Finally, Rick and her mom stepped out of the room, laughing.

Rick gave Sarah a big smile and stepped forward for a hug. “Thank you for a wonderful fatih escort experience Willow. You and Deb make quite a team!”

“Thanks Rick, I enjoyed it too.”

Rick adjusted his glasses and turned back to Deb. “See, maybe we can do it again soon.”

“Get out of here you mangy dog,” Deb laughed and shooed him out the door. As he stepped back, he waved to them both and left.

The door had barely click shut when Deb whirled on her daughter. “What the fuck was all that?!”

Shocked, Sarah took a step back. “Wh-what are you talking about?”

“How could you but your fingers in me?”

Sarah had never seen her mom so angry. Ugly, red splotches stitched over the older woman’s neck and cheeks.

“You were talking sexy with Rick! You stuck your ass out and wiggled it for me!!” The nineteen year-old began to feel her own fear turn to anger.

“What? You mean like this?” Deb’s rage turned to sexual cooing. “Stick it in me… oh yeah, just like that…” A condescending sneer scrawled across her face. “It is all an act. You PRETEND to enjoy. You PRETEND to be bi or lesbian or whatever. For. The. Client.”

“What about Quinn?!” Sarah shot back. “Oh yeah, I know about her!”

For a moment, Sarah thought her mom was going to jump over the desk and pummel her, but she spun and turned towards the door. “You clean this place up. I want it immaculate when I come in tomorrow morning.”

Wearily, Sarah waited a few moments before going over and locking the door. How was she supposed to know that her mom wanted her to pretend. She brought her hand up to nose and sniffed. The brunette could smell her mom on her fingers. She remembered how easily her fingers had slid in. She felt her mom shake before collapsing onto the table.

Well, arguing the point wouldn’t make things better with her mom. Sarah went back to the massage room and saw that it was a mess. She sighed and got to work.

She was almost done when her phone pinged. Thinking it was her mother, she nervously looked at it. She breathed a sigh of relief when she say it was Doug.

-Want to come over?


-My parents aren’t home. And I have Netflix.

-I already said definitely.

-Did I mention I have Netflix?

-Goof. Don’t push your luck.


-I can be over in 10.

-See ya

When Doug opened up the door, it confirmed that he wanted a hookup. He was wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts and clearly just out of the shower.

The college woman shrugged. First, she was horny after that threeway massage. And she guessed, she should be happy that he had at least the courtesy to clean himself up. They made their way to his basement.

“Are your parents really gone?” She smiled and thanked him for the glass of water he offered.

“Yep! They’re in Michigan until Sunday.” He settled down on the couch.

Sarah took a deep breath and sat down right next to him. His arm encircled her shoulders as he put on…. Princess Bride!

“You remembered!” She looked up at him.

“That this is your favorite? Of course…”

She thought he was going to kiss her, but he turned back to the tv to adjust the volume and the moment was gone. Sarah always enjoyed the Princess Bride, but the knot of nervousness only grew as the movie went on. Doug’s body was so warm and comforting, but she couldn’t relax.

It wasn’t until Buttercup and Wesley encountered the Rats Of Unusual Size when Sarah felt a hand caress her thigh. Her skirt had ridden up while they cuddled and his fingers touched bare skin. She opened her legs and his hand began to massage in earnest.

The nineteen year old pressed back against him. As she rolled her head back, he kissed along the nape of her neck and down her shoulder. Goosebumps prickled her skin and Sarah moaned softly.

Doug brought down his other hand and now both massaged her inner thighs. Sarah’s legs were obscenely spread apart but she didn’t care. The want of desire began to grow into a need. She felt his erection press into her back.

As she reached back and grasped his cock though, he whispered, “No.”

Confused she turned, but he slid out of the couch and went down to his knees. He began kissing her inner thigh.

“Working at your mom’s must be tough.” He moved to the other thigh and kissed further and further up. “You have to take care of others. Now lay back, relax, and let me take care of you.”

Sarah felt a silly grin spread across her face. She felt him begin to kiss her over her underwear. His strong hands gripped and mauled her legs as he continued to kiss over her underwear, teasing her. Every time he paused, she thought he was going to pull her underwear off… but then he’d return to his kissing.

The pleasure relaxed her but didn’t build. She was about ready to pull off her own underwear when she felt his thumbs hook under the elastic band and he pulled off her underwear.

Aggressively, he grabbed her legs and pushed them up against his chest as his tongue plunged into her.

“Oh, yeah!” Sarah gasped.

Doug’s tongue plunged into her again… and again… and again. Incredibly, Sarah already felt her orgasm begin to build. But then Doug’s tongue left her and began to trace around the inside and outside of her lips.

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