After The ConcertAfter The Concert


It had been building for years. We were a couple of years apart in high school in a very small town. You’ve always been gorgeous, but your 20s and 30s resulted in one hell of an attractive woman.

We had no real history to speak of, no dates, not really particularly close as friends, though never any bad feelings between us at all. I noticed a picture of yours shortly after becoming friends on Facebook. Nothing graphic, just a picture of you in a tank top and jeans, with that tiny sliver of ass peeking its head up to say hello.

I said very little, didn’t mention how incredibly sexy you looked in your Halloween costume (I’m a sucker for toned legs and thigh highs). I kept my mouth shut until you revealed your latest adventure in ink.

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. It was too hot and my own proclivities for “vanilla/chocolate twist with sprinkles” … couldn’t be contained.

I expressed to you, somewhat out of the blue I would expect, how insanely sexy that piece was, and how indescribably hot you had become.

You were gracious and appreciative, I could sense a growing and quiet confidence. Keep in mind, we knew each other a long time, but not very well.

Not much happened between us, you lived in northern California, I lived in southern. Cali is a big ass state to drive across.

I told you, discreetly, that I was single, just to make sure you were aware of my availability should you need to take advantage of someone for fun or stress relief sometime.

I keep my confidence high and my expectations low, you just never can tell when a beautiful, highly sexual woman in her mid-30s is going to decide she needs a piece of low-stress, high-reward fun. So I don’t let those opportunities to declare NSA availability, go by without saying anything. Like I said, you’re gorgeous.

Then you mentioned you were headed to a concert in Anaheim and had an extra ticket. Now, you’re by far the more visible of the two of us publicly. I’m pretty comfortable with classic rock, rap, country and some oldies. But I had the weekend available and wanted to get to know you better.

We made arrangements for you to pick me up on your way past, no reason to drive an hour separately. I agreed to make reservations at a hotel to pay you back for my ticket and your gas. I booked a two bedroom suite, never expecting anything to happen, but not wanting to lose the opportunity if you decided you were feeling frisky.

The concert was the next day, you texted when you took my exit and picked me up. We made our way down to the room, checked in and dropped off our stuff before heading out. Grabbed a couple of joints I’d brought for the occasion and lit up as we walked back to your vehicle.

I offered a hit, you hesitated, then grinned and took a long drag. Held it in and exhaled like a pro.

We drove out to the event, had an absolute blast together. almanbahis adresi Both feeling good and having had a good time, we drove back to the hotel and walked to the room. There was a tension, but I couldn’t sense exactly what it was.

After walking in, I took off my jacket and stretched a bit. You were standing against the wall looking at me, but I was not necessarily sure what you were thinking.

“Hey, I had a great time tonight. There’s one more thank you I wanted to give you for the invite, but I need your permission first.”


I stepped immediately in front of you, pinned your arms over your head and kissed your just parted lips at first, I didn’t want to push too far if you weren’t into it. You part your lips and kiss back.

The kiss intensified, I tentatively slid my tongue between your lips and was thrilled to find yours waiting. We stood with your back against the wall, arms pinned above your head, making out for several minutes. You, as I certainly consider myself to be, are an outstanding kisser.

I break the kiss and whisper before nibbling on your earlobe, “Do you want this?”

“Yes,” you whisper back.

“I can’t begin to tell you how attractive you are. I want you more right now than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

I kiss you again, deeply and passionately. Keeping your hands pinned above your head with my right hand, my left begins to roam. Down your right arm to your neck, hesitating just long enough for you to feel my left hand delicately wrap around your throat for just a heartbeat, applying a quick squeeze before sliding down your chest, barely grazing your right breast on my way to your ribs as my hand slides over your side to the small of your back and down to your ass for a squeeze.

I break the kiss and release your ass, which looks amazing in your tight, ripped jeans, I unzip your jacket and pull my shirt off, I drop to a knee to temporarily help you out of your boots, expecting they may end up back on by the end of the night’s activities.

I strip you out of boots and socks, kick off my own, then stand back up. You arch an eyebrow, as if to communicate, “Bring it.”

I step up to you, now 3″ shorter, and resume making out, you wrap your arms around my neck, I grab your stunning ass with both hands, squeeze and slightly lift. You moan slightly into the kiss.

Letting go of your ass, my left hand slides up and over your newest tat, a sexy side piece of a famous literary character in bondage, behind your shoulder, under your hair to your scalp.

My fingers intertwine into your hair, and I pull your head back as I sever the kiss and begin kissing my way back to your neck below your ear.

You feel my teeth dig in and scrape your neck, I glance at your face out of the corner of my eye and your eyes are closed, mouth slightly open as you grab the back of my head.

My almanbahis adres right hand slides back to your ass for a deep pinch, then up to the bottom of your tank top and under, caressing the skin of your lower back with my entire forearm and hand, crushing you into me.

I relax the hold and quickly move my hand to the top, front of your jeans, still holding your hair, I unbuckle your belt, unbutton the top and unzip you.

In an unexpectedly intense growl, I ask, “rough or gentle?”

“I just listened to three hours of rocking music, I’m stoned, horny and I’m dripping, fuck me right here, right now.”

I grab your left arm and spin you to face the wall, using your hair, I push you forward until your hands come up to brace yourself, you slightly wiggle your ass at me, like a cat in heat. I see you look over your shoulder and smirk, and it’s unbelievably sexy.

I push your jeans over your ass and discover you’re not a fan of panties. Taking them all the way to your ankles, I tap your left foot first, then your right, so you can step out. As I toss them to the side, still on a knee, you bend over more at the waist … and I see your pussy for the first time.

Unable to resist, I grab your ass with both hands and start slowly, deeply licking you from behind. Flicking my tongue against your clit, penetrating you, generally driving you insane.

The instant I taste you, I know I’ll be going down on you anytime I have the opportunity. But you didn’t ask to be eaten, you demanded to be fucked.

Unfortunately, life is full of disappointment, so I continue to lick you deeply and well. You gasp as I get in a good, grazing lick of your clit with my tongue and I start to flick it repeatedly, you reach back with your left hand and pull my head closer, my nose comically poking your ass as you start to grind back into my tongue and face.

I squeeze your ass with both hands, then smack with both hands, hard, startling you with the sting and sound.

You feel the vibrations as I growl primitively, savoring the taste of your pussy on my tongue and lips. My right hand reaches up and under your tank top, unhooking your bra and rubbing your spine from your neck to your tailbone with the heel of my palm, then back up again to pull your head back by your hair.

While my right hand pulls your head back, my left thumb slides into you from behind, rubbing your pelvic bone as my tongue attacks your clit constantly.

Your breathing changes and you start to move in a rhythm opposite the licks of my tongue, I hear you gasp and you arch your back, I hear you say in something of a whisper/grunt, “Cumming…uhhhhhh.”

I gently lick you through your orgasm, holding you right where you are, massaging your pussy with my thumb. I release your hair and your head falls forward.

I unzip and drop my jeans to the floor, also commando, as you almanbahis adres recover, leaning against the wall, I step behind you and aim my throbbing cock between your legs. You feel the tip rub against your lips and you reach down to feel it with your right hand.

I wrap both hands around your hips and slide my right all the way up your ribs, over your shoulder to your neck. My hand wraps around your throat and my thumb presses your face to turn to the left towards me.

I kiss you deeply again, bordering on violently. We makeout, standing on the edge of a cliff together, for several seconds. You seem to enjoy tasting yourself on my tongue.

I break the kiss, keeping my hand around your throat, and enter you from behind. Only the tip initially, letting you adjust, delighting in how deliciously tight you are, you feel my cock move slightly. The natural response when I think of how incredibly hot you are.

Small thrusts begin, withdrawing further and pressing further in with each, within seconds, you can feel me buried inside you, my abdomen against your ass. We savor the feeling before the action.

I grab your tank at the top by each strap … RIIIIIIIIIIIIIP … I tear it down the middle, ripping it in two. You gasp, standing there completely impaled by my cock, turned on, wearing only your unhooked bra and two strips of cloth, as you look back to me, I withdraw to just the tip and slam my entire length into you.

You moan as you attempt to put your head against the wall, I pull your head back by your hair and begin to pound. Knowing I’m unlikely to last long as turned on as you’ve got me, I sink my teeth into your neck right where it meets your shoulder.

In an attempt to get some control, I push all the way in and slow grind, my left hand slides around and starts to rub your quivering clit.

Your entire body jerks with the increased stimulus and you start pushing your ass back into me, desperately wanting to feel my cock deeper inside you.

I alternate deep grinding and pounding, driving you mad as I rub your clit. You clamp down on my cock as you moan, “You’re gonna make me cum…”

I continue exactly what I’m doing and throw you over the edge of your second orgasm when I release your hair and wrap my hand around your throat.

You gasp and whimper as the orgasm takes your entire body. I slowly fuck you through the orgasm until you start to press your butt back into me, I release your throat and clit, grab your hair with my right hand, your hip with my left, and start to pound. You hear the smack of my stomach against your ass and you feel every inch.

Suddenly I slam into you, pull your entire body back into me, and you feel my cock jerk as I cum deep inside you. I push your chin with my right and turn your head towards me. I kiss you deeply, breathlessly, and passionately.

I break the kiss and we look at each other, making eye contact for an instant before we both begin to smirk, then grin, the smile at each other. Kissing in between as we both embrace and simmer on how much fun that was. And how much fun the rest of the night is going to be.

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