Subject: Leo Gives 6 Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome ail. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between men above the age of 18. Nifty is able to provide us with a platform to share and enjoy each other’s stories. Please consider donating below to allow Nifty to be able to continue this fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 6 Leonardo Mitchell had his arms around the blond collegiate skier as they shared a kiss just inside the door to his townhouse unit at the ski resort in the Colorado mountains. Leo in his late 30’s still had the fit and trim body of the model he was in his youth and early 20’s, he enjoyed the hot young man flesh of the 22 year old skier that his arms were hugging and exploring. The two had already shared their bodies with each other in the last few days, by themselves and with one of Ian’s teammates Russell. Both athletes were superb in the acts of giving pleasure and receiving it. It had been Ian’s initial heat induced black out in the hot tub that had started them on this adventure. Leo had opened his door to let two of Ian’s teammates, the brothers Michael and Daniel, go to their condo unit when Ian was standing at the threshold just about to knock. The brothers left after sharing a knowing look with Ian and blushes on their tanned faces. Ian was aware that they had wanted to make Leo’s more intimate acquaintance, and it appeared that they had done just that. It was early evening and Leo heard Ian’s stomach growl. Oh to be young with a high metabolism he mused. Leo was in the process of recharging after his time with the brothers in the afternoon and with Ian’s coach, Scott Eads in the morning. While his desire was there, he needed some additional time to recoup. “Have you eaten dinner yet?” Leo inquired as he pulled his head from deep kiss. He was still rubbing his arms up and down Ian’s back while waiting for the boy to respond. “No, not yet. I could just eat you.” Ian replied with a smirk. “I have not had a chance to have groceries brought in, so let’s go for eat at the cafe.” Leo suggested, with a grin, “Then maybe later you can have your fill of me.” “You are on my friend.” Ian said as he planted another kiss on Leo’s cheek. “I need to change out of these athletic clothes, but you should be fine in the jeans and shirt you are wearing. Follow me upstairs if you like.” Leo told him as he walked down the hall through the kitchen. “I love watching you Leo, so I will gladly come up with you.” Ian replied as they headed up the stairs. They entered the bedroom and Leo started to pull off his shirt and shorts that he had thrown on, left overs from his run down to the hot tub prior to meeting the brothers and returning to his townhouse for fun. At 6’1″ with his model fit frame, he was just a few inches taller than Ian at 5’10”. Ian sat down on the chair and smiled as Leo walked into the adjoining bathroom and walk-in closet to choose what to wear. Since Leo did not plan on going outside, he opted for a pair of dark wash denim jeans that hugged his legs and ass like a glove and a lightweight cashmere v-neck sweater in a rich hunter green. The sweater complemented his Hazel eyes, pulling the lighter green notes of the color out. Leo pulled out the dark brown driving moccasins to complete his look. Smiling at the onlooking Ian, he grabbed his brush and ran it through his long wavy hair. Glancing in the mirror he was ready to go. Leo walked into the bedroom and gave a turn in front of Ian, who whistled his approval. Leo grabbed his phone and the card key for the unit. Thinking ahead he sent a text to the resort concierge number set aside for the higher tier guests to reserve a table at the cafe. Not that it would be too busy, it was just Leo had a preferred table and did not want to be kept waiting too long. Ian stood up and came to Leo’s side, looking up into his eyes they kissed again. This time both showing some notes of desire and reserve. Leo’s phone buzzed a reply to his dining request. Leo glanced at the message and then grabbed Ian’s hand. “Time to go my hungry boy,” Leo teased as they walked down the stairs, “and I don’t just mean for food.” He patted Ian on the ass as they headed out the door. The walk to the open air cafe at the resort was just a short walk, Leo and Ian chatted lightly while in transit. Leo was discovering that Ian was not only handsome but very intelligent as well. Ian was studying International Business and was interested in Leo’s travels with Mitchell Creative Agency and previous modeling career. They arrived at the Cafe and were seated at Leo’s preferred table by the fountain. The chef had sourced some locally grown beef and had prepared Beef Wellington as a special. Leo suggested it and they both ordered it. Leo also ordered a bottle of Snowy Peaks Cabernet, since Ian had indicated that they were headed back to school in the morning and would not be doing any ski training. “So what did you do to get our rooms upgraded with the perks but keep the cost so low?” Ian said casually as he sipped the red wine. His blue eyes were peering out of his blond eyelashes. “Whatever do you mean?” Leo replied with a smile, “I just complimented the resort’s General Manager for his assistance of your team in a time of need. During our discussion, I inquired what would be usual for team to do for housing during the competition season. I happened to mention that I thought that the team’s alsancak escort usually contracted with the same place to be consistent for the athletes and to lock in a reasonable rate.” “And??? It had to be more than that.” Ian asked, then went on, “Coach Eads said Mr. Samuel met with him and advised him that the resort had a newly remodeled townhouse unit that had 3 bedrooms available. Mr. Samuel said that because the unit was delayed in the conversion refresh, it was not rented for the season. Due to that the team could secure it for the same rate that we would had to have paid the old hotel for three rooms. He indicated that instead of having 2 queen beds in each room, they would have kings in each, if we would be OK with that the unit was ours.” “Wow that is wonderful. I had no idea that there was such a project going on.” Leo replied, “I did find out that Mr. Samuel was a collegiate skier in his day, one of your team’s competitors, but he said he could not stand by and not help a ski team out if he had the means.” “That is cool, Coach did not say anything about Mr. Samuel being a comp skier.” exclaimed Ian, continuing, “So you did not have anything else to do with our new digs?” “All I did was ask some directional questions, just to get the ball rolling.” Leo responded. “He did the rest. I will have to thank him for that though.” Leo made a note on his phone as a reminder just when dinner came. They enjoyed the food with was outstanding, the meat was tender and flavorful and the sides were paired nicely with it. Another excellent meal that chef Bryant had cooked for Leo. “Do you want desert?” Leo asked, “They make an great creme brulee.” “I would rather desert on something back at your place.” Ian said coyly. “Oh I see.” Leo replied in a low voice, “something of a different European flavor for you tonight.” Ian only blushed and barely nodded in reply, the patches of red was striking on his fair skin and made Leo growl. Ian’s blush got darker. Leo settled the tab and the two left the cafe headed back down to the townhouse area of the resort. Leo put his arm around Ian as they walked. Ian leaned his head in towards Leo’s shoulder with a sigh. The arrived at Leo’s townhouse entered toward the kitchen and great room. Leo started the fireplace and lead the two of them to the couch. They settled down on the couch, Ian wrapped himself in Leo’s arms and they began to kiss. It was slow and sexy kissing, their tongues flashing between each other. Ian was using his hands to explore Leo’s body, rubbing Leo’s chest, abs, legs and ass. Leo took one hand and placed it on back of Ian’s head, pulling him in for a deeper kiss, and the other hand went down Ian’s back to cup and pull his ass. Both of them were grinding their crotches together – hardness of each of them starting to make pre-cum leak patches on the respective denim. They continued to make out, each moaning at different times. “When do you have to be back to your condo tonight.” Leo asked during a break in their kissing. “Not until tomorrow at 8” Ian responded, “Russ is covering for me in case there are any questions and I am already packed and ready to go. If you are OK with an overnight guest?” “That is the best news I have had all day.” Leo responded and went back in to kiss Ian. Ian had other plans. He reached up and pulled Leo’s shirt off, tossing it on the coffee table. He turned back and pulled Leo’s now bare arms up and leaned into the exposed pits. Ian started to lick and kiss each pit, wetting it down, rubbing his face against each one. Leo lounged back and let Ian have control of his body. With each pit thoroughly wet, Ian licked and kissed his way over to Leo’s nipples, already hard from the pit bath he received. As Ian’s tongue tasted the first hard nub, Leo issued a low rumbling moan of pleasure. Ian lazily tasted each nipple, teasing it and playing with it, all causing Leo to have shivers up his spine and making his dick pulse in his jeans. Ian lifted off Leo’s nipple and started to move down to his abs. Leo pulled Ian’s head back up for a quick and wet kiss, while he pulled and removed Ian’s shirt. Ian moved his attention back to Leo’s naked chest, kissing and licking all of the defined ab muscles. He stopped at Leo’s belly button, an innie, there he slide his wide tongue in a slowing tightening circle ending with his tongue plunging in and out of the tight little hole. Ian next started to kiss down towards Leo’s waist. He put his hands on and rubbed Leo’s hard cock through the jeans, taking a finger to dip and then lick some of the pre-cum from the spot on his jeans. Ian’s fingers played down the exposed hairs of Leo’s treasure trail before finding and undoing the jeans. Since Leo had not put on anything under his jeans, when Ian splayed the jeans open, his cock sprang out at Ian’s face. Leo looked down at the blond skier who was bending his head toward Leo’s hard cock head. Ian’s tongue swiped out and collected the new drops of pre-cum. His hands reached to grab the waist of the jeans and to lift and pull them down. Leo lifted his hips so Ian could pull them down. Ian went ahead and pulled them completely off, leaving Leo naked lounging on the couch, basking in the warmth of the fireplace. Ian looked at Leo and sighed, he stripped off his jeans as well. His cock hard against his belly, dripping his pre-cum into his blond pubes. Leo’s head reclined back as he felt Ian join with him on the couch and nuzzle against his neck. Leo went to aliağa escort pull Ian into a hug, skin to skin, but again Ian slid down Leo’s body. Ian allowed his body to fully rub down Leo as he lowered himself to the floor on his knees between Leo’s legs. He opened his mouth and took Leo’s dripping tool all the way down to his base. Ian relaxed his throat and bobbed his head down further to slide all of Leo’s eight inches in his mouth. His tongue licking the shaft, he moved his head up and down on Leo’s cock. Leo was groaning and moaning as Ian including playing with his balls while he was deep throating the large cock. Leo rested a hand on Ian’s blond head, caressing the boy’s ear and jawline with his thumb. The ski boy hummed around the mouth encased prick at the attention that Leo was giving him. Ian’s hands pushed Leo’s thighs further apart, giving his hands more access to Leo’s intimate areas. Ian’s fingers move from Leo’s balls and trailed lower to his pucker. Ian slipped the fingers all around the waiting hole, running right over the entrance with a tip. Ian collected spit from around Leo’s balls and shaft from the ongoing blow job, taking the wet fingers he pushed the tips of two fingers into Leo’s hole. Ian pushed the digits in until they jabbed Leo’s prostrate gland. He began massaging the fast hardening gland, while he forced his head lower on Leo’s cock – making the cock head enter and exit his throat. Leo’s hand on Ian’s head stopped caressing and began to hold it still while he started to thrust his hips forward pushing his cock further into Ian’s throat with each thrust. Ian was gasping as he could when Leo’s cock would pop out of his throat entrance, his fingers continued to massage Leo’s p-nut. Ian felt the gland turn as hard as stone and felt Leo’s balls pull up tight. Leo forced Ian’s head down hard with a final thrust of his hips before he started pumping ropes of hot cum down the boy’s throat. Leo pulled his hips down after he felt Ian’s throat muscles start to spasm against his dick head. Ian sputtered as air was making it back down his throat, while the rest of Leo’s load sprayed in his mouth. Switching his breathing to his nose, Ian clamped his lips tightly around the cock that just finished shooting. He held it there until he was sure Leo was starting to calm down. Ian raised his head up and off of Leo’s cock as Leo’s hand fell to his side. Ian’s lips puckered around the cock leaving his mouth to save the load on his tongue. Leo watched as the tousled and flushed face of the boy came close and began to kiss him. Ian fed the load that was in his mouth to Leo and then began to make out with him again. Ian had pressed his body next to Leo’s on the couch, but he moved to straddle Leo’s hips and dripping cock. Ian was thrusting his hips back and forth, sliding his hot man boy cock against Leo’s stomach. Leo wanted Ian’s cock in him badly. He broke their hard kiss and used their hug to roll Ian off the couch to his back on the floor. Placing his hands on either side of Ian’s head, Leo positioned his body top of Ian’s. Between the spit soaked fingers that Ian had plunged into Leo and Ian’s pre-cum coated cock, Leo lined up the fully hard seven inches and began to push it in his hole. Ian gasped as he felt his cock head slowly pass through Leo’s inner ring. The tight velvet like feeling was wrapping all around his cock as Leo lowered the rest of his body down on Ian. Leo continued pushing until he felt his ass lips come to rest on the trimmed blond bush. He paused for a minute to acclimate to Ian’s cock, using his inner ass muscles he started to pulse around the cock. Ian was moaning at the inner massage, clearly enjoying the sensations. Leo began to raise and lower his body, fucking himself on Ian’s cock lodged deep in his ass. Leo increased the pace and the height of each stroke, he was dropping down firmly each time – making a slapping sound as they connected. Leo tilted back slightly to make Ian’s dick stand almost straight up, changing the pressure and direction of the invading unit. His dick was flopping on to Ian’s belly with each crashing together. Ian’s cock was brushing against his gland with each entry and even though he had cum very hard not long ago, it was making his dick leak pre-cum streaks all over the blond stud’s belly. Leo wanted the stud deeper in his ass. He dismounted from Ian’s cock and stood up. He offered his hand to Ian and helped pull him up. He took Ian by the hand and led him to side of the couch. Leaning his body over, Leo pulled Ian toward’s his opening. Ian positioned his cock and sunk back into Leo’s waiting ass. Ian started thrusting hard into Leo, grabbing Leo’s hips to pull him tight with each thrust. Leo was moaning and started to yelp when Ian changed and would pull all the way out and slam back in. The fuck that Ian was giving was pounding at Leo’s prostrate, making his dick come back to full mast. Ian thrust in and then pulled Leo’s chest up, holding on to Leo’s shoulders. Ian resumed pounding up while pulling Leo’s torso down. Leo was really turned on and he began to pulse his ass muscles as Ian slammed into him. Ian gasp at the difference. Ian continued to pound away and Leo was pulsing each time. Ian was starting to sweat and could feel his climax building deep in his core. His balls were tingling and pulled up like lightening when Leo did a double pulse on Ian’s cock during the last thrust. With a yell, Ian slammed into Leo’s ass with all he could muster, burying tire escort his cock deep in Leo’s hole. Leo felt the hot cum pulse in his ass, four or five times. Ian stayed pushed in deep, slumped his body forward and releasing Leo’s torso from being upright. Ian steadied himself and carefully pulled his cock from Leo’s ass. He helped pull Leo up and they joined in a long, slow kiss. With his arms around Leo, Ian looked him in the warm hazel eyes. “My god that was the best fuck I think I have ever had.” Ian said quietly, “That was so hot, you turn me on so much. I don’t know if I can get enough of you.” “You my hot stud are quite a find. You are versatile like myself.” Leo answered, “You are passionate and look to please your partner.” Ian smiled, his blue eyes shining as he stood under Leo’s gaze. “Let’s go upstairs and hit the shower. I think I have a little play left in me and if you are game, I want a crack at that ass.” Leo said as he slapped the pale skinned ass in his hand. The naked pair walked up the stairs, stopping at the master bedroom drink station and grabbed some waters. Leo pulled some towels out and started the steam shower. When the water was warm, he lead Ian in and they began to soap and clean each other. Soon they had suds and lather all over their body, Ian turned and had Leo was his back and ass – Leo teased him and slipped a soapy finger in Ian’s hole. Ian giggled and shook his ass at Leo. They rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Leo grabbed the towels and started to dry Ian off. Letting Ian finish dry his blond hair and pink fresh skin, Leo dried himself off – paying attention to get his long brown hair dry as he could. They tossed the towels in the basket and Leo lead them to the bedroom. Drawing Ian in for a kiss, Leo directed them to the bed. The bed hit the back of Ian’s knees and he settled down on the mattress. Leo pushed the boy to lay back as he dropped down to his knees. Ian’s pale dick was standing out from his blond bush. Leo drew it into his mouth and sucked it for a minute or so. He took his mouth off the cock and traced his tongue down the shaft and licked and sucked the fuzzy balls. Ian was cooing and moaning as Leo’s tongue and lips worked his member. Leo pushed Ian’s legs up towards his chest, exposing the pink pucker ringed with the blond hair. Taking just a moment to admire the view, Leo dove in and started licking and kissing the tight boy pucker. He licked around the outer ring, across the tight opening and then forced his tongue inside the hole. Using his hands he spread the cheeks further back and started tongue fucking the hot stud. Ian was reduced to muttering and moaning as Leo ate his ass. Ian’s hips would shimmy and shake as Leo continued to loosen and wet the boy hole. Ian let out a low moan when Leo brought two of his fingers to Ian’s mouth to wet with spit. Once they were slicked up, Leo brought them down and slid them into Ian’s waiting hole. The licking and kissing had prepared Ian’s hole well and Leo’s fingers did not meet resistance. He could feel Ian’s prostrate gland with ease, a few jabs made some pre-cum leak from Ian’s cock – Leo licked the drops up quickly. Leo knew that Ian was ready. “Tell me what you want you young hot stud.” Leo asked the moaning athlete with his legs up and exposed hole. “I need you to fuck me Leo. Fuck me hard. Please.” Ian pleaded as Leo removed his fingers, Ian’s hole gaping slightly. Leo nodded and reached over to grab the lube. He slicked up his cock and put a bit more on his finger which he then slid in and out of Ian’s hole. Satisfied, Leo placed his engorged cock head up to Ian’s ass lips. He pushed forward and slid all the way balls deep in a smooth strong stroke. He paused as the bottom as he wanted Ian time to adjust. In a moment Ian wiggled and Leo began to drive into the hot ass. Leo leaned forward and had Ian rest his ankles on Leo’s shoulders, pulling Ian’s hips closer to the end of the bed. The tighter hold and better access to Ian’s tight hole made Leo’s pounding bounce them both with every hard thrust. Ian was grunting but smiling as Leo pile drove him into the bed. Leo’s balls were slapping Ian’s with each thrust, only grunts, moans and slaps were heard while they fucked. Leo pulled out of Ian’s hole, he grabbed the boy and flipped him over to his knees. Pushing Ian’s head forward and his back closer to the bed, Leo pushed his rock hard cock back in. The tilt of Ian’s pelvis and the way Leo was pounding his hole was putting pressure on his gland with each stroke. Ian’s cock was leaking with each hit. Leo reached down and pulled Ian’s torso up, putting his arm around Ian’s neck. The more vertical thrusts were jarring and lifting Ian’s knees from the bed, he leaned back in closer to Leo’s body for support. Leo snaked his free hand around and found Ian’s hard, leaking cock. He slicked up his hand with the pre-cum and started jack Ian in time with the pounding he was giving Ian’s ass. It only took a minute of jacking his cock and pounding his gland for Ian to shoot his load. Ropes of cum shot from his hard dick, covering the lower part of the bed with his jizz. His climax was the little extra stimulation around Leo’s cock as Ian’s ass muscles spasmed and tried to grip it. “Fuuuck!” Leo yelled as he loosed his seed deep in Ian’s ass. He pumped four more times before slamming his cock home and pulsing a few more ropes in Ian’s belly. They rested with Leo’s dick still buried in Ian’s ass. Leo pushed them over to their side and he cuddled the boy as the large spoon. Ian’s breath had slowed down and Leo looked to find the boy had fallen asleep, with Leo’s cock still in him. Leo tried to pull away, but Ian stirred briefly, grabbed Leo’s arm closer and went back out. Leo stayed as he was, falling asleep sated with this hot blond skier that he was coming to enjoy.

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