Breakfast in BedBreakfast in Bed


The tap at the bedroom door was enough to make her heart stop.

He’d teased her about doing it on numerous occasions abut she never thought he actually would.

“Hang on a minute,” she said, propping herself up and taking a quick glance in the mirror to straighten her hair. She knew it was him as she’d just heard her husband go out the door to take her daughter to work. The house was empty, apart from the two of them.

The bedroom door slowly opened to reveal his cheeky grin.

“Good morning! I thought I’d bring my mother-in-law a cup of tea,” he said in his dark brown voice. They both laughed! They’d been good friends long before Ed started seeing her daughter.

Hazel looked him deep in the eyes. The chemistry was electric.

“Ed, we’ve talked about this,” she said.

Hazel knew exactly what was on the menu for breakfast that morning as they’d described it in detail in their online chats.

Ed walked round to her side of the bed, placing the mug of tea on her bedside cabinet. With a swift flick of the hand he pulled back the duvet cover and literally jumped in beside her.

Hazel began to giggle like a naughty schoolgirl. Here she was, a middle-aged mother past her prime, in bed with her 29-year-old son-in-law-to-be!

Ed wasted no time. Within seconds his hand was slowly caressing the smooth skin on the inside of her thighs as he kissed her, slowly at first, then more passionately and with an unspoken urgency. They had an hour to turn their fantasy into reality.

The game had been played out online time and again, slightly different each time. In reality they knew what turned one another on and it was easy to work those rituals into their late night chats.

They’d never intended it to develop into something real, but their curiosity had got the better of them, their chats had become more intense, and now there was a primeval urge for them to do Aksaray Escort something very wrong.

Not a word was uttered between them now They didn’t need to speak — identical agendas were folding out in their heads one step ahead of the actions.

Hazel had stopped giggling as soon as Ed’s lips touched hers. She felt his lips against hers for the first time, kissing her slowly at first, then gradually exploring her mouth with his tongue, Ed began to kiss her harder.

As their tongues touched it was as intimate as any sexual act. This was a moment of intimacy they’d both fantasised about, pleasuring themselves as they described in great detail on Facebook Chat what they would do to one another.

At first their chats were fairly ordinary. Kissing would progress to touching which would lead on to touching one another slowly all over each other’s bodies. He’d penetrate her, make love to her slowly but passionately and they’d orgasm together, in fantasy and in real life, albeit some miles apart.

Most of their chats were late at night. The first had been after a family party. They were both drunk and there was a connection between them they couldn’t deny. Once at home, they’d sat up late chatting online and, quite unexpectedly, they’d led one another on to sexual chat.

“We can’t do this again, ” Ed warned afterwards. “It’s addictive.” Hazel laid awake that night, her heart racing and head spinning. She’d had cybersex with her daughter’s boyfriend while her husband slept in the room next door. And it was the most erotic thing she’d done for a very long while!

The following night she couldn’t resist going online once the house was quiet and still. They’d chatted about how it should never happen again.

“My cock’s hard just talking to you about how we shouldn’t do it,” Ed had said.

Hazel couldn’t deny it, she was wet as well, and had hoped the chat Aksaray Escort Bayan would lead this way again.

“Imagine me touching your cock,” she said. “Sliding my hands slowly from the base of the shaft up to your knob, then back gain. Slowly, sensuously, your cock getting harder and harder.

She pulled her skirt up under her desk, sliding her fingers straight into her hot, wet pussy.

“Now you’re watching as my head slowly edges towards it, closer and closer, until it’s hovering just millimetres away from the tip of your cock. You want it inside my mouth so badly, but time seems to take forever,”

Ed’s cock was ready to burst. He could imagine the scene so vividly. Her blonde hair draped around her face as she bent over him.

“I touch it with the tip of my tongue first, slowly tickling the tip of your cock with it, then I devour you, taking you deep into my mouth. Your hard cock filling every inch of my mouth, almost touching the back of my throat.

“I pull away, then use my tongue to caress the base of your knob, running my tongue around the groove. Your cock looks ready to burst.”

Ed’s cock was ready to burst. His hand grasped it tightly, wanking it fast as he read her words as they popped up on screen rhythmically.


Back in the bedroom, fantasy was about to become reality.

Two hearts skipped a beat as two minds joined together with one thought. They replayed the fantasies they’d shared, exploring each other’s bodies for real this time.

Hazel reached for Ed’s cock, feeling it through his black Calvin Klein boxers at first, then sliding in, flesh on flesh, her manicured fingers invaded his manhood. He was hard and larger than she expected.

The gentle rhythm that she used as she stroked up and down his cock made Ed harder and harder. Her touch was all he’d imagined it to be. Soft, yet firm, gripping around the Escort Aksaray shaft as her hand made its way up and down, from base to head.

He kissed her as she touched his cock, teasing him by getting faster and faster, then slowing down to a gentle rhythm. He slid his fingers inside her for the first time, feeling her hot, wet flesh. She was ready for this.

He watched her pussy intently as he slid another finger in, then bent closer and licked her clit like a cat with a bowl of cream. Sweet, sweet pussy!

Then Hazel was back in control. Standing up on the bed, she straddled him as he lay beneath her touching himself. Ed looked up at her cunt, at her arse, and at her fantastic tits. She crouched down over him, her pussy close to his mouth, then rose quickly again, gyrating her arse in front of him. Ed sat up, grabbing her arse cheeks as he did, and pulling them apart to reveal her hidden secrets. He licked her, front to back, before pushing his whole fist inside her as he stood up.

Now standing at the head of her marital bed, Ed pushed her against the wall, one hand around her throat as the other pushed deep inside her. He kissed her again, noticing she had surrendered to his fantasy.

Then, grabbing her hair, he pushed her to her knees and thrust his cock inside her mouth. She licked him like she had described so many times to him on the internet. And as she did, hot cum invaded her throat, the excess dripping down her chin and falling onto her erect nipples below. He kneeled down alongside her and sucked them gently as her head tipped backwards and her back arched. She was lost in a magical world, close to orgasm.

Ed kissed her now, tasting his own cum on her lips. Harder and harder he kissed, his left hand grasping her hair and pulling her head back while his right hand explored her whole body before settling on her clit. He didn’t have to rub for long before her back arched and her cry filled the room.

When her pussy had finished pulsating, she opened her eyes and looked into his soul as a wry grin crept across her face. Ed pulled on his clothes and bid farewell with a kiss on the tip of her nose. “Don’t forget your tea Mrs Robinson,” he said.

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