The BeachThe Beach


Special Holiday

We arrived at the camp site in the early evening and it seemed quite busy but the weather was wonderful and the sun was shinning bright.

This was going to be a special holiday for us as we had not had one for awhile owing to the pressures at work, so we looked forward to enjoying every minute of it for the full week ahead.

We soon settled in and got everything into the caravan from the car and was already looking forward to a meal in either the camp restaurant or the local pub.

We made our way to both to see which we favoured and decided that we would try the pub as it was nearer the beach so when we had eaten it would not be to far to go.

We ordered our meal and just sat admiring the scenery and having a nice glass of wine, when there was loud roar of motor cycles and eventually three young men entered the pub in their motor cycle leathers.

They ordered their drinks and asked for a menu which the landlord gave them and they moved to a table two tables away from us.

While they were trying to sort out what they were going to have our meals arrived and they casually looked across to us to see what we had ordered. and to see how big the meal looked on the plates.

They did not order their meals there and then and by the time we had finished eating they were no further on to know what they wanted, and one of them casually asked us what we had ordered and what we thought of it.

We told them that the meal was fine and certainly a good size meal so they all then decided to have the same as us and went to the bar to order and replenish their drinks.

We left them in the bar and went to the beach to have a good look around, and the sea was just about in and it was quite calm.

There were a few people about and some were still sunbathing and swimming in the sea and it really looked good. so we decided that tomorrow we would venture down early to get a good spot in the sand dunes.

They were quite close to the sea, but also gave us that extra bit of privacy, and to be able to get a good sun tan.

We walked about half a mile along the beach and then made our way back, picking a spot out in the dunes where we would head for tomorrow.

We both liked to see what was going on and to admire or not admire the bodies that were on display.

Eventually we got back to the caravan only to find that the motor cyclist bikes were out side the next caravan to us.

“I hope they don’t make too much noise and rev their bikes up all day,but that we will have to wait and see.”

We made a cup of tea and sat for awhile before we went to bed as we were both tired as the journey was long and the roads were quite busy so one had to be alert all the time.

Debbie made her way to the bathroom first and after about twenty minutes emerged wearing her new nightdress and looking very sexy.

I then went in and had a quick shower and got ready for bed and put on a pair of pyjama shorts as I did not want to get too hot.

Debbie was sat up in bed just writing up her diary when I clambered in.

The motor cycle boys past quite close to the caravan talking about the beach as they made their way to their caravan.

I put my bedside light out and snuggled down in the bed and cuddled Debbie who put her light out and snuggled down as well. We kissed and touched each other and I said “We should get some sleep and wake up in the morning all refreshed and enjoy the days ahead.”

It was not long before we were both asleep and knew nothing until the seagulls awoke us by running along the roof of the caravan.

I got up and made a cup of tea and looking out the window the sun was rising and the sea looked nice. “We were going to have a nice day.” I said.

I got back into bed and we both drank our tea .

Putting the empty cups to one side we gave each other a big cuddle and kissed passionately, which gave me a good hard on which Debbie took hold of and gently but firmly began to wank.

It was feeling so good I cuddled her breast which was nice and firm and her nipples were standing up proud, I leant over and began to suck them and she let go of my prick and lay on her back so I could cuddle right into her.

My hard cock was pressing against her thigh.

My hand wandered down her body until I found her mound that she had shaven.

I put my fingers just inside her slit and gently began to rub. She also moved her hand down beside her Aliağa Escort and found my cock and gently began to rub me up. I knew I would not last long, I never did when she rubbed me.

I found her clit and began to gently rub my finger in little circles on it, it grew and produced a lovely juicy wet cherry.

My cock was now producing pre cum and her hand was sliding my forskin right down the shaft and it was getting harder and harder.

I inserted two fingers in her cunt and started to finger fuck her, my thumb pressed on her mound rubbing her clit until she got very wet.

My fingers slid in and out easily of her now well open cunt. I started to kiss her breast and suck her nipples and she said that she was going to cum and could I push harder into her as she raised her bottom to get my fingers right inside her.

She made a loud sigh as she thrust her bottom up in the air as she cum,her body quivered as she spurted her cum all over my fingers. She then laid back and opened her legs wide and told me to go between her legs and she would wank me off, so that she could see me shoot my load on her tits and tummy.

I moved in between her legs touching her cunt with my knob before she caught hold of my prick and began to wank it really good and fast.

The sensation as always was really good and it was not long before I could feel I was going to cum and I told her so.

She raised her head and said “Let me watch you cum ,I want your spunk on me”, with that I shot my load of sperm onto her tummy and one lot right up to her breast and around her nipple.

I collapsed onto her body and we both groaned with pleasure and remained there for a few minutes to regain our energy.

Eventually we moved and we took it in turns to go to the bathroom to shower and clean ourselves up before making breakfast.

We made breakfast and cleared it away, then packed our picnic basket and put on our swimming costumes underneath our shorts and tops. Debbie wore a bikini which left no imagination what was underneath it and it looked very nice and very sexy. I just had a pair of quite tight trunks and a pair of shorts on

We made our way to the beach and found the sand dunes which we had picked out the night before and made ourselves comfortable.

We had a good view of the beach and already it was getting quite busy with couples and families. The sea was on the way in but it would still leave plenty of room on the beach to sunbathe. We both took our outer garments off and sat in our costumes reading, and watching the sea and the people on the beach.

Time passed very quickly and it seemed in no time at all that it was nearly lunch time. I poured a cup of coffee from the thermos flask for us both. We did not feel like eating just yet so we just sat and talked while the sun played on our bodies.

I got the sun cream out and started to rub some on Debby’s shoulders and on her front. She undid her bikini top to let her lovely firm tits show and I rubbed the lotion on them.

It was a great feeling to caress them, her nipples were standing out like organ stops.I did not want them to get sunburnt, as that would have been awful not to be able to touch them.

She closed her eyes and lay down while I rubbed the lotion all over her tummy down to her bikini line.She looked so good and so sexy.

We must have dozed off for about ten minutes because I heard voices very close and it turned out to be the three lads who had the motor cycles who were in a sand dune just to the right of us. They were laughing and egging one another on to go swimming,which they eventually did.

They spent quite awhile in the sea and as they came back I took note of just where they were and it was just in the next dune but they could not see us. I peeped over the dune and saw that they were in the nude and drying themselves.

I whispered to Debbie to come and have a look which she did.

They were just larking about and they were showing everything they had, they were not huge, but one could say they were well hung, especially one of them.

Debbie smiled and said “wow,what I could with one like that,” pointing to one with the largest cock, I asked her “what would you do” and she said”I would certainly make him happy by playing with it and making him cum”. I laughed and said, “you would not have the guts.”

We both watched them for a while and Debbie was getting real Alsancak Escort fruity so I decided that we should take a walk down to the sea and dabble our toes in the water before going back to the caravan.

She reluctantly said ok, but wanted to stay and watch the boys mucking about in the nude, as she had watched one chap playing with his self and making his cock stand out between his legs.

The other chaps were just egging him on and laughing and throwing sand at him.

This pleased Debbie as I could see that her tits and nipples were standing very proud from her breast and her bikini trunks looked wet so it was obvious that she was turned on with what she saw. I said “oh come on I am going down to the sea” she followed me and and she was Braless which was nice to see. We got to the water edge and just dabbled our feet in the water to cool down. We splashed one another and had a good old laugh about the lads back in the dunes.

She said,”Wouldn’t it be nice to have a barb down here tonight and we could have a nice swim in the nude as well.” I agreed,as we brought with us a couple of those instant barby’s with us so that was ok.

We made our way back to the sand dunes only to find that the chaps were tyding up there towels etc and they said that were enjoying there stay. They were all in there shorts now, and two of them wore very tight shorts and quite brief.

The other one had a loose pair of shorts on, and wearing no under pants and as he stooped over to pick his towel and clothes up you could see his balls dangling through his trouser leg.

Debbie smiled and licked her lips and then said to them “We were going to have a barby to night about 11-0pm down on the beach and have a swim. if you lads would like to join us you are most welcome.”

Great was there reply we would love to, ok see you then I said and we made our way to the sand dunes.

We spread our towels out and laid back to get the sun shinning on our bodies so we could get a nice tan.

I said , “what ever made you ask those chaps to the barby tonight Debbie,” she replied “that it should be nice to have a little company for a while,” “Oh I see” I said.

I moved closer to her and put my arm around her and cuddled her tits , leant over to kiss her on her tummy and she moved closer and I could feel my prick getting hard and pressing into her side, oh that’s nice she said and moved her hand to take hold of my hard cock. My hand wandered down her tummy until I found the edge of her bikini trunks and gently slipped my hand underneath them until I found her now moist slit.We kissed passionately and started to rub one another up, my cock was really feeling so good. I just loved her touching it and gently wanking me off and playing with my balls.

As I moved to get her facing me I could see the three chaps heads in the sand dunes watching us, I did not say anything to Debbie but just carried on making love as we always did when we had the time.

The lads were very quiet and seemed to be enjoying every minute so I just carried on by undoing Debbies bikini trunks and pulling them away from her body exposing her mound and slit to the whole world. I laid her back so that she was lying naked on her back and the lads had a good view of her. Her hand was still on my cock and every now and again gave it a quick rub. My hand at the same time was touching her up and she spread her legs wide so that I could put my fingers in her and rub her up, she was getting very moist, and I had produced precum and my knob was large and protruding hard on her thigh.

I glanced over to the lads and they were still watching very closely.I bent over to kiss Debbie and at the same time finger fucked her until she let out a loud moan,she had a good orgasm.

I seen the boys disappear backwards into the dunes so I knew they had seen it all.

We lay there for a while and then made are way back to the caravan and Debbie knew nothing about the lads watching us and I never told her.

Night time came and we got ourselves up together to go down on the beach for our barbie and swim. Just as we were going out I had a phone message text to say to ring the boss whenever I had the time no matter what the time was. I told Debbie and she said to call him after the barbie , I said ok and off we went.

We arrived at the beach and set ourselves up and changed into our costumes and laying the large towels Balçova Escort out so that we could sit or lie comfortably on them. There was nobody else on the beach accept us and the moon was not quite full so the light was just right for skinny dipping.

The chaps had not arrived so we thought we would do our swim before they got here so we undressed and went nude into the water. The water was cool but not cold so we swam and splashed about for quite a while and the we saw that the lads had arrived and they were just in their shorts and were watching us. “Oh dear,so what now?”

“oh don’t worry, they wont take too much notice and they will probably do the same”

We strode up the beach and the lads said, “Was the water ok” we said “yes it was fine”

They gave Debbie a good look over and then took off there shorts and ran down to the sea in the nude. “Oh my god,they are not shy are they” said Debbie, No they are not, Big lads she said laughing.

We put our shorts on, Debbie went topless and started the barbie going the lads came running back after a short while and Debbie could not take her eyes off there dangling balls and cocks. they also could not take there eyes off her breasts and her tight shorts. They asked us if it was ok if they stayed in the nude as they only had one pair of shorts each and they had to make them last the week. “Up to you”,I said and Debbie said it was ok by her as she had seen all they had anyway.

We cooked the sausages and we all had a hot dog and just sat around the warm glow of the barbie when I said to Debbie “I was going to text my boss”

“ok” she said. I went to find the phone and realised that I had left it in the caravan so I had to go back and do it. “ok, don’t be too long,” and off I went.

I made my phone call and picked up my video camera and made my way back to the beach. The wind break that we had put up blocked my view of them all, but there was nobody else about anyway.

As I got closer I could hear them talking and it seemed that they were talking sexy to Debbie, I crept up to wind break and listened , Two of the chaps were asking Debbie if she liked sex and what did she like best about it, I could hear her say that she did like sex and that she enjoyed watching them in the nude, “Do you like a women in the nude” she asked, “oh yes” came the reply.

Through the join in the windbreak I could see that one of the lads was rubbing himself up, and he was knelt at the bottom of Debbie’s feet and between her legs.

One was on his knees at her side fondling her breast. I could not see the other but I gathered he was the other side of her and touching her other breast.

Debbie was stretched out and seemed to be enjoying every minute of it, infact the one chap at her feet started to pull her shorts off while still rubbing his cock up, which now was very big and his knob was glistening with precum. The one at her side also had his cock on her belly and she was reaching down wanking it,he also was quite big.

The third one had moved up by her head and blocked my view so I had to move around the side a bit more to get a better view.That was now much better,I could see all of them. The one at her head was fondling her breast but also trying to get her to give him a blow job, but she caught hold of his cock and started to wank him very fast. In the mean time the one at her feet had got her shorts off and was going down on her juicy cunt licking it and sucking hard on her large clit, Debbie was groaning with pleasure at the three hands caressing her body.

All she wanted now was a big prick inside her, shooting its load of sperm right into her cunt, and the two at the side she was wanking to shoot their load all over her chest.

The lad at her feet spread her legs and held his cock in his hand and said to her this is what your going to get now and he plunged his thick long cock into her wide open fanny.He gave her hard thrust like a piston engine until he shot his load of spunk right up into her. Her body quivered and she had a terrific orgasm at the same time as his thrusts shot its load up her.

Debbie brought herself back to life.

The two cocks she had been wanking she really went to town on, and they both shot their loads all over her chest. She wiped the sperm off all around her breast and nipples.

They all stood up and there pricks were just hanging deflated, their balls were like empty sacks hanging down. They all thanked Debbie and said what a lovely girl she was and such a gorgeous fuck.

At that moment I made my hurried entrance making out that I had just got back and not witnessed anything.

“Everything ok?” I asked , “fine” everybody said. so we packed up the stuff and made our way back to the caravan

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