My First HarleyMy First Harley


This story and its characters are complete fiction from the mind of the author. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidence.

* * * * *

Hi. My name is Tom Banks. Let me introduce myself and my wife Marcy. We are in our early 50s. As for me I top the tape at 5′ 10″ and the scales at a well-packed 200lb. I have worked hard to keep myself in shape over the years, and that work has paid off. I am no Mel Gibson, but the love of my life tells me I am not hard to look at. I am not going to say that I am a stud, but am a respectable 6 and 1/2 ” with a generous girth that keeps my red head extremely satisfied. She says that it is not only the quality of the equipment, but the quality and ability of the operator that count.

Marcy is barely over 5 ft tall. She has red hair and green eyes. The rest of her is magnificent. Her skin is translucent like fine bone china. She weighs in at about 108lb and that hasn’t varied more than 5lb, except during pregnancy, in all the years we have been married. Her breasts are a very lovely 34C, her waist is 26″, and her hips are 35″. She has worked hard during the years on her figure. It is more rounded than 27 years ago, but there is no sag anywhere. Her legs are lovely, and in excellent shape as well. Her face is still lovely and time has been good to her. There are very few lines or wrinkles. Her hair is red, although not quite as red as it once was, and she is natural as her northern and southern exposures will attest to. There isn’t an inch of her that I do not love to kiss, caress, fondle, lick or suck. Heads of all ages still turn in her direction and when dressed to the 9’s she is a showstopper. I am very proud to be with and around her.

One Saturday afternoon, not long ago, we were sitting on the sofa in the den. One of our sons, and his family, had just left. We were cuddling and necking, as well as chatting and reminiscing about our life together. The conversation had drifted through many subjects of our experience together. I had my hand under her T-shirt and bra fondling some lovely breast tissue and was nibbling an earlobe while Marcy fondled the front of my Jeans with one hand and the back of my neck with the other. Out of the blue Marcy asked, “Tom, do you ever think about getting another motorcycle?”

When we first met I had a big Yamaha 750. It was the biggest thing they produced at the time, and I loved it. A few years into our marriage I sold it. The bike had spent more time parked in our garage than on the road since married life kids and career did not leave much time for riding. Money from the sale had gotten us through a tight spot as well, and due to our financial situation I would not even think about getting another one. As the years passed, even though the finances got better and better, the idea of a bike never seemed right. Until that day it had remained deep in my memory.

I let the earlobe slip from my lips and looked up at her, but refused to relinquish the breast giving me joy at the moment. “What made you think of that?” I asked.

“I have been your partner for the past 27 years, big guy.” She replied. “Even though you have never said anything, I am not blind. Every time you see a big bike you look like a kid with his face glued to the toy store window at Christmas time. I know that the desire is still there even if you won’t admit it to yourself.”

She was right. I can’t walk past a big bike parked on the street without stopping to look it over. We almost had an accident in the car once when I tried to look at one too long going in the opposite direction.

“Besides,” she continued, “you have worked hard for a long time to provide for us. It’s time you started getting some of the things you deserve.” Her voice was a little breathy from my work on her breast and nipple

“If I were to get another bike, there is only one I would want”

“What would that be?” she asked.

“A big Harley.” I answered. In my youth I had had a string of rice burners, Japanese motorcycles to the uninitiated. I had wanted a Harley when I bought the Yamaha, but they were expensive even then, and there was a 2- year waiting list. I vowed then if I ever got another it would be a Harley. “It would be expensive, and besides what about you? Like you said, you have been my partner for 27 years. You deserve things as much as I do.”

“Tom, you can be one of the densest people I know sometimes. For the past 15 years you have been giving me just about anything I want. The house I wanted the car I wanted, and we have even traveled to the places I wanted to go including Europe. None of those things have been remotely inexpensive. How expensive can it be?” Her voice was a little more normal by now since I had stopped fondling and only held her breast in my hand.

I thought for a minute, and said, “I don’t even know. I haven’t priced one in years.”

Marcy let go of me, removed my hand, put her bra in place and looked at her watch. She asked, “Do you have any plans for the next couple Gebze Escort of hours?” This woman can change topics as fast and as smooth as formula one driver changes gears.

I looked into her green eyes and saw that twinkle she gets when she’s excited. I responded with, “Only taking you to bed and screwing until we’re both cross eyed.”

She grabbed my hand and stood saying, “Come on big guy, let’s go for a ride.” I misunderstood completely. She pulled me up and began dragging me by the hand. When we reached the kitchen she grabbed her purse off the counter, which I thought odd if we were headed for bed, and headed for the kitchen door instead of the stairs. We tripped down the steps to the driveway, and she pushed me toward the passenger side of the car. “I’ll drive,” she said as she went for the driver’s side.

20 minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot of the local Harley dealership. Before we got out of the car Marcy looked at me with that twinkle again and said, “Come on big guy, let’s go look. I have extra Kleenex in my purse to wipe your chin with.” With that we headed for the door of the dealership.

Two men were standing at the door as we reached it. They shook hands and one of them came out holding the door for us as he left. The other one looked at us and said, “Can I help you folks?” He was dressed in Jeans, a Harley T-shirt and boots, with a full beard and his long hair pulled back in a ponytail. He looked like a Harley salesman should look. Marcy looked up at him while pointing her thumb at me; “He wants to look at your bikes.”

The man held out his hand and introduced himself as Dave. He told us to look to our hearts’ content, and let him know if he could help. He went to a desk and picked up a phone that was ringing. I looked around and found myself in Harley heaven. I walked down the rows of bikes and became lost in all the chrome and colors. Marcy even faded into the background for a while. All the bikes were beautiful. There were all shapes and sizes, from Sportsters to the Ultra Classics. I was almost to the end of a row when I stopped dead in my tracks. There in front of me was a beautiful red and chrome Ultra Classic. I just stood and stared. I don’t know how long I stood there, but the next thing I knew was Marcy touching my arm and saying, “Do I need to get the Kleenex out now?” She had a big smile on her face and in her eyes. She looked back over her shoulder and called to Dave, “I think we have a winner here, Dave.”

By the time Dave came over I was next to the big bike touching it lovingly, and giving it a good look over. I looked up to see Dave and Marcy on the other side of the bike looking at me. I must have had a goofy expression of wonder on my face, because they both chuckled. Marcy looked up at Dave and said, “I think we’ll take that one.” I was lucky my jaw didn’t break when it hit the heavy meatal of the bike. They both laughed when they looked back at me.

When the paperwork drill was finished Dave said that he had to check a few things. He told us to look to see what accessories we wanted while he did. I took Marcy’s hand and started leading her through the rest of the showroom. Before we went very far Marcy stopped so abruptly that she almost pulled me off balance from behind. I turned to look at her and she said, “Am I going to ride with you this time?” There was a look on her face that I didn’t catch at first, and I didn’t quite understand the question. Then it dawned on me. From the time I met her until the time I sold the old bike, she had never ridden with me. “You know, you never asked me to ride with you back then.” She went on.

“You never seemed to like the bike, so I didn’t think you wanted to ride.” I answered. “Would you like to ride with me this time?”

Her look turned to a big grin. “You betcha big guy. I will ride with you anywhere. What do we need”

“The first thing we need is leathers.” I said.


“Yes,” I replied, “leathers. Leather jackets and pants.”

“What for? I thought those were just for show?”

By this time we had reached the display of leather motorcycle apparel. The aroma of the good leather was almost intoxicating. I began to answer her question, “No my darling. They are not for show. They are for protection from the wind and road rash. I do not want that exquisite skin that I love to touch so much messed up with road rash.”

“How would I get road rash?”

“I don’t plan on it, but I may have to lay the bike down to avoid a collision. Sliding along the pavement will produce nasty cuts to the skin. The leathers will help to keep the road rash to a minimum.”

Nodding her agreement with a slight look of dread she said quickly, “What do I need?”

“A leather jacket and pants for the winter, and a leather vest and chaps for the summer.” was my answer.

She began looking through the racks of chaps and vests as I began looking at boots. A few moments later she said from behind me, “How’s Escort Gebze this?”

When I turned around from looking at the boots my red head was standing with her hands on her hips. The vest clung to her chest until it draped from the swell of her breasts and gapped across the T-shirt she was wearing. It partially obscured the writing, which said Grandmas Do It Best. The chaps wrapped her shapely legs over her faded Jeans. She pirouetted slowly to give me the full treatment. Her side view was most provocative. The straps went around the tops of the backs of her thighs, and then swung just under her cheeks. This added definition to her already delectable backside. I gave her double thumbs up for her efforts.

The vest and chaps started to come off as she began to look at the leather jackets and pants. I went to the helmet rack and started comparing. A while later, after I had narrowed the vast variety of choices to 2, I heard from behind me, “How do you like this?”

This time my eyes popped out of my head and my Jeans became 2 sizes too small in the crotch. There stood my lovely bride in fawn colored jacket and pants. The jacket clung to her torso and accentuated her breasts. The pirouette revealed that the leather pants fit her like a second skin. Every inch of her, from the waist down, was on display. It was also apparent that she had removed her panties. There was no panty line to mar the appearance of the smooth leather, and the leather at the top of her thighs had begun to fold in to that sex glove that fits my tool so well. She looked good enough to eat. Her eyes fell to my crotch and she said, “Is that a rolled sock in your pants or do you like what you see?”

I went to her and picked her up in a bear hug and kissed her. The kiss became passionate dueling tongues. I lowered her to her feet, and my hands caressed down her back and ended with a leather-encased cheek in each hand. My hands pressed into her cheeks and pulled her against me as we continued our lusty kiss and grope. It didn’t matter to us whether people stared or not. I commented as we came up for air, “You look totally edible in that rig.”

Her pelvis ground against my groin provocatively and she said breathlessly, “I’m gonna hold you to that when I get you home. If I knew how good this leather felt I would have been wearing it long before now. I feel like hands are caressing every inch of my body right now, and it makes me incredibly hot.”

I thrust my groin against hers as I replied, “I’m gonna have to beat the men away with a bat when they see you in this get up.” I gave her one more groping hug caressing everything I could reach and said, “Thanks baby for letting a dream come true.”

“You’re welcome handsome.”

She went back to the dressing room to change. I picked my things and tried them on, and helped her pick out boots. We retrieved the helmets and other things we would need, then proceeded to the counter to pay for them. Dave found us just as we were about to leave the counter and look for him. He had a not too happy expression on his face, and I was afraid that the deal was falling through. He said, “I just got off the phone with the bank. The loan people had already left for the day. We won’t be able to confirm the financing until Monday.” My heart fell. He continued, “I’m positive that there won’t be a problem with your credit rating. We’ll just have to wait until Monday to wrap it all up.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “Unfortunately, I can’t let you take the bike until then.” My emotions were feeling like a yo-yo, but I was able to be somewhat calm and magnanimous about the situation. Barely.

I was on cloud 9 all the way home. When we got in the house the phone started to ring. Marcy got to it first. It was our daughter Jeanie. I knew that usually meant they would chatter for a while. I told Marcy I was going to have a shower. She nodded and waved her acknowledgement. Showered and shaved I went back down stairs in my robe. Marcy was just hanging up the phone when I entered the kitchen. I came up behind her, pushed my groin into her backside, wrapped my arms around to take 2 handfuls of beautiful breast and nuzzled the back of her neck. She pushed her buns back against my groin and placed her hands over mine to hold them to her breasts. She turned to kiss me and then wiggled out of my arms. She said, “Down big fella. I need a shower too. Don’t go away.” Then vanished up the stairs.

I felt a little left out. As hot as she was at the Harley shop I figured she would want me in the shower too to scrub her back and other things. I decided to get a glass of ice water and check the weather for tomorrow. The talking heads of the Weather Channel were giving me the weather while I sat on the sofa with my back to the door. My mind was on the weather and my new acquisition, and I did not hear Marcy come down stairs or enter the den. My first inkling she was there was when she walked around the end of the sofa and stood in the middle of the room facing Gebze Escort Bayan me. Her legs were spread apart and her hands were on her hips.

All thoughts of the weather my new Harley and everything else in my world ceased as I looked at Marcy. She had fixed her hair nicely, and put on a little make up. She had also put the vest and chaps back on. Only this time there was nothing under them but Marcy. The vest came down her shoulders and clung provocatively to the upper slopes of her breasts. I don’t know if it was the caress of soft and supple leather her excitement or both, but her nipples were pushing out at me through the leather. They were hard and pointy. The vest hung strait from there and stopped just level with her navel, and left a gap through which the inner slopes of her beautiful breasts were clearly visible. Her breath was heaving some and the vest rose and fell with each breath. Her slightly rounded tummy protruded just barely over the cross strap of the chaps. The leather clinging to her legs enhanced their shapeliness. Each curve was accentuated. The high heels she wore instead of bare feet further accentuated her calves. The gap at the top of the chaps and the cross strap framed her beautiful pubes. Vaginal lips were engorged and clearly visible through the red curls, and I could see pearl drops of moisture clinging to them. One very beautiful and very aroused red head was standing before me in all of her radiant glory.

I was speechless as my eyes took in every inch of this glorious sight before me. My throat was dry with passion, and a rather large tent had formed in the lap of my robe. I looked her up and down very slowly and deliberately. The realization that this incredibly beautiful creature before me was mine for the wanting was almost too much to accept as reality. Her eyes had turned a dark and smoky shade of green that comes when she is highly aroused, and her breathing had become even heavier almost panting with desire.

Slowly I inched myself off the sofa to me knees, and crept to kneel before her. The aroma of fresh, clean, and aroused womanhood assailed my senses as I got closer. It was the only scent she wore, and it made my head swim. I reached with my hands and slowly caressed the fronts of her legs from ankle to thigh and back again. The process was repeated with my hands on the insides of her legs, and at knee level the soft skin like leather became warm, soft and supple skin. My right hand reached the top of her left thigh and turned over to brush its back gently and lovingly across the tender and moist lips between her spread legs. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked her juices from my knuckles. Palm up my hand lovingly caressed the pouting lips and soft curls. It cupped my prize and gently rubbed and pressed. A soft moan escaped her lips, and I looked up to see her head back, eyes closed, and hands caressing her own breasts through the leather covering them. Except for our heavy breathing it was the first sound she had made since entering the room. She took a deep breath, brought her head forward as she opened her eyes and looked at me with smoldering emeralds. Her look told me what she wanted, and my hands once again descended her legs. This time they went to the backs of her ankles and rose.

Once again the feeling of the supple leather over her warm flesh was incredible. Leather stopped at her knees and my hands once again were caressing what they longed to possess. The ascension across bare skin brought another moan, as the backs of her legs are very sensitive. With a generous globe of flesh in each hand I pulled her forward. Her groin approached my face, and once within reach my tongue slowly traced her outer lips from bottom to top once again savoring the flavor of her juices. My nose was buried in the soft curls covering her sex. Each outer lip was pulled in to my hungry mouth and sucked. They opened of their own volition and my tongue entered her haven. She placed a leg over my shoulder to give me a better angle and better access to my target. I plunged my rigid tongue as deeply as it could reach and rubbed my nose against her clitoris. The taste and aroma was driving me wild. Her hips began to move against my face as her hand came behind my head to pull me closer. I looked up to see her other hand under her vest tweaking her nipples. She moaned, “Oh yes.” I increased the speed of my attack. Tongue laved over clitoris and I trapped it between my lips and flicked it like a butterfly with my tongue.

Her hip movements became more urgent and rapid as she approached her climax. “Hmmm” came repeatedly from her lips like a mantra. “Oh please… Don’t stop… I’m right there. Ahhhhhh… Yesssss… Lick it…. Ungh.” Both of her hands were behind my head as she tried to pull my face harder against the center of he desire. Every muscle was as tense as a bowstring and trembling as she entered the throes of a massive orgasm. The one leg that was her only support, other than my hands on her behind, began to buckle. I slowly lowered her to sit astride my lap with a leg on either side of my hips, and held her tightly to me. The sensation of leather covered breasts against my chest was exquisite. Her pelvis began rubbing against my erection to prolong the stimulation a little as she came down from her explosion.

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