Seduction of a Babysitter Part IVSeduction of a Babysitter Part IV


In the middle of the night, Nathan woke up, laying next to Melissa, holding on to her. He rolled over, trying to find out what time it was. He looked at her alarm clock and it read 3:00 a.m. He jumped out of bed realizing Janis would be home in few hours, and he didn’t want to get caught in bed with her daughter.

He hurriedly went to the laundry room and put the couch cushion covers into the dryer, and took Melissa’s sheets into her room. As they were drying he went to the front room and started watching TV, trying to pick up the mess in the front room.

After the dryer finished, he put the covers back on the cushions. He went to Janis’ room and found an extra blanket and laid down on the couch, still naked. He checked the time and seen it was 4:30. He shut the TV off and went to sleep.

At a little after 6 in the morning, Janis pulled into her driveway. She was a nurse at the hospital, and was still in her scrubs. She is 34 years old, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She has a sexy build weighing about 130 lbs., standing 5’7″, and a nice 40D chest. Her husband had left her a few years ago, taking their son with him.

Janis opened the front door and quietly closed it behind her, knowing that Melissa and Nathan were sleeping. She walked into the front room and saw Nathan’s head on the arm of it. She smiled to herself, knowing he had helped her out big time by staying, as she walked up behind the couch and looked down at him.

While Nathan was sleeping, he had kicked the blanket off of him, and was laying there, naked, on his back. Janis gasped as she looked down at Nathan, shocked that he was completely naked. She stared at his limp dick, laying on his ball sack, and between his legs. The more she stared at his dick, the hotter her body got.

It has been a few months since Janis has had sex, let alone see a dick. It wasn’t the biggest she had seen, but his teen dick still intrigued her. She thought about turning and leaving, but she just couldn’t pull herself away.

Janis slowly walked around the couch, tossing her purse onto the recliner, not taking her eyes off of Nathan. She knelt down next to the couch, right by his hips. She looked at his crotch, then back up at his face, wondering what his reaction might be if she took advantage of him, and he woke up. She licked her lips, weighing the pros and cons of what she wanted to do. She knew his parents were friends of hers, and they might end that if they found out. But she also wanted a sexual release that she hadn’t had in a while.

Janis’ sexual urge finally took over as she grabbed his limp dick and lightly squeezed. Nathan moaned, but didn’t move. Janis laughed to herself, looking up at him, then moved her head towards his dick, opening her mouth and taking his limp member fully into her mouth.

Nathan groaned when her hot breath hit his dick, waking him a little. He opened his eyes, ready to yell at Melissa, but when he saw the brown hair, he realized it wasn’t Melissa, it was Janis. ‘What the hell,’ he thought to himself. His dick quickly started to harden in her sucking mouth, his groans growing louder and more frequent, his body trembling with excitement.

When Nathan’s dick was fully hard, Janis moved her mouth off of it, vigorously stroking it with her hand as she tickled his ball sack with the tip of her tongue. She continued to stroke his dick as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, sucking on it hard.

Nathan had never had his balls sucked on before, but he didn’t want her to know he was awake, or she might stop, so he fought back yelling out in pleasure. His hips were moving involuntarily, as she sucked his other ball into her mouth, sending all kinds of new sensations through his body, a long groan escaping him.

After Janis had sucked on both of his balls for a while, she moved her head up, concentrating on stroking his dick. She squeezed hard at the base and moved her hand up slowly, coaxing out some precum. Through half open eyes, Nathan watched her stick her tongue out and lick the precum off of the tip, causing him to moan at the sight. Janis did it again, starting at the base and coaxing more precum out, but this time she sucked on the very tip of his dick, causing him to shiver.

Janis let go of his dick and stood up, pushing her pants and panties down. Nathan watched her through his half open eyes, seeing her hairy bush covering her pussy, so he couldn’t get a sight of her slit. Janis took her top off and threw it aside, leaving her bra on, Nathan was amazed at the size of her tits.

Nathan kept looking at her through his half open eyes as she climbed onto the couch and tried to straddle him. Janis used her knee to move Gaziosmanpaşa Escort him over a little, Nathan helping her a little bit. Janis hovered her pussy over his dick and looked at his face, thinking he was still asleep, “here goes nothing,” she said to herself. She grabbed his dick and lowered her pussy towards it.

Nathan felt her pubic hair tickle the head of his dick as she lowered her hips. When he felt the head of his dick begin to enter her hot entrance, he groaned loudly, wanting to lift his hips up and slam into her hard. Janis moved her hand away after the head of his dick entered her labia, and steadily lowered herself down fully onto it. When her ass rested on his thighs she moaned, “ohhh yeahhh.”

Nathan’s dick throbbed deep inside her wet recess as he groaned, “fuuuucccckkkk.” Janis looked right at him, realizing he was awake now. Nathan opened his eyes, looking at her and smiling, “morning Ms. White.” She gave him a half smile, “hi Nathan,” not sure what else to say.

Nathan smirked, “what a way to wake up. My dick buried in a hot woman’s pussy.” Janis lightly chuckled and blushed, not sure what to do now. Nathan helped her by grabbing her hips and lifting her up. Janis followed his lead, putting her hands on his chest and lifting her hips up until just the head of his dick was in her, then swiftly dropping back down, moaning. Nathan grunted below her, moving his hips with hers, lifting them up each time she came down, trying to get his dick deeper inside of her. “Oh yeah Ms. White ride my hard cock,” he groaned, slamming himself into her.

Janis’ moans grew louder as her orgasm began to build inside of her, “oh god Nathan, that’s it drive your hard cock into me, make me cum.” She moved one of hand’s to her pussy, pushing her middle finger into her bush, searching out her clit. “Fuck yeah, make yourself cum, use my dick to make your pussy cum,” he yelled at her.

When Nathan yelled at Janis, Melissa woke up, wondering what was going on. She got out of bed, slowly walking down the hallway towards the front room. She could hear a woman moaning, and a guy grunting. As she walked up to the entryway to the front room, she froze in place, she saw her mom bouncing up and down on the couch, assuming Nathan was below her, when she heard him say, “are you gonna cum Ms. White, huh are you gonna cum for me.”

Melissa felt an immediate twinge of jealousy, but also a warm rush that went right to her pussy. She thought Nathan loved her, and now here he was making love to her mom. She tried to stay back so they wouldn’t see her, when heard her mom yell, “I’m cumming Nathan, your beautiful cock is making me cum.”

Janis slammed down on Nathan’s dick as she started cumming, her legs trembling as her pussy squeezed his dick hard and leaked pussy juice out around his dick. “Oh my god, yessss,” Janis yelled, her orgasm coursing through her.

Nathan held on to her covered tits as she came, urging her on, “that’s it Ms. White cum all over my dick, god your pussy’s so hot.” He could feel her pussy juice going down his ball sack and inner thighs as her entire body shook and jerked on top of him.

Melissa could feel herself getting turned on as she watched her mom cum, and listening to them talk. She started rubbing her tiny tits, fondling them as her body got hotter.

As Janis’ orgasm began to subside, she fell onto Nathan’s chest, breathing heavily. “Holy shit, I needed that,” she groaned, out of breath. Nathan chuckled as he grabbed her firm ass and started slowly moving his hips under her, moving his dick in and out of her.

Janis started moaning as she began moving her hips with his. “Nathan I want you to fuck me from behind,” she groaned pushing herself up. Nathan nodded at her as he stopped moving his hips and let her get off of him. As she stood up, next to the couch, she unsnapped her bra and shucked it off, let her juicy tits fall free.

Melissa was peeking around the wall, watching her mom expose her tits to her lover. She moved a hand down her stomach and lightly ran a finger over her moistening slit, her body shuddering when she ran across her inflamed clit. She watched Nathan get off of the couch and move behind her mom. He cupped both of her mom’s tits, and pinched her erect nipples, causing her mom to groan, “damn you have me so hot, now fuck me Nathan.”

Nathan used one of his hand’s on Janis’ back to push her forward and bend over in front of him. Janis bent over, putting her hands on the back of the couch to hold herself up. Nathan lifted one of her leg’s up and put her foot on the couch.

Melissa saw her mom’s tits hanging down Gölbaşı Escort in front of her, as her mom held her head down. Melissa started running her finger between her tiny pussy lips, her pussy getting wetter as she watched Nathan move up behind her mom and drive himself hard into her. Melissa moaned and licked her lips as she watched her mom’s tits swing up almost hitting Janis in the face. Melissa had never been interested in girls before, but seeing her mom getting fucked was turning her on for some reason. And watching her mom’s tits swing forward and back as Nathan started fucking her hard, his pelvis slapping against Janis’ ass, only heightened her excitement.

Melissa started moving her hand faster on her pussy as her mom cried out in ecstasy, “yes fuck me Nathan, fuck my old pussy.” Melissa could feel her orgasm beginning to build inside of her, as she stuck two fingers in her pussy, rapidly moving them in and out. She started to moan as her body began to tremble, the pressure building up.

Nathan laid across Janis’ back putting his hand over her bush, searching out her clit, continuing to fuck her hard. He felt her hard clit, poking out from her slit, and he rubbed it hard and fast. Janis started moving her hips back into him as he slammed into her, “oh yes Nathan, make me cum again, fuck I wanna cum again,” she cried out.

Melissa had to cover her mouth, as she listened to her mom talk dirty. Her legs were starting to get weak, as she rubbed her clit hard with her thumb. Melissa’s eyes closed as she heard her mom announce, “oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” This set off Melissa’s orgasm as well. The pressure built up inside of her, and was suddenly released. She moaned into her hand as her pussy juice gushed out of her, covering her hand and running down her inner thighs. Her body violently shook and trembled as she came.

When Nathan slammed into her and pulled back, Janis’ orgasm hit her hard. Her pussy forced Nathan’s dick out of her, as her hips bucked, pussy juice shot out of her, covering Nathan’s thighs and the floor below them. Nathan kept his hand on her clit, rubbing it vigorously, as her hips bucked again, shooting out more pussy juice.

As her orgasm began to subside, Janis fell forward against the back of the couch, her body still shaking and her pussy quivering from her orgasm. “Oh my god, it’s been a long time since I’ve cum like that,” Janis groaned, trying to catch her breath.

Melissa’s legs had given out on her, and she had fallen to the floor as she came. She was laying on her back, on the floor, lightly rubbing her sensitive pussy, her body lightly trembling, as she recovered from her orgasm. Pussy juice was still leaking out of her, forming a small puddle below her ass.

Nathan chuckled, “wow Ms. White, that was incredible, what was that?” As he thought back to Melissa doing the same thing last night. Janis looked back at him with a huge smile, “you made me squirt, something I haven’t done in months.” Nathan smirked, still thinking about Melissa doing the same thing, ‘like mother, like daughter,’ he figured, laughing to himself.

Melissa finally recovered and stood back up, so she could hear them better. When she heard her mom tell Nathan that he had made her squirt, she also thought back to her doing that last night. She smiled to herself, realizing her mom did the same thing. She was still rubbing her wet pussy, her body shivering every time she contacted her sensitive clit.

Janis pushed herself back up, looking at Nathan, “you still haven’t cum yet?” Nathan shook his head, knowing it was because he had fucked her daughter and came twice in Melissa’s pussy. “Well we need to fix that, don’t we,” Janis said, smiling deviously at him, as she reached behind her and ran her hand over her hairy pussy and up her ass crack, dragging pussy juice with it. Nathan stared at her hairy bush, her pussy juice beginning to dry on her pubic hair, as he watched her move her hand up her ass crack.

Janis then put both of her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, looking at Nathan, she smiled, “I want you to fuck my ass.” Nathan looked at her, stunned, not sure he had heard her correctly. Janis chuckled, “well don’t just stand there, come on and fuck my ass.” Nathan hesitantly stepped closer, a little nervous.

Melissa almost fell into the front room when she heard her mom tell Nathan that. She knew Nathan had stuck his finger up her asshole earlier, and she liked it, but she didn’t think you would take a guy’s dick in there. She looked in more, trying to get a view of what was happening. Melissa could see her mom with her hands holding her ass Keçiören Escort cheeks, Nathan was looking at the puckered hole in front of him.

Nathan didn’t know what to do or say, as he stared at Janis’ puckered asshole. This was going to be a first for him, while he had watched porn with anal sex, he had never had a girl ask for it, or want to do it. He nervously moved forward, holding the base of his dick, as Janis wiggled her ass in front of him. He guided the head of his dick towards her puckered backdoor and pushed against it.

Janis watched Nathan guide his dick to her rear entrance, getting more excited as he got closer. She enjoyed anal sex, it gave her a totally different feeling, that she loved. As the head of his dick pushed against her asshole, she pushed like she had to fart, and his head slipped past her sphincter muscles.

Nathan groaned when the head of his dick slipped into her asshole, feeling her sphincter muscles constrict tight around his dick, just below the head. Janis moaned as well, pushing out again, and taking more of his dick into her ass, as he pushed forward. Nathan kept steadily pushing into her back door, her rectum squeezing his dick hard, making it feel tighter than almost any pussy he had ever felt. He kept pushing into her, Janis helping him by pushing out like she was going to fart, until his balls were resting against her hairy bush.

Janis moved her hands away and braced herself on the back of the couch again. She looked forward, allowing her ass time to get used to his dick inside of her bowells. When she was ready she moaned, “now fuck my ass, I want you to fuck me until you cum.”

Nathan couldn’t believe this was happening, he had never known Janis to be like this, but now his dick was buried in her ass, and she wanted him to cum in it. He grabbed her hips and slowly began to withdraw, feeling her rectum try to push him out. Janis yelled, “don’t go slow, fuck my ass like it’s my pussy.”

Melissa gasped to herself when she heard her mom. She had never heard her mom talk like that, but in a way it excited her too. She started fingering her pussy hole again, as she watched Nathan start moving his hips forward and back, her mom moving her body to meet him.

“Yeah that’s it Nathan, fuck my ass, show me how much you like fucking me,” Janis yelled. Nathan was grunting loudly, sweat forming on his forehead, as he fucked her ass as hard as he could, his hips smacking against her ass cheeks hard.

Janis reached a hand under her, finding his ball sack and lightly fondled it. “Oh yeah Nathan, I wanna feel that cum shoot up my ass, come on baby, come on baby,” Janis yelled, moving her hips harder against him

Melissa was was frigging her pussy hard, wanting to cum again, listening to her mom talk really dirty to Nathan, wishing it was her that he was fucking. She could hear Nathan’s grunts getting louder, knowing that meant he was about to cum.

Nathan grunted out, “I’m gonna cum Ms. White, I’m gonna cum.” Janis felt his balls tighten up, as his dick grew bigger in her ass, “yes Nathan, cum for me, fill my ass up with your hot cum, make it your cum dumpster.” Nathan drove deep into her ass and yelled, “ahhhhh!”

Janis felt his dick throb, and soon felt his cum rush into her bowells, “oh yeah Nathan, that’s it, fill my ass up.” She continued to fondle his balls as his dick throbbed again and unloaded more cum into her ass.

As Nathan started cumming, Melissa covered her mouth again and started cumming again. She screamed into her hand, as her orgasm was more powerful than earlier. She felt her pussy squeeze her fingers tight and squirt pussy juice out, splashing onto the floor below her. Her hips shook violently as more pussy juice squirted out. Her legs gave way again, and she fell on the floor, her body still shaking and trembling.

Nathan continued to slowly move his hips in and out, as his dick pumped more cum into Janis’ bowells. He fell across her back, as his dick twitched in her ass. “Mmm, I think I can get used to that,” Janis moaned, wiggling her ass against him. Nathan lightly laughed, out of breath, “yeah.”

After Melissa came back to earth, she quickly got up and went back to her room, in case they came that way. She jumped into bed, covering up to pretend to be asleep, just in case.

When Nathan caught his breath, he slowly stood and withdrew his dick from her ass. He saw her asshole begin to slowly close, which pushed out a trickle of his cum, it ran down her crack and got caught in her pubic hair. Janis looked at him and giggled, “wow you really filled me up, I can feel it leaking out.” Nathan scoffed as he sat down on the couch, not sure how much cum he had emptied into her ass. He figured it wasn’t much, but it was enough to leak out of her.

Janis stood up, looking at Nathan and smiling, “so can you babysit Melissa again in a couple of days?” Nathan looked up at her and nodded, smiling.

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

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