Student TeacherStudent Teacher


“Hot day today, isn’t it Mrs. C,” Josh asked through the window.

“Sure is Josh,” I replied staring blatantly at his well-defined chest and six pack abs.

Josh was a former student of mine, I taught him six years ago when he was a senior. I think that was about the time my husband said I didn’t do anything for him and we quit having sex all together. I was crushed of course, having just turned 35 I was just discovering my sexual appetite; and he dropped the bomb. I had thought long and hard over the past six years about having an affair. I had had plenty of opportunities and desires; vacations with the other teachers, overnight stays for teaching conferences, online chat rooms. But I just couldn’t bring myself to make that last step, to cross that final line. I was coming to terms with living the rest of my life in a celibate state.

Well at least celibate with everyone but myself, in my private time I had a growing need for hardcore porn and masturbation. I’m pretty sure I slap the clown more than most of the boys in my fifth period advanced biology class. Once in my morning shower, again when I get home from work, and sometimes one more time in bed as my husband snores through the night. That’s the one I find most exciting, I lie in bed and wait for his heavy breathing to begin and I turn the television down as low as it can go. Then I power up the DVD player and watch some hung stud plow some bimbo, watching as her tits sway with every deep thrust.

My favorite kind of porn is threesomes. I love seeing some slut getting dicked at both ends, those studs throwing her around like a rag doll, or some girl getting pounded from behind as she buries her face in another tasty looking quim. I slowly finger myself, teasing my clit with gentle circles. As I start to reach my peak I plunge a few fingers as deep as I can shove them into my pussy. Sometimes when my husband is working late, I go into my closet for my toy box, a little overnight bag filled with all my favorite vibrators and dildos. The most exciting time was a time when I was almost caught by my husband in the act of self-pleasure. That was early on when I didn’t want him to catch me, I had a vibrating butt plug shoved in my ass, and I monstrously large vibrating cock filling my pussy.

I was strumming one nipple and shoving the dildo in and out of my dripping cunning. I never heard him drive up, because the TV was turned up too loud. I barely escaped into the bathroom as he crossed into the bedroom. I came as he knocked on the door asking me if I was all right. I had to bite back my scream as I weakly answered him, feigning illness. But I digress; thinking about masturbating, coming and Josh was doing nothing for me, as well as, nothing to relieve the undying heat of the day. And of course Josh was right, being August it was incredibly hot. And unfortunately my classroom sat on the south side of the building, which meant I had the sun blazing into my room all day long. I especially hated the afternoons; sometimes the sun would shine so brightly you couldn’t see out the window from the inside. I had tried shades and curtains but they impeded the slight breeze the gently Güngören Escort crept in through my open windows.

During this time of year I usually wore the lightest of dresses, but because of the size of my breasts I always had to wear a bra. I didn’t think I was that bad looking of a woman for being 41 and having a couple of kids. I considered myself a healthy girl, at 5’3″ I was a pleasant 150lbs., and most of that was in my overly full 38D bust line that I could probably fit a DD but I liked the effect of the smaller cup size. I wasn’t a skinny little waif, but I wasn’t a sloppy fat broad either. I know I’m attractive, because men constantly flirt with me. But again, that was neither here nor there, because I knew I wasn’t desperate enough to cross that line. As I finished writing my instructions on the board before school started Mr. Johnson, one of the assistant principals, stepped into my room.

“Mrs. Carter,” he began, “I just got word from the head office that we’re going to have a student teacher join us for the semester. I was wondering if you’d allow the young lady to watch you teach and maybe later in the semester teach a few lessons.”

“Sure Tim,” I replied, knowing that I wouldn’t be teaching by Thanksgiving, “I’d be delighted to help out our future.”

I was as nice to Tim as I could be; I knew he was nothing but a lap dog and a pervert. Four years ago he asked me and two other teachers to accompany him to a convention at the capitol. It was an overnight and I was excited to be away from my husband. Anyway Tim got really drunk and ended up pawing me in the elevator on the way up to our separate rooms. I left him in the elevator, on his knees with a red welt on his face and a hard shot to the crotch. He almost apologized, but then the tried to blame the whole situation on me, I jumped up in his face and threaten to take his job. Ever since that confrontation Tim has been almost subservient to me, and I get a thrill from it.

“Her name is Sara Gladstone,” Tim continued, “She’s a double major, Education and Biology. She’ll be with us for the rest of the year, of course you’ll be compensated for your extra effort.”

“Of course,” I replied smugly knowing he was trying to kiss my ass, “does she have her own schedule or is it up to me?”

“I think,” he anxiously continued, “she has her own schedule, but check with her when she gets here Monday morning.”

The weekend was a bit exciting; I drove 30 miles to a new adult movie house that had just opened up the week before. I dressed in my porn shopping outfit, a short loose skirt, light colored button shirt, sex dark bra, no panties and dark sunglasses. I tied my hair back with a matching hanky so you couldn’t tell its color. I had to use my car vibrator on the way home I was so wet and horny. I bought 2 new DVD’s and another silver bullet, I go through a silver bullet a month I use it so much. The movie house was interesting, they had peep booths, a fantasy I’ve always wanted to explore, but today wasn’t the day. Other than that little bit of excitement my weekend was fairly normal. I was looking forward to Monday Escort Güngören and I was a bit excited about the prospect of having a student teacher. I’ve had student teachers in the past and always enjoyed watching them bloom as independent teachers, little did I know this one was going to turn my world upside down.

I arrived a little early Monday morning and stopped by the office to see if my student teacher had arrived. Tim informed me I wouldn’t see her until at least 3rd period, my planning period, because of all the paperwork and orientation she would need to complete before being turned loose in the school. A bit disappointed I continued to my class and readied myself for the day. Shortly after third period began, I was at my desk grading papers when there was a knock at my door. “Come in,” I yelled. The door opened and time seemed to stand still. In walked one of the most beautiful creatures I’d ever laid eyes on. She was about 5’5″ with long dark hair, deep dark eyes, and pouty little mouth. She had a gorgeous hourglass shape, full breasts and hips; she was dressed in a very classic look, mid-calf skirt, button shirt and a dark pair of flats. I almost started drooling as she walked towards my desk, I watched as her hair and boobs swayed opposite of her hips.

“Mrs. Carter,” she said breaking my trance.

“Yes…Sara is it,” I asked as I stood up from my desk.

“Yes, I’m Sara,” she responded, extending her hand.

I gladly shook her hand, feeling her softness, her strength. As I shook her hand I wondered when the last time she touched herself, and then I had a self-realization; my panties were damp. I was horrified with myself, not because I was so quickly attracted to this sweet young thing, but because I was 20 years her senior. I had difficulty concentrating as we talked about schedules, and semester goals, as well as her role in the classroom and the transition from observer to teacher. I did my best not to let my voice quiver too much as I explained several key issues she would have to accomplish in order to teach an actual class. The longer I talked, and stared at this goddess of a woman, the wetter my cotton panties became, I finally had to excuse myself and I literally ran to the teachers lounge bathroom. I locked the door behind me and splashed a little water onto my face.

I was trying to understand what was going on, as I looked in the mirror I could see my nipples were obviously erect; I hiked up my skirt and lowered my panties to pee. As I sat on the toilet I looked down at my panties, there was a visible wet spot. I tried but couldn’t pee, I grabbed a little toilet paper to wipe myself, and as I pulled it across I brushed my painfully erect clitoris. A jolt of pleasure shot through my body like I had never felt before. I wiped again, and a second jolt of erotic pleasure rocked my body. I dropped the paper in the toilet and gently brushed my clit with my bare fingers. The first thing I noticed was how wet I was, I could feel the wetness on my fingers, I couldn’t remember another time when my pussy was so wet. I gently brushed my clit a second time and pushed myself Güngören Escort Bayan over the top. I had to grab onto the handicap railing so I didn’t fall off the toilet. The immense jolt of pleasure the racked my body seemed to tighten up every muscle in my body for a brief second and release them all in a flood of warmth and satisfaction. I took a brief moment collecting myself, as the bell rang signaling the end of third period. I pulled up my panties and straighten my skirt. I flushed the toilet and splashed cold water on my face again. I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror because of the shame I felt for cumming at work, let alone a high school.

When I returned to my class I found Sara surround by a group of senior boys and chaos all about the room. I asked Sara to sit in the back of the class and just observe for the rest of the day. I had trouble concentrating on my lesson plan, and teaching the rest of my classes. I had a very clear view of Sara’s legs and was mesmerized every time she shifted in her seat, crossed and re-crossed her legs. I was more than relieved when the final bell rang; I was utterly exhausted from being so turned all day. Sara very cheerfully told me she was looking forward to the rest of the semester. We said our good-byes and I drug myself home.

Once home I ran myself a hot bath. I stripped off my day’s clothes and felt my panties, they were still plenty damp. I slipped myself in the tub and nodded off to sleep. I dreamt a fantastic of Sara. We were in my classroom and she was talking to me. I tried to hear what she was saying and couldn’t. As she walked towards me she began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her full bra clad titties. As she dropped her shirt, she fondled the pink lace bra, caressing the fullness. Then she seemed to be floating as she unzipped her skirt, and dropped it into oblivion. She turned in mid air flashing the slight curve of each butt cheek exposed below her pink lacy boy shorts. I watched with anticipation as she unhooked the three hooks of her bra and let it fall into nothingness. She floated closer, turning towards me, our faces just inches away; she cradled her breast in each hand lifting them towards me. Her face inched closer to mine, our lips so close I could feel her breathe on my face. I heard her whisper ever so softly, “Love me.” I reached out to kiss her, lips puckered, hands quivering, when the phone rang, waking me from my fantasy. With great disdain I reached for my cordless phone.

“Hello,” I angrily shot.

“Honey,” my husband answered with a slur, “get that ass of yours down here and come pick me up, I’m too drunk to drive.”

“Take a fucking cab,” I yelled into the phone, “I don’t know where here is and I’m in the tub.”

“Honey,” he slurred again, “why don’t you put on something hot and come on down here for a couple of drinks. We’ll have some fun tonight.”

“Fine,” I answered, knowing he wouldn’t let up until I came and got him, “tell me where you’re at and I’ll come get you. I’m not drinking tonight I’ve got work tomorrow.”

“Oh, yeah,” he continued to slur, “I’m at Tony’s, come get me when you get ready, I’ll be in the bar.”

“Yeah, sure,” I snarled as I hung up. I tried to get back to my dream but just couldn’t find it again. I got out of the tub and dressed to get my drunken husband, knowing good and well he would try to mount me in his ignorant drunk state. Maybe I’d let him, even drunk he was never a bad lay.

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