I come from the bedroom dressed in nothing but one of your white t-shirts. It’s barely long enough to cover my smooth wet pussy. your sitting on the couch and I climb onto your lap and straddle you.

You want to kiss my soft lips and grab my tight little ass, but I push your hands down and tell you no touching. I pull the shirt up over my head and put it around your neck and pull your face into my perfect tits. I let you lick and bite on my nipples.

Then I restrain you again as I slowly start to kiss and suck on your neck. I start to bite your neck and hear you take in a deep breath as you start to work your hips underneath me.

Slowly working my way down to your chest biting and licking your nipples. I Elazığ Escort want your big hard cock in my mouth. I start to get off of you and tell you to stand up. I grab your cock through your pants and ask you if you want me to suck it.

There are no objections from you on that suggestion so I get you totally unclothed and push you back down on the couch. Softly licking the tip I spread your legs and move in closer to your cock. Licking the tip harder now I take one hand and play with my clit making sure I’m so wet for you.

Soon I have my whole mouth around your cock. Your moaning now and you put your hand on my face and move me so you can see me looking into your eyes. I move down and lick your Elazığ Escort Bayan thighs while I stroke your cock and play with your balls. Your breathing is getting deeper and harder now I know you want to be inside me.

I want you too, but I want to hear you say my name before I stop. Moving from your thighs to your balls and licking and sucking on them one at a time. Slowly flicking my tongue underneath your sac moving toward your pleasure zone.

I know you can barely hold it in now you want me to taste you. I move my tongue down further and lick your ass for just a moment cause I love to tease you. I hear you moan and say “oh Yes”. I take your cock back into my mouth and I can taste you Escort Elazığ now mmmmmm. I start sucking and working your cock up and down. You taste so good. I finally hear my name pass through your lips.

I make you sit up all the way and I once again straddle you. Your cock is so hard and ready for my pussy. I lift myself up so you can play with my pussy, I love it when you play with me and tease me. I slowly guide your cock into my sweet pussy.

I love to ride you especially when you grab my hips and force me up and down on your cock. It feels so good. I let you be in charge now and you pick me up by my tight little ass and carry me while staying inside my wet pussy. To the bedroom you take me, as you slowly put me down on the bed you raise my legs up to my chin so you can have your cock deep inside my warm wet pussy.

Now pumping your hardness in my wet hole fucking me just the way I like it. …………

To be continued

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